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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard

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I Got A K-Pop Makeover

I Got A K-Pop Makeover

6 måneder siden

Choosing My Wedding Dress

Choosing My Wedding Dress

10 måneder siden

I Baked Lipstick Into A Cake
We're Getting Married
The History of Lipstick
  1. Grace Ella

    Grace Ella6 timer siden

    i expected nothing less from them 🤩

  2. Katie J

    Katie J6 timer siden

    Lmao yes human races

  3. Madylin Sofia

    Madylin Sofia6 timer siden

    I have the Bombay curling iron and I definitely recommend even though it's pricey 😂

  4. BohemianScandalous

    BohemianScandalous6 timer siden

    My girl Angelica moving up in the world

  5. Blanca Gómez

    Blanca Gómez6 timer siden

    I'm super curious about what did you do with all the extra batter, cake and frosting

  6. Joe T.

    Joe T.6 timer siden

    she is so cool 👍👍

  7. AestheticEdits

    AestheticEdits6 timer siden

    I really liked the last one tho

  8. Cartoon+Animefan96

    Cartoon+Animefan966 timer siden

    Personally, I would have been really happy if I got a shopping cart full of comicbooks since I love old comicbooks regardless of the value.

  9. Ruth Pfendtner

    Ruth Pfendtner7 timer siden

    Big Morticia Addams vibes

  10. Lucie Vandenboss

    Lucie Vandenboss7 timer siden

    ❤❤❤Lizzy Mcgire

  11. Lucie Vandenboss

    Lucie Vandenboss7 timer siden

    I❤Lizzy Migire

  12. ImmortalAnarchy 66

    ImmortalAnarchy 667 timer siden

    one reason i fucking love Saf is that when she has a sponsor she just says what she needs to say when she mentions the sponsor and doesn't like, interrupt the good video to say a boring sponsor. (Although Honey a really good thing)

  13. I'm not okay

    I'm not okay7 timer siden

    Me: mom I want balenciagas Mom: we have balenciagas at home Balenciagas at home: Guacamole

  14. Kelly Duncan

    Kelly Duncan8 timer siden

    Saf's clothing choices revolving around the amount of work involved speaks to my soul.

  15. KJ TV

    KJ TV8 timer siden

    The pictures of men’s shoes when she searched black wedding dress are an omen for them forgetting to get Tyler’s wedding shoes 😂

  16. vineivy Rodriguez

    vineivy Rodriguez8 timer siden

    I think this video must be from around the time she and Cristine went to that store to get customized nail polish. She is using it.😁😁

  17. Kevin Lang

    Kevin Lang8 timer siden

    Whos period last at least 6 days?

  18. Jailyn Phiel

    Jailyn Phiel9 timer siden

    Hi I am a holo lover

  19. sarahhchan

    sarahhchan9 timer siden

    Well i cried when tyler first saw saf & also when saf sobbed to her brother after him/her dad sang 😭😭😭

  20. Melliza gayle Umali

    Melliza gayle Umali9 timer siden


  21. unknown

    unknown10 timer siden


  22. Tasmiya Ateeq

    Tasmiya Ateeq10 timer siden

    Why wear always black🤔

  23. Angelina L.

    Angelina L.10 timer siden

    I’m slightly disappointed Tyler didn’t get a matching greaser look with a leather jacket and jeans

  24. Emma Crilly

    Emma Crilly10 timer siden

    Favourite wedding video I've ever seen 🥰

  25. Aline Douchamps

    Aline Douchamps11 timer siden

    am i the only one or is there something strange at 1:04

  26. Slade A

    Slade A11 timer siden

    My daughter and I love watching you and Tyler. We are from Australia...

  27. Sara Charlie

    Sara Charlie11 timer siden

    You should make a video about going to the worst reviewed place

  28. crazy ferret lady

    crazy ferret lady11 timer siden

    I think they mean panty lines rather than full pads...

