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Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde

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BOAT LIFE: How We Sleep.

BOAT LIFE: How We Sleep.

6 måneder siden

BOAT LIFE: Breakfast in Bed
BOAT LIFE: How We Shower

BOAT LIFE: How We Shower

9 måneder siden

This Day Made Us Stop And Think.


10 måneder siden

GOODBYE. Goodbye all. Ep.188
The Show We Cancelled....

The Show We Cancelled....

11 måneder siden

  1. al

    al6 timer siden

    I am so sad your cruise with the child of the corn was stormy, perhaps it was an "Omen" for carrying such an Evil creature on board. I think it was just appropriate

  2. silje eklund

    silje eklund6 timer siden

    15:51 abselout godess

  3. Dean S

    Dean S6 timer siden

    For the people who don't know the meaning of "Epic". Well there you go...

  4. Cody Bach

    Cody Bach6 timer siden

    Another great show. Thank you

  5. Richard KL44357

    Richard KL443576 timer siden

    Oh my , look at all the OIL products on this video! 95% Oil !

  6. Westy

    Westy6 timer siden

    Ah yes, a Ministry of Truth... what could go wrong?

  7. Mikeztarp

    Mikeztarp7 timer siden

    1:24 That is NOT SAFE! Look up Bryce Mitchell (an MMA fighter) for what could happen to you if the drill slips. No graphic pictures, but it's scary.

  8. tamara

    tamara7 timer siden

    I love how this passage shows the real Greta, a sweet, thoughtful, fun loving teenager who has so much passion for the future of our planet. I have read some pretty spiteful things written about her and I just want to say to those people, no matter what your personal beliefs are about climate change you can't deny that Greta is a high quality human being who at least stands up for what she believes instead of putting other people down. All of the current crew of La Vaga are legend. You are working as a team and keeping your spirits high during this challenging crossing. This is so beautiful to watch. My heart is full of love for you.

  9. Kid Jak

    Kid Jak7 timer siden

    MMM Mushrooms! Everyday in our green smoothy from Host Defense or Fresh Cap. I love the nutty, cream like nature for taste. Great for coffee drinks as well :D <3 <3 <3

  10. RetroMaster1977

    RetroMaster19777 timer siden

    when was this filmed because shes in the uk now

  11. E B

    E B7 timer siden

    Great video, it's nice to see the rough seas over the calm tranquil water videos. Be safe

  12. Greg Lavers

    Greg Lavers8 timer siden

    Definitely the best one featuring Greta so far. Love the story guys....stay safe!

  13. william collinsworth

    william collinsworth8 timer siden

    She's little bit cabin fever

  14. Musto clothing

    Musto clothing8 timer siden

    What an amazing trip! So great to get a glimpse of the adventure you guys have had.

  15. landt smith

    landt smith8 timer siden

    Lenny is a mood

  16. coma white

    coma white9 timer siden

    What a beautiful couple, i always watch you're video from Philippines!😊

  17. 힐링&쉼터

    힐링&쉼터9 timer siden

    Your baby accomplished my dream as soon as be born, so blessed baby... and thank you for great vidios... from Korea.


    STUART HINDS9 timer siden

    Fantastic. Not something I'm brave enough to do myself.

  19. George Simmons

    George Simmons9 timer siden

    That was a very tough sailing episode, well done to Riley and Nikki, an awesome job, but special mention goes to Lenny, he just keeps on smiling, laughing and having fun.

  20. Denise Miller

    Denise Miller9 timer siden

    I love watching your videos. They make me smile. And Lenny warms my heart with his growl and is smiles. Safe journeys.

  21. Jawaad Hussain

    Jawaad Hussain10 timer siden

    What's the song at 2:10 ?

  22. Josh Yaks

    Josh Yaks10 timer siden

    Lenny has got rhythm! If he wants to start a band, let me know. :)

  23. Per Breitenstein

    Per Breitenstein10 timer siden

    Been watching you guys for a few years now. Your words, the filming, sound and editing where you talk about the climate is some of the best I’ve seen you do!

  24. Lex Thomas

    Lex Thomas10 timer siden

    Your boat probably did more damage to the environment being made then she will ever save doing the phony good for the environment sail trips. The whole family is in a delusional bubble. I literally lose faith in humanity with every word that spills out of this spoiled poorly educated childs mouth. Personally I'd take global warming over her regurgitating her parents hippie nonsense and drawing attention to the wrong issues.

