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The Key & Peele channel is the place to watch comedy sketches from Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, whose Comedy Central show took on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as far-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, Mr. Garvey the substitute teacher, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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Slap-Ass - Key & Peele

9 måneder siden

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Scat Duel - Key & Peele

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Key & Peele - Pawn Shop

11 måneder siden

  1. t77snapshot

    t77snapshot18 sekunder siden

    I'm so glad they re-posted this in HD since it went viral.

  2. Bazooka Level

    Bazooka Level51 sekund siden

    The sex detective is waaayy more funny its hilarious and stupid funny.

  3. Loojis Htc

    Loojis Htc2 minutter siden

    Wand with a silencer 😂😂😂😂

  4. AdADglgmutShevanel

    AdADglgmutShevanel4 minutter siden

    Parnabus Jackson, lol

  5. Drew Tweedie

    Drew Tweedie6 minutter siden

    Lol prequel to get out

  6. OspreyBravo18

    OspreyBravo187 minutter siden

    Just saying it would be Ilvermorny not Hogwarts since this is set in the US. I get that it's supposed to be comedy but a little bit of research would make it even more entertaining.

  7. Sierra Kay

    Sierra Kay7 minutter siden

    "Got them titties poppin out. Amazing."

  8. Xyulel

    Xyulel8 minutter siden

    "N*gga what bottle?"

  9. forgea comp

    forgea comp8 minutter siden

    This shud b a show asap

  10. Mini Bike Morgan

    Mini Bike Morgan10 minutter siden

    Black guy plays white cop nobody cares but it's a white guy played a black cop everybody would say racism because of blackface

  11. Sierra Kay

    Sierra Kay10 minutter siden

    "Sir.....Sir.... S-sir?"

  12. Crispynagguts

    Crispynagguts11 minutter siden

    3:07 he was like “Shit he’s a genius, how did he know my plan?”

  13. R.J. Ehlert

    R.J. Ehlert12 minutter siden

    Why are you two so funny?

  14. ryu hayabusa

    ryu hayabusa14 minutter siden

    Did you decide to do this video after watching spillcoms Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 review


    ABEER IBRAHIM14 minutter siden

    is that tyler the creator father 😕😕😕😕?????

  16. Doug Glassman

    Doug Glassman14 minutter siden

    This is probably the closest we'll ever get to an American adaptation of Jetman.

  17. Johnny Strife

    Johnny Strife15 minutter siden

    That’s so true though. When you’re in choir and the person next to you is pitchy it’s unbearable.

  18. Manav Mathews

    Manav Mathews15 minutter siden

    "This young man's name is Ja'marr" I'm dead

  19. Sierra Kay

    Sierra Kay16 minutter siden

    I find it so weird when someone gets to engaged to someone who hasn't yet met the family. Is it that common? My family I always new about any one I even liked.

  20. Galactic Warlock

    Galactic Warlock18 minutter siden

    I see Keanu Reeve.

  21. Bruno Aponte

    Bruno Aponte20 minutter siden


  22. Galactic Warlock

    Galactic Warlock22 minutter siden

    00:35 need them shoes

  23. Jamaal Eastmond

    Jamaal Eastmond23 minutter siden



    JUSTANGLEA28 minutter siden

    “Get yo ass out my office I WILL TURN YOU INTO A SPIDER” 😭😭

  25. Jeremy Kuehnau

    Jeremy Kuehnau29 minutter siden

    I'd watch a movie based on this.

  26. IKMNification

    IKMNification30 minutter siden

    He's the embodiment of Samuel L. Jackson when he's being sarcastic, but this guy isn't being sarcastic.

  27. um you're ugly so be quiet

    um you're ugly so be quiet31 minutt siden

    Get ya ass out my office I will turn you into a spider

  28. S Alty

    S Alty34 minutter siden

    One of their most effective skits yet. Would like to see them produce more along this Hogwarts theme. But allow a little more time for text to remain on the screen, ok?

  29. La Dame en Rose

    La Dame en Rose34 minutter siden

    Tyrone😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m deaaaaad

  30. QueenCoCoaMocha

    QueenCoCoaMocha35 minutter siden

    I'm from Mississippi and I'll use that British accent in a heartbeat no one can tell😏

  31. Ian Rapoport

    Ian Rapoport35 minutter siden

    The boss kind of looks like Trevor Philips

  32. Mr. Dhruv

    Mr. Dhruv35 minutter siden

    Why is there a picture of cat hanging on a branch hanging on the wall in his office?

