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Pixel Buds 2 hands-on
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Amazon Echo Buds hands-on
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Apple iPhone 11 hands-on

3 måneder siden

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  1. David Williams

    David Williams7 minutter siden

    This was in Chandler Arizona, not Phoenix.

  2. Thor Lin Siang

    Thor Lin Siang17 minutter siden

    Did they just put on a seat belt for the driver seat?

  3. springer 11724

    springer 1172432 minutter siden

    There are people who are shopping for electric super car - for those people Top Tesla models ($75K-$140K) and Porsche Taycan ($100K - $200K) are definite competitors, and Taycan may displace some more Model S/X sales which is already tanking anyway.

  4. PafMedic

    PafMedic42 minutter siden

    Hmmm,.3 Years Ago,.Would Be Visible To The Naked Eye Now..Doesnt Exist..and Tell Us..What Astronomer Saw It,Documented It....Name..Come On..Idiots

  5. Zoya Spencer

    Zoya Spencer43 minutter siden


  6. AdrianaE

    AdrianaE46 minutter siden


  7. Marcrito Gz707

    Marcrito Gz70749 minutter siden

    El señor:ola Todos:woooowoowpwpwpwopwolawoooooculowoooo*aplausos*ooooouwoowowowowoooou*mas aplausos*wooouwowowowowowooooooooo

  8. Geoffrey Santos

    Geoffrey Santos51 minutt siden

    2 years ago I had the new note 9 together with the Samsung watch 46mm which I am still using, but since I bought the new iPhone 11pro max I'm planning to buy the apple watch series 5, thanks to your review I'm decided now that I'll get it as a Christmas gift for myself. what's more beautiful is that I'm immersing myself fully to apple products. thank you!

  9. Alex Gonzalez

    Alex Gonzalez58 minutter siden

    It’s. All hype

  10. Franco Gmeplays

    Franco GmeplaysTime siden

    1:19 ...

  11. Nekminute

    NekminuteTime siden

    trust the ai not the Chrystler 🤣

  12. Wowwow Sanchez

    Wowwow SanchezTime siden

    I'm getting a iPad mini so this is a good video I guess

  13. Cesar Cancino

    Cesar CancinoTime siden

    I been wanting o turn my Polaris slingshot electric

  14. parth

    parthTime siden

    who is here after GQ trever noah??

  15. Rivo Mino

    Rivo Mino2 timer siden

    Solution: Government's should provide scooters for half of a cost of private companies. And governments now must think a new lanes for SCOOTERS ONLY in central areas. Do Bicycle lanes work? Not so much because pedestrian and car interruption. The solution is easy, make the roads bigger. Leave 2 PROPER LANES for ALTERNATIVE VEHICLES, human powered lane & electric alternative transport lane.

  16. Christophe Fouquet

    Christophe Fouquet2 timer siden

    If I were a dog, I would figure this out and chew the whole unit to get my treats.

  17. uccoffee blog

    uccoffee blog2 timer siden

    it is best mid range android tablet when installed primeOS :)

  18. Juan Visbal

    Juan Visbal2 timer siden

    I was so nervous watching the video,expecting it to bump into something, but I think it drives better than I do.

  19. Just_a_random_guy. pdf

    Just_a_random_guy. pdf2 timer siden

    Elon Musk: "eerrrr..... This car is... uhhhhh... car?" Crowd: *WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!* *Claps* Elon Musk: "Oh w-w-w-w-wait, there's more" Crowd: *Religiously chanting* "ONE MORE THING! ONE MORE THING!"

  20. John Dahlgren

    John Dahlgren2 timer siden

    So if it is bullet proof and if the windows dont break ,that means cops cant stop you ! I might have to buy one now

  21. Just_a_random_guy. pdf

    Just_a_random_guy. pdf2 timer siden

    Elon Musk sounds sooooo out of his comfort zone it's actually quite funny

  22. secretspurs

    secretspurs3 timer siden

    erm, I think they forgot the indicators ... whoops.

