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Grouplove - Deleter

Grouplove - Deleter

5 dager siden

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  1. Nihal Bhardwaj

    Nihal Bhardwaj2 timer siden

    What’s the song in background

  2. Annoyed Froggiboi

    Annoyed Froggiboi2 timer siden

    For some reason when he said Dave I thought he was gonna say Dave mustaine

  3. denis65

    denis652 timer siden

    Wow, what a talented and creative family! So impressed. Cheers, mates!

  4. Barb Derienzo

    Barb Derienzo2 timer siden

    There's a special place in Heaven for animal lovers!!!

  5. Jbbouvardia

    Jbbouvardia2 timer siden

    This is my favorite interview he's done so far. Without all the lights and makeup these interviews Jimmy has done on celebrities you get a glimpse of the person's authenticity. The studio interviews it seems the celebrity is still "performing".

  6. Ondřej Hofman

    Ondřej Hofman2 timer siden

    I thought it is more stairs. Thats not so bad. Only 86 floors.

  7. Isabella Marini

    Isabella Marini2 timer siden

    Forget Beyonce! She is the real diva


    JOEYWHO2 timer siden

    The WHO is ENTIRELY in China’s back pocket.

  9. Chuldev Dhurua

    Chuldev Dhurua2 timer siden

    Abb ki bar trump sarkar

  10. Victor Jones

    Victor Jones2 timer siden

    If the virus could spread from animal to human and back then why didn’t they tell us that? This is an insane virus

  11. ImWarWeak

    ImWarWeak2 timer siden

    I have no enemmies so I wont subscribe thank you

  12. João Machado

    João Machado2 timer siden

    Achei muito legal...assim como as demais que eu estou vendo aqui!!!e colocando esse sinal com a mão de joia ou valeu...rsrs😄👍😄

  13. Denise Arthur

    Denise Arthur2 timer siden


  14. Tyler Stiles

    Tyler Stiles2 timer siden

    This idiot said tunberg

  15. Chuldev Dhurua

    Chuldev Dhurua2 timer siden

    Love you trump

  16. Joanne Bracken

    Joanne Bracken2 timer siden

    I love the lady fixing sandwiches! So great! I only wish she was wearing gloves. But still, GREAT JOB!

  17. Mingma Sherpa

    Mingma Sherpa2 timer siden

    Tongue In Cheek : On Science and Technology : "My life, so far, seemed to have been a complete fiasco. I had lived 23 endless years and what had I to show it? An unpublished novel, an inglorious war and a disastrous love affair." Courtesy: The Asian Age Kolkata Sunday 2 November 1997 Vol:1 No: 106.

  18. TasteMyStinkhole

    TasteMyStinkhole2 timer siden

    I'm so glad our country's 1% can live a thousand lifetimes and not be affected by the virus.

  19. Jason Cairns

    Jason Cairns2 timer siden

    Did Jimmy Kimmel steal this?

  20. PSD

    PSD2 timer siden

    Voldemort wrote the tweet at 0:45

  21. S. O I

    S. O I2 timer siden

    Aw this song may have topped the last one 🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽. The littlest one may have a career in future at this rate! Lol

  22. SuperChiko4000

    SuperChiko40002 timer siden

    I am still indoors because of the Coronavirius

  23. Ashraf Haider

    Ashraf Haider2 timer siden

    I feel bad for Dave Batista .

  24. C Marq

    C Marq2 timer siden

    OMG: Sting and Ethan Hawke ....


    JOEYWHO2 timer siden

    There is no such thing as a global citizenship.

  26. Free Dreams

    Free Dreams2 timer siden

    She’s on Tinder 😂😂😂

  27. Nala Pavo

    Nala Pavo2 timer siden

    Kaley cuoco is lovely and beautiful human being inside and out, we love you and your spirit for loving animals

  28. Sonny Aquino

    Sonny Aquino2 timer siden

    Ben Wyatt meeting Mark Hamill was probably organized by Leslie Knope. Just saying.

