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It's All Gone Wrong..
Lost For Words.

Lost For Words.

2 måneder siden

Confronting Morgz Mum

Confronting Morgz Mum

2 måneder siden

Awful Gender Reveal Videos
YouTube Rewind: The 2010's
This Year On The Internet 2019
Pewdiepie Roasted Me.. (TWOTI)
jeffree star must be stopped
i found my old camera roll
I Went To Morgz Fest

I Went To Morgz Fest

7 måneder siden

What Happened to Morgz Mum?
The Rise of Belle Delphine
In Defense Of Cody Ko

In Defense Of Cody Ko

10 måneder siden

Why James Charles Blocked Me..
The You Won’t Do It Challenge
I'm So Sorry

I'm So Sorry

År siden

Craiglist With George
Responding To Ricegum
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    anasgamez انس جيمزMinutt siden

    guys remember when he called Mr beast a bloke a year ago

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    Pyro actually looks like a lesbian now?

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    Probably like… can I film it?

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    Been watching for 4 minutes and finally realized what was going on edit: Woah its Morgz lol okay

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    Legendary video

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    1:14 fiat punto = Ferrari F40

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    i rate this

  12. Everyday Kendall

    Everyday Kendall5 minutter siden

    I see jack sucks at life and immediately like the video 😂

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    That's why men on tinder are sucks ughhhh

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    i’m probably way to late but i would die for your mom~ my insta is ratdistopia :)

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    Sand Paper7 minutter siden

    Morgz in his video: Loud as balls Morgz being himself: quiet

  17. WHEEZE

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    Everyone in the chat for these streamers is such a massive simp

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    seeing all my fav youtubers togethor is touching for me TY

  20. zSphinx

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    imagine being copyrighted from this xd

  21. ZARIFF06

    ZARIFF0611 minutter siden

    You can’t combine a music with british, American and Australian accent together! They sound weird! 😂

  22. Beauzuf

    Beauzuf12 minutter siden

    fucking incredible man, Willne i salute you

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    This is your Magnum Opus

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    You’re a god wtaf agahahaha

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    Shit song

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    Like for part 2. 👍😁

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    aaalllllllll tttthhhaaaaattttt ggllliiittteeerrrss iiiissss gggooollllddd

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    I like it.... i like it alot

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    next do its everyday bro

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    L O L

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    I like the "hey now"

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    big pp

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    My mum downloaded tiktok and now i regret living

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    Noone: Morgz: ARrEMAtE

  36. DJ Awesome

    DJ Awesome20 minutter siden

    I wonder if Mr Beast caught on after saying an entire line

  37. WHEEZE

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    Bloody hell mia's fit

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    You clickbaited with Madison Beer you sick fuck

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    That was incredible

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    “The earth is flat” didn’t he say GLOBE

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    I thought you're morgz 😂

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    this is fucking great xD

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    The video starts at 8:22 get ready for cancer.

  44. Gabriel Carter

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    Same idea but with never gonna give you up

  45. ImStian

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    Mad respect for creating this. It must have taken ages to edit.

  46. Hyper Sport

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    This must have took so long to call the same people all the time and edit this!

  47. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo26 minutter siden

    Everybody pls spam this vid on JJ's sub Reddit

  48. Last

    Last27 minutter siden

    You got to admit that Lennon's was the best just look at the end and see how nervous he was

  49. beth lowe

    beth lowe28 minutter siden

    Jaackmaate!! My 2 fave youtubers in one vid

  50. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo28 minutter siden

    Good vid but fuck morgz

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    wagwan with your mates voice

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    Can you give me lannans phone number

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    new band full of youtubers coming to a place near you soon

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    Hello guys welcome back to more minecraft

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    No one: sees a girl crying Morgz: starts filming

  57. Zoey Konowal

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    Why isn't fraser ever in any of the cc's videos :(

  58. Hyper Sport

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    Is no one going to talk about how many famous people he FaceTimed...

  59. Chadabot

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    8:24 For the song begining

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    I know jack is gonna watch this so hi jack :)

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    Smashed it. Been watching for years this made me take the leap and sub

  63. What’s The point?

    What’s The point?35 minutter siden

    Jill has better content

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    VeNoM abu35 minutter siden

    Niko Omilana

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    This is actually mad

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    Love the effort, I would never bother

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    You have beef with big Jill you suck

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    *Shooting Staaah*

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    Will: put on a mask or something Memeuless: t o w e l

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    Jacks making a video on this

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    NDL is the best

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    Mr Beast & the Zac & Jay Show & WillNE 😱

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    He copied justin biebers old book it’s sad I know that but u know that’s life😂

  75. JJB

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    I want reactions from them

  76. Nee Reh

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    I feel like MrBeast knew what was going on

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    How does he have all of their numbers

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    This is an absoulte bager of a vid

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    The song starts at: 8:22

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    Get youtubers to sing rapgod by eminem

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    *i see lazarbeam and yung chip, i like*

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    8:22 What you came for

  84. Serif

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    What a legend

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    By far your best video of 2020 in my books

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    This must’ve taken so much time! Oh my good job amazing!!! 👏🏼

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    Comments: MORGZ

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    this was beautiful ngl

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    holy shit would it kill you to get one female ?

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    Lmaoo I bet they all thought they were playing Heads Up😂

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    Mr beast has to be lead.

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    This is awesome

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    At 7:41 I expected morgz to say 5

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    Sub 2 me and no scam 50 p will turn up in ur letter box

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    WillNE fucked up they say? Yeah he fucked up ricegum

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    How long did this take to edit

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    I think mrbeast caught on

  99. Jack Turner

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    I can picture the American viewers typing in on google "What is Whitby?"

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    you're 5 foot 3 will you owe me now! : D