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How WeWork Makes Money

How WeWork Makes Money

2 måneder siden

So Expensive Season 3 Marathon
  1. SMKD

    SMKD33 sekunder siden

    "Its" money hahaha

  2. Kakashi Hatake

    Kakashi Hatake36 sekunder siden

    Who came here for the meme ?

  3. MarmiteCrumpets

    MarmiteCrumpetsMinutt siden

    Eating bread puts weight on fact, the more so if its the unhealthy processed cotton wool variety which Subway specialise in. So the weight loss marketing is a scam. I've had the misfortune to eat the product on a couple of occasions in the last 10 years, fillings characterised by cheap unhealthy ingredients, consistent throughout. Its corporate claims are at least spurious if not downright lying. Sooner these US franchises disappear from the UK the better. Although with Bozo and Trumper, I guess this may well be their vision of the future. Not mine.

  4. Mr Gee

    Mr Gee2 minutter siden


  5. Allison Linner

    Allison Linner2 minutter siden

    "Why Anti-Aging Products Are So Expensive" *Because people are willing to pay it.*

  6. _bio macromolecules

    _bio macromolecules3 minutter siden

    Yet nothing will stop them from fighting for a dollar coupon in run bts

  7. Alis Guiñez

    Alis Guiñez4 minutter siden


  8. Jolin Chang

    Jolin Chang4 minutter siden

    Proud af

  9. Chesapeake & Seaboard Productions

    Chesapeake & Seaboard Productions5 minutter siden

    This shit just reminded me of that one Family Guy episode where Peter and his friends committed Stolen Valor, and they chose to serve in the Coast Guard instead of the Marines.

  10. June 13 2013

    June 13 20137 minutter siden

    Wait i didnt know taehyung had pets other than yeontan??

  11. Music Lover

    Music Lover8 minutter siden

    Jungkook : owns $1M apartment. Yet lives in a closet... With no pillows...

  12. Music Lover

    Music Lover13 minutter siden

    Yet they have the energy’s of broke college students😂

  13. rope

    rope15 minutter siden

    Cybertruck is getting Plaid.

  14. Aaron Bruce

    Aaron Bruce17 minutter siden

    The saddest part of the video is the fact that it’s likely someone in these platoons is probably dead

  15. paseey

    paseey19 minutter siden

    This is why the US is the only country that make's sense

  16. Pearlie Grace

    Pearlie Grace21 minutt siden

    jin’s sugar glider died do ur research

  17. sonyeondan trash

    sonyeondan trash21 minutt siden

    Their money**, u know as in people, humans, not things or brainless objects or creatures :)

  18. Pasta Zi Bearlid

    Pasta Zi Bearlid22 minutter siden

    Many dermatologists have said that creams/serums aren't as effective as invasive procedures. So instead of spending a fortune on these products, stick to sunscreen and creams/serums that contain the same ingredients. Stay fit, eat healthy, stay away from unhealthy things/toxic environment and think positive thoughts. Also, train yourself mentally to accept that things like ageing are just a part of life and everyone has to go through it someday.

  19. Anaxco

    Anaxco22 minutter siden

    I have one and it is a nice bed

  20. Charel Trihart

    Charel Trihart23 minutter siden

    I knew trump would instigate war.

  21. strxngpxwerthx

    strxngpxwerthx23 minutter siden

    thanks for mentioning unicef and the donations they’ve made!!

  22. Amia Qies

    Amia Qies26 minutter siden

    'its'? You mean 'their'?

  23. juveria tarannum

    juveria tarannum27 minutter siden

    Ooooohhh they have grown so good .... i love it proud of them💜💜

  24. Autumn Winds

    Autumn Winds30 minutter siden

    God bless our military!

  25. ICallsEmLikeISeesEm

    ICallsEmLikeISeesEm31 minutt siden


  26. aljohn tabion

    aljohn tabion32 minutter siden

    There needs to be a penalty or some form of punishment for failure to meet the requirements of the agreement. Could u imagine the revenue that couldve been generated if the living quarters would actually converted into luxury homes? Or if the beach was actually clean. The soccer stadium could been used for a new team or at least sell it to someone that could do something with it. I know it’s far fetched for me to say that these venues could easily help Rio economy and infrastructure. But that was the idea right....

  27. Al-Moroccan яьфэйхвэ Gutierrez адыдфэс

    Al-Moroccan яьфэйхвэ Gutierrez адыдфэс33 minutter siden


  28. Gomez1915

    Gomez191534 minutter siden

    I remember the days of when navy seals weren’t attention whores

  29. Sadia Afrin

    Sadia Afrin36 minutter siden

    Cause it's don't work

  30. 「s o o - r i」

    「s o o - r i」36 minutter siden

    BTS: multi-millonaires Also BTS: **a rAmEn cOoKeR?? We CaN sHarE tHiS In ThE dOrm!!** **betrays each other in run episodes for free gifts** Still BTS: **fighting over vouchers**

  31. Ayub Osman

    Ayub Osman37 minutter siden

    FBI.. OPEN... UP..

