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  1. Marcelina Villarreal

    Marcelina VillarrealDag siden

    Can we get gourmet candy hearts? Perfect for Valentine's day, and I feel it'd be a solid win for Claire.

  2. Stephen Owen

    Stephen OwenDag siden

    Hasselback with the skin on next time, please.

  3. Annaea pompeia

    Annaea pompeiaDag siden

    What is going on at the end w the editor bahaha

  4. hana kamel

    hana kamelDag siden

    29:51 the three of them standing there trying to hold their laughter because of how upset Claire is... IS THE CUTEST THING EVER😂

  5. Hans Wurst

    Hans WurstDag siden

    Bro you look like Charlie Day and Bradley Cooper at the same time mad respect idc bout eggs

  6. CommunistKiro

    CommunistKiroDag siden

    Id' bet Chris can't make Wuhan's bat soup.

  7. Leah Jumper

    Leah JumperDag siden

    Did Claire go to Harvard? Or?

  8. Caleb St.pierre

    Caleb St.pierreDag siden

    When she said “Is this RaFfLeS?” I felt that

  9. MarzMonkey

    MarzMonkeyDag siden

    "Chefs need to tenderize their salads" - professional youtube chef

  10. Trues Galore

    Trues GaloreDag siden

    when rhoda comes in you know its not going great

  11. Sydneigh McConnell

    Sydneigh McConnellDag siden

    I cannot accurately explain how much I love Alex Delany

  12. Noe Alvarez

    Noe AlvarezDag siden

    Why do these people have so much personality.

  13. Eli

    EliDag siden

    FIFTEEN AN HOUR !?????

  14. MarzMonkey

    MarzMonkeyDag siden

    Markiplier is so good at sarcasm, chef lady doesn't even pick it up

  15. ancard

    ancardDag siden

    why though?

  16. Justin Kurns-O'Hara

    Justin Kurns-O'HaraDag siden

    This is Alex Delanie in disguise

  17. p3rcy94

    p3rcy94Dag siden

    Haven't seen the angle of that skyline out of the window yet, and it really is quite stunning.

  18. Shay Rae

    Shay RaeDag siden

    I absolutely love sour things I can eat a lemon raw soooo yummy

  19. al mal

    al malDag siden

    Please do a gourmet makes for Girl Scout cookies

  20. Aimee Poum

    Aimee PoumDag siden

    Making your own noodles makes a lot of a difference, its way more soft. 1 egg per every 100 gram of flour.

  21. MarzMonkey

    MarzMonkeyDag siden

    dat receded jaw

  22. Suvrat Mishra

    Suvrat MishraDag siden

    Ideal rosy cheeks😂

  23. Greta Bruner

    Greta BrunerDag siden

    looove chris!

  24. hana mohamed

    hana mohamedDag siden

    We eat this pasta 3 times a week in my house ... 🥰🥰🥰 🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴

  25. Dee 1813

    Dee 1813Dag siden

    Delany 😍

  26. Łukasz Staszewski

    Łukasz StaszewskiDag siden

    14:38 Vegan Cake

  27. Muhammad Saidul Umam

    Muhammad Saidul UmamDag siden

    01:50 Don't forget the ice

  28. Amaris Wolf

    Amaris WolfDag siden

    I love watching these episodes in general, but the editing makes it a million times better.

  29. Blastoisie

    BlastoisieDag siden

    I lost it at "little George Harrison"

  30. J Yup

    J YupDag siden

    Girl I'm not into doughnuts either and I love sweets!! People get so crazy shocked and upset when I rip on doughnuts haha!!

  31. Hoffman

    HoffmanDag siden

    Shabbat Shalom!

  32. TheKlink

    TheKlinkDag siden

    i want that bacon bowl filled with baked beans and topped with a fried tomato, mushroom , black pudding and a fried egg, maybe on top of a couple of sausages, on top of some fried toast. artisinal british breakfast!!

  33. Giana Carrera

    Giana CarreraDag siden

    I can’t stand and flavor besides fruity flavored jelly beans. popcorn flavored is an ATROCITY.

  34. MR. Smith

    MR. SmithDag siden

    Upgraded version of the grill

  35. Cintia Reyes

    Cintia ReyesDag siden

    Here's the video where he explains the garlic and vampire theory. I'd been looking for quite a while.

