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Make Your Own Baby Yoda!
Angel Olsen - Chance
Angel Olsen - Summer
Ozuna - Nibiru

Ozuna - Nibiru

9 dager siden

Dr. Fiona Hill Wastes Trump
Sondland Screws Trump
The Black Keys - Go

The Black Keys - Go

23 dager siden

The Black Keys - Lo/Hi
Marvel Meets The Irishman
Old Dominion - One Man Band
  1. Sxcenthly

    Sxcenthly3 sekunder siden


  2. Emeraldwoman The Redhead

    Emeraldwoman The Redhead7 sekunder siden

    "This car triggers me." 🤣

  3. Bio Banni

    Bio Banni59 sekunder siden

    Isn’t this Cody Ko’s gf?

  4. Heidi Pienaar

    Heidi PienaarMinutt siden

    Love Jack's energy!

  5. jackie zhong

    jackie zhongMinutt siden

    How does firing Guillermo make the show better

  6. DawsonBeep Gaming

    DawsonBeep Gaming2 minutter siden

    Age: Exists Ewan: Stop, stop R2 we need to be going up!

  7. Sxcenthly

    Sxcenthly2 minutter siden

    when the dislike is close to the likes you already know the video is bad...

  8. SilvrLightning

    SilvrLightning2 minutter siden


  9. Ard Skellig

    Ard Skellig2 minutter siden

    This is so 110% fake af lol...u dont just get jump scared every freakin time like that. Talk about blatant overreacting. The first time ok sure, then throughout the day? Unlikely. The elevators open and u get...what instant jump scared cuz...u see someone? And the little phone toss and falling to the ground at the end, yes very legit

  10. Red Ned

    Red Ned2 minutter siden

    He should have said that he wanted to spend more time with Jimmy's wife, and kids

  11. Oss hwss

    Oss hwss3 minutter siden

    Honestly that wax statue looks waaay better than madame tussauds.

  12. Robert Servranckx

    Robert Servranckx3 minutter siden

    Can this orange idiot say anything dumber? Please don’t reply - it’s a rhetorical question... 🤣😂

  13. Jaime Sierra

    Jaime Sierra3 minutter siden

    Lizzo makes me happy!

  14. Petrina Rewi

    Petrina Rewi4 minutter siden


  15. MaestroLives

    MaestroLives4 minutter siden

    Priceless! I laughed soooo hard I woke my gf up from across the house lol.

  16. Sofia Jerez

    Sofia Jerez4 minutter siden

    drax was also there but nobody noticed

  17. MissBunny850

    MissBunny8504 minutter siden

    I never felt like jack black was much of a talent. All he really does is that zany look

  18. Michael Milburn

    Michael Milburn4 minutter siden

    Angel looking like she's about to tell people "I, Angel Olsen have a dream!"

  19. Wade Wilson

    Wade Wilson4 minutter siden

    Incredible LOL!

  20. Patchuchan

    Patchuchan5 minutter siden

    Sounds like his brain has went down the toilet.

  21. WinstonS84

    WinstonS845 minutter siden


  22. Lizz’s Presence

    Lizz’s Presence5 minutter siden


  23. Vanda Dy

    Vanda Dy5 minutter siden

    Phones should be banned from concerts

  24. ozzstriker101

    ozzstriker1016 minutter siden


  25. Navi Blue

    Navi Blue6 minutter siden

    "Public Service Announcement from Michelle Wolf: "The President of the United States is the only p___y you're not allowed to grab. "

  26. Sammy Chapman

    Sammy Chapman7 minutter siden

    GOP defense: "Point of Order"

  27. Oscar Navarro

    Oscar Navarro7 minutter siden

    This was depressing.

  28. KiwiPilot

    KiwiPilot7 minutter siden

    He's lucky to have beaten him up...

  29. Gabriel P

    Gabriel P7 minutter siden


  30. mayeli Sandoval

    mayeli Sandoval8 minutter siden

    Bello 😘 ese bebé 💖 lunay 😍 y su voz 😍

  31. Sean Baca

    Sean Baca8 minutter siden

    The russian asset in the White House had his bosses over in the oval office at the same time articles of impeachment were being drafted. He must be removed, he is a traitorous tyrant..... he must be impeached and put in prison.

