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  1. loveaodai100

    loveaodai10012 timer siden

    I have been an iphone user since the original model came out but still use an ipod classic for most of my music listening. It remains the best for easy control.

  2. Glitchee

    Glitchee12 timer siden

    I’ve been on a lot of cruise ships. (15) and royal Caribbean is the worst cruise to be on. If you’re looking for fun, and freedom. Royal isn’t your cruise, they’re so strict, you can’t even order by yourself, you have reserved dinner times, and if you don’t show up, you don’t eat. I was 10 when I went on my first royal Caribbean, and I was so mad because I couldn’t do ANYTHING. I’ve been on 13 carnival cruises, and they are the best! Eat whenever you want, and do whatever you want. Trust me, royal Caribbean isn’t worth it. (Unless you like water slides from deck 15 to deck 4)

  3. KnerWatYurTalkinBout

    KnerWatYurTalkinBout12 timer siden

    7:43 aaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Vinny Boberino

    Vinny Boberino12 timer siden

    The music is awesome

  5. pieterrer Oppo

    pieterrer Oppo12 timer siden

    This is like spending time at a fancy hotel for 20 hours, there nothing difficult about this :D I've had longer bus rides with more people on it than this and double as long train rides.

  6. Sonny Anchor

    Sonny Anchor12 timer siden

    Border Patrol needs to layoff the donuts.

  7. Bruce Hemsworth

    Bruce Hemsworth12 timer siden

    The food looks good & I'm sure also tastes good. But, also an estimated 85,000 children under the age of five have starved to death over the last three years as a result of Yemen’s civil war

  8. kutis bayag

    kutis bayag12 timer siden

    Puffer fish youtube: why human testicle is so expensive? Lol

  9. kutis bayag

    kutis bayag12 timer siden

    What if the table turn and the puffer fish eat the human testicle?hahaha. Rock n roll

  10. LEE

    LEE12 timer siden

    It is not confirmed the Virus has come from a Biosafety building in the region where it started. It is funded by the Gates Foundation. This is Resident Evil IRL.

  11. Muslims Against Evil Feminist and Atheist

    Muslims Against Evil Feminist and Atheist12 timer siden

    In india cow is safer than women

  12. Nielle Kalawakan

    Nielle Kalawakan12 timer siden

    Fact: Exec. Chef doesn't really know how to cook. He's just good in talking.

  13. calipdis2

    calipdis212 timer siden

    I associate this to women who dont like washing themselves... at some point fat unattractive women got their hands on them and it stopped being cute to be a plain pijama

  14. John-henry Duckworth

    John-henry Duckworth12 timer siden

    Nothing is mentioned that Android only support 2 year IOS upgrade while Apple is support IOS upgrade 3 times longer. When you look at it. You can keep your phone longer or selling it while knowing that IOS is still support upgrade after 2 years purchase of which give you high selling price compare to android. It really depends how you use the phone. Use it longer will work out cheaper.

  15. Kikk Man

    Kikk Man12 timer siden

    There is no quid pro quo, WTF? The media mafia said there was quid pro quo. There is nothing like what Biden did to the former president. Fire the AG (the one looking into the oil company that my son happens to be on the board of) or you will not get aid. Not to mention that Barr was investigation the DNC servers that magically disappeared (in to Ukraine) and has proof of "the russia hack". You know the server that the FBI never got to investigate. Like or hate Trump this is coup on the presidency by the security/police state. He admits constantly that the US is breaking all the international/humanitarian laws. They have to get rid of him before other countries want justice for what the CIA and US backed military has done.

  16. oskey o

    oskey o12 timer siden

    Not trying to offensive or anything but theres always a gay flight attendent im on a plane

  17. samyak nagori

    samyak nagori12 timer siden

    Some sources would have been great.

  18. TheDirewolf 1234

    TheDirewolf 123412 timer siden

    I always eat before I go to the theatre.