  29. NEGAN

    NEGAN2 timer siden


  30. Wyattsworld

    Wyattsworld2 timer siden

    Here in Australia my state government has made Hotel rooms available for hospital staff so they dont have to go home to keep their families safe and also cut down their traveling time for work as well

  31. GOLD MAX

    GOLD MAX2 timer siden

    Best Actor of WWE.

  32. fuck youtube corporate bastards

    fuck youtube corporate bastards2 timer siden

    Seven *walks into shop and puts 100 beers on the counter * Cashier : that will be 200 please Seven : *stairs* Cashier : it’s on the house

  33. Angel Stanbrough

    Angel Stanbrough2 timer siden

    This is so incredible. You all are incredible for doing this. I daily see the food going to the children and when it stopped it broke my heart. I know many relied on that to feed their children. Thank you for doing this. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  34. Stop-Motion Magician

    Stop-Motion Magician2 timer siden

    :43 one more day?

  35. Alberto Asia

    Alberto Asia2 timer siden

    That orange suit is good for 2020 quarantine.

  36. hakeem buhari

    hakeem buhari2 timer siden

    Burna boy!!!!!

  37. Ryan J

    Ryan J2 timer siden

    Scarlett spoiled widow and tony dying. I just noticed

  38. Stavan Mehta

    Stavan Mehta2 timer siden

    Jimmy, love you and billy. I and my friends are big fan from India. Just saw this video, I'm heartbroken. My prayers are for billy. Would love to welcome you to India.

  39. Stevan Bardot

    Stevan Bardot2 timer siden

    I'm loving how lady Gaga looks without all the make-up, she's a beauty 😍

  40. qrukzy

    qrukzy2 timer siden

    didnt you have him on your show

  41. Maggie Hea

    Maggie Hea2 timer siden

    Blessed to have a clean safe home with food. Amen! We should all adopt that attitude. ❤️

  42. Gary Meglino

    Gary Meglino2 timer siden

    Can somebody please help me understand why we still need the United Nations? Looks like a GIANT money grab to me.

  43. Andrea Lori

    Andrea Lori2 timer siden

    defo not very fun to watch lady gaga talking...she is so not entertaining...but well, at least she doin something good for people i guess, but yea this video would have been so much better with any other guest

  44. Loyal Smith

    Loyal Smith2 timer siden

    I have been dieting ( limited groceries) for four weeks now and I’ve gained two pounds. Craving chips, candy and fried food desperately. Haven’t been to Costco in 5 weeks. Thank Goodness or I would be 40 pounds heavier.

  45. Mustang_ HR

    Mustang_ HR2 timer siden

    How stupid are Americans? Yes

  46. Mary Allison

    Mary Allison2 timer siden

    I love how genuinely kind and generous Gaga is. She is showing such a example of what every celebrity and person with financial power show be doing. Donating time and money to a worthy cause. Just one more reason to like her even more.

  47. XxXnlmeisjeXxX

    XxXnlmeisjeXxX2 timer siden

    This kids know a lot 😂

  48. Superior Advanced DNA

    Superior Advanced DNA2 timer siden

    2:33 Jimmy’s true colors almost show... Also pay attention to his hygiene eight after around 2:40

  49. Joecy S

    Joecy S2 timer siden

    Lady Gaga has a very kind heart even she is so famous but she has volunteered to help and raise to help the needy.

