Magnus Midtbø
Magnus Midtbø
Magnus Midtbø

Why I HATE Peg Board

Why I HATE Peg Board

3 måneder siden

Ninja Warrior meets Parkour
Swedish Style Bouldering

Swedish Style Bouldering

3 måneder siden

Date at Empty Climbing Gym
Join the Circus Training

Join the Circus Training

3 måneder siden

Gymnast try Climbing

Gymnast try Climbing

4 måneder siden

I'm falling for her

I'm falling for her

4 måneder siden

This girl is NOT normal

This girl is NOT normal

4 måneder siden

Am I still Climbing?

Am I still Climbing?

5 måneder siden

Russian Ninja Warrior #168
  1. Meshak VB

    Meshak VB2 timer siden

    All I'm learning from these videos is that being a bodybuilder is a serious disadvantage to many other sports. It just takes way more power from each of juji's muscle groups to do the same activities with his body.

  2. J Koperski

    J Koperski3 timer siden

    I loved the encouragement of Magnus from behind the camera. Has something really calming and securing. Also loved the camera work in general. You're a multi talented content creator, Magnus! Thanks for sharing! Can just add up on the comments: the collabs with Anton are my personal favourites and taking him out on real rock is just fantastic. On the other hand, the variation of your content and settings makes watching your videos exciting every time! If e.g. it would always be filmed inside gyms, the surrounding would get boring to the viewer's brain. New elements/ disciplines, surroundings and people make this channel so great. Oh, and your hair is on fleek, Magnus! ;) Keep up the good work, as long as it's fun for you to create it!

  3. alexx amexx

    alexx amexx4 timer siden

    Hi Magnus are u ready for ANWorrior i wish you goinna take a try bro u'r good to the winning 💸💪👍💚

  4. Social_Grenade

    Social_Grenade6 timer siden

    I like these style of videos. Nice to see some real rock and how you guys get on with them

  5. Peder Strand

    Peder Strand7 timer siden

    Everytime I do one-arm muscle-ups it makes me laugh, too!

  6. Andrew Heng

    Andrew Heng7 timer siden

    wait is anton doing the editing?

  7. T PA

    T PA8 timer siden

    Question more for indoor, why do pro climbers never roll when they fall? Because it does not look cool? Maybe they do in training?

  8. Dan Kozianski

    Dan Kozianski9 timer siden

    Dude, go ice climbing god damnit!

  9. Monsta Fishing

    Monsta Fishing11 timer siden

    Tom put some bed liner on the circle grip trainer thing. For those wondering

  10. Evan_haddow 69

    Evan_haddow 6911 timer siden

    I am a kid and I love climbing and your vid

  11. Greg Pelletier

    Greg Pelletier11 timer siden

    What an absolute unit

  12. Eli Kertel

    Eli Kertel11 timer siden

    Finally getting around to watching this video. I am realizing that you met up with Matthew five minutes from my house. I almost dropped my phone when I realized it. What a small world. Hope you enjoyed The Bay Area!

  13. Len Schoemakers

    Len Schoemakers11 timer siden

    Please do the 90 feet rope climb which Anton did in his video from yesterday!

  14. Christoph Berger

    Christoph Berger12 timer siden

    hey magnus can you please upload a climbing video again? (with rope not boulder) you didnt upload one for months

  15. Simon Jessen

    Simon Jessen12 timer siden

    You gotta have a bar that can spin, thats why its so hard

  16. Philipp !

    Philipp !12 timer siden

    Do a routesesetting video

  17. Tim Tim

    Tim Tim13 timer siden

    Outdoor bouldering is your sickest content. The edit is also great

  18. Soundracoon

    Soundracoon13 timer siden

    This is America..where "quality" is an unknown word.. >:(

  19. MultiChickendude

    MultiChickendude13 timer siden

    Magnus i can tell you be packing some thiccness under those shorts

  20. Dustin Baxter

    Dustin Baxter13 timer siden

    i want to know what is up with the banana at cliffhanger?

  21. drew13600

    drew1360014 timer siden

    V2 in my gym

  22. Bassem B.

    Bassem B.14 timer siden

    You're sponsored! You're in the big leagues!

  23. Zeldavenue

    Zeldavenue15 timer siden

    What drone / camera setup do you use?

  24. The Omega T Cell

    The Omega T Cell15 timer siden

    So this just showed up in my recommended?

  25. Jesusdragon737

    Jesusdragon73717 timer siden

    Magnus, I've watched a bunch of your videos now, and this one stands out strong against the others. It's showing your real life when you were intense about climbing. You were doing route setting, route climbing, getting worn out, having fun, getting autographs from kids, and doing an intense workout late at night. The content and pace of this were perfect. No gimmicks are needed to make a great video. Just some solid climbing.

  26. Ruby Phillips

    Ruby Phillips17 timer siden

    Oh no 6:14

  27. Toni Be

    Toni Be17 timer siden

    trailer for spiderverse 2?

