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  1. 20502chris

    20502chris16 sekunder siden

    Who else came back to this song to see if we can figure out this nonsense?


    VAMSI ACHARYA6 minutter siden

    Listened to this song fifty bijjillion times, still don’t know how to pronounce the artiste’s name.

  3. Лайна AJPW :3

    Лайна AJPW :37 minutter siden

    Тут есть русские, и те, кто из мимозыри?

  4. WingMeng Official

    WingMeng Official10 minutter siden

    In the future we’ll tell all of this to our children and grandchildren............

  5. WingMeng Official

    WingMeng Official11 minutter siden

    *Im glad I came back to this video, now i have something to tell to my children...*

  6. X Xeers - WereLol

    X Xeers - WereLol50 minutter siden

    Im sure a fox doesnt say ahheehoohhuuuhaaahao

  7. Michal Janouskovec

    Michal Janouskovec52 minutter siden

    Fk sf bamFox

  8. Toranomiッ

    Toranomiッ54 minutter siden

    Anyone searched "Turkish Man eith weird guitar"? Just me?.... Okk

  9. Rob Leach

    Rob LeachTime siden

    Fun times. Call me.

  10. Alejandro Joly

    Alejandro JolyTime siden

    Overrated song ever

  11. Osvaldo Gutierrez

    Osvaldo GutierrezTime siden

    Imagine being 12 when this song dropped

  12. Osvaldo Gutierrez

    Osvaldo GutierrezTime siden

    I can only imagine the set when there is no music playing 😂

  13. Mesprit Fan

    Mesprit FanTime siden

    XD 😂🤣

  14. Brittany Walker

    Brittany WalkerTime siden

    Super Carlin Brothers sent me

  15. Igor Igor

    Igor IgorTime siden

    Music and lyric of this song is the f*ing masterpiece

  16. Tisha Tellz It

    Tisha Tellz ItTime siden

    I saw a picture of a fox A couple took that was resting on on a tree stump and I wondered what does the fox say???

  17. King Game

    King Game2 timer siden

    21:40 7/4/2020 Việt Nam điểm danh

  18. Super Max

    Super Max2 timer siden

    Good because you change emotion of the face

  19. Psyduck Teo

    Psyduck Teo2 timer siden

    TheSuperCarlinBrothers sent me here

  20. FashionPanda AndTheShapes

    FashionPanda AndTheShapes2 timer siden

    Since I don’t understand Norwegian unfortunately...who is Jan sitting next to on the sofa? If it’s his ex or current partner then this show is really something else 😅 #realityshowtea #learnthelanguage

  21. Keyton

    Keyton2 timer siden

    I was almost 13 when this came out. Pretty crazy how time flies. I can’t believe how much of the lyrics I remembered.

  22. NJ U

    NJ U3 timer siden

    This is song for small kids XDDD

  23. shadow samurai

    shadow samurai3 timer siden

    Br's em 2020 ? Hehehe

  24. Baran Özkan

    Baran Özkan3 timer siden

    Bi tane türk yorumu bulamadım aw

  25. Dejana Bereš

    Dejana Bereš3 timer siden

    Hahahaha I listen this again after 6 years.

  26. Arianne Jane Guillarda

    Arianne Jane Guillarda3 timer siden

    The fox is always screaming

  27. Jessica Marino

    Jessica Marino3 timer siden

    Super Carlin Brothers sent me here!!

  28. UnLustig TV

    UnLustig TV3 timer siden




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  31. 暇を持て余した僕の遊び

    暇を持て余した僕の遊び3 timer siden


  32. King Gold

    King Gold4 timer siden

    Hun her må ha mildere hjerneskade🙅🏿‍♂️

  33. АнИгИлЯтАрНаЯ ПуШкА

    АнИгИлЯтАрНаЯ ПуШкА4 timer siden

    Шла 3 неделя карантина... There was 3 weeks of quarantine...

  34. Sinan ÇINAR

    Sinan ÇINAR4 timer siden

    Damn, I didn't find Mr. Toot in İstanbul. Did anybody see him?

  35. Alina Lol Keks

    Alina Lol Keks4 timer siden

    Ist jemand Deutsch

  36. Random -

    Random -4 timer siden

    What does the Chinese say: Coro Coro Coro Coro corona Sorry had to

  37. Hans Lakonawa

    Hans Lakonawa4 timer siden


  38. Jazzora

    Jazzora4 timer siden

    Revisiting this 7 years later, may I just ask... what the fuck?

  39. Ezgi

    Ezgi4 timer siden

    My fav animal is fox mean 🦊🦊🦊♡

  40. apex chaotic

    apex chaotic4 timer siden

    Everyone came here from the tiktok of the fox stealing the phone don’t lie...

  41. Александра Чайка

    Александра Чайка5 timer siden

    спасибо, вспомнила детство

  42. Ben Knight

    Ben Knight5 timer siden

    Why am I here.......... What have I done ???

  43. D.Graham •_•

    D.Graham •_•5 timer siden

    How is this not a meme 2:12

  44. Raven White

    Raven White5 timer siden

    furry confederation?

  45. catlikezyoutube 123456789

    catlikezyoutube 1234567895 timer siden

    my friend talking about his feelings me vibing in the living room at 3am listening to this

  46. Kalle Krakil

    Kalle Krakil5 timer siden

    I love It look inside the bag song

  47. Irvin Plays

    Irvin Plays5 timer siden

    Who is here from tik tok ?