  33. Aly pixar

    Aly pixar36 minutter siden

    Great video

  34. Martell Davis

    Martell Davis37 minutter siden

    "mom's" eye goes wild at 2:34 lmao

  35. Eamon Lahiri

    Eamon Lahiri43 minutter siden

    Liked just based on the thumbnail.

  36. Christopher Reyes

    Christopher Reyes44 minutter siden

    That cut scene tho! It was so funny

  37. JRoyal504

    JRoyal50446 minutter siden

    We need this movie NOW‼️

  38. Brendon Tan

    Brendon Tan47 minutter siden

    I like how no one stopped him from shooting the chief at the end

  39. Mr.Krabs2325

    Mr.Krabs232547 minutter siden

    you litterally already uploaded this why upload it again

  40. Saira Garcia

    Saira Garcia50 minutter siden

    Ping really lol

  41. MysteryMachine 444

    MysteryMachine 44450 minutter siden

    It is an inner city school. Wakka Wakka! 🤩🥳🤡

  42. albert dean castillo

    albert dean castillo51 minutt siden

    Ha ha ha ha oh man

  43. Simco Sports

    Simco Sports52 minutter siden

    Name of the school is named after ghostbusters. Vince was what Louis turned into. Love it.

  44. Chase Lawshe

    Chase Lawshe52 minutter siden

    “I thought you was gonna say some stupid shit like that” 💀💀💀

  45. Nick B

    Nick B53 minutter siden

    Great skit

  46. QueenCoCoaMocha

    QueenCoCoaMocha54 minutter siden

    So🤔 NO ONE got the inside joke on Carl's Jr. & Hardee's?🤣😂

  47. Sierra Kay

    Sierra Kay55 minutter siden

    Goddamn I fucking love this so much. 😂😂❤️

  48. Tony Stokes

    Tony Stokes57 minutter siden

    I remember when this first came out. When he had they lady on his head making the hat I hit the floor in tears 😂

  49. Ndirangu Gichuki

    Ndirangu Gichuki58 minutter siden

    Is that Captain CJ of Brooklyn 99 hehehehe.

  50. cranky pisces

    cranky pisces58 minutter siden

    I sometimes forgot Jordan is a man

  51. hunterswine

    hunterswineTime siden

    Oh well.

  52. sarah siddiqui

    sarah siddiquiTime siden

    LMFAO i feel attacked

  53. nikvillacres

    nikvillacresTime siden

    "No...that's an actual rat..."

  54. john smith

    john smithTime siden

    2:00 most unrealistic thing is that they're not yelling at jamar to take his do-rag off and ignoring when he puts it back on 2 seconds later.

  55. paul atr8eez

    paul atr8eezTime siden

    Can we please get a blooper reel for this one.

  56. Max

    MaxTime siden

    (This comment has spoilers) Everytime I watch this I'm paranoid Key will actually choke on a marble like his character

  57. paul atr8eez

    paul atr8eezTime siden

    0:44 look at the statistic 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  58. Czarina Alexandra Hilado

    Czarina Alexandra HiladoTime siden

    isn’t Lester Bigglesby the guy Joji defeated in Sanctuary?

  59. Saracen Bear

    Saracen BearTime siden

    These are Jews at a nursery, or Indians in front of anything that's remotely alive...or dead...

  60. Skidoosh Layman

    Skidoosh LaymanTime siden

    Despite making up only 13% of the wizard population...

  61. Angel MartineZ

    Angel MartineZTime siden


  62. Pat 1984

    Pat 1984Time siden

    Tom Jasper all day

  63. Dougy 187

    Dougy 187Time siden

    Sometimes some people just needs a little love then again they also need a good ass whipping

  64. Keneisenuo Sorhie

    Keneisenuo SorhieTime siden

    Chicken Dummets Soooooooo fetch ♥️🔥👀💟💐💕😭

  65. EnrouteToSuccess

    EnrouteToSuccessTime siden

    He ain’t say nun in French but it sounded french af !

