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Mia Malkova Loves Hentai
Has Mia Malkova Had STDs?
SMii7Y Doesn't Do Drugs
How bbno$ Writes New Songs
bbno$ Shit Himself on Stage
Keemstar on His Drug Use

Keemstar on His Drug Use

2 måneder siden

Fitz Questions Anal Bleaching
TobyOnTheTele is Homeless...
Fitz Talks About Quitting Weed
Why Anomaly Doesn't Drink
  1. Brain

    BrainDag siden

    Did fitz fuck Carson's gf before or after this?

  2. Black Rose

    Black RoseDag siden

    The house is ending because Fitz became a bitch

  3. Panda Boyz

    Panda BoyzDag siden

    Fitz is a piece of shit.

  4. Daniel Fencl

    Daniel FenclDag siden

    The only gay person that I accept being gay is johnonthetele

  5. Atlas Alois

    Atlas AloisDag siden

    I hope the misfits turns off the comment section because clearly y'all are mad annoying.

  6. gabbie

    gabbieDag siden

    he was really awkward in the face reveal and he had that shy smile and it was really really cute which is what the fans probably liked

  7. Sad Vibes

    Sad VibesDag siden

    Idgaf about the people saying “don’t hate on fitz” he’s a pos for doing what he did. I’m not mad I’m disappointed

  8. NikoNiko Nee

    NikoNiko NeeDag siden

    Plot twist he bought it

  9. Super Sam

    Super SamDag siden

    I really hope this Fitz situation damages his career quite significantly. I always have see to love watching his vids but now I can’t look at him the same way.

  10. Cali Style

    Cali StyleDag siden

    It ended cuz fitz will be too busy railing his homies girls

  11. Mustafa Evgin Demirci

    Mustafa Evgin DemirciDag siden

    Why are there so many hate comments? What happened with fitz?

  12. Frentacticz

    FrentacticzDag siden

    Why does fitz kinda start lookin like a gay persons dream lmao

  13. MrGago

    MrGagoDag siden

    Damn it doesent feel like the real podcast enymore becose Fitz

  14. SLOTH NINJA 81

    SLOTH NINJA 81Dag siden

    This whole situation fucking hurts

  15. dešrigalis nemo

    dešrigalis nemoDag siden

    Swagger gay

  16. SLOTH NINJA 81

    SLOTH NINJA 81Dag siden

    Jesus things went bad very fast, I do think we need more about the whole situation now. I would be nice to see fitz’s side even though I don’t see it changing much

  17. Luke Farmer

    Luke FarmerDag siden

    Lost a lot of respect for fits man

  18. asian dude

    asian dudeDag siden

    No dislikes..

  19. Greasy Fries

    Greasy FriesDag siden

    He was right

  20. gazorpalorp

    gazorpalorpDag siden

    Pyro is a simp

  21. michael jaramillo

    michael jaramilloDag siden

    What flower shoes is Toby wearing anyone know kinda wanna cop

  22. Mobius

    MobiusDag siden

    "Fitz shares his ruining his career and losing the respect of millions experience"

  23. gazorpalorp

    gazorpalorpDag siden

    Welcome back, Leafy.

  24. Bronson Seehafer

    Bronson SeehaferDag siden

    Cam is a bum

  25. PhantomTech

    PhantomTechDag siden

    I just started watching this a couple months ago, after hearing what fitz did it makes me very sad to see how nonchalantly they are acting, maybe this was filmed prior but I would at least want to hear both sides.

  26. Auxilor

    AuxilorDag siden

    fitz really fucked over the reputation of the rest of the misfits huh

  27. Night

    NightDag siden

    2:00 lmao swaggers is like a little kid when he gets a new toy opens that’s bitch right away and looks down at it

  28. •-Spencer-•

    •-Spencer-•Dag siden

    Fitz. U best step up dude. Istg dude

  29. TSOL CS:GO

    TSOL CS:GODag siden

    Swagger: “hi James Charles” James: “Don’t be shy put some more”

  30. TUME 1

    TUME 1Dag siden

    Keemstar is literally an EXTREMELY insecure 14 year old in a 40 year old mans body and it’s almost sad to watch