  28. chris brownell

    chris brownell18 timer siden

    She has a forehead like a porpoise

  29. Simplytanner

    Simplytanner19 timer siden

    Keep the outdoor videos comin!

  30. Gallagher

    Gallagher20 timer siden

    This video was shocking, I totally never saw it coming... A PAYPHONE!!! I didn't know they still existed! 😂 Great video.

  31. Rory Cunningham

    Rory Cunningham21 time siden

    Pause at 3:09

  32. Sebastien Haghayeghi

    Sebastien Haghayeghi22 timer siden

    Magnus telling Anton "I don't think you're gonna do it" = me laughing + liking video

  33. Just Me

    Just Me22 timer siden

    Its like asking 'Who can punch harder, a boxer or swimmer?' XD

  34. mark9259

    mark925922 timer siden

    flashing v10 like nothing lol! dos anybody know whats the book they are using?

  35. Dawn

    Dawn22 timer siden

    It is refreshing to see you guys in nature, the spirit seems more uplifted. Magnus you are the Lord of the rocks. Anton at least you gave a few f***s 😂

  36. madamewho

    madamewho23 timer siden

    Magnus wiggling was the cutest thing I've seen this week <3

  37. Wesley Sledge

    Wesley Sledge23 timer siden

    Studying full time And Working full time Ok will ok

  38. Jess Lee

    Jess Lee23 timer siden

    Hmm a right hand chalk print on her left butt cheek... hmmm...

  39. Jacob Jones

    Jacob Jones23 timer siden

    I’d love to see a video where Magnus goes to Yosemite and does some of the famous camp 4 boulder problems, and some of the famous routes.

  40. Jacob Jones

    Jacob Jones23 timer siden

    I’ve really loved these last two videos.

  41. madamewho

    madamewho23 timer siden

    this is stupid genius

  42. שחר ערבה

    שחר ערבה23 timer siden

    My best is 23😅

  43. Amberjack Captain

    Amberjack Captain23 timer siden

    This bulls*it at least teach him half and full guard. Breathe magnus

  44. UnbreakableBond

    UnbreakableBond23 timer siden

    no way he is 77, he is tall und big. whats his true weight?

  45. dl8168

    dl816823 timer siden

    How the fuck is the cameraman up there with just his feet

  46. Uzytkownik Internetu

    Uzytkownik Internetu23 timer siden

    that was funny !

  47. Meshak VB

    Meshak VB23 timer siden

    Engagement ring... and a car? Normal girl is expecting a lot from our boy Magnus. I think she's gonna have to climb an 8b first.

  48. Simon Greenthumb

    Simon GreenthumbDag siden

    Impressive hand shandy to be sure!😉😮

  49. Luke Repass

    Luke RepassDag siden

    "Its like trying to find the f***ing G-spot. Impossible" -Anton

  50. Poop

    PoopDag siden

    "Im too tight" Magnus Midtbo -2019

  51. Kaizoku-Ō

    Kaizoku-ŌDag siden

    Wow, I thought it was you with long hair. You're physically the sames

  52. Poop

    PoopDag siden

    Magnus! Come to BC, Canada. In my home town we have a bluff area with EVERY type of climbing. Slabby low difficulty rock, short boulders, Difficult v10+ and up, mostly sport but a few multi's. There is 4 different types of rock, in the same area.

  53. Dr Erik

    Dr ErikDag siden

    I really enjoy Anton's Russian-style enthusiasm.

  54. Mr8000D

    Mr8000DDag siden

    This bar is unsafe, and this should not have happened. I am very disappointed seeing this. These bars should be able to withstand more than 500 lbs without snapping like that. WTF

  55. Robin Malo

    Robin MaloDag siden

    The first 6a+ look okay but doesn't the first 6a looks too easy for this grade?

  56. ididnotwritethis

    ididnotwritethisDag siden

    I'm quite new to bouldering. Can anyone recommend a good pair of reasonably priced rock climbing shoes?

  57. loopfly

    loopflyDag siden

    Yet another great video ! Humble people doing amazing things!

  58. Shadoblade582

    Shadoblade582Dag siden

    I got one of your chalk bags for Christmas! Yay!

  59. Cole Ragsdale

    Cole RagsdaleDag siden

    Anton's rick and Morty shirts are awesome

  60. Luke DP

    Luke DPDag siden

    anton is stupidly naturally good at crack climbing

  61. Timothy Anderson

    Timothy AndersonDag siden

    I really like the community involvement and non-pro (anton) outdoor climbing experience. Would like to see more of the "local craig" type videos.

  62. jacinto042568

    jacinto042568Dag siden

    Madnus que buena está tu vieja 🥴🤭🤣🤣🤣

  63. MrBrachiatingApe

    MrBrachiatingApeDag siden

    How in God's name could you climb with semi-numb fingers?!? Jesus, I can barely pick up a pen if my fingers get numb!