  36. Sirivadee Kanjan

    Sirivadee KanjanDag siden

    I need someone like Rick in my life

  37. Speedox 12

    Speedox 12Dag siden

    Mark is a fascinating character.

  38. natasha

    natashaDag siden

    Boiled egg (soft but not too runny) mashed up in a cup with butter salt and pepper with a side of toast

  39. Elissa Fanzo

    Elissa FanzoDag siden

    I wish Claire would have baked these to get a better assessment of the Totino's crust. I swear it looks like egg roll wrappers.

  40. Freddyy boii

    Freddyy boiiDag siden

    i have no idea why jm watching this... im alergic to egg

  41. ADIDASects

    ADIDASectsDag siden

    That is the funniest open to a Bon Apetit video that I've seen.

  42. Aileen Garcia

    Aileen GarciaDag siden

    On a current Claire binge. Why is she so adorable? 😊

  43. La Estrella

    La EstrellaDag siden

    i'm screaming when she puts the chocolate in the freezer

  44. Marthe

    MartheDag siden

    Well those bags of takis have to be used somehow 🤷🏻‍♀️

  45. vain virgo

    vain virgoDag siden

    did i just see jon snow lmaoooo

  46. Nicole Bookish

    Nicole BookishDag siden

    Is Claire the real Bertie Bott?!

  47. Death Ops

    Death OpsDag siden

    dude these voiceover sounds are getting out of hand.

  48. pasindu uchiha

    pasindu uchihaDag siden

    When you realise you have watched every single its alive episode and there seems to be nothing left to look forward to in life

  49. Ashley Washburn

    Ashley WashburnDag siden

    Okay but can we talk about how Gabi is the cutest human alive??

  50. k Akita

    k AkitaDag siden

    It was yougurt that smell and tasted alive. -priya's dad. Best quote

  51. Scott Summers

    Scott SummersDag siden

    I need that sheep container for Jelly Beans 😂😂😂

  52. Tash Jansson

    Tash JanssonDag siden

    C U R V E D I am dying

  53. Jacob Crawford

    Jacob CrawfordDag siden

    Fancy a jelly baby?

  54. Locksy

    LocksyDag siden

    This is the best 42 mins ever filmed that doesn't have baby Yoda.

  55. aj301292

    aj301292Dag siden

    Been watching BA for well over a month, watched almost all of Claire, and Brad, only just learned BA is a magazine. My zoomer is showing

  56. Katie Casto

    Katie CastoDag siden

    Cookies and cream is the Cadillac of all poptarts. With some butter? Oh my gosh. Don’t come for me.

  57. Skylar S

    Skylar SDag siden

    All the boys tried to help her but only Rick could save the day. Also is this the longest Gourmet makes video? Ive never seen it this close to 50min long.

  58. deir

    deirDag siden

    i would love to see Claire tackle any irish/uk candies like flakes, crunchies, aeros, buttons, etc!!

  59. Carmela Lorenz Mendoza

    Carmela Lorenz MendozaDag siden

    Chris and Molly are my most favorite BA chefs...Claire is my second and Brad my third...

  60. Brien Welsh

    Brien WelshDag siden

    Looks good, not sure what you did on top? Was that just pasta? Also seems like it is low on the cheese component?

  61. FrostyRPGT

    FrostyRPGTDag siden

    Amiel: “Well that’s your job...” Claire: “No... I quit.”

  62. GamingNoxus

    GamingNoxusDag siden

    I love Brad but Chris is easily my second favorite test kitchen person.

  63. farzana abdullah

    farzana abdullahDag siden

    In general conversation Channachoor and namkeen are the exact same thing 😂 sohla deserved a point!

  64. Skyla Chambers

    Skyla ChambersDag siden

    Ok but like i know way too much about pizza rolls to the point to where I know Half the things she’s assuming are wrong ... just want to like talk through the screen

  65. Ricky Manalo

    Ricky ManaloDag siden

    Am I color blind now or that thing doesn't really look pink?

  66. Forty-2

    Forty-2Dag siden

    Here is how you make jelly beans: you don't.

