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my sister gets everything
I Used Hearing Aid Secretly
my cousin got me...

my cousin got me...

8 dager siden

Sorry Mom I Am Not For Sale
I Am The Only Man In Town
My Crush Left Me To Die

My Crush Left Me To Die

2 måneder siden

I Had No Idea He Was My Teacher
I Filmed A Video Worth $10M
I Am A Gold Digger

I Am A Gold Digger

2 måneder siden

I Should Never Kissed My BFF
My gf did it for 2m $$$$

My gf did it for 2m $$$$

2 måneder siden

i am dating 2 brothers

i am dating 2 brothers

2 måneder siden

I Replaced My Face

I Replaced My Face

2 måneder siden

My enemy Became My Slave

My enemy Became My Slave

2 måneder siden

I Pierced My Private Part
My Mom Taught Me How To Steal
We Got Married But We Never Met
  1. Sapphire_ kun

    Sapphire_ kun2 timer siden

    Bruh the hey I'm poor made me laugh

  2. Brenda Roberts

    Brenda Roberts2 timer siden

    I fill so bad😳😞😢

  3. Jaime

    Jaime2 timer siden

    my grandpa died of cancer so this one really hits hard.

  4. Yousef Manea

    Yousef Manea2 timer siden

    It’s corona time

  5. Landen Harris

    Landen Harris2 timer siden


  6. TetrikS

    TetrikS2 timer siden

    I triped off the plane and then i won 1 million $

  7. sarah.z

    sarah.z2 timer siden

    i really knows how it's feels, i also get betrayed by my own best friends from elementary school when i was 10 years old but it kinda like bloody painter stories

  8. Chloe Mcfadden

    Chloe Mcfadden2 timer siden

    Did anyone see that it said “ porm night” not prom night 😂

  9. thezombieslayer ZOMBIEPRO PLAYER

    thezombieslayer ZOMBIEPRO PLAYER2 timer siden

    I think I almost cried ;(

  10. thezombieslayer ZOMBIEPRO PLAYER

    thezombieslayer ZOMBIEPRO PLAYER2 timer siden

    I feel bad :(

  11. Zainab Sulaimon

    Zainab Sulaimon2 timer siden

    So part 2 ?????

  12. Andrew Chikuru

    Andrew Chikuru2 timer siden

    Lisa Jibawi and wwwwwwwwwwwwwkkkoooooooouuorerrtewft

  13. Liam Strapko

    Liam Strapko2 timer siden

    You stole my name

  14. Jacob Price

    Jacob Price2 timer siden

    When she said he pulled out a knife 😱

  15. Sapphire Lovely

    Sapphire Lovely2 timer siden

    i cried

  16. Irreplaceable K

    Irreplaceable K2 timer siden

    He bought her a ring.... pop... as a present. smooth, real smooth.

  17. kobe alliet

    kobe alliet2 timer siden

    Ahh yes bleu eyes

  18. Divan van Eeden

    Divan van Eeden2 timer siden


  19. Saidou Diallo

    Saidou Diallo2 timer siden

    she has no friends But then she said she had a friend kate


    HK SPHINX GAMER2 timer siden

    I have ah friend like her before he pass away wen he accept as hes boy friend when pass 3 months he pass out i was heart broken 😪😪

  21. Arturo Resendiz

    Arturo Resendiz2 timer siden

    When u guys were little u and your sis loocked like Wendy from Wendy city

  22. Miner Jay

    Miner Jay2 timer siden

    Title: i found my wife biggest secret *speech 100*

  23. Ryan Valentin

    Ryan Valentin2 timer siden

    This video I on my birthday 😱

  24. Jackshaa Arech

    Jackshaa Arech2 timer siden

    My b day is jan 24

  25. Jai Morrison

    Jai Morrison2 timer siden

    Are the kids brother and sisters or are they cousins

  26. jj shadows gachalife

    jj shadows gachalife2 timer siden

    Girl buy the hearing aids just do it they don't need to know 😁

  27. [Hønéŷ Bęę]

    [Hønéŷ Bęę]2 timer siden

    Omg that’s such a good best friend she stuck up for her that is something amazing

  28. 29Alexa Lorenzo

    29Alexa Lorenzo2 timer siden


  29. Marlayna Jean-Baptiste

    Marlayna Jean-Baptiste2 timer siden

    do you know the code cuse you need to get some cash it's only fair

  30. Iyaan Arif

    Iyaan Arif2 timer siden


  31. Sharon Donasco

    Sharon Donasco2 timer siden

    Ok your sister is kinda ya know 😅 but no Juge Congrats😄😄😄

  32. Babu Vash

    Babu Vash2 timer siden

    That is so sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😓😥

  33. Athena Hezi

    Athena Hezi2 timer siden

    man i wish i had a bff like him

  34. Qasrina Tan

    Qasrina Tan2 timer siden

    No Charli is more famous

  35. Athena Hezi

    Athena Hezi2 timer siden

    man i wish i had a bff like him

  36. Kayleigh Ellis

    Kayleigh Ellis2 timer siden


  37. Shwetha Chandrashekar

    Shwetha Chandrashekar2 timer siden

    We have a lot of silver

  38. Alex Izaguirre

    Alex Izaguirre2 timer siden

    I love it so much

  39. Hcopen

    Hcopen2 timer siden

    Omg I got an ad for invisible hearing aids

  40. Ava VP

    Ava VP2 timer siden

    No offense, but the name “Brad” kinda sounds like a bully name to me, am I the only one??? But he is good.