  32. hann

    hann37 minutter siden

    How BTS Makes And Spend *"Their"* Money lmfao bts aint a "thing"

  33. ᴛᴇᴄʜɴᴏ ĸɴιɢнт

    ᴛᴇᴄʜɴᴏ ĸɴιɢнт39 minutter siden

    _Glad that there's no k-pop toxic fans in the comment section_

  34. Glory M

    Glory M39 minutter siden

    Used oils on my face since my teen's and my genetics, my father side there all very old but look younger than there age . Don't drink alcohol or drugs,or smoke anything chemicals and only great skin care and genetics. I know people my age look double there age and some have great health but horrible skin routines. There's no miracle cures. Just get a routine for skincare and don't stress as it will show on your face. Whenever get carded people can't believe my age but seriously what glows inside of you, shows outside world.

  35. glossymilk

    glossymilk39 minutter siden

    Too bad all the money goes right into the label’s pockets

  36. s r

    s r42 minutter siden

    “Its money” lmao what

  37. Mikey

    Mikey42 minutter siden

    Their spokesperson of like 10 years was a raging peado that’s what happened

  38. Motai Murthy

    Motai Murthy42 minutter siden

    This is peasant food.

  39. n c

    n c42 minutter siden

    thank you for taking into consideration bts 💖 ive been subscribed and it’s a good surprise to see research on them even if some parts are inaccurate I’m hoping for a next report on them w accurate info :)

  40. Mario Cruz

    Mario Cruz43 minutter siden

    10 minutes earlier and have an amazing start haha

  41. Milki - Hazard

    Milki - Hazard43 minutter siden

    They sell sandwitches for the price of a full meal. seriously garbage

  42. matthew

    matthew44 minutter siden

    You can see why the brand failed so clearly. Just look at Juicy's current stock on the Macy's website. It's literally the same designs as 15 years ago. Fashion literally changes every single season, sometimes multiple times through the season, and this dumb ass brand barely changed anything for 15 years. Why would girls buy this brand now when it's basically the same as Victoria Secret?? The failure of the brand was completely the fault of owners; the original ones and new ones.

  43. Joshua Ryan

    Joshua Ryan46 minutter siden

    2:05 "I" I guess we just forget we're recruits dont we?

  44. vaibhav singh

    vaibhav singh46 minutter siden

    the water level in that pool was set so that it would always be just below the breasts of a woman of average height.

  45. ellipsis

    ellipsis47 minutter siden

    This video called me poor in 100 languages

  46. C JX

    C JX47 minutter siden

    BTS earns millions Jungkook : has a luxury apartment Also Jungkook : lives in his closet

  47. ico

    ico47 minutter siden

    *Jesus is false god.* Change my mind. If you can.

  48. Sami Motaghedi

    Sami Motaghedi48 minutter siden

    I use a basic oatmeal soap from Trader Joe's to wash my face and then I use coconut oil, fair trade shea butter from Target, or the Egyptian Magic Cream from Costco on my face and my skin looks decent.

  49. Sweez

    Sweez49 minutter siden

    Are those female ore ugly monster i dont know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  50. Paperism

    Paperism50 minutter siden

    I live all my life confidence in my natural beauty but damnnn, reaching 30 cause me anxiety that one day I’ll become someone I can’t recognize in the mirror.

  51. Demetrie Alger

    Demetrie Alger51 minutt siden

    Corporate greed

  52. FRoZeN_ACiD

    FRoZeN_ACiD53 minutter siden

    Please Increase the music volume ... I can occasionally hear the gentleman's voice

  53. Pirita Pakarinen

    Pirita Pakarinen53 minutter siden

    I've got a few H&M clothes in my closet, but they've been there for years!

  54. lana army

    lana army53 minutter siden

    Bts is the best 💜💜

  55. John Smith

    John Smith55 minutter siden

    These guys all have confidence issues. Grooming impressionable men.

  56. BigMisterApple

    BigMisterApple55 minutter siden

    *man with private jet tells you its all okay* Pottery.

  57. riely ederson

    riely ederson56 minutter siden

    OMG my babies I'm so proud of them....

  58. Manel Salime

    Manel Salime58 minutter siden


  59. Rayan Salama

    Rayan Salama58 minutter siden

    I feel like korean and japanese products are the best ?!

  60. Eleana Wang

    Eleana WangTime siden

    It may be true..the face shape varies..

  61. Maysiee Styles

    Maysiee StylesTime siden

    I'm so proud of them 💜

  62. flutt3rby3 _

    flutt3rby3 _Time siden

    Sunscreen, moistuiser, healthy living is the only anti aging thing that works

  63. mlvc82

    mlvc82Time siden

    try "the ordinary" you won't have to pay crazy prices

  64. Naufal Harrish

    Naufal HarrishTime siden

    Why Australia let US nuke's detonation in their territory?