  23. s ga

    s ga3 timer siden

    This is why I went Linux

  24. Ianmundo

    Ianmundo3 timer siden

    Conventional cars converted to autonomous are disconcerting, the lack of driver is inherently dangerous looking. A fully autonomous vehicle, designed as such from the factory would not have the analogue driver inputs. Passengers will be able to relax better without the empty driver seat

  25. Stefan Hoi

    Stefan Hoi3 timer siden

    "self driving cars *could* be safer" he says. As if that wasn't already certain with the sentence he said before: humans are terrible drivers! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  26. Tito Alo

    Tito Alo3 timer siden

    Problem is that they still need super detailed map and human intervention. The next step is the hardest

  27. Anaya Boyd

    Anaya Boyd4 timer siden

    Who all is hoping you get this for Christmas

  28. Arrowlog Productions

    Arrowlog Productions4 timer siden

    When do they get their fleet of I-Paces?

  29. Pranshu Chittora

    Pranshu Chittora4 timer siden

    Looking forward for Linux version

  30. leps75

    leps754 timer siden

    This is not the future, this is business...

  31. Selmina Kesic

    Selmina Kesic4 timer siden

    i got one for my birthday, and i love it so much!! worth it!

  32. MrTurtle1120

    MrTurtle11204 timer siden

    Who is here from Trevor Noah’s essentials video?

  33. Spot Anjo3

    Spot Anjo34 timer siden

    I am so glad that blockbuster is gone forever. Its waste time and expensive to rent.

  34. Ankur K

    Ankur K5 timer siden

    What’s surreal is your stash.

  35. cheridan paine

    cheridan paine5 timer siden

    *hits white door like his life depends on it* *hits tesla the lightest he could*

  36. Danny Morales

    Danny Morales5 timer siden

    Terrible review. You said the galaxy just has a whole bunch of stuff and than not get into any of it?

  37. skepppy

    skepppy5 timer siden

    Wait..why this is in the trending for gaming page.

  38. Wesley Guan

    Wesley Guan5 timer siden

    He stays more aggressive and arrogant at EU hearing compared to the congressional hearing.

  39. First Last

    First Last5 timer siden

    who'd get ticketed for speeding tho???

  40. Michael Gimenez

    Michael Gimenez5 timer siden

    Never bee able to swap the graphic card? Dude any Clevo laptop using MXM GPU can do that....

  41. Michael Gimenez

    Michael Gimenez5 timer siden

    Never bee able to swap the graphic card? Dude any Clevo laptop using MXM GPU can do that....

  42. John T.

    John T.6 timer siden

    ...carriering my “Shi...,to school?!

  43. Berkay Aşık

    Berkay Aşık6 timer siden

    Dikiz aynası nerede

  44. Matthew M

    Matthew M6 timer siden

    I see the only obstacle here is humans. The only way this development will make money is military, I’m quite curious where their funding comes from and I’m not talking front companies.

  45. Alexander

    Alexander6 timer siden

    I think it would be better to show road and car, not the host.

  46. Patthon Sirilim

    Patthon Sirilim6 timer siden

    here an idea put petn bomb in it and wala you have remote control bomb that can climb up stairs and traverse any ground it can even do a dance before it goes boom

  47. itsahsah

    itsahsah6 timer siden

    I could really see this working great as a tethering solution for us pro photographers.

  48. Małgorzata G

    Małgorzata G7 timer siden

    What is her name? She is very good. I want her more

  49. crableg steve

    crableg steve7 timer siden

    Just act like you are propelling with your foot

  50. Moinuddin Kazi

    Moinuddin Kazi7 timer siden

    1:24 Savage🤣

  51. Kl EE

    Kl EE7 timer siden

    Halo Steez

  52. Prince Wakanda

    Prince Wakanda7 timer siden

    I remember drawing it when I was a tesla oh I mean toddler 😂

  53. Shaun Green

    Shaun Green7 timer siden

    How do you feel now iPadsOS 13 is now out?

  54. Joe Goh

    Joe Goh7 timer siden

    The difference between snobs and pragmatists.

  55. Prince Wakanda

    Prince Wakanda7 timer siden

    How hot can it be in summer lol 😂

  56. imran khan

    imran khan7 timer siden

    It’s a cheap looking phone for 700$ .. when u pick it up you end up buying pro .. it’s bulky not worth upgrade .. ideally Apple should sell pro for 700..

  57. David Ballentine

    David Ballentine8 timer siden

    On the 14, can you charge over USBC?

  58. Nick Scogna Realtor

    Nick Scogna Realtor8 timer siden

    Simple design, great energy efficiency, easy access for people with mobility concerns, easy to clean, and not overly expensive. Not a tiny house by any means, but size is not as important as layout. Getting back to basics.