  66. adrian Ramirez

    adrian RamirezTime siden


  67. KcaTisback

    KcaTisbackTime siden


  68. Phyankord

    PhyankordTime siden

    im sorry but silenced wands and swiffers...... yall be copycat wizards if i ever seen it. nothing new here kids just scroll along in the comments!

  69. Reuben Riojas

    Reuben RiojasTime siden

    This skit was not funny at all... tbh most of their stuff isn’t

  70. Mason Pines

    Mason PinesTime siden

    A ghostbusters reference, you cheeky fucks!

  71. James Daniels

    James DanielsTime siden

    Objection: americans do not play quidditch. Americans play Quodpot, which is like quidditch, but the quaffle explodes. And really, can you think of anything more american than that?

  72. The 9 Show

    The 9 ShowTime siden

    Hey guys Im no Key and Peele but just posted a new sketch comedy video if anyone is interested.

  73. Alyssah Delgado

    Alyssah DelgadoTime siden

    so much wrong with this LMAO

  74. gambitvoleur

    gambitvoleurTime siden

    So when was this actually made?

  75. GiGiBizet

    GiGiBizetTime siden

    Sloppy seconds. At least. This fucking show 😩

  76. SlantedLand

    SlantedLandTime siden

    Every sketch these two are in, I will find and watch and laugh. Keep 'em coming CC on YT.

  77. Rice_Only

    Rice_OnlyTime siden

    Kids now in days

  78. Jason Brody

    Jason BrodyTime siden

    Yo I thought that was Kegan for a second

  79. Jason Brody

    Jason BrodyTime siden

    My Baby gots the PTSDs

  80. JD Perez

    JD PerezTime siden


  81. James Rapp

    James RappTime siden

    This is probably what it would really look like. Some stereotypes are true. Black culture.

  82. wisly sabourin

    wisly sabourinTime siden

    He called the rat Tyrone 😂

  83. Sham Serry

    Sham SerryTime siden

    Mrs.hafer from drake and josh

  84. Bobby Last

    Bobby LastTime siden

    Nobody does it better than Key and Peele. These guys are masterful.

  85. Reva FoSho

    Reva FoShoTime siden

    I love that the Ice-T dog had a pug body 🤣🤣 Couldn’t be any better

  86. And ?

    And ?Time siden

    K. This one was far from funny.

  87. Tolkien Fan

    Tolkien FanTime siden

    Calling a black man black isn't racist, neither is Calling a white man white Or a brown man brown Or a yellow man yellow Or a red man red Saying that's racist is like saying calling a blond person blond is hate speech. Only when you judge by colors can it become racist.

  88. Nick Jones

    Nick JonesTime siden

    "Half the team back here riding mops, we got 2 little n's on swiffers" (2:19) - Im dead

  89. Osckiie

    OsckiieTime siden

    at 2:20 he sounds like Muscle Man for The Regular Show

  90. Tang Tang

    Tang TangTime siden

    I rode my scoot scoot into a back alley of some big chain store, at night, and it was freaking scary.

  91. Thick Chungus

    Thick ChungusTime siden

    I lost it when they showed the bitch and the money went down bc that's how it be like when being with a girl

  92. DeathWatch WR

    DeathWatch WRTime siden

    I could've sworn he was coping IG-11 in the Mandalorian at 1:40 Look at Keegan Now watch this

  93. Maria A. Echeverri

    Maria A. EcheverriTime siden

    I would watch this if this was a movie in a fucking heartbeat

  94. Maria A. Echeverri

    Maria A. EcheverriTime siden

    MY GUY😂😂😂😂😂😂

  95. Dr Fu Minshew

    Dr Fu MinshewTime siden

    1:37 School number 161 “Abracadabra School for Special Needs Wizards” 😂 😂

  96. Scaramouch

    ScaramouchTime siden

    I'd watch an entire series of this

  97. Master Pope Yoda

    Master Pope YodaTime siden

    Iner city school or if you live in the south

  98. Gabriel Malinis

    Gabriel MalinisTime siden

    Is that a cat with a durag? Bahaha

  99. junior fio

    junior fioTime siden

    I'll pay good money to watch a full length movie of this.

  100. Tony Stokes

    Tony StokesTime siden

    10m views only 10 months. 1mil a month that's crazy. That's how great these skits are.