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9 Unusual Nature Glitches
People Who Tricked the System!
9 Most Beautiful Albino Animals
How Does Mr. Bean Live Now?
10 Coolest Pools in the World
13  Animals That Hate Each Other
9 High Paying Jobs No One Wants
10 People Who Do Weird Things
  1. Kathy Rivas

    Kathy Rivas2 minutter siden

    I believe this I believe in dinosaurs I love dinosaurs🤪

  2. itscrazyOmG stewart

    itscrazyOmG stewart2 minutter siden

    E M P

  3. Killer Gaming

    Killer Gaming3 minutter siden


  4. Emil

    Emil7 minutter siden

    Have you heard of cgi?? Lol STOOPID its very Easy to fake videos. BRUH

  5. Abinash Pathak

    Abinash Pathak15 minutter siden

    They stole that kohinoor diamond from india

  6. Austin Thaw

    Austin Thaw16 minutter siden

    I’m here for AVATAR 2

  7. Dan Dollars

    Dan Dollars20 minutter siden

    Time is limited -Steve jobs

  8. Ancient Human

    Ancient Human24 minutter siden

    Most awaited movie 10:47

  9. wolfy Deburger

    wolfy Deburger35 minutter siden

    The first one😒idc how beautiful she is everybody is beautiful

  10. Anita Hyche

    Anita Hyche36 minutter siden

    I loved suicide squad. And I know what to do w them.

  11. hannah and haylees vlogs

    hannah and haylees vlogs40 minutter siden

    if you do not have a computer just go to your app store and search “steve the running dinosaur”

  12. ItsOkToBeALoser

    ItsOkToBeALoser42 minutter siden

    Yo the video picture is an mudhorn from starwars new serie the mandalorian

  13. Dreemurry Dreemurr

    Dreemurry Dreemurr42 minutter siden

    The first girl is cool. Really.

  14. 9yearold Gamer bro

    9yearold Gamer bro42 minutter siden

    Gru the ultimate weight wee wracker


    BEN GHANA46 minutter siden

    From the look of the thumb nail, it seems like nothing more than photoshop happened to Jaden. And wasn't this supposed to be about Jaden Smith; or was this just another case of whites using blacks to draw attention, in order to get the uninteresting watched? Support ADOS101.COM

  16. Black Cats

    Black Cats46 minutter siden

    9:29 Fallout 4, love the game


    ANDREI NGUYỄN48 minutter siden

    People: this is the best shopping center! *After water rises* Fish: this is the best swimming center!

  18. Ninjo Player

    Ninjo Player54 minutter siden

    For the first time Velma Looks hotter then daphnia

  19. What's So Viral

    What's So Viral56 minutter siden

    In superhero movies "saving world means saving new york and USA only.

  20. Shaun Lydon

    Shaun LydonTime siden

    Beluga whales are all over S.A. even more so than people....

  21. Tetso_ Webadmin

    Tetso_ WebadminTime siden

    9 most wanted albino animals by man?

  22. Isaac Lerma

    Isaac LermaTime siden

    I’ll never look at magic the same again 😔

  23. hayman gaming

    hayman gamingTime siden

    That mice is a jerboa

  24. reyalsnomeD

    reyalsnomeDTime siden

    how to see the ending of these games... Games Done Quick

  25. lilythe folf

    lilythe folfTime siden

    I didn't feel or hear anything :\

  26. Zanou - PUBG MOBILE

    Zanou - PUBG MOBILETime siden

    Being muslim is good

  27. Flying Gorrila Gameplay No Commentary Pro FG Player

    Flying Gorrila Gameplay No Commentary Pro FG PlayerTime siden

    I'm here at 6,9 mil views haha funny

  28. Fish Chris

    Fish ChrisTime siden

    Hmmm. In some of the shots of Ducky, she was as jet black, as black gets.... unique, and beautiful. In others, her skin looked considerably lighter, and in those shots, she just looked like another pretty black girl, but not unique at all.

  29. Anish Kumar

    Anish KumarTime siden

    I heard Kobe Bryant's name in Big Show's rap battle with John Cena.

  30. Zaneta Jeziorska

    Zaneta JeziorskaTime siden

    Ok I don't think I would want to become 1 of them no one should low pay if you pass out out of the heat you'll have to wait till someone spots you not the guard on the other side he can't even move to help you look stupid in those uniforms and it takes a lot of work no thanks

  31. Krona Lux

    Krona LuxTime siden

    My teacher stole leftover funds from our fieldtrip and spent it all

  32. Dwayne elliot Lamer

    Dwayne elliot LamerTime siden


  33. Riduan Ishak

    Riduan IshakTime siden

    But the comedy is garunted

  34. Zeth Agbayani

    Zeth AgbayaniTime siden

    5:28 it’s not a mouse it’s a jerboa

  35. Wilson Syring

    Wilson SyringTime siden

    Only a real genius would notice that he actually lists eleven signs not ten. 1. night owl 2. sense of humor 3. stupid hobbies 4. laziness 5. sound perception 6. urge for traveling 7. alcoholism or drug abuse 8. Blue eyes 9. auto doodling 10. thinking before sleep 11. sloppiness