  25. Spirit Guide

    Spirit Guide10 timer siden

    I know your game.

  26. Spirit Guide

    Spirit Guide10 timer siden

    While Netanyahu takes more land from Palestinians. Life for the stupid is all about DISTRACTIONS.

  27. JoacimElgaaen

    JoacimElgaaen10 timer siden

    Use the summer in Europe and sail up to Norway.. See the fjords, midnight sun in the North and sail in the Swedish archipelago before or after!

  28. Nick Teague

    Nick Teague10 timer siden

    What does it mean when he says we’ve dragged the wind around from 138 to 90??

  29. Nick Teague

    Nick Teague10 timer siden

    What does it mean when he says we’ve dragged the wind around from 138 to 90??

  30. John Kabel

    John Kabel10 timer siden

    I really like the frequent glimpses at Lenny and Greta. This trip was all about the kids, and what you guys were doing to give them a better future. Even if Lenny did not clue into it just yet . . .

  31. Basel Kader

    Basel Kader11 timer siden

    That bag of chips put up an honourable fight. Respect.

  32. Elena Metzinger

    Elena Metzinger11 timer siden

    Your videos bring me joy... I'm feeling very depressed these days because of a breakup.. Hoping I can overcome this... You guys are amazing 😊

  33. Nath 88

    Nath 8811 timer siden

    Why isn’t she in school 🤔

  34. Dave BB

    Dave BB11 timer siden

    Greta ???? I thought she was dead.

  35. Bobby Bayls

    Bobby Bayls11 timer siden

    Sorry. Loved all your videos. But Greta Dumberg is the point where you lost me. She’s a puppet I believe manipulated by her parents for whatever reason, possibly financial gain. When she is left to her own devices off script she speaks complete nonsense. The climate hoax climate cult is a joke with so many dodgy predictions it’s incredible that any sane person believes in them. Read some actual papers that aren’t based on this crazy cult. I’ll see you all in 30 years time when the world hasn’t imploded and these people are shown up as complete suckers who’ve believed in those who are heavily invested in renewables that want to feather their own nests. Disappointed in you both for being so naive.

  36. kealan pritchard

    kealan pritchard12 timer siden

    At 4:10 how tf is there that tiny bird in the middle of the Atlantic

  37. James Jones

    James Jones12 timer siden

  38. S1NB4D

    S1NB4D12 timer siden

    exhilarating,scary and fun all at the same time,a story you guys will talk about for sometime. :-)

  39. TheMrt39

    TheMrt3912 timer siden

    WTAF 🥱🤔😳🤬🤬🤬🤬Greta REALLY... 110mph storm winds suppose climate change is to blame blah blah blah big up fossil fuels and petroleum is the FUTURE 😚🤣😂😅😎👍🏻🕺

  40. Ada

    Ada12 timer siden

    Have a save trip!

  41. Richard Brodie

    Richard Brodie12 timer siden

    Thank you for being such awesome role models for our children. 12’30” into the video ... we don’t inherit the world from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children! Keep up the good work!

  42. Bookjunkie

    Bookjunkie12 timer siden

    It just breaks my heart when I see what a nice, normal and considerate teenager Greta is and yet so many people attack and dehumanize her like she's some kind of demon

  43. STK K

    STK K12 timer siden

    A big tac light could be a good alternative besides guns. Also it saves you in case those pirates are about to shoot at you.

  44. Ben Allen

    Ben Allen12 timer siden

    F for greta

  45. Frank Elwert

    Frank Elwert12 timer siden

    Athlete`s foot needs to be medical care if it occurs in the face !

  46. Marius Hagberg

    Marius Hagberg13 timer siden

    I liked this channel until I heard from the media that they got directly involved in the climate-scam propaganda by involving themselves with the Greta Thunberg-franchise. That was a new low that I never think they can fix.

  47. Sarah Turner

    Sarah Turner13 timer siden

    Any one else notice the nude shot of Riley?

  48. CuteFox

    CuteFox13 timer siden

    A family always happy. They sail around the world with no trouble at all. How come? :)

  49. Randall Vanderende

    Randall Vanderende13 timer siden

    It's hard to learn to use those things, arms and legs and fingers and feet. Days and years of effort. It's amazing to watch.

