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Marcus King - The Well
Trump Has Lied 16,241 Times
Saint Motel - Save Me

Saint Motel - Save Me

13 dager siden

Saint Motel - Van Horn
No One Trusts Donald Trump
Donald Trump Gets No Credit
Trump Just Wants to Be #1
YOLA - Faraway Look
  1. niceguy217

    niceguy21731 minutt siden

    Wuld recongnize her in an instant, could name 2 or 3 movies off the top of my head, but must admit, I struggled for names of the others :/

  2. matthew rosenthal

    matthew rosenthal32 minutter siden

    Uh huh yeaaeeaaa

  3. Tom Bystander

    Tom Bystander32 minutter siden

    That's legit a man who hasn't had any pleasure food in over a year.

  4. Kaalan Smith

    Kaalan Smith33 minutter siden

    Pakistani Denzel

  5. John Buick

    John Buick34 minutter siden

    That blond beaatch has lips like the Octo mom.

  6. the zombiemastr and Jaystradamuss

    the zombiemastr and Jaystradamuss34 minutter siden

    I hate Libtards

  7. Financial Shinanigan

    Financial Shinanigan34 minutter siden

    Lol his voice is a mismatch to his body. Respect to his dedication and Disney investing tons into their actors.

  8. Gabriel

    Gabriel34 minutter siden

    Superwoman is fione

  9. Fawad Siddiqui

    Fawad Siddiqui35 minutter siden

    What is that shirt they put him in

  10. TexasGirlinVA

    TexasGirlinVA36 minutter siden

    Zaddy 🔥

  11. Dissonance OfCircles

    Dissonance OfCircles36 minutter siden

    This has to be set up, people can't be this stupid. Please dont let people be this stupid, thats scary

  12. Katrina Henning

    Katrina Henning36 minutter siden

    Kanye West on Having Bipolar Disorder*

  13. Qubes

    Qubes36 minutter siden

    Americans underestimate how easy their accent is to master. As an arab, people are shocked I am not American. It took me years of watching Hollywood movies and listening to music and then boom.

  14. Anil Hettiarachchi

    Anil Hettiarachchi36 minutter siden

    Pure entertainer

  15. Duke Makedo

    Duke Makedo37 minutter siden

    The Democrats have embittered me to be Anti-Democrat for the remainder of my life.

  16. kxd306

    kxd30638 minutter siden

    Does anyone else think his hair looks like a wig here

  17. Eric Barney

    Eric Barney38 minutter siden

    Dave Batista would just be holding up a blank canvas because drax is invisible

  18. charlie whiskey

    charlie whiskey38 minutter siden


  19. Hashanthi Ekanayake

    Hashanthi Ekanayake38 minutter siden

    I thought that was Sarah Hyland in the pinned photo!

  20. YunuS Sabaro

    YunuS Sabaro39 minutter siden

    His idea of a diet is ridicules. No refined sugar for a year doesnt make you strong just stupid.

  21. Mariah Grimes

    Mariah Grimes39 minutter siden

    That vulture was a show-off ! What a beautiful bird❤️

  22. Malachy Tanui

    Malachy Tanui40 minutter siden

    Magic has left the chat

  23. michelle brown

    michelle brown40 minutter siden


  24. E S

    E S40 minutter siden

    He needs to be impeached just for lying so much. He’s an embarrassment. Vote for him reps & believe his lies

  25. thassa lot of sodium

    thassa lot of sodium42 minutter siden

    this has all the energy of trying to eat the bomb food at a dawat while an uncle is trying to grill you about your life plan

  26. vio

    vio42 minutter siden

    Chris Bosh is the best!!!

  27. paul jarvis

    paul jarvis43 minutter siden

    No-one showed up at the Australian flat Earth conference.

  28. Bubsy 3D Official Fan Club

    Bubsy 3D Official Fan Club43 minutter siden

    There were two spider men in the vid. That is what I took from that

  29. Matthew B

    Matthew B43 minutter siden

    Omg those cats were beautiful

  30. Gabriel

    Gabriel43 minutter siden

    The Luke Combs one though 😂

  31. dblanco77

    dblanco7744 minutter siden

    I would like to hear what Dave Bautista would say about Kumail's transformation

  32. Rocky P

    Rocky P44 minutter siden

    Hell Ivan name more US presidents than the locals Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy, Jackson, Nixon, Clinton, 2 Bushes, Obama, Trump.