  65. C9 Viper

    C9 ViperTime siden

    1:04 *Directed by Robert B Weide*

  66. FlyGirlLiLi

    FlyGirlLiLiTime siden

    Wow the jokes on such a serious topic. Like yall realize they have public executions and being held captive

  67. chris pitel

    chris pitelTime siden

    Great food..such a deal in Butuan City

  68. Evan’s Adventures

    Evan’s AdventuresTime siden

    Man over here with a 3million worth of cars and I can’t even afford one that’s only 2,000

  69. Eva Sis

    Eva SisTime siden

    Wow 😕

  70. She AP

    She APTime siden


  71. Prince Klhyster Garcia

    Prince Klhyster GarciaTime siden

    Baka ganyan din mangyare sa inihanda ng Pilipinas para sa 2019 sea games, baka after years mabulok.

  72. Jazmín Cordero

    Jazmín CorderoTime siden

    BTS: millionaires Jin and Yoongi: asking for money on a run episode

  73. Naz 2244

    Naz 2244Time siden

    *Bts are millionaires* *Also BTS: Fights over ramen and rice cookers*

  74. Kevin Howard

    Kevin HowardTime siden

    That's all very well, but... What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so - Mark Twain

  75. Normal Guy

    Normal GuyTime siden


  76. adela mae

    adela maeTime siden

    *business insiders views multiply within 24 hours because of army*


    DOG TRAINORTime siden

    I wonder who else watches me Hmmmmm


    DOG TRAINORTime siden

    Look at this U see how everything elon touches turns into gold..hmm What am I gon buy with my moneysssss

  79. NickoLps

    NickoLpsTime siden

    Why Anti-Aging Products Are So Expensive? Because women pay for them (mainly) with their husbands money.

  80. Mr.Batman17

    Mr.Batman17Time siden

    I went to the gym a month straight, I have the same weight . Idk what diet should I have lol

  81. flutt3rby3 _

    flutt3rby3 _Time siden

    You guys must've been so embarrassed going out into public wearing that


    BTS PAVED THE WAYTime siden

    BTS: MILLIONAIRES ALSO BTS: Betraying each other in run episodes for ramen cookers.

  83. Gloomyberry

    GloomyberryTime siden

    Now I want to watch a fireman playing with his damatian while a house is burning in the background.

  84. benben ben

    benben benTime siden

    My fuckung country flattened the mountain,throwing out indigenous people on the are, borrowing 11B pesos to Malaysia, 50m pesos worth of Cauldron and still has the nerve to use the ph arena from a religious group.. Deym. There's more alligator in the Philippines 30th sea games

  85. Olive Glider

    Olive GliderTime siden

    This was actually very nice

  86. Meerab Zaidi

    Meerab ZaidiTime siden

    All that, but still they're humble and down-to-earth. Not like those people who totally change after wealth. Stan BTS ❤️✨

  87. latrese calvert

    latrese calvertTime siden

    Do they actually keep the money?? That’s the question?

  88. AlexTheWoo

    AlexTheWooTime siden

    How to protect the country from dangerous food ( shows clip of Banana)

  89. Austin Martín Hernández

    Austin Martín HernándezTime siden

    I wanted to join the marines but was disqualified because I had brain surgery. I was disappointed but it makes sense.

  90. Zen = Yen 🔴

    Zen = Yen 🔴Time siden

    Damn.. This looks fun. I wanna do this.

  91. ρεαcн•cαɱραηεllα

    ρεαcн•cαɱραηεllαTime siden

    Also when you shop, always pull out your calculator and calculate how much mass or volume of product you get per dollar. Also, only shop when you have a personal coupon which can stack on top of store coupons, and also always share your rewards card when you shop with friends/family if they say they don't wanna open an account. That way you get points for $0.

  92. Mahima Begum

    Mahima BegumTime siden


  93. MMO Archives

    MMO ArchivesTime siden

    one way to over come it, is to slap them on a plane go in the air at 3000 feet and push them out the back, and they'll have 30 seconds to over come their fear or die

  94. Mrugal Shah

    Mrugal ShahTime siden

    4:13 _Yoongi didn't sign up for this_

  95. Austin Martín Hernández

    Austin Martín HernándezTime siden

    The narrator sounds almost like the one from Ted

  96. Nabiya Naseem

    Nabiya NaseemTime siden

    Because they are cashing on our insecurities.

  97. Ale Leiva

    Ale LeivaTime siden

    In Chile we make the best wines of the world, and the grapes are handpicked in our vineyards across the Central Valley. (Except the sparkling wine which hangover is awful, even after you drink the more expensive ones).

  98. Giershel

    GiershelTime siden

    This video is really well done. Also the fans has also contributed a lot of money towards charities as well.

  99. ρεαcн•cαɱραηεllα

    ρεαcн•cαɱραηεllαTime siden

    I always leave Sephora emtyhanded or with the birthday gift. Or I let my family use my rewards card, then I use the points to redeem stuff.

  100. noirvelvetae

    noirvelvetaeTime siden

    BTS: Millionaires also BTS: plays games or rock paper scissors to win free food or not clean