  50. Dan Dass

    Dan Dass13 timer siden

    You guys are all stars!! 🙌 🌟

  51. Diego Chavez

    Diego Chavez13 timer siden

    Although I disagree with Greta's approach to solving the climate problem, and it frustrates me how the media prefers to focus and glorify on a small girl who chooses to skip school instead of the thousands of scientists dedicating their life to getting real tangible data. I believe what you did is very honorable and must have helped her a lot. I enjoyed the video, thank you for sharing!

  52. Sonico Animation

    Sonico Animation13 timer siden

    I'd be swimming with one of those Shark Bandz if you're gonna be in the open ocean with chum all around you...

  53. Melissa Bennington

    Melissa Bennington13 timer siden

    We think you guys are amazing and are totally inspired by you as is our son who is 8 we would love you to watch our video and give us some feedback

  54. Ton van Westendorp

    Ton van Westendorp13 timer siden

    Can anyone tell me how a little bird can be on the boat (4:09) at the middle of the North Atlantic? Love the reports on this trip!

  55. littleclay

    littleclay14 timer siden

    4:11 - where did that little bird come from?

  56. Org

    Org14 timer siden

    I'm sorry, but I have so enjoyed your vids over the years, even the veggie stuff, each to their own, but I can't come to terms with your support for a kid who has been manipulated by a parent, I understand there are things that can be done to clean up our act, but knee jerk statagies just don't work, I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavours, love to you all

  57. eddieh1530

    eddieh153014 timer siden

    The Moon's gravity has been raising tides in Earth's oceans which the fast-spinning Earth attempts to drag ahead of the sluggishly orbiting Moon. The result is that the Moon is being pushed away from Earth by 1.6 inches (4 centimeters) per year and our planet's rotation is slowing. If left unabated the Moon would continue in its retreat until it would take bout 47 days to orbit the Earth.

  58. Daniel Charlton

    Daniel Charlton14 timer siden

    Intro was hilarious!!!!! awesome job guys love the videos! keep up the good work and happy sailing

  59. Johan V

    Johan V14 timer siden

    Must be a mixed feeling, to be out there. so far away from everything and see passing al those bad low's pretty close. The biggest cross I did was Bay of Biscay and I felt already a bit some tension. Great to see you making this crossings with a lot of enthousiam and good seamanship. Enjoyed again a nice episode!! Keep on sailing :-)

  60. Sietse van Rozen

    Sietse van Rozen14 timer siden

    So much respect for the whole crew!

  61. Alberto Costa

    Alberto Costa14 timer siden


  62. Buck Nasty

    Buck Nasty14 timer siden

    I understand being environmentally friendly but humans do not affect the changing climate .. it just happens and we will evolve

  63. Mob Mob

    Mob Mob15 timer siden

    11:14 What is PS? behind your friend?

  64. Random Stuff

    Random Stuff15 timer siden

    This journey is a testament that big oil-burning ships and airplanes are necessary. It's good if you personally choose to do it a few times (depending on other people risking their lives) to make an identity based statement, but honestly you're providing an example why this can't and won't and shouldn't be an actual example of behaviour, a "universal action" sort of thing. Counterproductive really.

  65. Dwayne

    Dwayne15 timer siden

    What an honor and a privilege to be sailing a history maker like Greta Thunberg around the world. I can hardly wait for the Greta video you guys are planning.

  66. Ringholden

    Ringholden15 timer siden

    Did you feed the little bird? :-)

  67. DmarkK

    DmarkK15 timer siden

    I see.. you 2 are another delusional brainwashed leftist...

  68. Jack Rogers

    Jack Rogers15 timer siden

    Show your favorite knots and how to time them.

  69. Stephanie Stockwell

    Stephanie Stockwell15 timer siden

    Wow, I have no words! You are so incredibly inspiring!! I get tears watching. xxo

  70. chris Barnett

    chris Barnett15 timer siden

    To bad Greta didn't fall over board. Damn commie.

  71. Carl Du Plessis

    Carl Du Plessis15 timer siden

    12:52 - Anybody else get massive chills here? Just seeing the waves and that music, oh man that music though!! :) Hits deep in the feels

  72. Zachary Cox

    Zachary Cox15 timer siden

    goodbye from a two year fan. I was worried this would be a turn taken with this voyage - I adore you both, but we agree to disagree.

  73. D Clipper

    D Clipper15 timer siden

    White chicks...

  74. irfan cetinel

    irfan cetinel15 timer siden

    Hi, ı watch your adventures with great pleasure. ı was watching your videos intermittenly, ı decided to trace the beginning and all ı saw today , you came to Turkey and stayed my home town Marmaris, that gave me a different excitement.