  64. Flo De Frocourt

    Flo De FrocourtDag siden

    At the end of the video, you mentionned "Fontainebleau". I'm currently living one hour by car from there. If by any chance, you come to France, you are very welcome to stay at my place. I already left a post about this on your Facebook, but I don't know if you read it already ...

  65. Boco_Medjed-NB

    Boco_Medjed-NBDag siden

    You met Brian Mengel, danish international in futsal and Instagram freestyler at Tokyo on random with your normal girlfriend😍

  66. PapalNinja

    PapalNinjaDag siden

    So strong💪...not surprising. Beautiful B Roll too!

  67. tatttoo101

    tatttoo101Dag siden

    I love how crazy Magnus's hair is in this video

  68. ChooChooKG

    ChooChooKGDag siden

    14:10 He was so sad about not getting a chalk bag tho lol... #rip

  69. michael

    michaelDag siden

    Magnus is a great rock climbing role model. Thanks for your authentic content/sharing your life with us.

  70. Johnathan Allred

    Johnathan AllredDag siden

    NO-gos English captioning: Mister Meatball

  71. Frisch Fish

    Frisch FishDag siden

    Mister Meatball

  72. Gray Atreides

    Gray AtreidesDag siden

    It must be very humbling to climb with such strong folks

  73. Plastik Boyz

    Plastik BoyzDag siden

    If Anton can't start boulder its definitely V10 lmao.

  74. Arina Thomsen

    Arina ThomsenDag siden

    6:31 Did you hear his comment?

  75. N T

    N TDag siden

    Anton is funny as hell

  76. Phoenix

    PhoenixDag siden

    Anton looks amazingly good, is really athletic, and cute af every time he talks. Daaaamn

  77. Dindonmasker V

    Dindonmasker VDag siden

    At 0:30 your brother's eye are moving a lot. Is that some kind of nystagmus?

  78. Nina Walker

    Nina WalkerDag siden

    I van hear OCEAN EYES by Billie Eilish on the background at 8:10

  79. Ethan Derrick

    Ethan DerrickDag siden

    I've been to Japan on a school trip, beautiful country, great people and amazing culture. I highly recommend!! I didn't have chalk though, so instant downer

  80. Xerion

    XerionDag siden

    Anton dropped so many F bombs that you can't possibly edit them all out

  81. CGagnon5

    CGagnon5Dag siden

    ngl t hat first boulder is very dumb

  82. Laurie Olphin

    Laurie OlphinDag siden

    Magnus and Anton are a killer combo. If they had a child he would be a crushing dyno maniac.

  83. Angie Payne

    Angie PayneDag siden

    I’m so obsessed with these videos I’m literally watching these in the middle of a storm

  84. Micah Pratt

    Micah PrattDag siden

    i loved seeing them all struggle and work on that first v4 crack together

  85. Omar B. Kar

    Omar B. KarDag siden

    Ngl I'd smash anton no homo tho

  86. Rasmus Dahlstrøm

    Rasmus DahlstrømDag siden

    Hey Magnus, probably a long shot getting you to answer on an old video, but how did you like the Scarpa Mago? I'm looking for a shoe like this, and is torn between this and the drago!

  87. Sabrina Lopez

    Sabrina LopezDag siden

    7:26 Anton just in the back like

  88. Neferti

    NefertiDag siden

    The Magnus and Anton saga continues. I really love your choice of music Magnus, so moody.

  89. tehtsb

    tehtsbDag siden

    12:10 Great spotting. :D Magnus makes a dynamic move while they are moving the mat and looking down.

  90. Erik Hays

    Erik HaysDag siden

    Love my Rungne chalk bag, it’s badass and no one else has one like it

  91. Jérémy Ribes

    Jérémy RibesDag siden

    Anton punchlines !!! Boom !! Ahahahahah

  92. SilencerKO

    SilencerKODag siden

    Anton: fisting part is just awkward Magnus: this video is demonetized me: :O

  93. Vultura Majeral

    Vultura MajeralDag siden

    but the question is, what is a nature nazi

  94. KoBo_043

    KoBo_043Dag siden

    Is Juji also the "Flamingo kick" guy?

  95. J C

    J CDag siden

    Nice new vid

  96. Huibinator

    HuibinatorDag siden

    Magnus keeps surprising me every time, awesome!

  97. Azure Kite

    Azure KiteDag siden

    Anthon's shirt is sick

  98. Azure Kite

    Azure KiteDag siden

    Insta thumbs up

  99. Elena Zampieri

    Elena ZampieriDag siden

    Anton is too cute

  100. PolGZ

    PolGZDag siden

    Hahaha so now it's not only shirtless Norwegian fit guy in this channel, now is also Russian fit guy 🤣🤣. I see your female audience growing up even more 🤣🤣