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  1. Comrade LeBitch

    Comrade LeBitch4 sekunder siden

    Wheres Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him!!

  2. Whip Scorpion

    Whip Scorpion4 sekunder siden

    republican + russian = NAZI

  3. Theresa Vinson

    Theresa Vinson17 sekunder siden

    Trying to destroy the FBI and our intelligence agencies so he can run the whole government.

  4. Joshua Webstar

    Joshua Webstar17 sekunder siden

    Fake news!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 Trump 2020!

  5. jackakhan

    jackakhan18 sekunder siden

    Wow. Does this guy truly believe that the people don't know he's full of crap at this point?

  6. Mark Boileau

    Mark Boileau22 sekunder siden

    MSPMS The New Comedy channel 😂😂😂

  7. Tomaltach O'Fearghail

    Tomaltach O'Fearghail30 sekunder siden

    Pro_18:7 A fool's mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul.

  8. Aaron Felix

    Aaron Felix35 sekunder siden

    Its funny they interview a person who doesnt like trump and another who doesnt like trump.

  9. HilarityBribo

    HilarityBribo46 sekunder siden

    fake news is embarrassing

  10. extra solar

    extra solar54 sekunder siden

    no longer trump derangement syndrome but full blown olbermann transformation including the credibility. when the dnc relies on this, especially as some 'but fox news' excuse for their inbred intern impeached protesters, they really establish their institutional significance, so much of what their panic and cliches about democracy represent. msnbc was not capable of betraying an internationally revoked democrat 'journalism' charade, because it already was a ford flopped disgrace, but they have essentially removed their previous decades of clinton catastrophe crew credentials as some international diplomacy expertise or consensus of success progress and practical policies. whats really sad is going from this mental ward of snl skit resentments into their actual candidate circus then expecting any of it to be acceptable convincing or even valid. one thing we know for sure from this quagmire of bad actresses and rejected obama era interference egos is that they can only become more desperate to have their service sagas rigged rules and control calculations respected according to their traditions and pay for play priorities. something joe and chief warren may not be exactly comfortable with but yang has been patiently waiting to discuss.

  11. Toaster Strudel

    Toaster Strudel56 sekunder siden

    Our FBI is one of two things, wildly incompetent even while conducting the most serious of investigations or intentionally corrupt. There is NO other option here, forget about Trump. Think about that.

  12. Owen Michaels-Hardy

    Owen Michaels-Hardy57 sekunder siden

    Thanks you for this piece. It would have a greater effect if it was not followed by the promotional outro.

  13. skyfire gaming, Lps

    skyfire gaming, LpsMinutt siden

    Now will SOMEONE PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, tell Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, Matt Gaetz, Doug Collins,Guiliani, etc etc that if you stand up and support a CROOK, You WILL eventually BECOME ONE. Poor Rudy, he could have went down in history as a HERO.

  14. Scott Edwards

    Scott EdwardsMinutt siden

    LOL let's see if your fake news Network picks up in the fact that you reported in the 2020 election that hasn't even happened yet 😂😂😂 Pretty nervous about 2020 are you? I took a screen shot in the even you try to delete the video to cover up your obsessive compulsive disorder with the president. Get to work!

  15. Mark The Fart

    Mark The FartMinutt siden

    Yes.. the two investigations put aside were put aside and NOT CLOSED because the Ukraine prosecutor would not let it go... then Sleepy Joe blackmailed them to fire the prosecutor. Funny how after the prosecutor was replaced .. the investigations were closed.. and the director of that gas company ( birisma) disappears along with BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. it would be useful if people used more than one source for information. Wake up ladies.. don’t be so one dimensional.

  16. snoop alert

    snoop alertMinutt siden

    This little shitball Lawrence has been railing against Trump since 2016 If there's anybody betraying the nation it's him and PMs LSD

  17. Aqua God

    Aqua GodMinutt siden

    Thumbs section woke af

  18. David Smaltz

    David SmaltzMinutt siden

    Larry is such a clueless twit

  19. Tyler Mayo

    Tyler MayoMinutt siden

    T-Minus 11 months to the greatest liberal meltdown in history 😂

  20. Turd Ferguson

    Turd FergusonMinutt siden

    Lol, believing a VOX employee is like believing the earth's flat

  21. Dimitri Ignatowski

    Dimitri IgnatowskiMinutt siden

    You stupid donkey, Larry. "Betrayed the nation!" You think anyone's buying that crap anymore??