    DOMSKY HQTime siden

    Hello what about cap

  37. Don Sonny

    Don SonnyTime siden

    They werent willing to move up to the next stage among pedophile promoters and producers and they werent willing or able to serve the commander , the prince of the power of air and all show biz industry

  38. KHM kArTiKeYa

    KHM kArTiKeYaTime siden

    Here's what we all came for 10:38

  39. jason farr

    jason farrTime siden

    Trump Flag 5:44

  40. Turboalex O4

    Turboalex O4Time siden

    1:20 you really gonna ignore the black panther, captain America the first avenger ant man, spider Man ect

  41. DziugasL

    DziugasL2 timer siden

    Lol? Godzilla would beat kong easily

  42. exzses

    exzses2 timer siden

    the part when everyone looked at one dude is hilarious, i would handle this very differently. :D

  43. Divine Isaac

    Divine Isaac2 timer siden

    Nahhh not only iron man and thor has there own movies, we have captain America, black panther, captain Marvel, Dr strange, spider man and many more ...

  44. wolfsvain2

    wolfsvain22 timer siden

    The aquarium in Myrtle beach has a great white and they feed it twice a day and let people watch. They also have a walk way over the top of the tank you can walk on

  45. 2G1.mp4

    2G1.mp42 timer siden

    And Noah’s Flood was still there

  46. shane

    shane2 timer siden

    Did I see avatar 2? How long has it been!! Years they've been saying there working on another avatar!! I want it now!

  47. Nerf Bros

    Nerf Bros2 timer siden

    The Batman one really got me

  48. Heather Spraberry

    Heather Spraberry2 timer siden


  49. KeanozDayz 22k

    KeanozDayz 22k2 timer siden

    The velociraptor in russia look like a gamilius Sry if I had the last word wrong cuz I didn’t rly know how to spell the name

  50. HU -LK

    HU -LK2 timer siden

    Very few children of famous people have a career like their parents, too much good living, no time for hunger, wants and needs are a plenty. In reverse, medocore acting parents can produce Superstars. Josh Brolin, Jennifer Aniston

  51. Sayrah Schorn

    Sayrah Schorn2 timer siden

    You forgot the ETERNALS with ANGELINA JOLIE

  52. BELISH B

    BELISH B2 timer siden

    am whitin to avatar 2

  53. Miku meow

    Miku meow2 timer siden

    You could've saved yourself the dislikes by titling your video appropriately. Something as simple as "Weird mushrooms that you haven't heard of!" would have worked just as well.

  54. Nehkholen Misao

    Nehkholen Misao2 timer siden

    7.5 richter scale earthquake will destroy them


    AKSHAY GANESH2 timer siden

    They are crying for 5 days without internet lol 😂 heard of Kashmir ppl there are without basic communication for more than more than 4 months

  56. Ryan Okechukwu

    Ryan Okechukwu2 timer siden

    Titanic 2019?

  57. DAdis CZ

    DAdis CZ2 timer siden

    6:13 whats that movie ??????? I KNEW IT BUT I FORGOT !!!!

  58. babyduv

    babyduv2 timer siden

    When you call the kremlin a cathedral

  59. Adriana Quintal

    Adriana Quintal2 timer siden

    I am happy I wont be alive when that happens... 😶 and I am scared of AI so yeah...

  60. Raven Williams

    Raven Williams2 timer siden

    On the GBA Tetris you have a spaceship fly off

  61. eugine prathap

    eugine prathap2 timer siden

    You should check this out and if possible report this! no-gos.info/video/xZ2Zh7LVpauplGw.html

  62. MrKenJamin - Playz Roblox & more

    MrKenJamin - Playz Roblox & more2 timer siden

    for me i would draw something i could see pass time like waiting for something

  63. kevin castillo

    kevin castillo2 timer siden

    The bloodsport scene,! Awesome! Dope movie.

  64. Raisa Cherry

    Raisa Cherry2 timer siden

    3:02 creepy af 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😱

  65. Cynthia Ayers

    Cynthia Ayers2 timer siden

    Use a blood thickener in your soapy water for really heavy duty floating bubbles.

  66. Mashrur Wahid

    Mashrur Wahid2 timer siden

    Why Billy cheating mitchell in this video

  67. Cliffany Campbell

    Cliffany Campbell2 timer siden

    What about subway surfers

  68. அரகொற ஆல் ரவுண்டர்

    அரகொற ஆல் ரவுண்டர்2 timer siden

    I always alone... Give only foods and music is enough forme...without music is little tough one

  69. Albino 33

    Albino 332 timer siden

    Godzilla vs king kong?