  75. jammyjaime

    jammyjaime15 timer siden

    You guys are great storytellers, and you’re getting better!

  76. Ilana Goldman

    Ilana Goldman16 timer siden

    I’ve gotten lost in your videos, it’s so strange to go back to times before Lenny. What a thrill to be able to look into the past at the adventure you two had. All my love sent to you three ❤️

  77. editelh

    editelh16 timer siden

    I’m with Riley on the catacombs. We should not have places like that. To me it is a sacrilege to their humanity. They’re dead, and that’s not a circus or any kind of entertainment. I wonder what they themselves would think if they saw themselves in that condition.

  78. Micah Jarrett

    Micah Jarrett16 timer siden

    You forgot to give credit to Phoria @ 13:00! Even though is was less than 30 seconds.

  79. ningpo69

    ningpo6916 timer siden

    13:09 and 13:10.....awesome sun, THANKS, those moments are .....(speechless making ! if that's a real thing...smiles)

  80. exracer 27

    exracer 2716 timer siden

    Aussies, who have some of the nastiest snakes in the world. excited about seeing a snake.....

  81. Dustin Fisher

    Dustin Fisher16 timer siden

    I am sad to hear you made the passage

  82. Tracy Torbarina

    Tracy Torbarina16 timer siden

    how dare you

  83. xxkudzxx 93

    xxkudzxx 9317 timer siden

    I thought that theme park was an old movie set or something

  84. Jack Armstrong

    Jack Armstrong17 timer siden

    You guys make me want to change my lifestyle. Not even in the sense of buying a boat, but of reducing my waste and carbon footprint. You are truly an inspiration

  85. Janelle Lan

    Janelle Lan17 timer siden

    absolutely love you guys! God bless you and keep you

  86. Deplorable Citizen

    Deplorable Citizen17 timer siden

    Too bad not overboard missing...

  87. m0rnhinw3g

    m0rnhinw3g17 timer siden

    The song at 12:41 is sooooo excellent for that footage. Love it. Excellent work!

  88. Haik Fahi

    Haik Fahi18 timer siden

    I stopped watching you ever since you turned your channel in to politics I would no longer follow you 👎👎👎

  89. Bird Dog

    Bird Dog18 timer siden

    Get out of Europe and sail back to the Caribbean

  90. Ozzie Wilson

    Ozzie Wilson18 timer siden

    Climate change is real. But scientists and world leaders need to stop with the “sky is falling” agenda. As a fan of your channel I’m disappointed to learn La Vagabond crew has bought into the hype. Regardless, I’m sure Greta is a fine person.

  91. Judy Raymond

    Judy Raymond18 timer siden

    Best one yet. Can’t wait till next week. Fortunately we know the ending but still this is a nail biter.

  92. EddieLivesOnLincoln

    EddieLivesOnLincoln18 timer siden

    "stole my childhood"...

  93. Phinn

    Phinn18 timer siden

    Nikki the champ of that crossing!

  94. Stella Kennedy

    Stella Kennedy18 timer siden

    I wait all week untilll i get too see my favourite videos💖

  95. Koala63211

    Koala6321118 timer siden

    When I first heard that La Vagabonde was going to sail across the Atlantic to take Greta and her Father to Spain, I seriously thought that you might be doing more harm to your own cause than good. How wrong I was. The courage and unity displayed by the entire crew during this crossing has been amazing. Greta has transformed into a typical 16 year old when out of the limelight, having fun and just chilling out with friends. Her Father is much more relaxed. Riley, Alayna and Lenny, you are all legends. I cannot think of any superlatives that have not already been bestowed on Nikki Henderson. What an amazing person. God bless you all, and keep you safe.

  96. Terence Manthorpe

    Terence Manthorpe18 timer siden

    Fantastic , thank you from Ashley and terry 🙏🌷

  97. Tracey Hellsten

    Tracey Hellsten18 timer siden

    Prayers for the new friends y'all met. Prayers of healing for the one man w cancer , and of prosperity for the one down on his luck. May God bless y'all also for your kind hearts. Give Lenny a kiss from me 😚


    AZI WORLD18 timer siden

  99. Gabrielle

    Gabrielle18 timer siden

    Anyone know the name of the song at 14:35?

  100. zimm1gre

    zimm1gre19 timer siden

    I un-subscribed from you because you have her on your boat!