  19. SSD HEM

    SSD HEM12 timer siden


  20. Issie wizzie

    Issie wizzie12 timer siden

    streaming saved the music industry

  21. Zinnia Pepler

    Zinnia Pepler12 timer siden

    Is anyone still on this video? Like what happens if it was a pill or something that you aren’t sure of? Like I have a cold right now, but I had to take a pill, as I was taking it I coughed, and now I’m freaking out that I coughed because the pill went down the wrong pipe.

  22. Seeperson Niharsingh

    Seeperson Niharsingh12 timer siden

    You talk like you're a billionaire so like annoying

  23. Pear Jun

    Pear Jun12 timer siden

    Spacecraft with gold disk : i am hope , i am speed , i am future Comet : i am gonna end this man's career

  24. Faith PlayZ

    Faith PlayZ12 timer siden

    Imagine how much pilots got payed for this flight 🤔

  25. Nazlı Eren

    Nazlı Eren12 timer siden

    5.30 probably a Turkish mother packed it to make some ‘sarma’ :/

  26. iTzGuNny

    iTzGuNny12 timer siden

    Would be nice if they had an 8ft bed

  27. Miss Aurélia

    Miss Aurélia12 timer siden

    Massive modern slavery

  28. Sasha Lessa

    Sasha Lessa12 timer siden


  29. gabnys

    gabnys12 timer siden

    you forgot to say something... today we're SPONSORED BY EMIRATES AIRLINES

  30. NV

    NV12 timer siden

    $399 for 5gb 🤦🏿‍♀️

  31. Gavin Ross

    Gavin Ross12 timer siden

    Why? So I can be cold and freezing! I do that every time the hot water goes out then I can't find my dick for a week!🤣

  32. Issie wizzie

    Issie wizzie12 timer siden

    Distorted history before the iPod ...there was plenty of players

  33. Yunes Ahmed

    Yunes Ahmed12 timer siden

    Avocados are cheap in Kenya.

  34. Le tuan linh

    Le tuan linh12 timer siden

    next episode: why a lot of money is expensive

  35. Fabian R.

    Fabian R.12 timer siden

    My cortisol level just exploded (from watching the thumbnail)

  36. Lightup Darkness

    Lightup Darkness12 timer siden

    Reminds me of the mythology of the Giant Zeus Statue

  37. Robert Gill

    Robert Gill12 timer siden

    Went to see this when on holidays to New York from Ireland it's brilliant

  38. rozh996

    rozh99613 timer siden

    I always end my baths with cold water, always

  39. Kumar Goundan

    Kumar Goundan13 timer siden

    Amtrak costs less for me to travel from Kansas City to Chicago than flying. And it’s a much better travel experience. But it’s prone to delays.

  40. Enni Hartikainen

    Enni Hartikainen13 timer siden

    my longest travel experience is probably helsinki (finland) -> london -> cape town and i think it was like almost 15 hours in total (i was flying economy).... it wasn’t THAT bad tho i guess but 19 hours seems insane nontheless

  41. Andrew Donald

    Andrew Donald13 timer siden

    With that volume, dishes that should be served hot must arrive at the table lukewarm at best, if not cold.

  42. joverstreet24

    joverstreet2413 timer siden

    What about the poor souls responsible for washing the dishes?

  43. Lol Dd

    Lol Dd13 timer siden

    I hope the chefs get paid well

  44. Jay !

    Jay !13 timer siden

    this test really isn’t that flawed. most people who would be taking this flight would be on due to business or flying home. not many people would want to spend almost 20 hours in the same airplane regardless. it’d probably be unfit for a small child, and these are tests made for adults. unless they are trying to prove that everyone from every economical standpoint can get on, this test isn’t flawed. the test is just to see if 50 people amongst mainly business class seats can endure a 19 hour flight.