  50. Abhinava Dutta

    Abhinava Dutta2 timer siden

    Pagladocha, fata donkom ar mal, toder morar somoi hoye gachhe

  51. Mahajan

    Mahajan2 timer siden

    00:06 Ryan Phillippe 00:08 Jessica Alba 00:10 Taylor Lautner 00:13 Antonio Banderas 00:16 Edward Norton 00:19 Josh Brolin 00:36 Colin Farrell 00:40 a dog 00:55 a kid 01:01 Guillermo 01:15 Charlize Theron 01:25 Tom Hanks 01:37 Bryan Cranston 01:52 _The GOLDBLUM_ 01:55 Gary Oldman 02:14 Cameron Diaz 02:30 Samuel L. Jackson 02:44 JJ Abrams 02:46 Martin Scorsese 02:49 Emily Blunt 02:52 John Krasinski 03:24 Jessica Biel 03:24 Jason Bateman 03:27 Kevin James 03:42 Tyler Perry 03:57 John Goodman 04:12 Kate Beckinsale 04:16 Chewbacca 04:20 Danny DeVito 04:22 Don Cheadle 04:25 Meryl Streep (in a moustache) 04:30 Helen Mirren 04:47 Christoph Waltz 04:55 Matt Damon 05:15 George Clooney 05:30 Gabourey Sidibe 06:35 Jimmy Kimmel 07:00 Steve Tyler

  52. Shirley Roy

    Shirley Roy2 timer siden

    Get Lukas Nelson!!!!

  53. Eternally Inspired

    Eternally Inspired2 timer siden

    Let's start talking about kindness for all the billions of animals that humans are eating.

  54. Jordan Smith

    Jordan Smith2 timer siden

    Jimmy's wife is on tinder now! ;) In gonna swipe right and take her to pleasure town.

  55. Mani S

    Mani S2 timer siden

    President GaGa 2020. Smart and beautiful lady.

  56. Jonathan Millner

    Jonathan Millner2 timer siden

    That opening is so the best. When the world goes back to normal Jimmy, you should still play that opening like once a week or something. That's just the best. Way better than the regular showbiz stuff... Not that that's bad... but you know, it's meh... Looks nice but doesn't mean anything...

  57. sbf432

    sbf4322 timer siden

    Jimmy your the biggest HYPOCRITE!!! Keep politics out of ur clown act!!!

  58. TheShotenZenjin

    TheShotenZenjin2 timer siden

    Richest country in the world needs charities to make sure all its citizens are fed.

  59. Mayank Joshi

    Mayank Joshi2 timer siden

    First grandpa is my hero

  60. Gary Meglino

    Gary Meglino2 timer siden

    Go Gaga!👍🏼❤️

  61. Frank S

    Frank S2 timer siden

    Cue the Ghana dancing pallbearer meme.

  62. Marcin Krzysztof Klupczyński

    Marcin Krzysztof Klupczyński2 timer siden

    Kiedy Matt Damon ?????? When Matt Damon ??????

  63. Martin O'BRIEN

    Martin O'BRIEN2 timer siden


  64. Shirley Roy

    Shirley Roy2 timer siden

    Guess what.... the bloods know who is a member

  65. Shirley Roy

    Shirley Roy2 timer siden


  66. 5kayonekiller

    5kayonekiller2 timer siden

    Leave a reply on this comment if you or anyone you know has been directly helped by any sort of charity organization... apparently they collected billions of dollars in donations from big companies and corporations and they’re giving it to people

  67. Anosh Savangouda

    Anosh Savangouda2 timer siden

    wait did jimmy just yawn

  68. animeman1000

    animeman10002 timer siden

    Judie Dench: You can't act & sing? Jared Leto, Christina Aguilera, J.Lo, etc....all would say otherwise. lmao

  69. Shirley Roy

    Shirley Roy2 timer siden

    There are no deliveries. There is no help from feds. US a Revolution is Only Answer

  70. مرغ خوش آواز

    مرغ خوش آواز2 timer siden

    president eating out of bucket? and displaying giyermo as your pet is uncalled for. behave yourself jimmy.

  71. tsula m

    tsula m2 timer siden

    Yes! Do a Bacholorette with Miss Piggy! I would watch that.

  72. Jeremy

    Jeremy2 timer siden

    Behind the scenes. This is some good news. Thanks for that.

  73. BeatnikDesigns

    BeatnikDesigns2 timer siden

    Shes so intelligent, as well as talented!

