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  1. Duncan A McDonald

    Duncan A McDonald21 time siden

    The Trump impeachment defense team's theme song

  2. داعس على رأس الاسد من الجد إلى الولد

    داعس على رأس الاسد من الجد إلى الولد21 time siden


  3. Jacky Fox

    Jacky Fox21 time siden

    2020 y esto sigue siendo mi gusto culposo xD PERO ME ENCANTA❤👌

  4. Essam Imran

    Essam Imran21 time siden


  5. 123user Brach

    123user Brach21 time siden

    Hører ut som hun føder hahahha

  6. Anything_ _asmr

    Anything_ _asmr21 time siden

    2020 people ??!

  7. wingsandash

    wingsandash21 time siden

    He doesn't have a bad voice, but everything he's doing - body language and vocal emulation - is doing Ozzy a gross injustice. Just... no.

  8. X Forever

    X Forever21 time siden

    Hvorfor så mange arabiske komentarer

  9. Mr. Durrr

    Mr. Durrr22 timer siden

    I'm pretty suprised that all the comments I see are not even from 3 months ago...

  10. B&W animator

    B&W animator22 timer siden

    It been 7 year since this was uploaded feel old yet ? Appreciate time do everything you want achieve goal and dont waste time is it important ;)

  11. BrandyMurphy

    BrandyMurphy22 timer siden

    Poor ozzy. Diagnosed with Parkinson's recently n u can kinda see it here... looks like everything; the drugs, party hard lifestyle, catching up to him but hes still amazing, legend forever


    DARTH MALGUS22 timer siden


  13. Little Fox

    Little Fox22 timer siden

    I love them😜✌

  14. Maarten Van oort

    Maarten Van oort22 timer siden


  15. henrikhamd

    henrikhamd22 timer siden

    Taco er Taco

  16. taffelost

    taffelost22 timer siden

    Personlig så har jeg sansen for folk som forsøker å finne det positive i alle situasjoner. Ola-Conny er tydeligvis en flott fyr.

  17. Яна Сергиенко

    Яна Сергиенко23 timer siden


  18. Rebellen007

    Rebellen00723 timer siden


  19. Zephora Micah Alimpoos

    Zephora Micah Alimpoos23 timer siden

    Anyone on January 2020?

  20. Zephora Micah Alimpoos

    Zephora Micah Alimpoos23 timer siden

    Who came back here without recommendation? Just randomly thought of listening to this again?

  21. Саша Roblox [RBX]

    Саша Roblox [RBX]23 timer siden


  22. Dayana Tuberquia

    Dayana TuberquiaDag siden

    🇨🇴👉Jeg el skerdeg

  23. ???

    ???Dag siden

    7 years ago I didn't know what this song was for.. Now I know that it's to shit on people lol

  24. Ole the Cat

    Ole the CatDag siden

    «Lady Gaga meldt seg på» lol

  25. ReedRead58 Sofus

    ReedRead58 SofusDag siden

    Kan virke som andre blir lett Melina-påvirket. Har hørt kokke-Lise si: rævpuling. Tror det var forrige uke.


    MELLO JELLODag siden

    Here for the dances....

  27. Jolly Wong

    Jolly WongDag siden

    wtf is this shit??

  28. Lucyna Sadowska

    Lucyna SadowskaDag siden

    Kto z polski 2019 xD?

  29. anderseide97

    anderseide97Dag siden

    Jon, jeg elsker deg.

  30. Jayvee Villa

    Jayvee VillaDag siden

    Party people of 2020!!!!! Let's sing this Sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Jjjdi Est

    Jjjdi EstDag siden

    This video will reach 1 billion views at the end of this year!

  32. Jarredd Clarete

    Jarredd ClareteDag siden

    when you teach the kids and theres that one kid all ways says what does the fox say you:....

  33. Jazmin Aron

    Jazmin AronDag siden

    What does the fox say? "Leave me the fck alone!!" :)

  34. Эрон Блек

    Эрон БлекDag siden

    Почему Панина не позвали на тусу?

  35. iniegoraphael lumbay

    iniegoraphael lumbayDag siden

    This video has passed pewdiepie's views Edit: i think no one has beat 909 mil veiws

  36. Tuong Tran

    Tuong TranDag siden

    Có ai 2020 ko

  37. Chloe Rose

    Chloe RoseDag siden


  38. Vincent Nicolaas

    Vincent NicolaasDag siden

    Can we just appreciate the production value here?

  39. Raymundo Salmoran

    Raymundo SalmoranDag siden

    I'm waiting for this video to reach 1B views. Anyone else?

  40. Ser Lyn

    Ser LynDag siden

    Asian technique hmm

  41. lunayoshi

    lunayoshiDag siden

    I love how this is such a joke and people think it's a serious song. Like, guys, no. It's a joke. That's half its appeal. The other half is its bumpin' bridge.

  42. Christian Duffey

    Christian DuffeyDag siden

    *I forgot what the fox said* Ahh, now I remember

  43. FunctionForm

    FunctionFormDag siden

    This is so funny I can't stand it.

  44. Muhammad Awis abd Shahadan

    Muhammad Awis abd ShahadanDag siden

    Hasan and husin kot...hantar pizza

  45. 금사빠

    금사빠Dag siden

    와 미친 9억ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이런 조회수 첨보네

  46. Chris Danger Jr

    Chris Danger JrDag siden

    Who still likes this song just leave me a thumbs up 👍 or thumbs down 👎 or just leave me a comment say me or not me give this comment a like 👍 | | \/

  47. Chris Danger Jr

    Chris Danger JrDag siden

    Who is listening to that song in 2020 just leave me a comment and drop a like on this comment | | | \/

  48. Coughy

    CoughyDag siden

    the mouse girl kinda thicc ngl

  49. Muhammad Awis abd Shahadan

    Muhammad Awis abd ShahadanDag siden

    Toot toot,toot toot...toot toot,toot toot...tot tot tot tot tot tot tot tot...can u see the shadow?