  41. Macrine Ryca Lopez

    Macrine Ryca Lopez2 timer siden


  42. Tj World 97

    Tj World 972 timer siden


  43. Zara Francis

    Zara Francis2 timer siden

    So sad I'm in tears😢😣😧

  44. big pump troll

    big pump troll2 timer siden


  45. Emil David Draghici

    Emil David Draghici2 timer siden

    then you have to curse those girls and tell them they killed her I hope to haunt them for a bit of revenge

  46. TheReal.Ice. Yyy

    TheReal.Ice. Yyy2 timer siden

    i love how when the sisters were aruging they both had a smile on there face

  47. Megan Edney

    Megan Edney2 timer siden

    The problem with this is she couldn’t use a hearing aid without a cochlear implant if she was completely deaf. Because my friend has cochlear implants because she was born deaf.

  48. Dark Ninja! lord

    Dark Ninja! lord2 timer siden

    im crying 😭

  49. Park Kookiemin

    Park Kookiemin2 timer siden

    This is like a fanfic or smthing

  50. Samantha Stokes

    Samantha Stokes2 timer siden

    There friendship is beautiful 💞 this is so so sad 😢💔 Poor girl had it hard . I hope them bullys get karma fast! They helped cut her life short. These both would of been husband and wife 😩🙏

  51. hazz4rd

    hazz4rd2 timer siden

    Ok title changed stop complaining (its still clickbait tho)

  52. Praise Ossai

    Praise Ossai2 timer siden

    Guy be like TWO MORE MONTHS HER BIRTHDAY 🎁 CAME me be like UMM 🤔...., OKAY 👌

  53. Penny Hendrickson

    Penny Hendrickson2 timer siden

    I have asthma too

  54. Kayleigh Ellis

    Kayleigh Ellis2 timer siden


  55. Amanda Nyanko

    Amanda Nyanko2 timer siden

    Better title: I have odd looking bits of skin and snakes are coming out of my mouth

  56. • リーシャ •

    • リーシャ •2 timer siden



    CLOWN CLOUT2 timer siden

    If I was her cousin I would do the same ;) yk

  58. Vujadin Garic

    Vujadin Garic2 timer siden

    I'm the principal sun but I'm from serbia🇷🇸🇷🇸

  59. vily_ lou

    vily_ lou2 timer siden

    why does she have 2 right hands tho

  60. Fheiry Javier

    Fheiry Javier2 timer siden

    Girl power

  61. Nicholina Rovaldi

    Nicholina Rovaldi2 timer siden

    Why two timing

  62. 2B.

    2B.2 timer siden

    The thumbnail looks wrong ;-;

  63. Mikiyah Dudley

    Mikiyah Dudley2 timer siden

    The best show ever

  64. Urtė A

    Urtė A2 timer siden

    thats so sad i wouldnt handle if my bff would die..

  65. THEPRO3K

    THEPRO3K2 timer siden

    so sad thatb she died I feel sorry for you man

  66. Murrianna Reese

    Murrianna Reese2 timer siden

    Actually has the same problem but I did have a nice bad you should be right next to me and you could yell out my name at me and I wouldn’t hear you until my dad slapped me and you I’ve been calling your name for an hour it’s really hard to get me to focus if you get me or something

  67. Crixzly

    Crixzly2 timer siden

    Is he cross eyes

  68. Benimaru Tempest

    Benimaru Tempest2 timer siden

    God damnit there is so many anime references here

  69. malek aldohni

    malek aldohni2 timer siden

    If u said ur deaf how did u hear the door that lady that was knocking is stupid

  70. Natalie Steiner

    Natalie Steiner2 timer siden

    How can I make my own video??

  71. Nayeema Parveen

    Nayeema Parveen2 timer siden


  72. love and Light

    love and Light2 timer siden

    Yes I had a Best friend and she died they were hit by a train only one peson make it, it's been 4 years now... I still Miss her so, I would love to spend Time with her, show her some beautiful places I discover I really Miss our Times together and watching stars with her

  73. Nexzon Gaming

    Nexzon Gaming2 timer siden

    I have a friend who had many times attempted suicide and just knowing that it crushed me and i became paranoid thinking if someday i could not stop him

  74. rose bell

    rose bell2 timer siden

    Motel or hotel?? I know is hotel not motel

  75. Eudocia Dominguezgio

    Eudocia Dominguezgio2 timer siden

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    Sayda Sosa3 timer siden

    I could hear PIKACHU!

  77. Midnight 6780

    Midnight 67803 timer siden

    We all want a part 2

  78. arts and vlogs by theresa

    arts and vlogs by theresa3 timer siden

    I now basic sign language like stop and hungry

  79. Reio Leward

    Reio Leward3 timer siden

    People say I'm a bully but I stick up for my friends if they get heart I always try to help

  80. JEnNA CatTerPILlar

    JEnNA CatTerPILlar3 timer siden

    Anna makes me mad


    NIRVAAN JOSHI3 timer siden



    NIRVAAN JOSHI3 timer siden


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    Mikiyah Dudley3 timer siden

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  88. itssxdemii 123

    itssxdemii 1233 timer siden

    She should of called this "mama ? No I'm your sister triples" for the title She can handle taking care of her brothers and goes Harvard I can't even take care of 2 dogs

  89. pipo pipo

    pipo pipo3 timer siden

    The story touched my heart just bcs i know how its feels when u lost someone

  90. Clxwn

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