  45. young savage

    young savage13 timer siden

    Your telling me I have to go to a doctor everytime I have wax built up in my ear 😤😤😤

  46. Ronald Mercer

    Ronald Mercer13 timer siden

    You can order one online for 3 dollars (4 dollars without worms or parasites)

  47. Brandon Espinosa

    Brandon Espinosa13 timer siden

    he reminds me of a G.I. joe action figure

  48. Melanie Oramas

    Melanie Oramas13 timer siden

    Why is everybody so annoyed in the comments y’all need to calm down. Yes, it is just business. No crying babies. Shut up we get it.

  49. Jacquelin Mendez

    Jacquelin Mendez13 timer siden

    10 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 4 months straight 😰 These people deserve the highest salary!

  50. Kiryu Sannagi

    Kiryu Sannagi13 timer siden

    IMO Traveling through the regular airport system is Experience. You can enjoy the View of the building and how enormous the airport.

  51. SweetCupcake

    SweetCupcake13 timer siden

    Lol from South Africa to New York’s it’s nearly 19 hours with no stops and if u were coming from let’s say Zimbabwe or Malawi it would be plus 2 and a half hours and I wait In Johannesburg nearly 2-3 hours so basically from Malawi to new York in total it’s nearly a day flight

  52. Ethan Gil

    Ethan Gil13 timer siden

    i stg in my subways it’s only indian workers same for dunkin

  53. Lil FluShot

    Lil FluShot13 timer siden

    100% of comments are talking about crying and annoying children.

  54. Niamh C

    Niamh C13 timer siden

    Of course you slept 8 hours you are flat on your back in business class

  55. lol

    lol13 timer siden

    I love Warren :)

  56. naturalguy710

    naturalguy71013 timer siden

    i swear world hunger is SO avoidable

  57. avarage guy

    avarage guy13 timer siden

    beyond the mind fuk i was health and in the best shape of my life! 10 feet tall & bullet proof. that mind set has been with me for 40 years.

  58. Opentech

    Opentech13 timer siden

    A French way to overcharge as always, most so called luxurious items are from these area

  59. kacamac

    kacamac13 timer siden

    Driving even if it's two blocks... Holy cow now that's depressing

  60. Paramesh Subramoni

    Paramesh Subramoni13 timer siden

    Put everything online and own nothing This is the dumbest future ever

  61. punjab king

    punjab king13 timer siden

    I India you can buy these melons in few cents !!! LOL

  62. richardnolan27

    richardnolan2713 timer siden

    People got tired of bread sandwiches with meat to taste like refrigerated chemicals translucent tomatoes in the freezer burned lettuce out of a bag that taste like preservative do you think people can’t figure this out beside you have a pedo as your spokesman 🤮

  63. dirt cobain

    dirt cobain13 timer siden

    I love how money and a price can make people upset like this.

  64. Greg White

    Greg White13 timer siden

    THANKS - Now we know which company to boycott.

  65. Debbie Bezalel

    Debbie Bezalel13 timer siden

    And all i ate was pizza while being there omfg

  66. avarage guy

    avarage guy13 timer siden

    i went to cali MCRD MARCH 1974 Platoon 2038/ changed my life. nuff said

  67. Muhamad Yoga

    Muhamad Yoga13 timer siden

    nasa: explain everything that exists on earth aliens: _read_

  68. Ash

    Ash13 timer siden

    There's a say that humans are the most cleverest beings, but I don't believe that. I think we're the most stupidest beings ever.

  69. Denzel Heden

    Denzel Heden13 timer siden

    I'll tour this ship once a get married. ..

  70. Naufal Amirul

    Naufal Amirul13 timer siden

    We are monotheist religions, shared the same god but differences ways of pray.. we all are people of the book; Torah (Taurat), Bible (Injil) and Koran (al Quran) Let's not fight each other and live in peace :)

  71. D. Lawrence

    D. Lawrence13 timer siden

    All those fat Americans have to eat "3-4 times" a day? Try 15-20 times a day. Bet they never STOP eating on those ships....

  72. Raphael De La Ghetto

    Raphael De La Ghetto13 timer siden

    This does not require a 10 minute video. The answer is smartphones.