  67. Gonzalo Diaz

    Gonzalo DiazDag siden

    green tea ice cream... dear god. green tea taste like graasss, how could you make an icecream that taste like grass... Claire plz Chris was rigth, that should be mint chip

  68. ItsMikeyHere

    ItsMikeyHereDag siden

    "I'm not getting a lot of wood flavor" *what the cinnamon toast crunch fu-*

  69. Adaśku

    AdaśkuDag siden

    “CHRIS, the flavor is tolerable at best.”

  70. Leo Nie

    Leo NieDag siden

    13:58 "Lets take a look at this Baby" Without context it sounds like he's about to grill and eat this child😳

  71. d b

    d bDag siden

    Not enough salt.

  72. Currently Dead

    Currently DeadDag siden

    "kobe"- 16:36

  73. Facundo Mogor

    Facundo MogorDag siden

    Claire have a boyfriend?!?! My world is over u.u

  74. elartS

    elartSDag siden


  75. Cat PBatista

    Cat PBatistaDag siden

    maybe just a pinch of salt ! They are me, omg

  76. Dannt

    DanntDag siden

    claire just running her hand over the mandolin blade freaked me out and no one seems to be talking about it


    ewb.movDag siden

    claire i love you but sour jelly beans are god tier

  78. Imam Taufik

    Imam TaufikDag siden

    Brad just broke down :( feel bad for the dude

  79. Stephen French

    Stephen FrenchDag siden

    Why is it called “It’s Alive”

  80. Thea Arnrup

    Thea ArnrupDag siden

    Brad- "Think of the possibilities in the future" Claire- "Yeah, I'm not sure there's a whole lot" Claire during the next two years- *uses it in almost every video with gourmet candies*

  81. Emilie Sandell

    Emilie SandellDag siden

    I wanna see Goumet Makes Smash!

  82. quince

    quinceDag siden

    5:40 - 5:48 i feel SO attacked right now because thats all i do with my free time atm

  83. Sera

    SeraDag siden

    Tomatoes are worthless

  84. Ljiljana Curcija

    Ljiljana CurcijaDag siden

    Cheese anyone?

  85. Радунхакеду а фамилии нету

    Радунхакеду а фамилии нетуDag siden

    I always wanna to try those things but i dont have dihydrater

  86. A Lee

    A LeeDag siden

    As a chef they should know evoo is not the best oil to cook with

  87. Thomas Marrujo

    Thomas Marrujo2 dager siden

    Ye olde Harvard try...How do I subscribe to this new greatness? Claire then Gabby.

  88. Florian Miller

    Florian Miller2 dager siden

    I'm never here for the recipe...I'm here for the show...and the great editing

  89. Carla Burkhart

    Carla Burkhart2 dager siden

    God bless Rick is all I'll say. ❤

  90. D3h

    D3h2 dager siden

    I love Claire and her perseverance

  91. kim c

    kim c2 dager siden

    I low-key thought Brad was going to say, "crush a garlic, release the alicin(?), swallow the whole thing whole" lmao

  92. Veronica D

    Veronica D2 dager siden

    Chris gives me Sheldon Cooper vibes 😂

  93. Bookworm 2021

    Bookworm 20212 dager siden

    Petition to make Brad/Kombucha shark into BA merch!

  94. chanrektsmey

    chanrektsmey2 dager siden

    wait why can't she have the coffee out lol

  95. Florian Miller

    Florian Miller2 dager siden

    so many questions: 1.) where is the cheese on top? 2.) why no ragu on top of the last nudles, than you won't get the curling up 3.) why would you put milk in the bolognese 4.) why cook the nudles upfront? they will cook in the sauce perfectly

  96. Oliver Toth

    Oliver Toth2 dager siden

    why is nobody talking about the fact that she was on Jimmy Fallon the other day?

  97. Paige C

    Paige C2 dager siden

    It’s times like this I feel sorry for Americans and the lack of the beauty that is black currant

  98. That One Guy

    That One Guy2 dager siden

    2:15 the way her face just fell when he said “a dozen egg yolks a day” is somewhat comical to me

  99. Swamp Donk3y

    Swamp Donk3y2 dager siden

    Any video with brad Leone is a good video!

  100. touchofdumb

    touchofdumb2 dager siden

    i like when old boy gets poetic just before the finish line