  29. Kelli Arabena Heatlie

    Kelli Arabena Heatlie11 timer siden


  30. cindy McLachlan

    cindy McLachlan11 timer siden

    Sarah you have Vegemite

  31. Maya

    Maya11 timer siden

    It's so strange how the psychic predictions were sort of true. They said November would be good (their wedding), and she partnered with colorpop in terms of career growth. (Also November is the eleventh month of the year)

  32. Ashley Clark

    Ashley Clark12 timer siden

    the frankinmisc one looks like a starry night

  33. Phat Izumi

    Phat Izumi12 timer siden

    the 60s seemed like such a fun fucking time

  34. LozzaHulk

    LozzaHulk12 timer siden

    8:30 Saf you are hella cute in that outfit

  35. Li Xiong Lin

    Li Xiong Lin12 timer siden

    your hair looks softer and shiner love you and you are one of the best youtubers love you

  36. Anmol Saini

    Anmol Saini12 timer siden

    Her wallpaper is of Tyler I cannot even,🥺🥺🥺❤️

  37. andrea hamblin

    andrea hamblin12 timer siden

    You should do buying every lipstick from Ulta because they have a lot of lipsticks to Ulta beauty store they have to be like 700 lipstick it's a really massive a lot 20/20 I buy every lipstick in Ulta

  38. LaLaLanD MyO

    LaLaLanD MyO13 timer siden

    The bell sleeve shirt at 10 min. When you are teying in the jeans. Wehre is it from??? Live youre Videos and you are so masterpiece funny!!!!

  39. wolfiee girl123

    wolfiee girl12313 timer siden

    i swear i saw shane in the background

  40. Human Bean

    Human Bean13 timer siden

    when their first dance was The Addams Family iconic dance, i was like OF COURSE <3

  41. Olga The Carrot

    Olga The Carrot13 timer siden

    "Galaxy Grey"

  42. Isabella Gauthier

    Isabella Gauthier13 timer siden

    I use cosrx and it work great on my skin

  43. Makayla Bennett

    Makayla Bennett13 timer siden

    People born in 2007 in Chinese New Year are the golden pig

  44. nancy goyal

    nancy goyal13 timer siden

    Such a wastage of money and products

  45. Semilore Iyanda

    Semilore Iyanda13 timer siden

    Why did you pick his nose

  46. Christina Singleton

    Christina Singleton14 timer siden

    That Bunnicula reference had me SCREAMING!

  47. Kirsty Hyde

    Kirsty Hyde14 timer siden

    Tyler I'm same

  48. Lenny Le

    Lenny Le14 timer siden

    Safiya: spends almost 500 dollars on cloth from amazon Me: cries over a three dollar bag of Takis

  49. RobynDalton lifestyle

    RobynDalton lifestyle14 timer siden

    I am thinking about getting a diva cup

  50. joanna foz

    joanna foz14 timer siden


  51. Ally Marie

    Ally Marie14 timer siden

    Now i wanna get married too

  52. Abby Maxwell

    Abby Maxwell14 timer siden

    Please do a video where you try Rent The Runway! I’ve always been so curious about it

  53. Peter tsz hei Pan

    Peter tsz hei Pan15 timer siden

    Beyyyyyyyyyyyyynnnnn ggggggeeeeetttttt meeeeeee teaaaaaaaaaaa

  54. Kara Rothe

    Kara Rothe15 timer siden

    When you guys say “one dollar coin” lol. Canadian me is like wtf guys it’s a LOONIE

  55. Zunod FN

    Zunod FN15 timer siden

    I would never buy that shoe

  56. Peter tsz hei Pan

    Peter tsz hei Pan15 timer siden

    It me cristine

  57. Peter tsz hei Pan

    Peter tsz hei Pan15 timer siden


  58. Cinnamon Lux

    Cinnamon Lux15 timer siden

    Beautiful without makeup 😊

  59. narani chan

    narani chan15 timer siden

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!! I'm crying tooooo!!!!