  22. ma,ma gee's gospel

    ma,ma gee's gospelMinutt siden

    They say what ever Trump's feeling he try too, Reflect on someone else, And that's why he said, Nancy's feeling Embarrassed, 🤣

  23. Jan truitt

    Jan truittMinutt siden

    Yes please please impeach him!

  24. Hooked on Chronics

    Hooked on Chronics2 minutter siden

    Hillary lost the election to Trump, an absolute failure. She doesn't care about the voters.

  25. Brian Dunbar

    Brian Dunbar2 minutter siden

    Trump must be "Taken Out "

  26. Turd Ferguson

    Turd Ferguson2 minutter siden

    Lol believing a VOX employee is like believing the Earth's flat

  27. A Whi

    A Whi2 minutter siden

    The saddest truth is knowing that nothing will come of all this because the people who have the power to do the right thing have already demonstrated their dignity goes to the highest bidder.

  28. Yolande Robinson

    Yolande Robinson2 minutter siden

    Barr and the GOP defends Trump at their peril. Barr and the GOP will pay for compromising their values for the sake of keeping their huge salaries for years to come.

  29. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark2 minutter siden

    Wow, his supporters all have a 6th grade education or less, like Trumps always says, “I love the uneducated “ and this is why.

  30. Rich R

    Rich R2 minutter siden

    After that outburst a couple of years ago, I'm surprised this guy Odonnell still has a job

  31. Terren O'Neil

    Terren O'Neil2 minutter siden

    No taxation without representation=No President in Office that is afraid to walk through the streets of the planet unarmed and unsecured.#JFK

  32. James Sorrells

    James Sorrells2 minutter siden

    Hey Old dude you need to stop spreading your lies and Marxist Pravda!

  33. Jay Turani

    Jay Turani3 minutter siden

    Democrats & leftists must not be happy President Trump is shaking up the status quo.

  34. Phillip Lopez

    Phillip Lopez3 minutter siden

    The OJ charge will wait for citizen Trump .

  35. Irish Dad and Irish Son

    Irish Dad and Irish Son3 minutter siden

    What a total scam. Their impeachment is completely subjective with no evidence. They are opening up a can of worms that they will regret come 2020 election. They are biting their noses off to spite their faces. No one showed any evidence of wrong doing.

  36. Genia Barnes

    Genia Barnes4 minutter siden

    An innocent person would welcome investigations to prove their innocence.

  37. Mike Tran

    Mike Tran4 minutter siden

    I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

  38. Malcom Lahey

    Malcom Lahey4 minutter siden

    A small group of patriots have brought down an Ogre of corruption.. thank you Nancy.. small at times ..frail at times.. but a giant in American history.

  39. pipperxxx

    pipperxxx4 minutter siden

    MSNBC are the scum of this country. Vote out ALL Dems in November.

  40. Lemming

    Lemming4 minutter siden

    Democrats that want to get rid of the first and second amendment are the real threat to the constitution.

  41. Ron Parks

    Ron Parks4 minutter siden

    Which Republicans will Stand By Trump when Trump's Taxes are Disclosed?

  42. Whip Scorpion

    Whip Scorpion4 minutter siden

    The NAZI called Democrats what Hitler called Jews: THE ENEMY

  43. Turd Ferguson

    Turd Ferguson4 minutter siden

    Lol, Joe Biden abuses his power to get his son a job in the Ukraine and Trump is the bad guy for wanting to investigate it?!?! Loony liberals and dishonest democrats are ruining this country.

  44. thuy pham

    thuy pham5 minutter siden

    Yes dictator Trump ! Bring Putin helping you control American Changing republicans and senate to “TRUMPER “ change USA rule Trump will be dictator king forever same Putin and Kim young Un

  45. Richard Baker

    Richard Baker5 minutter siden

    Barr and McConnell have uttered so many lies and gone with so many of trump's lies and crimes that there is no way back for them, nor for the rest of the gop. So they have to sit through this, committing more lies and crimes until the end, which, we hope, is jail for the leaders of the pack. America, do not let these criminals get away with it. The world is watching.

  46. Scott Edwards

    Scott Edwards5 minutter siden

    LOL... Correction on commentary. Impeachment was a day one agenda. Not a 1000 day revalation.

  47. Wm.

    Wm.5 minutter siden

    She always looks like she's struggling to hold her butt plug tight.

