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Kid Nation - JonTron

Kid Nation - JonTron

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The Monkey Song

7 år siden

  1. Commader Cody

    Commader Cody23 timer siden


  2. James Parker

    James Parker23 timer siden

    Is no one gonna mention h3’s appearance in this video? 🤣

  3. mac koushki

    mac koushki23 timer siden

    that's the yodeling sound from the last song on the gorillaz album the fall, i think it's something in seattle?

  4. Namine Nagi

    Namine Nagi23 timer siden

    10:36 Me screaming

  5. Jordan

    Jordan23 timer siden

    6:12 what I see in my nightmares

  6. alexbo1

    alexbo123 timer siden

    Only Jon can play a ps1 game on a ps2 console with a ps3 controller.

  7. Shadow Mewtwo

    Shadow Mewtwo23 timer siden

    Say it with me everyone; RAID SHADOW LEGENDS IS GARBAGE

  8. louielaflare

    louielaflare23 timer siden

    This could’ve worked if it was teenagers instead

  9. demetrius9533

    demetrius953323 timer siden

    Laurel looks like the female version of Macaulay Culkin

  10. TheTopDog

    TheTopDog23 timer siden

    Please interview Mike

  11. TheTopDog

    TheTopDog23 timer siden

    Please interviewMike

  12. Dank Agent

    Dank Agent23 timer siden


  13. Emerald Frostii

    Emerald Frostii23 timer siden

    Jon needs to sing more he has real talent

  14. Riley

    Riley23 timer siden

    This dude has got to be jschlatt’s brother

  15. Dylan Mickune

    Dylan Mickune23 timer siden

    3:02 this is scary because this is realistic

  16. Romeo iervasi

    Romeo iervasi23 timer siden

    Can you interview jarad and find out what happened to him three years before that day

  17. Barbie's Back

    Barbie's Back23 timer siden

    3:06 fuck yeah ethan

  18. Giran 0

    Giran 023 timer siden

    I wish we got to see what the original looked like

  19. Nikolas Kalisiak

    Nikolas KalisiakDag siden

    I wonder he’s going to make flex tape part three

  20. T hart

    T hartDag siden

    I was 13 when this show came out, I loved it than, I remember think how cool this would be to do. Than they had to kill a chicken. As a 25 year old looking back, this is insane. How did this happen?!?? Also why not have an older person make some decisions?!?

  21. minonano

    minonanoDag siden

    Eric Andrew Show 4am vibes.

  22. Shequan Baird

    Shequan BairdDag siden

    The last dance

  23. Frøsty

    FrøstyDag siden

    No matter how many times I watch any video from Jon it'll always be entertaining even though I know what comes next.

  24. BonslyJuice

    BonslyJuiceDag siden

    You could slap a steak knife onto that TheraGun, slap it together with FlexTape, and you got yourself a goddang sawzall

  25. George Ianţa

    George IanţaDag siden

    In the Game of Thrones books Daenerys installs a council of wise men and women to lead Astapor after she conquers it and takes off. In a very short while the council is killed and a literal butcher becomes the king of the city simply because he was the most ruthless and cunning. These kids 'bout to learn

  26. totally a human

    totally a humanDag siden

    i've been like, listening to this song for like 1 hour now and im so hyper from it.

  27. Fri3ndly

    Fri3ndlyDag siden

    4:07 people in quarantine be like: ayo wtf

  28. Eat your cereal

    Eat your cerealDag siden

    Nope you are nitpicking and biased I win bye bye

  29. Rkay421

    Rkay421Dag siden

    Anybody else notice his hair is a completely different color? Wonder if he dyed it to change his appearance

  30. Christian Petersen

    Christian PetersenDag siden

    This will be my excuse whenever my boss scolds me for not doing my job yesterday: *Indignant voice* "I WAS 8. 😡"

  31. LucanM8

    LucanM8Dag siden

    How many times is the word "Like" spoken in the video? Someone count.

  32. StrangePieceOfBread

    StrangePieceOfBreadDag siden

    Dying Is Bad For Your Health.

  33. Rapscalion

    RapscalionDag siden

    So uh, did no one except me notice that the districts are split in the same way as the political compass?