  33. Sal Scalici

    Sal Scalici45 minutter siden

    He literally looks like what RIPPED, JACKED and SEXY Peter looked like on Family Guy

  34. Linda De Pasquale

    Linda De Pasquale45 minutter siden

    Miller’s Outpost!!! I purchased my favorite pair of shorts there...grunge era...lol

  35. marisol cruz

    marisol cruz46 minutter siden


  36. Crab AppleKitty

    Crab AppleKitty46 minutter siden

    Is me being raped considered loosing my virginity?

  37. Benjamin Istvan Cseko

    Benjamin Istvan Cseko48 minutter siden

    She's so sweet! Ages so beautifully!!

  38. MK Sports

    MK Sports48 minutter siden

    Everyone stopped laughing when Shaq made the face and I don’t blame them

  39. Marcelo Liberman De Loreto

    Marcelo Liberman De Loreto48 minutter siden

    Dragnet LOL

  40. Erica Lynn

    Erica Lynn48 minutter siden

    God damn I love him. 🐐

  41. agentalbert

    agentalbert48 minutter siden

    Only heard of this guy initially from him playing in As The Crow Flies with Chris Robinson. So glad I checked out his solo stuff, this smokes!

  42. Fake Lebron

    Fake Lebron49 minutter siden

    Got damn, some juicy mangos she got there

  43. Akbar Malik

    Akbar Malik50 minutter siden

    She looks like 20 years older version of Elizabeth Banks yet Elizabeth Banks is a year older :/

  44. Jonny B Good

    Jonny B Good50 minutter siden

    Best duo of all time.

  45. FOG COT

    FOG COT50 minutter siden

    It’s like these people never heard of nodding

  46. vonnie Smith

    vonnie Smith51 minutt siden

    She is way too thirsty.

  47. Sean Greenacre

    Sean Greenacre52 minutter siden

    No ones talking about the voice crack at 0:30 ????!!!!!

  48. ThePerson1357

    ThePerson135752 minutter siden

    “Wanna hold her” “NO” “ok hold out your hands” I love jimmy and Dave sometimes

  49. Dillon Hamrick

    Dillon Hamrick54 minutter siden

    This is just an appetizer. If you haven’t already listen to his first 2 albums & EP

  50. Edge Bot

    Edge Bot55 minutter siden

    Hellllllo Joeee freaking perry!! I didn't expect that guitar god to be here.

  51. Tom Hall

    Tom Hall55 minutter siden

    Trump is a patriot. Kimmel is something else.

  52. Oliver_B

    Oliver_B56 minutter siden

    It’s either you love me now, cause I still got love for you babyyy 🔥

  53. Steph S

    Steph S56 minutter siden


  54. michelle brown

    michelle brown57 minutter siden


  55. sammie416

    sammie41657 minutter siden

    I am so happy, Robert Hyde has blocked me on his FB page! LMAO

  56. bowie preston

    bowie preston57 minutter siden

    just saying i would pay to see this

  57. Ahash

    Ahash58 minutter siden

    I know I'm weird but 0:28 her boob is showing

  58. genetic gamer

    genetic gamer58 minutter siden

    Why all Natalies are so hottt?

  59. Free dom

    Free dom59 minutter siden


  60. Free dom

    Free dom59 minutter siden


  61. BurntCheerio

    BurntCheerio59 minutter siden

    The hosts are always surprised that the animals bite. If they have mouths, they can bite. It’s common sense.

  62. Rafael Duran

    Rafael Duran59 minutter siden

    "Coming down that beautiful escalator" Dumbass made it sound like he was coming down from heaven. He shoulda kept going down to hell

  63. Free dom

    Free domTime siden


  64. Akennalady

    AkennaladyTime siden


  65. anoja31

    anoja31Time siden


  66. Sinistar8u

    Sinistar8uTime siden

    It kind of has a Thin Lizzy feel to it, I like it!