  31. Sleepy ϟϟ

    Sleepy ϟϟDag siden

    fitz needs to be no more

  32. Dominic Gonzalez

    Dominic GonzalezDag siden

    Fuck you internet I read the title as "SIMPLive" and not "SMPLive" and I'm pissed that the memes got to me

  33. Kentucky Exploration

    Kentucky ExplorationDag siden

    Fits broke the bro code, not cool

  34. Isaac Rayner

    Isaac RaynerDag siden

    Toby is about to lose his shit. He’s gonna most definitely be on James Charles rajjchelor

  35. Nyx12

    Nyx12Dag siden

    He’s talking about the Anthony Padilla shoot I’m guessing.

  36. NikoNiko Nee

    NikoNiko NeeDag siden

    FitZ be man spreading hella

  37. Oveq

    OveqDag siden

    i think this is the first time ive ever heard that one guy talk wtf

  38. Keith Cramer jr

    Keith Cramer jrDag siden


  39. Nano Jurassic

    Nano JurassicDag siden

    I’m not mad at my boi fitz I’m just really disappointed

  40. Michael Gamer

    Michael GamerDag siden

    Make a podcast called ‘how I destroyed my best friends relationship while he’s going through depression because I’m a sick fuck’ for a title?

  41. FBI

    FBIDag siden

    Fitz you dick

  42. Big Pigeon

    Big PigeonDag siden

    FUCK Fitz

  43. Dean Tinkler

    Dean TinklerDag siden

    Who is looking through the comments to read the Fitz hate comment (which are 100% needed)

  44. Second Sister

    Second SisterDag siden

    and here we are... the drama

  45. Jack Ruelle

    Jack RuelleDag siden

    does fitz have a mute button

  46. Daanhart-02

    Daanhart-02Dag siden

    The only thing bigger than Fitz his mistake is his forehead

  47. Enragedboi Is my insta

    Enragedboi Is my instaDag siden

    Fitz adds on to why it wont come back

  48. 8551Soul

    8551SoulDag siden

    So uh can anyone actually get me on top of the new why and when Fitz "fucked up" I'm really curious, cause I was way too high when i listend to their podcast

  49. Tyler Keegan

    Tyler KeeganDag siden

    Fitz is a pos lol

  50. Anonymouse

    AnonymouseDag siden

    Swagger out here living his best life, but his face isn't even out there.

  51. Anna Dubak

    Anna DubakDag siden


  52. Jolly

    JollyDag siden

    Can't stop the Fitz situation from coming up in my head

  53. Darkspike03

    Darkspike03Dag siden

    I love how fitz is sitting there in this clip blissfully unaware that in a few days after this everyone would find out what a scummy excuse for a human he really is

  54. woof

    woofDag siden

    So you fell for an e girl huh?

  55. Kuro

    KuroDag siden

    The king returns fellow reptilians

  56. Levi Casey

    Levi CaseyDag siden

    Get James Charles on the podcast

  57. Joey N

    Joey NDag siden

    2:23 Theres someone on that couch who actually did shlip. Wonder who it is 🤔

  58. Joey N

    Joey NDag siden

    Can we keep a track of how many podcasts go by with fitz acting like nothing happened? I wonder how long ago these were recorded. Is this Fitz BC? (or “Before Cheating” for the 3heads.)

  59. ziptied toenails

    ziptied toenailsDag siden

    The good times before fitz fucked carsons girlfriend and became a huge prick

  60. Slovenia Fishing

    Slovenia FishingDag siden

    9920th view

  61. deli georgieva

    deli georgievaDag siden

    rajj: i want a gay for the show schlatt, who's been begging for ten big men for months now: what the fuck

  62. Lashing

    LashingDag siden

    Fitz why :(

  63. Schmittyyy

    SchmittyyyDag siden

    Bad Guy Fitz

  64. Ethan Barbosa

    Ethan BarbosaDag siden

    So they gonna ignore fitz being a backstabbing jackass?