  73. queque_

    queque_13 timer siden

    Well the iPod touch prolly won’t be going away, cause you have restaurant servers, and all types of employees who need a POS system that doesn’t need to make phone calls

  74. Zineddine Blacko

    Zineddine Blacko13 timer siden

    N here comes the elefant in the room question.. Why would I enjoy something fake? I better watch ufc

  75. Champstation

    Champstation13 timer siden

    2:50 Bro flexing with the batman

  76. Seymour Studios

    Seymour Studios13 timer siden

    Jesus Messiah is true muslim(peaceman) and He is prophet, masenger, spirit and word of God, Allah, El, Eloh

  77. SebbyTrujillo

    SebbyTrujillo13 timer siden

    the women annoyed me so much

  78. Fifi Ha

    Fifi Ha13 timer siden

    Wow, without any crack in the windshield!

  79. Dark Gridd

    Dark Gridd13 timer siden

    I guess it's not only Americans who are fat asses😂

  80. Jose Seabra

    Jose Seabra13 timer siden

    a part Allah et les enge il ni a personne d'autre et il savent très bien que l'être humain est un crétins

  81. Anonymous User

    Anonymous User13 timer siden

    At the end seeing so much cash being spent on something that depreciates was heart breaking

  82. Andy Mesa

    Andy Mesa13 timer siden

    I don’t know if this is supposed to be promoting Royal Caribbean...but it’s not.

  83. Kid

    Kid13 timer siden


  84. Wolf Lone

    Wolf Lone13 timer siden

    The one that smell the fart 1st its the one who fart

  85. Evergreen Tree

    Evergreen Tree13 timer siden

    4 months, no days off, 12 hours of work a day. Sorry but is that actually legal?

  86. Yasmina

    Yasmina13 timer siden

    so sick lol ....This world just need to end

  87. Venessey

    Venessey13 timer siden

    Damn it. I'm a pure iPod user. I don't have a smartphone yet. Where are my iPod brothers and sisters? I need condolence... D:

  88. koolyman

    koolyman13 timer siden

    This isn't 'officer' training. If they become border patrol officers the training should challenge their mental aptitude a bit more

  89. P. Dot

    P. Dot13 timer siden

    He learned through trial n error how to perfect this virus... now it spreads exactly how he wanted... through respiratory contact.

  90. Teru Terenz

    Teru Terenz13 timer siden

    Is that the plastic surgery ken doll steward (appeared in BOTCHED) @1:28 !!!??

  91. Jose Seabra

    Jose Seabra13 timer siden

    Dans le message envoyé dans l'espace il faut dire que l'être humain est un grands crétins

  92. HONDA

    HONDA13 timer siden


  93. tplummer217

    tplummer21713 timer siden

    On a seal team, you are the technology

  94. Wayne Newark

    Wayne Newark13 timer siden

    Only when Apple produces an iphone with 512GB to 1TB of storage and 35 hours battery life will it truly be my kind of multi purpose device. Also not limited to just Apple media formats.

  95. ayeadejoh

    ayeadejoh13 timer siden

    Damn those bathrooms after seafood special must be something for cleaners 🤢

  96. chatparesseux

    chatparesseux13 timer siden

    I look at the ingredients and think "It's not that weird of a list" Then remember I am a chemist... Oh wait

  97. DIE GO

    DIE GO13 timer siden

    Navy treats these kids with dignity Can’t say the same about the Marine Corp lol 😂

  98. Gains City

    Gains City14 timer siden

    Can someone recommend me a good cruise tour? Thanks

  99. Ari6lle1nWonderl2nd

    Ari6lle1nWonderl2nd14 timer siden

    @3:40, what does “the tech is proprietary to Royal Caribbean, so we couldn’t get too close” mean? Why can’t the get too close?

  100. Duzzit Matter

    Duzzit Matter14 timer siden

    None of this would have happened if she’d just stayed home, ironed shirts, made her man a sandwich and run a couple loads of laundry. Stop blaming men for being men.