  60. L1zzieBear Art, Animation, Lps!

    L1zzieBear Art, Animation, Lps!15 timer siden

    *Even more sterile then Jh’s lab!*

  61. siimplysiennaa

    siimplysiennaa15 timer siden

    smelt it though the screen

  62. Kainaat Akazai

    Kainaat Akazai15 timer siden

    Who else started singing the periodic table song with the background music, no just me?

  63. Mike Crites

    Mike Crites15 timer siden

    She looks groovy man...groovy.

  64. Angela

    Angela16 timer siden

    I'm actually surprised at the number/variety of fashion-related questions. I shouldn't be for a special service you pay for, but I did expect it to be terrible. Probably still wouldn't work for me; I am super particular.

  65. LJ Ostrowski

    LJ Ostrowski16 timer siden

    So you admit you do drugs?

  66. Sydnee Bannister

    Sydnee Bannister16 timer siden

    You look like a air noodle guys that are at car washes and car dealerships

  67. yixuan chung

    yixuan chung16 timer siden

    one of the most well explained k fashion k makeover i had ever seen on youtube! subscribed!

  68. Suzanne Dawson

    Suzanne Dawson16 timer siden

    They look like raw hot dogs 😳

  69. Lexi Shelton

    Lexi Shelton16 timer siden

    Jeffree 😭

  70. Mia Garza

    Mia Garza16 timer siden

    I love bts

  71. Jenna Coots

    Jenna Coots16 timer siden

    don’t mauve me

  72. Piper Hackler

    Piper Hackler16 timer siden

    i spy jenna and julian

  73. RainbøwPøwerArts

    RainbøwPøwerArts16 timer siden

    I’m late, but I just wanted to say you look gorgeous with short hair✨✨(all the time of course, too, but you get what I mean-!)

  74. Wolf Valley

    Wolf Valley16 timer siden

    13:14 ROOOOOO!!!!!

  75. iejb6

    iejb616 timer siden

    Nerdecrafter made you into a bat slash Dragon or animal

  76. Jas46725

    Jas4672516 timer siden

    I have yet to find someone who’s my sign (Taurus) do this

  77. Jennifer Melloy

    Jennifer Melloy17 timer siden

    Her sleeves and open flames give me ANXIETY

  78. Eghosa Eronmwon

    Eghosa Eronmwon17 timer siden

    Maybe mauvish

  79. Nelee Grace

    Nelee Grace17 timer siden

    Anyone else cringe how full they filled the you saf and Tyler!

  80. Joe Furgeri

    Joe Furgeri17 timer siden

    I’ve actually tried this shampoo and conditioner I did run out of the conditioner really quickly but the shampoo is still with me and it’s been lkke 2 months. I would say I definitely prefer this over other shampoos because it really makes ur hair soft and bouncy

  81. Mike Crites

    Mike Crites17 timer siden

    She looks a little like Shannon Dautry.

  82. Violet146 Flower

    Violet146 Flower17 timer siden

    Emma sounds so sarcastic the mixer the first girl is ok she just stayed humble while Emma was kinda rude

  83. Bonnie Moerdyk

    Bonnie Moerdyk17 timer siden

    2nd day was always heaviest...changed every hour the largest pad available. Forget tampons...would go thru a new one every 10 min.

  84. Jonathan Joe

    Jonathan Joe17 timer siden


  85. Sebastian Florea

    Sebastian Florea17 timer siden

    They should’ve taken the mask and see if it had a high sell price. Cus it probably did

  86. cindy tatiana

    cindy tatiana17 timer siden

    That clothes is so lame

  87. Amy Wing

    Amy Wing17 timer siden

    So... A. It gets easier once you get the hang of it. B. Don't pull on the stem - just pinch the bottom part of the cup. That breaks the seal and makes it soooo much easier to pull out. C. Don't worry about making it to the sink in a public bathroom - just wipe it out with TP and then wash it when you get home. No big.

  88. Alicia Morales

    Alicia Morales17 timer siden

    You should do an update on your bedroom and make up room. :)