  65. 1mm3rsive

    1mm3rsiveDag siden

    Swagger is filming a porno Swagger meets James Charles COINCEDENCE??? I think not

  66. your neighbor

    your neighborDag siden

    It's not a jerk circle but a flesh lit circle

  67. no u

    no uDag siden

    Fuck fitz

  68. BlueJay

    BlueJayDag siden

    Wonder if he's afraid of fucking his friends girl...

  69. Ashton Reid

    Ashton ReidDag siden

    Holy shit Travis in the background 😂

  70. Erik

    ErikDag siden

    Damn, I sort of looked up to Fitz, super chill and fun guy making a career out of hanging out with his friends. Will never see him the same way... What a shame

  71. Flicky

    FlickyDag siden

    can we get a response from fitz on this situation? goodguyfitz to badguyfitz by fucking over a completely awesome dude already going through a rough time in life.

  72. joshua r.

    joshua r.Dag siden


  73. The Corner of Hell

    The Corner of HellDag siden

    Fuck you fitz

  74. ZuRriX

    ZuRriXDag siden

    2:52 - Synonymous, bro...

  75. Cale Gregori

    Cale GregoriDag siden

    I cant watch these the same way anymore. Fuck Fitz

  76. Jesus Tostado

    Jesus TostadoDag siden

    Last time I was this early I still respected fitz

  77. Ashdyn

    AshdynDag siden

    Literally came here to see what everyone was saying about Fitz

  78. ZuRriX

    ZuRriXDag siden

    What the fuck is wrong with kids today...

  79. MłТΛłÐΞSU

    MłТΛłÐΞSUDag siden

    who is this?

  80. Slumberybug uwu

    Slumberybug uwuDag siden

    Honestly shit happens yeah it hurts but over all I still love Fitz and ppl will leave or lose respect but this won't change my life or effect me in anyway so keep up the content love you Fitz

  81. Alex Ramirez

    Alex RamirezDag siden

    Maybe fitz and Carson’s gf can make a porno after swagger makes his

  82. SlowestSundew7

    SlowestSundew7Dag siden

    I can never look at fitz the same way again

  83. Nightingale Farrehnster

    Nightingale FarrehnsterDag siden

    We should immediately storm Fitz's house and chop off his penis for what he's done. The woman on the other hand must be burned on a cross, I see no other alternative

  84. 46ty

    46tyDag siden

    Zuckels mixed up the coke with heroin

  85. Influx

    InfluxDag siden

    Toby has the right idea

  86. crystalninja 99

    crystalninja 99Dag siden

    Fitz, come on man

  87. Cardboardguy 14

    Cardboardguy 14Dag siden

    "This is what it's like to be a tapeworm"

  88. Gio Saliba

    Gio SalibaDag siden

    i wanna see what the dms look like now 💀

  89. Jewish Cheese

    Jewish CheeseDag siden

    Good guy fitz

  90. Nightingale Farrehnster

    Nightingale FarrehnsterDag siden

    Is it cancel time? It's cancel time! Boy I've been waiting for another drama that's occured before both sides get to explain their story!

  91. John Smith

    John SmithDag siden

    He should do it again now lol

  92. iCarryXBL

    iCarryXBLDag siden

    Thank god it wasn’t swagger who messed up I could never hate that lil man

  93. Lay-low gaming

    Lay-low gamingDag siden

    Bruh I love the misfits I always flocked to watch the newest video, but after what happened with fitz I don't even know if I can even enjoy these videos anymore, like dawg how could you do that.

  94. DELTA_ HaZ

    DELTA_ HaZDag siden

    I don’t think Fitz did what he did with the intent of causing harm but it’s still unacceptable. 😔

  95. Sus

    SusDag siden

    Today’s the day where all the comments are gonna be hating on fitz

  96. George Tilley

    George TilleyDag siden

    Fuck Fitz

  97. Leon Mcgrath

    Leon McgrathDag siden

    Next episode: how fitz met katie

  98. piss brain

    piss brainDag siden

    Last time I was earlier people weren't hating on Fitz before he can explain himself

  99. The Ωmega JayD

    The Ωmega JayDDag siden

    I’m guessing swagger met James when he was doing the Anthony Padilla interview show since they were 1 episode apart

  100. Uncensored Memes

    Uncensored MemesDag siden