  32. AbortRetry Fail?

    AbortRetry Fail?8 minutter siden

    He must have overheard staffers talking about how this whole shitshow is going down the toilet, misinterpreted it, and decided _saving the toilets,_ was the way to go to try and save _his own_ ass.

  33. A Fresh Hot Beastling

    A Fresh Hot Beastling8 minutter siden

    “An evil wizard has trapped me inside this NO-gos video” Good, maybe we can get a better host who won’t interrupt Dave every time he comes on the show.

  34. zeppelin 911

    zeppelin 9118 minutter siden

    I wanna be waxed to.

  35. leticia wenceslao

    leticia wenceslao9 minutter siden

    trump is a turd people plush into the toilet. wth he's talking about He is lossing his mind. call the 911. this fake president is a joke

  36. Reko Sanchez

    Reko Sanchez9 minutter siden

    My favorite underrated movie of Shia’s is “Charlie Countryman” great film with him and Ron Weasely!

  37. Captain_Tick

    Captain_Tick9 minutter siden

    Used to like you Jimmy before you became a politician.

  38. Makatak7019

    Makatak70199 minutter siden


  39. victor carrillo

    victor carrillo10 minutter siden

    Try Rhythm superfoods Kale Chip!!!

  40. Be wildered

    Be wildered10 minutter siden

    the stable genius has to flush his toilet 10 to 15 times. Enough said!!!

  41. boby capo

    boby capo10 minutter siden

    what i say , this republicans is one bunch of criminals. because i don't want to say (DOTARD'S)

  42. Whammy Cheng

    Whammy Cheng11 minutter siden

    I wondered why he married to begin with. Maybe the marriage was something his parents forced on him and he finally had the courage to make things unpleasant for his parents by suing them. Well good luck for those parents cause their son isn’t going to take care of them when they become weak and old.

  43. Sean Baca

    Sean Baca11 minutter siden

    He committed crimes... period. It's not party lines... it's right and wrong.

  44. miranda pow

    miranda pow11 minutter siden

    I thought I talk fast. Love her

  45. Trevor Taylor

    Trevor Taylor12 minutter siden


  46. Robert Joseph

    Robert Joseph12 minutter siden

    Those two girls are young hoes that later in life will do anything for money.....sad

  47. Ziggity Giggity

    Ziggity Giggity13 minutter siden

    Hahah poor Micki

  48. jokerforever11

    jokerforever1113 minutter siden

    Wasn't this a King of the Hill episode?

  49. Ev JA A

    Ev JA A13 minutter siden

    Baal reminds me of the tower of Baal, Lord have mercy on us al

  50. Justin Barrett

    Justin Barrett14 minutter siden

    Take the ticket and get out of here!

  51. Sean Bhatti

    Sean Bhatti14 minutter siden

    David Beckham hair cut ⚽️

  52. Bob

    Bob15 minutter siden

    Why couldn't a squirm jump out and eat his face off

  53. Chick Magnet

    Chick Magnet15 minutter siden

    Omg. This needs to happen to Sona

  54. R G

    R G15 minutter siden

    We discovered why the show sucks. Whole staff is female.

  55. John Maynard Ubando

    John Maynard Ubando15 minutter siden

    Isnt this the annoying ass brother from step brothers??

  56. salvador quijada

    salvador quijada16 minutter siden

    "If anyone is going to take advantage of american companies is going to be us"... nice

  57. Carlos E Martinez

    Carlos E Martinez17 minutter siden


  58. tasty ta8nt

    tasty ta8nt17 minutter siden

    Adding 1 comment so its 696

  59. KENNY G JR

    KENNY G JR17 minutter siden


  60. Cha Miranda

    Cha Miranda17 minutter siden

    Poor cellphone. It got thrown way too many times. 🤣😆

  61. leonard chiarini jr

    leonard chiarini jr18 minutter siden

    TRUMP 2020 MAGA🇱🇷

  62. Jed Richter

    Jed Richter18 minutter siden

    🤘🏼 I like him even more now that he hangs out with qotsa🤚🏻 can’t wait till next special 👍

  63. Daryna Yarmaliuk

    Daryna Yarmaliuk18 minutter siden

    1:25 when the man passed the girl he’s like oh no I think I’m catching feelings

  64. Allan Lemos

    Allan Lemos18 minutter siden

    In one day you americans have Obama as potus and in the next day you have this orange clown in the Oval Office. How sad.