  70. Raisa Cherry

    Raisa Cherry2 timer siden

    8:24 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  71. Bradley Jones

    Bradley Jones2 timer siden

    LIKE THIS COMMENT FOR MUCH LOVE AND SUPPORT FOR JAYDEN SMITH! Jayden is KILLING it! THE SMITH FAMILY IS BEAUTIFUL! People in the world will always try to drag you down, but he's doing it a lot bigger then the people making these videos, and he's doing what he loves. GOT MILLIONS OF SUBSCRIBERS AND LOTS OF LOVE! DO NOT LET PEOPLE DRAG YOU DOWN AND CHASE YOUR GOALS AND DREAMS!!!!

  72. alpdrip

    alpdrip2 timer siden

    10:30 is what we all came here for You can thank me by leaving a like👍🏼

  73. Kentucky Mama

    Kentucky Mama2 timer siden

    Considering we haven't begun to explore our own sea... We know maybe 10% of it... Something like that... I can assure you... We have NO IDEA where the "deepest" part of the ocean is... The ocean is a mysterious place... We have no idea what's in there...

  74. Raisa Cherry

    Raisa Cherry3 timer siden

    *Darth banana* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  75. Trieu Le

    Trieu Le3 timer siden

    My laptop not working on Sunday morning at 2.am and no repair shop open until Monday morning. So I find something to do to substitute surfing internet habits by visiting my friends, go to a bookstore and reading. I try to stay calm and handling it but honestly, I can not live without the Internet. Without it, you feel isolated from the world. :(( Social network is a part of you now.

  76. Cubing samurai

    Cubing samurai3 timer siden

    Who ever looking for dino game 10:30 That's easy

  77. WolfGang

    WolfGang3 timer siden

    Honestly as long as you keep yourself busy, people can get through it. The first girl was pretty dumb just sat there and cried instead of keeping her mind occupied

  78. Privateer Hunter

    Privateer Hunter3 timer siden

    Answer: Bad Parenting

  79. Family Klingensmith

    Family Klingensmith3 timer siden

    R.I.P. that cat and the owner 💀☠💀

  80. Anshu

    Anshu3 timer siden

    You forget wonder woman

  81. hamzasaadalla x x gamer

    hamzasaadalla x x gamer3 timer siden

    If you heart is black after white

  82. Emmanuel Plascencia

    Emmanuel Plascencia3 timer siden

    The tree trunk was split in half but then left alone but then somebody left a bike between the tree and then the tree trunk with growing between the bike

  83. Easy Circuits

    Easy Circuits3 timer siden

    11:17 listen carefully, 50hz sine wave tone

  84. MJ 8S

    MJ 8S3 timer siden

    In 2020 I will live


    ELIE ZEIDAN3 timer siden

    Who else saw the eye in the iceberg? Anybody...like if u did

  86. Easy Circuits

    Easy Circuits3 timer siden

    Ears paining

  87. Hakurei123

    Hakurei1233 timer siden

    Turn of internet to play dinasaur game 👎 Searches the game and play it online 👍

  88. pgm_diced

    pgm_diced3 timer siden

    "Birds of prey"? Isn't it supposed to be named (SUICIDE SQUAD 2?) Or something like that?

  89. Craig TPM

    Craig TPM3 timer siden

    Wait a minute. He said " Only Thor and Iron Man have solo movies

  90. Дени Ушев

    Дени Ушев3 timer siden

    Im gonna kick back and watch these movies

  91. Julius Clausen

    Julius Clausen3 timer siden

    Bus platform is not only in Japan?! And that thing in the mall but still good video

  92. Moon Child Tyla

    Moon Child Tyla3 timer siden

    Lucy who?

  93. Alamelu Ramasami

    Alamelu Ramasami3 timer siden

    1:17 Captain America: am I a joke to you

  94. III

    III3 timer siden

    Can the parrot play fortnite

  95. Dave Goldspink

    Dave Goldspink3 timer siden

    Hmmmmm!! 🤔🤔🤔 I think in 2020 I might build another car or bike and party more. I haven’t been to the movies in over 4 years. A now ex girlfriend dragged me to some real shockers. Am over sequels, prequels and remakes.

  96. bengemations

    bengemations3 timer siden

    do you think all famous people are djs

  97. Ricther Oberes

    Ricther Oberes4 timer siden

    Why at mulan there is ip man

  98. Cynthia Poulose

    Cynthia Poulose4 timer siden

    Flappy bird- 1:00 Pac-Man - 2:11 Battletoads- 4:09 Contra- 5:19 Donkey Kong -6:18 Tetris- 7:38 Earthworm Jim- 8:16 Duck Hunt- 9:05 T-Rex game- 10:21

  99. PandRover

    PandRover4 timer siden

    7:57 imagine Rooney missed 😆

  100. Al Ponce

    Al Ponce4 timer siden

    This is art. Not that banana taped to wall bs.