  67. QuboCompa

    QuboCompaTime siden

    I always avoid flying over the barrio in my Hughes 500D. Rough neighborhood, too many Mexicans.

  68. leociarapower

    leociarapowerTime siden

    Jeremy said "it's getting worse!"

  69. Hush Money

    Hush MoneyTime siden

    You all are getting dumber and dumber. Doctors who wear a stethoscope but never listen to lung sounds. Dotards.

  70. Vic 2.0

    Vic 2.0Time siden

    Fallon's the one who giggles like a little girl, Kimmel's the one who cries about Trump like a little girl. There, I saved you 4 minutes.

  71. Sagar Bajaj

    Sagar BajajTime siden

    Lmao, John Mayer is so unfazed by hate comments.

  72. Queensboi

    QueensboiTime siden

    This is why conan is better with animals on a talk show then jimmy......why would he invite animals if he's gonna be scared of even controlled animals...

  73. Doc G

    Doc GTime siden

    What's up with the editing of this clip?

  74. الحر مايصحب الديك وان صاحبه عاعا معاعات الادياك

    الحر مايصحب الديك وان صاحبه عاعا معاعات الادياكTime siden

    الطفل يغضب ويخذل ليضحك الكبار امة عجيبه تدعو بإنها حره ببيضها وسودها والكل من مشكاتاً واحده!!؟

  75. Zita Hung

    Zita HungTime siden

    Who’s here in 2020.... Probably no one.... LOL

  76. A W

    A WTime siden

    A super talented actress interviews a worthless not very talented person! So exciting to watch 🤣

  77. Rafael Duran

    Rafael DuranTime siden

    In black and white like MJ? No JUST BEAT IT LIKE MJ. PRICELESS!

  78. Muhammad Anwer

    Muhammad AnwerTime siden

    This is how Jason Bourne moved throughout avoiding treadstone!

  79. silentthriller

    silentthrillerTime siden

    Oh how they try to trap you.

  80. Christopher Carnes

    Christopher CarnesTime siden

    Finally getting well deserved attention!!

  81. Erin Wilbert

    Erin WilbertTime siden

    Who is the best Jimmy? Kimmel 😂😂

  82. Rick Rodappa

    Rick RodappaTime siden

    You like your earthquakes Spicer? Come to Puerto Rico..

  83. 송윤서

    송윤서Time siden

    They don't even know where there own country is this has to be fake

  84. Shhh Flako

    Shhh FlakoTime siden

    1:03 that niggas hairline got me deded 😂

  85. Eva Miller

    Eva MillerTime siden


  86. Ekemini Essien

    Ekemini EssienTime siden

    This guy would have been the perfect Carnage for Spiderman

  87. itsaguinness

    itsaguinnessTime siden

    So terrible to hear his voice after watching deadpool

  88. Double Star

    Double StarTime siden

    That’s my WR!! Just reeled into my collection his rookie game worn jersey.

  89. Cutter 444

    Cutter 444Time siden

    Now times trump government What is that even mean

  90. laikamente

    laikamenteTime siden

    She's now a manmeid

  91. RedneckTravisMusic & More

    RedneckTravisMusic & MoreTime siden

    sounds like a song Brad would sing

  92. K H

    K HTime siden

    LOVE her!❤️

  93. Brian Alleyne

    Brian AlleyneTime siden

    Is the 🐻 real or I'm tripping

  94. Rydaza

    RydazaTime siden

    Alejandro is INTENSE

  95. Piesho Nais

    Piesho NaisTime siden

    6:01 Jimmy Kimmel is 5 years older than Lev Parnas. Let's talk about that.

  96. N

    NTime siden

    *hOwIlOokLou* Cardi just showed how *LOU* she is when she failed to close her mouth just for 1secend to pronounce the *D*

  97. Imran Farah

    Imran FarahTime siden

    0:56 The kind of kid every one hates

  98. Rafael Duran

    Rafael DuranTime siden

    Someone shoulda pushed him down the escalator. That woulda been a ride

  99. Fester MP

    Fester MPTime siden

    this fuckin guy was Irish the whole time

  100. Hungary

    HungaryTime siden

    i love how nobody noone cares about the animals fact, everyone just wanna see the a animal lol lmao lmfao. .