  48. bad karma

    bad karma5 timer siden

    Fox goes HehEHeheHehe

  49. 10k Subcribers in 2020 CHALLENGE

    10k Subcribers in 2020 CHALLENGE5 timer siden

    The things we wanna know! 1. Who let the dogs out? 2. What spice girls what? 3. What does the fox say???

  50. Stacy Brott

    Stacy Brott6 timer siden

    The super Carlin Brothers sent me


    KING COLLECTIONS6 timer siden

    1B Soon 🙌🙌

  52. mrKoncpom

    mrKoncpom6 timer siden

    YT shoved this clip in front of my eyes. Adir Adirim!!!

  53. _GoDzilla__ GaMEinG__

    _GoDzilla__ GaMEinG__6 timer siden

    I am searching for it last 10 years THANK GOD

  54. Søren Søgaard

    Søren Søgaard6 timer siden

    Im gay

  55. Raden aryo abadi

    Raden aryo abadi6 timer siden

    Stil worth

  56. терминатор т-800 модель 101 Стальных

    терминатор т-800 модель 101 Стальных6 timer siden

    Идеально, браво!!!!!!!!

  57. Helene Willumstad

    Helene Willumstad6 timer siden


  58. Fredrik Halvorsrød

    Fredrik Halvorsrød6 timer siden

    å se kjendiser bruke BC må være det beste med det programmet

  59. Aryas Aram

    Aryas Aram6 timer siden

    ' whatDoestheFoxsaygus

  60. Kristoffer Strømmen

    Kristoffer Strømmen6 timer siden

    Hvilken episode og sesong er dette🤔🤔

  61. Mгm 99

    Mгm 997 timer siden

    «Ta av deg buksa Mia»😂

  62. Zakaki Ahmed

    Zakaki Ahmed7 timer siden

    Finnegan : Hehehehehehehehehehehhehe

  63. sisusdk

    sisusdk7 timer siden



    MAKELA NEGASH7 timer siden

    Drammen pizza og grill

  65. Ron Roblox. 70 Years ago

    Ron Roblox. 70 Years ago7 timer siden

    Msytery Sound Finnegen Fox: ehehHeHEHhehhhehheheehehehe


    MAKELA NEGASH7 timer siden

    Papa rosa

  67. Pranto deb

    Pranto deb7 timer siden

    It’s 2020 And we still don't know what the says.

  68. Арина Трошина

    Арина Трошина8 timer siden

    Что за наркомания?

  69. Lana Stolic VI2

    Lana Stolic VI28 timer siden

    Who else came here in 2020 to re-live 2014 (aka there childhood) and ended up crying anyone else?

  70. Eang Lucent

    Eang Lucent8 timer siden

    I think this song is underrated😣😩😩

  71. Munir

    Munir8 timer siden

    What does Coronavirus say? Cough cough cough cough cough cough cough

  72. Nabil Azwan

    Nabil Azwan8 timer siden

    Who’s here after watching Finnegan the fox

  73. Christine Holt

    Christine Holt9 timer siden


  74. digress

    digress9 timer siden

    We aint gonna talk how good he sings lmao its awesome

  75. Dagamingfadora23

    Dagamingfadora239 timer siden

    Wow look what quarantine has done to you

  76. Love Bodin

    Love Bodin9 timer siden

    Foxes sounds are also cute and beautiful.

  77. JChaoMC

    JChaoMC9 timer siden

    i still don’t know how this song blew up

  78. Dragonoligy 1

    Dragonoligy 110 timer siden

    Let's just take a moment to appreciate that this song has about 7 million likes.

  79. jmbeee tole

    jmbeee tole10 timer siden

    Finnegan the fox

  80. Liji Elizabeth Joy

    Liji Elizabeth Joy10 timer siden

    YoU mUst Be TirEd HeRe HaVe SoMe MiLk 🥛 AnD CoOkIeS 🍪 A little love from a small NO-gosR :3

  81. Alan Jia

    Alan Jia10 timer siden

    And the furries were created...

  82. Ice cream blue

    Ice cream blue11 timer siden


  83. Yabandith

    Yabandith11 timer siden

    good times i'll tell ya

  84. M3TROStalker2010

    M3TROStalker201011 timer siden

    Was he high when he made this?

  85. Angel Lynch

    Angel Lynch11 timer siden

    The fox days eheheheheheheheehhe

  86. Sylvia Jules

    Sylvia Jules11 timer siden

    2020 anyone?

  87. Tadashi

    Tadashi11 timer siden


  88. Marcus Holland

    Marcus Holland11 timer siden

    Bruh this does not hold up anymore. The rise of furries makes this weird as fuck. In 6th grade this was a banger. Now it’s one of the weirdest fucking songs I ever heard.

  89. john cereno

    john cereno12 timer siden

    I dont know why This nonsense song almost got a 1billon views this is just cringe.

  90. Matt 10

    Matt 1012 timer siden

    This is fucking nonsense.

  91. i dont share informatoin this not my real name ttv

    i dont share informatoin this not my real name ttv12 timer siden

    Dont lie this used to be your jam when you were 5 and still wonder what the fox says

  92. Anders Dahl

    Anders Dahl12 timer siden


  93. Carina

    Carina12 timer siden

    The super Carlin brothers sent me...

  94. Rubi Naranjo

    Rubi Naranjo12 timer siden

    i want to know how the backup dancers were able to keep such straight faces. my ass was losing my shit the whole time