  34. Juanito

    JuanitoDag siden

    Fun bit of trivia: dr ho is echoes act 3 after getting a degree

  35. Allen073 MinecraftPlays

    Allen073 MinecraftPlaysDag siden

    9:34 is that actually part of the episode?

  36. Smocy raccoon

    Smocy raccoonDag siden

    Jons basement is nicer than my room

  37. StrangePieceOfBread

    StrangePieceOfBreadDag siden

    It Even Works Underwater! Jon: I ‘ L L T A K E Y O U R E N T I R E S T O C K

  38. melly!*

    melly!*Dag siden

    fun fact: jontron said the N-word in a video and beeped it "thats the deadest n-word (beep) ive ever seen".

  39. Kieran Kristian

    Kieran KristianDag siden

    Just realises the super Mario 64 music when he’s on the lava

  40. Russian Bias

    Russian BiasDag siden

    Jacque is just parrot from Spongebob

  41. Holland

    HollandDag siden

    Jon it's supposed to be 9 ft if you're talking to each other.

  42. Angie Hurley

    Angie HurleyDag siden

    Is it just me or do we need you to get the rest of the episodes and go over them. We need to see kid nation!

  43. - Peachy Clichès -

    - Peachy Clichès -Dag siden

    I think we can all agree that we need more JonTron covers

  44. StrangePieceOfBread

    StrangePieceOfBreadDag siden

    Honestly, I Would Pay Thousands To Watch A Movie Like This.

  45. Serengeti Sos

    Serengeti SosDag siden

    Jon doesn’t get enough credit for being an OG Legend. Fucking guy poured his heart and life into these early vids. Big ups to my guy!

  46. David Dobarganes

    David DobarganesDag siden

    Bringing us the hard hitting news we need in these hard times

  47. Oliver Holm

    Oliver HolmDag siden

    Catfat really didn't have to go that hard

  48. NosoyArkano

    NosoyArkanoDag siden

    Is no one going to talk about how much J-Karsh sounds like Jon at times?

  49. Certified BRUH

    Certified BRUHDag siden




    Part one: mentions pandemic Part two: mentions 2020

  51. Sam Cooper

    Sam CooperDag siden

    Can't believe Jimmy revealed that he'd already been given a fake star by a news network and was so disappointed, and Jon did him dirty *AGAIN*. Feel bad for the guy :(

  52. Ac_ PecanPie

    Ac_ PecanPieDag siden

    Omg can Jimmy be a co host he's amazing

  53. ÑÉSÑ Army

    ÑÉSÑ ArmyDag siden

    I love the DOOM reference,It was awesome.

  54. Krizseiger 2002

    Krizseiger 2002Dag siden

    Me when this first came out: Nothing special Me now rewatching this after I've watched JoJo: Menacing!

  55. Portal_Jumper_79

    Portal_Jumper_79Dag siden

    Chex Quest got an HD Remake on steam called Chex Quest HD

  56. Kelim james

    Kelim jamesDag siden

    Lmao love how in the satan worshipping scene theres an ironmaiden poster in the back

  57. trueblueclue

    trueblueclueDag siden

    "I almost killed you and you hard enough... FOR A GIRL!"

  58. Drawing Box Productions

    Drawing Box ProductionsDag siden

    As someone who saw the rock in person, I can confirm. It is in a cage

  59. Roman Broggi

    Roman BroggiDag siden

    *pokes ur jimmy like that*

  60. Michelle OHalloran

    Michelle OHalloranDag siden

    don't worry about that heat, that's just a winter day in Florida

  61. Sam Cooper

    Sam CooperDag siden

    *THEY LET THE KIDS DRINK BLEACH?!* I'm starting to think this show wasn't a good idea...

  62. Dynasty of Dragons Productions

    Dynasty of Dragons ProductionsDag siden

    That third act tho

  63. Paladin

    PaladinDag siden

    you need to do more of kid nation. it gets so much worse

  64. Alanen J

    Alanen JDag siden

    you mean fallout 76: soulja boy edition

  65. 111 111

    111 111Dag siden

    What is wrong with going on vacation during christmas?

  66. DS3

    DS3Dag siden

    I wonder if takeshi responded

  67. FEVUN

    FEVUNDag siden

    here is the legendary "fuc u" 2:05

  68. PayDank Gang

    PayDank GangDag siden

    Never knew a company could make vault-tec look less suspicious

  69. Ray Perry

    Ray PerryDag siden

    Am i the only one that thinks jon looks a little bit like judd nelson? No? Thats just me? Ok then.

