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Bon Appétit is a highly opinionated food brand that wants everyone to love cooking and eating as much as we do. We believe in seasonal produce, properly salted pasta water, and developing recipes that anyone can make at home.

  1. Abilawa andamari

    Abilawa andamari30 sekunder siden

    Ok this is quite painful, not gonna lie

  2. gledalka

    gledalka31 sekund siden

    Baking soda dries out my tongue, the feeling is lasting and unpleasant, could I exchange it for a few whisked egg whites?

  3. ADV Films

    ADV Films2 minutter siden

    i'm shocked he sliced the orange correctly

  4. Areli Sanchez

    Areli Sanchez3 minutter siden

    i've watched this episode at least a dozen times! it's my all-time favorite!!!! LOL

  5. DSR-115

    DSR-1153 minutter siden

    Would love this to be a series or something on-going.

  6. Swix ‏

    Swix ‏7 minutter siden

    i clicked off once he didnt know how to cut bread

  7. Thee Anthony E

    Thee Anthony E8 minutter siden

    “This is where I’m gonna f#*k it up” Nah you already f#*ked up at the start

  8. William Johnston

    William Johnston9 minutter siden

    the best


    HAYDOUGH10 minutter siden

    Bruh I got ur own ad

  10. vinnyvdvici

    vinnyvdvici12 minutter siden

    I really like the concept for these videos.. I just wish they were done by Binging with Babish or someone whose personality I could handle.

  11. XombY-C

    XombY-C14 minutter siden

    I admire your dedication but why WHY did you drink the raw veef smoothie

  12. brayden P

    brayden P15 minutter siden

    Gabby is an icon let her talk.

  13. Paljor Wangdi

    Paljor Wangdi17 minutter siden

    He did a far better job than that guy who tried to make crab cakes under Gordon Ramsay’s instructions.😂

  14. mdizzle shnizzle

    mdizzle shnizzle17 minutter siden

    Carla- grab the bowl and fork DeAndre- you said GRAB THE KNIFE?!

  15. Trinidad Eyzaguirre

    Trinidad Eyzaguirre19 minutter siden

    Why didn’t he just eat carla’s sandwich, that whole interaction of changing sandwiches felt so awkward to me. Carla is such a good sport

  16. Yew Seng Leong

    Yew Seng Leong20 minutter siden

    Hi Molly, can replace multi purpose flour with matcha powder, if i would like to make a greentea burnt cheesecake?

  17. Arief Rakhman

    Arief Rakhman21 minutt siden

    Carla should speed up.. Padma is not amateur.. 😅

  18. dark warrior3021

    dark warrior302121 minutt siden

    I like eating it like an apple

  19. Josh Dudley

    Josh Dudley22 minutter siden

    Twink finna pounce

  20. Hau Tak Leighton Tam

    Hau Tak Leighton Tam22 minutter siden

    Should've had him making cocktails. He's a good Mixer now.

  21. Zakwan Hakim888

    Zakwan Hakim88823 minutter siden

    10:50 you reveal your face

  22. excited box

    excited box25 minutter siden

    I laughed too hard where he was on the boat and got splashed.

  23. Alexandre Pelletier

    Alexandre Pelletier27 minutter siden

    Odd they’re not branded maynards in the states

  24. Dank Souls Void

    Dank Souls Void28 minutter siden

    Ninja: so like you want me to grab the knife by the handle... or what? I'm just guessing here

  25. Nick Speegle

    Nick Speegle30 minutter siden

    After these last couple of episodes poor Carla deserves to retire 😂

  26. KhOrganization

    KhOrganization35 minutter siden

    oh man, he should just stick to gaming. Oh geez. Edit: His frame of reference is just 90° off.

  27. Acer Chang

    Acer Chang36 minutter siden

    Do a collab with Charles Boyle

  28. Neesha Shah

    Neesha Shah37 minutter siden

    FORTY???!!! Chris does NOT look old enough to be FORTY!!!

  29. Daphne Cheng

    Daphne Cheng38 minutter siden

    how about... tomato cake? tomato bread? stir fry tomato? steamed tomato? tomato chip? tomato pasta? tomato candy? rotten tomato?

  30. Ronald Edwards

    Ronald Edwards39 minutter siden

    Dude sucks at cooking.

  31. FeAR NoVA

    FeAR NoVA39 minutter siden

    Honestly raw tomatos with salt is my favorite way to eat tomatos. Or if you boil them them smash and can them put them in a bowl with a ton of salt and eat it like a soup is good too

  32. Glen M Lj

    Glen M Lj39 minutter siden

    6:06 I keep seeing some flashes near the walk-in. And also in other videos. What are they doing back there? Edit: I mean, who is taking pics of who?