  48. Elene Barnhill

    Elene Barnhill5 minutter siden

    Lovely E. Time for trump to be stopped. This has to end.

  49. ChaSquared

    ChaSquared5 minutter siden

    Barr is dirty. He was hired for one reason, to be the Fixer for Trump, just as he was hired to be the Fixer for Nixon.

  50. mrdetroitnews gary

    mrdetroitnews gary5 minutter siden


  51. B M

    B M6 minutter siden

    Trump is a pawn. Instead, you all should really be worried about the people that put him there and the centuries of betraying the nation these secret organizations have done.

  52. Le Tung

    Le Tung6 minutter siden

    Trump's supporters existence is a waste of resources

  53. Phillip Lopez

    Phillip Lopez6 minutter siden

    Consigliori Barr . The pig will squeal when he sees the glint of the knifes edge .

  54. HalfCrazy520

    HalfCrazy5206 minutter siden

    In our reality TV society, speaking of oaths taken and defense of the constitution is simply a "yeah whatever" or "meh" moment to the masses. The general population just doesn't take oaths seriously any more. This is how far our society has fallen into the abyss. Ironically, the party claiming the moral high ground is the party demonstrating their lack of morality/ethics on a daily basis. They, apparently, don't see lying to defend the indefensible as a bad thing.

  55. wovfm

    wovfm6 minutter siden

    "If true" O'D lectures????? What kind of imbecile listens to a guy who has been caught lying continuously. "Stop the hammering, somebody call Phil Griffin!!!" Yup an unstable liar and you look to him for truth.

  56. George Washington

    George Washington6 minutter siden

    Impeachment is going nowhere.

  57. mxnfx

    mxnfx6 minutter siden

    Russian are actively working again, all for the Brain Dead

  58. aplantagereloaded

    aplantagereloaded6 minutter siden

    I don't think that Trump supporters even care if he cheats in future. They think everybody does anyway, or that it's ok to fight dirty for the "right" thing.

  59. covercalls88

    covercalls886 minutter siden

    Let's see how all of this impeachment talk will affect the 2020 election.

  60. SEM John Biggs

    SEM John Biggs7 minutter siden

    He lives in a alternative universe, his own fantasy. I don't think he could tell the turth if his life depended on it, sad for America. Rise up America!

  61. Ashley Basson

    Ashley Basson7 minutter siden

    A puppet master stands behind his puppet.

  62. mxnfx

    mxnfx7 minutter siden

    Brain Dead base don't understand what National Security is, but are willing to shoot someone breaking into their house (same premise)....Benedict Donald told our ally NO AID until you do me a favor! (the favor to dig up dirt on the Bidens, they didn't have to do it just say it) Our National Security is dependent on other Countries keeping our adversaries at bay!!...but nope Benedict Donald feels more obligated to the Russians who helped him win in 2016!....

  63. Blue Velvet

    Blue Velvet7 minutter siden

    Trump meeting with the Russian Prime Minister today totally throws cold water on anything Barr can say to defend Donald Trump.

  64. *Uptown*

    *Uptown*7 minutter siden

    All viewers should find video of a kid dying! These kids are innocents yet they’re being treated worse than convicted criminals!! These kids are America’s responsibility, any child left under your care is your responsibility....this boy needed a Dr....instead they left him to die. It’s heartbreaking that he was alone, that his family will never have the chance to say goodbye ...he will never have the chance to grow up and live his life. Everyone who ignored this boys care should go to prison and never be allowed to care for kids again.

  65. Deb M

    Deb M8 minutter siden

    Well they had to come up with some BS, since there was NO QUID PRO QUO nor was there any BRIBERY. So these lying Dems pulled this crap out of their loose butts. Bunch of crap and the sane and thinking American population knows it.

  66. Stuart Fisher

    Stuart Fisher8 minutter siden

    Unfortunately the base of Trump's base have short attention spans. They take cues from Fox sound bites and don't engage at all with the facts because they see Trump down the lens of game show entertainment. They have nothing so have nothing to lose supporting this lying crook. On the other hand, the top of Trump's base respond to greed. They have it all but want more, squeezing the base to get it.

  67. Carmela  Surban

    Carmela Surban8 minutter siden

    Bankrupt and cancel this Garbage lying network! !!

  68. Клюев Сергей

    Клюев Сергей8 minutter siden

    All the dislikes are from Russian bots

  69. vxenon67

    vxenon678 minutter siden

    No evidence, No FACT evidence. Yet these Leftist use strong harsh words.