  70. Arjanator

    ArjanatorDag siden

    18:29 Look at Jon's lil' arms.

  71. Marcosmos747

    Marcosmos747Dag siden

    you can tell this show is scripted and the actors are bad

  72. nevadie133

    nevadie133Dag siden

    The “danger zone” actually is a term used to describe the temperature that bacteria tends to thrive in

  73. Echoes Act 3

    Echoes Act 3Dag siden

    My favorite part was when Jon was dragged across the Danube river like a JPEG.

  74. Kalina

    KalinaDag siden

    24:10 the older kid literally did a shot and i hope he took some %% with him, because he for sure needs it

  75. SBTubbster

    SBTubbsterDag siden

    All of Jon's attempts at Dutch hurt my poor little Dutch soul

  76. Meh Its Michael

    Meh Its MichaelDag siden

    “The fatal half-inch” that was my nickname in high school

  77. NrT Kärppis mut Jannu salaisesti shh

    NrT Kärppis mut Jannu salaisesti shhDag siden

    but doesn't predator rip out spines in mortal kombat x/mortal kombat xl?

  78. That Guy

    That GuyDag siden

    Wait wtf is the missing thing legit

  79. stethespaniard2

    stethespaniard2Dag siden

    It's insane that the put these kids together with no plan telling them to work as a team but then tell them to split into colours to purposely separate them

  80. KneedleKnees

    KneedleKneesDag siden

    This video is 6 years old. Why isn't there a cult that prays to an empty jar of horse radish by now?

  81. TheTstomp

    TheTstompDag siden

    8:45 - “The ride doesn’t end with episode 6” If only he knew

  82. Anthony Barratt

    Anthony BarrattDag siden

    So basicly jontron got mad at the end because a old women get hit

  83. TheTstomp

    TheTstompDag siden

    Omfg I had that millennium falcon cd rom playset when I was a kid. Damn that brought back some long forgotten memories.

  84. YouTube and Twitter are complicit in animal abuse

    YouTube and Twitter are complicit in animal abuseDag siden

    Sully doesnt take care of the plants by choice, the plants also happen to all be cotton

  85. HAM

    HAMDag siden

    Holy shit I’m glad someone remembers this

  86. Yoruchi MMD

    Yoruchi MMDDag siden

    5:44 is when I lost again. God damnit

  87. Wade

    WadeDag siden

    Tim Allen is a fascinating individual..The man went to prison and decided to take a different path when he got out. The show always made me laugh when I was a kid.

  88. Ryan McIntyre

    Ryan McIntyreDag siden


  89. Jofoyo

    JofoyoDag siden

    I don't honestly see anything wrong in making this game with Banjo, there have been all kinds of other game franchises that have done the same thing with branching out into different genres, successfully might I add, so what's so different about this?

  90. Mart Vinegar

    Mart VinegarDag siden

    Wait till you hear that someone burned down a building in the show.

  91. Mr. Boo

    Mr. BooDag siden

    "To show the power of Flex Tape..." *I SAWED THE WORLD IN HALF!*

  92. Jay Phoenix

    Jay PhoenixDag siden

    They say the Russians are gonna get the USSR back together... ...with the power of flex tape

  93. HKgaming

    HKgamingDag siden

    The truth about Jontron is out there

  94. SonicHatch 13

    SonicHatch 13Dag siden

    This has been a really shitty experience 💀

  95. Cthulhu Fox

    Cthulhu FoxDag siden

    Thumbs up to my math nerds. "Some sort of square" but it's rectangle but rectangle is square. At like 4:40 yeah

  96. Zalachaen

    ZalachaenDag siden

    man that guy of the show sounds like a sociopath

  97. She-naynay Fox

    She-naynay FoxDag siden


  98. dumpsterführer 69

    dumpsterführer 69Dag siden

    *cries in dnd*

  99. ishan aryan

    ishan aryanDag siden


  100. Pixelated Donkey

    Pixelated DonkeyDag siden

    “I remember them oh wait no I don’t.” I could have done something better like “ I remember them NOT.”