  33. excited box

    excited box40 minutter siden

    Molly is my chocolate mate. I don´t like regular chocolate either. Only white chocolate. I will drink hot chocolate though but as a chocolate bar etc I don´t like it.

  34. Gene McBryde

    Gene McBryde41 minutt siden

    Ninja: iM A CoOk! Gtfohere dude. He clearly never mastered his cooking skill in any game. This only got more dissappointing as i kept watching.

  35. Martin Stuart

    Martin Stuart43 minutter siden

    wow i thought he messed the bread up but he was all good awesome!

  36. Amira Stuart

    Amira Stuart43 minutter siden


  37. SweetTooth

    SweetTooth44 minutter siden

    Ey ninja u think ur funny? Nahhhh just buy foods. Dont ever make one ever again

  38. Nicole B

    Nicole B44 minutter siden

    I used lobster shrimp and mine keeps coming out watery I didn’t use water and it would get watery every time I put the shrimp in any tips?

  39. Jennifer Garcia

    Jennifer Garcia45 minutter siden

    It’s so amazing seeing all these brilliant minds create stuff that’s so different, visually appealing, probably taste amazing all with the exact same ingredients. Love them 😭

  40. //SuperAsh4U//

    //SuperAsh4U//45 minutter siden

    Ugh so much raw. I like runny but after a while I'm just like grossed out.

  41. Jordan Rouse

    Jordan Rouse45 minutter siden

    I wanna see more of this theme!!!

  42. Kasandra Annmarie

    Kasandra Annmarie45 minutter siden

    Carla is so good at this 😊

  43. SweetTooth

    SweetTooth46 minutter siden

    Stupid af

  44. Michael Olila

    Michael Olila47 minutter siden

    he might be a pro gamer, but he aint no pro in the kitchen lmao

  45. Dimarin II Dimatingkal

    Dimarin II Dimatingkal49 minutter siden

    Dont you just love when they turn around, and Carla looks at ninja's sandwhich and just goes like yes!

  46. Russell Urrutia

    Russell Urrutia49 minutter siden

    Awesome video Chris; I’ll try to make this for my birthday this Thursday. “Choke it down” lol!

  47. Ipshita Saha Bhowmik

    Ipshita Saha Bhowmik49 minutter siden

    Sohla brings the much needed breath of fresh air, and her style + food is so much better than Priya’s.

  48. B Sadi

    B Sadi50 minutter siden

    No. Im joining the sane minority.

  49. glow in the dark star stickers

    glow in the dark star stickers50 minutter siden

    im crying omg at every stage he mistook the instructions. not that i could do any better 😅

  50. Erick Sanchez

    Erick Sanchez51 minutt siden

    Did anyone else's soul just die when he murdered that avocado?

  51. Rade

    Rade52 minutter siden

    Birthday is the 10th Dec, husband wants to make me a birthday cake. I've pointed him this way.

  52. Leafyisnthere

    Leafyisnthere52 minutter siden

    “Protein shake”

  53. Max Kellinghaus

    Max Kellinghaus53 minutter siden

    The blevins

  54. JUBEN

    JUBEN53 minutter siden

    "you can do things with a glove on that you wouldn't do otherwise, let's just say that" oh my god

  55. Triple AAA

    Triple AAA55 minutter siden

    I actually really wonder what he did with all the eggs (he tried them all (except for the microwave one) as he only took one bite of it...... 👇🏻

  56. A Finney

    A Finney56 minutter siden

    Wouldnt it b interesting to have a series where the chefs are given a small budget and limited kitchen appliances/utensils and they're challenged to give a unique dish so they can make gourmet things people might actually be able to make like this cake

  57. Neal N

    Neal N56 minutter siden

    Only one of these clowns was able to guess falafel when given chickpeas, flour, cilantro and a food processor??

  58. Lil Rocko

    Lil Rocko57 minutter siden

    Gourmet Kinder Bueno bars please!!!!!

  59. Iury Araújo

    Iury Araújo57 minutter siden

    For a Ninja he's terrible at slicing things

  60. AwkwardAnonymous

    AwkwardAnonymous58 minutter siden

    I kind of love Ninja misinterpreting every second instruction

  61. MajorMajorMajorThom

    MajorMajorMajorThom58 minutter siden

    Ninja totally no scoped that bread. Should've used the scope.

  62. Patrick {SodasBae}

    Patrick {SodasBae}59 minutter siden

    How to basic has left the chat

  63. Katie Shanafelt

    Katie ShanafeltTime siden

    I love how he somehow sliced everything wrong lol

  64. PrincePyro88

    PrincePyro88Time siden

    We need pecan swirls made Gourmet!!!!