  65. Sam Shane

    Sam Shane18 minutter siden

    Jimmy harassing mickie reminds me of will smith scaring scotty all the time Their reactions are priceless

  66. UGHH

    UGHH19 minutter siden

    Not fallin for these "real" "reactions"

  67. AF Twice

    AF Twice19 minutter siden

    3:06 - A woman's reaction to a frightening situation.

  68. Daniel Romero

    Daniel Romero20 minutter siden

    lmao, right when she gets comfortable with the statue

  69. WetBob SpongePants

    WetBob SpongePants20 minutter siden

    PLEASE drain the toilet. Trump has been swirling around so much there is a great brownie/orange ring around the bowl.

  70. Geoff Dodd

    Geoff Dodd20 minutter siden

    Jimmy - - - strange ways of god men.....?! 😮

  71. vicky o'connor

    vicky o'connor21 minutt siden

    Randy Rainbow? We need a 'Point of Order' song!

  72. Iburiedpaul 9

    Iburiedpaul 921 minutt siden

    That was kind of a fail

  73. CriminalIntent89

    CriminalIntent8921 minutt siden

    lmao used the same toothbrush line he used on china back in the day

  74. aye em music

    aye em music21 minutt siden

    Why is he so good at standing still

  75. David D

    David D22 minutter siden

    Maybe we should just stick with “the one” Keanu

  76. unanymous form

    unanymous form22 minutter siden

    That liked '

  77. Aleck Tirado

    Aleck Tirado22 minutter siden

    the easter egg has to be the mug right?

  78. CG C

    CG C23 minutter siden

    Did anyone else get goosebumps

  79. tygree Doe

    tygree Doe23 minutter siden

    Apples and oranges!!

  80. Ricardo De La Cruz

    Ricardo De La Cruz23 minutter siden

    (*_*) >) : )\ / \

  81. nustada

    nustada23 minutter siden

    I wish one of them died from a heart attack, that would have been hilarious.

  82. ihurricane7

    ihurricane724 minutter siden

    Some of the reactions seemed premature and fake

  83. britainluver431

    britainluver43124 minutter siden

    I like the point of order when they say the point of order.

  84. american playboy

    american playboy25 minutter siden


  85. Spiritual Academy

    Spiritual Academy25 minutter siden

    Stop dividing Jimmy, use your platform for good.

  86. Thomas Chu

    Thomas Chu25 minutter siden

    Best Jimmy Kimmel prank ever !!!

  87. Diarmid O'Connor

    Diarmid O'Connor25 minutter siden

    I wish I could smell elizabeth ass

  88. Thomas Jensen

    Thomas Jensen26 minutter siden

    The sad part is we the people are paying for a government that no longer represents the people....There is no government....why are we paying these people's salaries?

  89. Scott Wesley

    Scott Wesley27 minutter siden

    Wrong, this is what standing up for the USA looks like....and it's working. Get ready for four more years, snowflakes!!!!

  90. burgerpatty

    burgerpatty27 minutter siden

    USA should put the welfare of the citizens and ethics first before partisanship. What's right is right, what's wrong is wrong whether you're a Democrat or a Republican.

  91. Ꮇʏяᴀ Ƙяᴇᴛᴢ

    Ꮇʏяᴀ Ƙяᴇᴛᴢ27 minutter siden


  92. Gemma Aboagye

    Gemma Aboagye27 minutter siden

    Chris is gorgeous

  93. Michael Canada

    Michael Canada28 minutter siden

    That entrance tho

  94. O Oo

    O Oo28 minutter siden

    best belly laugh I had in a while!! Thanks Jimmy!!😂

  95. whiteguard56

    whiteguard5628 minutter siden

    "Why don't you go sit in the corner, short pants."

  96. Peace9er !

    Peace9er !28 minutter siden

    Trump is now known as “sir poops a lot”! America needs a change of diet and a new President. WTF

  97. The Bird of Hermes

    The Bird of Hermes28 minutter siden

    Starting with his sorry ass, he is the biggest piece of 💩. 👍

  98. Noah Smith

    Noah Smith28 minutter siden

    Andy was a one hit wonder 🤷🏻‍♂️

  99. Aleck Tirado

    Aleck Tirado28 minutter siden

    was she wearing blue for a reason?

  100. Nova

    Nova29 minutter siden

    Kimmel should run for president, am i right.... jajajajajaa