  50. Don B

    Don BDag siden

    Shoutout til onkelen til Jon, kappet av seg fingeren for at vi skal slippe.

  51. Hoang lion

    Hoang lionDag siden

    3:13 that how the fox say

  52. Zorixthe Homicida

    Zorixthe HomicidaDag siden


  53. CallardAndBowser

    CallardAndBowserDag siden

    Don't worry that little kid will grow up to be just as greedy as Mr. Toot was ! And the cycle of life repeats. 🤓

  54. Alvinator 520

    Alvinator 520Dag siden

    I’m back here to find out what the fox says in 2020.

  55. Dayana Tuberquia

    Dayana TuberquiaDag siden

    Hello 🇨🇴😘😘

  56. T80_Tríton

    T80_TrítonDag siden

    Who forget this even existed?😂

  57. kyran koen mancera pérez

    kyran koen mancera pérezDag siden

    En el video sale tails y el fantastico señor zorro

  58. Jamie pener

    Jamie penerDag siden

    Does man care

  59. Obi Gholston

    Obi GholstonDag siden


  60. ❤️ 〜e v e r d a y〜 ❤️

    ❤️ 〜e v e r d a y〜 ❤️Dag siden

    FR THIS IS MY CHILDHOOD LMAO.. (This came out when I was 6)

  61. Eduar josue Valle romero

    Eduar josue Valle romeroDag siden

    Guau que de lujo amigos

  62. James Newman

    James NewmanDag siden

    Take this OFF!!!!

  63. José Antonio Salas

    José Antonio SalasDag siden

    Incredible. Just EPIC.



    What the fuck say?

  65. Joseph Valente

    Joseph ValenteDag siden

    What does the fox say: DIN- Me: NO

  66. deee dawwwggg

    deee dawwwgggDag siden

    stakkars giertsen, den gørra han produserer er ikke morsom lenger

  67. Chief Beef

    Chief BeefDag siden

    Who else randomly returned to this insanity

  68. Mariku Luuv

    Mariku LuuvDag siden

    Teacher: how would you interpret a fox? Me:

  69. ThatWasEsy

    ThatWasEsyDag siden

    This guy made my childhood go waka ka ka ka ka ka

  70. Tasandra Harris

    Tasandra HarrisDag siden

    The fox was talking hahahahah😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🖤

  71. Rocky Latham

    Rocky LathamDag siden

    What does the wolf hound say?

  72. Jacob Hoffman

    Jacob HoffmanDag siden

    Did I ask

  73. Mason The Gamer

    Mason The GamerDag siden

    Kill me

  74. Vincenzo Amodei

    Vincenzo AmodeiDag siden

    but let's stop for a moment to reflect on the quality of the arrangement! The drum parts, the bass lines, the choirs... fantastic

  75. Lilly H.

    Lilly H.Dag siden

    Så ticsa te Tix:)

  76. TroxRocks

    TroxRocksDag siden

    just coming by for nostalgia

  77. Fernando Pahuamba

    Fernando PahuambaDag siden

    Yo ya me aprendí la canción

  78. Welding Guy

    Welding GuyDag siden

    And the seal goes... **Seal stubs it’s toe** _OW OW OW_

  79. Roman Gordon

    Roman GordonDag siden


  80. BuGa LuGz

    BuGa LuGzDag siden

    I hope foxes all over the world got there cut of the money 😁

  81. MR. BEAT

    MR. BEATDag siden

    Nobody: Furrys at 3am: 0:51

  82. James G

    James GDag siden

    I feel ill watching this horseshit.

  83. Davovy GamePlayeCZ

    Davovy GamePlayeCZDag siden


  84. Knightonagreyhorse

    KnightonagreyhorseDag siden

    Bare en eller annen form for presenning / teltduk ville gjort det mer det var vel kanskje ikke meningen.

  85. Eric Smith

    Eric SmithDag siden

    Search sure you have too much energyAnd how could you do that with no anyway I knew that you had so much

  86. Renan

    RenanDag siden


  87. Taiany Lobo

    Taiany LoboDag siden

    Eu amei

  88. Laura Beatrice Klinger

    Laura Beatrice KlingerDag siden


  89. Richen

    RichenDag siden

    Satt på for å le av Melina, men endte opp med å virkelig håpe at både hun og John kom til å komme langt

  90. Gisdru

    GisdruDag siden

    Ekkelt menneske🤮

  91. King Of the sea

    King Of the seaDag siden

    Ingrid er legende💪🏻

  92. Vasekkslwo Vasekwisosis

    Vasekkslwo VasekwisosisDag siden

    That good

  93. Vasekkslwo Vasekwisosis

    Vasekkslwo VasekwisosisDag siden


  94. chakra

    chakraDag siden

    hey you, yes you scrolling through the comments, admiti it you searched this right?

  95. Наталья Ясеницкая

    Наталья ЯсеницкаяDag siden

    Люди! Это не Оззи! Кристиан Вален норвежский пародист,комедиант, певец, актёр. Хорошо спел, но совсем не похож на Оззи!



    Kkkkkk q a nao posso falaar e a maior de 18