  65. BarryDennen12

    BarryDennen12Time siden

    this is dogshit and he's even crappier in the kitchen than he is at his other job.

  66. Drew

    DrewTime siden

    Absolutely not

  67. JUBEN

    JUBENTime siden

    OK is no one gonna talk about baby Chris with his shampoo in his hand on the family picture? Love him

  68. IAmErica

    IAmEricaTime siden

    Because of the "this show is going places" joke. The only reason I subscribed to this channel is this show 😅 I love her, and it's awesome to see her thought process.

  69. Bill Bill

    Bill BillTime siden

    That will be 300 dollars, thx!

  70. Ellie Joseph

    Ellie JosephTime siden

    15:22 leche flan

  71. Jackson Catlett

    Jackson CatlettTime siden

    ninja: i think I’ll do pretty well ninja: how do I slice bread

  72. Chani_ZA

    Chani_ZATime siden

    My dude butchered that bread xD

  73. WingDing Dmetrius

    WingDing DmetriusTime siden

    NO! BAD test kitchen

  74. Tom the Fish

    Tom the FishTime siden

    ninja’s cooking skills is on the same cringe level with the verge’s pc building skills

  75. Shimmerin

    ShimmerinTime siden

    I'm 3 minutes in. Oh god!

  76. M4 MAIR

    M4 MAIRTime siden

    Whole comment section Bread.

  77. Chiroh

    ChirohTime siden

    carla i will only watch this because my love is so strong for you

  78. Nancy Mai

    Nancy MaiTime siden

    every time im upset with myself, I will remember how ninja slices bread

  79. Aurora

    AuroraTime siden

    Cows were harmed in making this video

  80. Moon Evergreen

    Moon EvergreenTime siden

    Chicken period

  81. Nadira Zulkiflie

    Nadira ZulkiflieTime siden

    *proud Malaysian screaming here*

  82. SSmotzer

    SSmotzerTime siden

    Brownies are still better. Fight me.

  83. FeAR NoVA

    FeAR NoVATime siden

    I like raw potatos...but you wash them after cuting them to lessen the starch then put salt on it amd your good

  84. Awoken Radio

    Awoken RadioTime siden

    Ok I've watched a few of these videos, and I'm wondering if it's just a voiceover and good acting or if this guy has a demigod as a sound engineer.

  85. FloopMasterFlex

    FloopMasterFlexTime siden

    Lmfaoooo it was actually not bad!!

  86. Keith Underwood

    Keith UnderwoodTime siden

    im liking this for carla’s patience only

  87. Siva Sri Varshini S A

    Siva Sri Varshini S ATime siden

    We Indians know how we feel about egg yolks 😂😂😂

  88. GrayHoodiee

    GrayHoodieeTime siden

    I'm really sorry Bon Appetit, lots of people disliked this video because of Ninja, not y'all :( But I'm pretty sure y'all know that already

  89. NejcR

    NejcRTime siden

    Ninja: I'm a chef Alslo Ninja: Can't cut bread / avocado / orange like a normal person...

  90. James

    JamesTime siden

    This video made me happy :)

  91. JOSS #9851

    JOSS #9851Time siden

    Bon appetit: hmm it’s jelly the raw egg Me: salmonella

  92. Dolores Barešić

    Dolores BarešićTime siden

    I tried this cake yesterday and it is amazing. Came out so good. It's a shame the measurements aren't also in metric units. I just put about 1/3 less sugar and it is perfect. Give it a try, you will not regret it :)

  93. Kim Barbeau

    Kim BarbeauTime siden

    Love letter to his mom. ❤

  94. Dzaki Prakoso Ramadhan

    Dzaki Prakoso RamadhanTime siden

    Just one thing that I think we can all agree, we love BA, but we hate Ninja.

  95. Tignar

    TignarTime siden

    anyone else notice Carla's shoes that say F*** Trump on them? Lmao

  96. wessell rustbrook

    wessell rustbrookTime siden

    Dude everyone roasting the dude mercilessly... I feel bad for the poor guy

  97. Hunter Henryk

    Hunter HenrykTime siden

    PEOPLE PEOPLE, look at it this way: He put the bacon in the pan correctly.

  98. Jordan Alexander (ja1944)

    Jordan Alexander (ja1944)Time siden

    23:01 poor Claire she looks so sad. They better be paying her a lot for the constant torture she goes through for these videos.

  99. Helen Q

    Helen QTime siden

    lol an ad of carla and the basketball player back to back popped up and thought i accidentally skipped the video

  100. Puck Bryn

    Puck BrynTime siden

    I play games, I watch a lot of streamers, but this is the first content I’ve actually seen him in for more than 4 seconds Carla calling him Tyler is too sweet. can just imagine the “that’s not your name, give me a name” conversation