  70. fi stla

    fi stla8 minutter siden

    This is MSM doing damage control. Can't wait til Durham's CRIMINAL investigation report drops!

  71. J.B. J.B.

    J.B. J.B.8 minutter siden

    O'Donnell is a frog faced babbling one even watches his ridiculous propagandists rants..get another job O'Donnell..ur a lying pos and ur ratings reflect it...Loser

  72. Owen

    Owen9 minutter siden

    This man is a lunatic, Trump? No, Lawrence.

  73. Dank Audio Stash

    Dank Audio Stash9 minutter siden

    Thank you for covering this great man.

  74. Rich X

    Rich X9 minutter siden

    Unfolding an American nightmare.

  75. roger peet

    roger peet9 minutter siden

    The first openly insane President.

  76. Megatron Man.

    Megatron Man.9 minutter siden

    William Barr works for Donald Trumph. He should be in Jail

  77. Nes

    Nes9 minutter siden


  78. Andrew S

    Andrew S9 minutter siden

    Impeachment backlash is music to Preseident Trumps ears. The Dems have screwed up big time.

  79. si sla

    si sla10 minutter siden

    Ha ha ha ha does the corporate media realise how utterly stupid they sound with this ridiculous propaganda.

  80. Bull Durham

    Bull Durham10 minutter siden

    Billy Barr has bleeding, burning hemorrhoids and foul breath.

  81. Andrew Osbourne

    Andrew Osbourne10 minutter siden

    Such a race baiting president!!

  82. Erwin -

    Erwin -11 minutter siden

    The US is really doomed. Thanks to your nutjob uncle, stupid friends and mentally ill colleague. Yes, you know people who voted Trump too. And you're doing nothing to prevent it happening for a second time.

  83. Josie Fox

    Josie Fox11 minutter siden

    Of course it's intentional!! Jared Kushner wanted to set up a back channel to Putin let's all remember!!

  84. Nun Chk

    Nun Chk11 minutter siden

    NO-gos/Google is trolling me. Put this sht in my feed. Came here to troll any and all Billary voters.

  85. colton smith

    colton smith11 minutter siden

    Lmao making up fake crimes that he never committed

  86. Nes

    Nes11 minutter siden

    Very very fake news

  87. paul rigby

    paul rigby11 minutter siden

    keep digging dems there are more bodies to be found

  88. Carl Hopkinson

    Carl Hopkinson11 minutter siden

    MSNBC betrays God.

  89. Nes

    Nes12 minutter siden

    Fake news..4 years of fake news..russia impeach racist....mainstream media treasonous proof..

  90. MMCXII

    MMCXII12 minutter siden

    TRUMP 2020

  91. Akheem Akhi-Gbade

    Akheem Akhi-Gbade12 minutter siden

    Donald Trump has always been a con. Donald Trump will always be a con. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

  92. Blue Velvet

    Blue Velvet12 minutter siden

    Russia has no need to cover Donald Trump anymore there's nothing that he can do for Russia anymore.

  93. aarrgghh

    aarrgghh12 minutter siden

    remember what groucho said: "they may look like useful idiots and talk like useful idiots, but don't let that fool you. they really are all despicable traitors."

  94. Mark Hollingsworth

    Mark Hollingsworth12 minutter siden

    Go to know more

  95. gravyfish

    gravyfish12 minutter siden

    Fake news

  96. jim shepard

    jim shepard13 minutter siden


  97. ma,ma gee's gospel

    ma,ma gee's gospel13 minutter siden

    Trump and Barr are most Slimmest Creatures, To ever walk on the face of the Earth, Without being put in Cages ! 🤮

  98. Will Avi

    Will Avi13 minutter siden

    People, TRUMPS not getting impeached, senate will never vote on it an we all know that! Just let him get on with running the country he’s actually doing really well despite this impeachment derangement

  99. Goddard McNasty

    Goddard McNasty13 minutter siden

    So you’re telling me he’s betrayed the nation by forcefully trying to expose Joe Biden’s corruption? Sounds like we need to put the corporate shills behind us and vote Bernie 2020

  100. Keith Heiskell

    Keith Heiskell13 minutter siden

    The media has become a traitor to our country and there will be a day they can't walk down the street and I hope that day is soon, remember very important not to fight with each other that's what they want if we do this they will win. Peace, Love Thy Neighbor and we will win, please pray for our country and our president