  74. Epil Epics

    Epil Epics2 timer siden

    Just wanted to say that who wants to be a millionaire with his kids was brilliant. Reminded me of me and my sister doing the weekly newspaper quiz with my dad

  75. Paul Whitfield

    Paul Whitfield2 timer siden

    Great video Jimmy. But people in Australia are taking on new pets.the RSPCA are worried by cronia pets .when human's go back to lives.rspca Won't talk cronia 3 baby's in Please stop breeding human's.

  76. Macarius K

    Macarius K2 timer siden

    Amusingly, I actually was watching a video from yesterday April 6 and thought, “weird why is he using a green screen” and say this video in my suggestions.

  77. TAA VVD

    TAA VVD2 timer siden

    Love Jimmy Fallon 😂😂😂 jokes

  78. tsula m

    tsula m2 timer siden

    Miss Piggy is the Best!

  79. Catriana Abram

    Catriana Abram2 timer siden

    His children are so cute

  80. John5444 noway

    John5444 noway2 timer siden

    So many people go hungry each day and you waste your money on this. Thank you so much for not helping with society's problems

  81. Nimbleful

    Nimbleful2 timer siden

    part of my job as a graphic designer, I design mugs - that's my "Bunny Mom" mug there! ^_^ so cool to see it in Kaley's collection!

  82. Samuel Djuvfeldt

    Samuel Djuvfeldt2 timer siden

    Quick shoutout to Christina Applegate!

  83. NennMichBoss

    NennMichBoss2 timer siden

    omg the little girls voice is too cute

  84. Daniel Rose

    Daniel Rose2 timer siden

    He is AWESOME

  85. Daniel Rose

    Daniel Rose2 timer siden

    Norman Reedus is great.

  86. donut

    donut2 timer siden


  87. Jisfl

    Jisfl2 timer siden

    Kristen: we played settlers of catan Me: that’s such a Ben Wyatt move

  88. amit t

    amit t2 timer siden

    You don't have to be fuckin' geographer to point at countries

  89. Rishi Pandey

    Rishi Pandey2 timer siden


  90. Christopher Blue

    Christopher Blue2 timer siden

    At least this virus is showing us how boring celebrities really are, when there are no cameras to play to...just like the rest of us...just cause you are famous doesn't mean you are automatically interesting.

  91. shalom theboss

    shalom theboss2 timer siden

    Is she high In this interview?

  92. king killa

    king killa2 timer siden

    Eww he said Chinese food that's the worse you can do. Eat at a Chinese restaurant

  93. Michael Gruel

    Michael Gruel2 timer siden

    rich ppl houses suck, no personality

  94. Cori Michael Parrott

    Cori Michael Parrott2 timer siden

    I bet she made up those dog names on the spot. They all are named after demons.

  95. Hernan Sainz

    Hernan Sainz2 timer siden

    This is sad! Greetings from Argentina (a city from china)

  96. eternal optimist

    eternal optimist2 timer siden

    That was beautiful. Thanks for keeping us sane. Looking forward to the One World concert.

  97. Art Sub Lessons

    Art Sub Lessons2 timer siden

    Love the show!

  98. Cori Michael Parrott

    Cori Michael Parrott2 timer siden

    Everyone overworked is having the time of their lives. I hope we reprogram to enjoy our jobs more.

  99. Richard Servello

    Richard Servello2 timer siden

    The problem is that he's actually kinda right...but for the wrong reason. CDC is saying to wear home-made cloth masks....that will do absolutely nothing to stop particulate entry or exit. The ONLY thing this will do is fool people into believing they are safe as long as they wear one and go out more and get closer to people. Unless you are wearing an N95 MEDICAL GRADE mask...YOU AREN'T DOING ANYTHING! You just look like you're going to rob someone.

  100. chinny _CS

    chinny _CS2 timer siden

    Isnt Candy Ken that famous dude