  59. Panand Bakhtar

    Panand Bakhtar8 timer siden

    It's a temporary fun to ride thing. In end I will not trust some wires than my strong bones body.

  60. Jessica Morales

    Jessica Morales8 timer siden

    Found this and thought that it was a rip from a low-budget movie from the 80's

  61. Benji

    Benji8 timer siden

    What a backseat driver

  62. Shubham Pawar

    Shubham Pawar8 timer siden

    ARM is the future. The word to focus is future.

  63. Jayakrishna Balaji

    Jayakrishna Balaji8 timer siden

    Alphabet must launch Waymo in New York City, to unleash it's full potential as a driverless vehicle! Probably, head to head with Tesla and Uber.

  64. T Minus

    T Minus8 timer siden

    I thought this was a good video until he used compute as a noun

  65. D Nundahl

    D Nundahl8 timer siden

    Idiots, no car as in no catridge.

  66. Patrick Ratz

    Patrick Ratz9 timer siden

    this car does never fall in Terrorismen hands o.O

  67. Jonathan

    Jonathan9 timer siden


  68. Switchback

    Switchback9 timer siden

    Baby Yoda was literally lightning in a bottle for Disney. Like most things that just explode and go viral, it's not something you can force through marketing alone - it's normally born from an idea and creative passion from the people who made it happen.

  69. Bilal abboud

    Bilal abboud9 timer siden

    this video is a total waste of time

  70. David Novák

    David Novák9 timer siden

    7:02 Lol, that's the best reaction you can have when you realise someone is filming you.

  71. Leon Wlmn

    Leon Wlmn9 timer siden

    yeah xD

  72. Jon Wilbur Tan

    Jon Wilbur Tan9 timer siden

    I'm ok with the back and the hinges but it does need a lot of work on the screen profile and ratio against its body and bezels. Looks terrible in that perspective. Overall I'm glad it's coming out.

  73. Raghav Somani

    Raghav Somani9 timer siden

    Well, try that in India, in states like UP, Bihar, Haryana if you really really trust this AI

  74. temuriellkohnke

    temuriellkohnke9 timer siden

    ya, hot air balloons NOT satellites..... did anyone catch that...

  75. Jose Lopez

    Jose Lopez9 timer siden

    Who ordered the Baby Yoda plush?

  76. Yiğit Tüzünalp

    Yiğit Tüzünalp9 timer siden

    jabra kadabra

  77. sevin furly

    sevin furly9 timer siden

    Tesla: it's my pleasure to be your joker

  78. Fancyfilmss

    Fancyfilmss10 timer siden

    Are the cars electric ?

  79. hairy plopper

    hairy plopper10 timer siden

    It has to be some kind of joke!! Or was designed on an etch-a-sketch :-)

  80. Peter Carqueville

    Peter Carqueville10 timer siden

    Excellent analysis!

  81. Diesel Ramcharger

    Diesel Ramcharger10 timer siden

    because communists.

  82. Tudor Bitchesss

    Tudor Bitchesss10 timer siden

    In EU:Asks him a question and lets him talk In Us:How facebook works? Zucc:Well we-.. US:Ok shut up

  83. Akshay kumar Saha

    Akshay kumar Saha10 timer siden

    I am a technology fan, but I don't support fully autonomous. Level 4 autonomous is where we need to stop..

  84. B L 么 C K

    B L 么 C K11 timer siden

    Im a Kid This is my Second Phone why would you ban my phone.

  85. Zain Iftikhar

    Zain Iftikhar11 timer siden

    It does do damage though.. but for a person who can replace the battery after 2years its not a problem

  86. THE ARAV26

    THE ARAV2611 timer siden

    Should I get this or spend an extra $30 for the wh-1000xm3

  87. The PannuKakku

    The PannuKakku11 timer siden

    Elon musk is my favorite millionaire

  88. MUTE

    MUTE11 timer siden

    2:06 "I did that thing that Dickheads do"

  89. lavkmr1

    lavkmr111 timer siden

    By killing each other of course

  90. Arthur Vlad

    Arthur Vlad12 timer siden

    Q : How to game on Surface Go? A : Get Gforce Now

  91. AB GamerEnterianment

    AB GamerEnterianment12 timer siden

    When it's coming 😭😭 am so impatient

  92. Narita Family

    Narita Family12 timer siden

    Pause at 1:46 look at how many shaved heads there are

  93. vanvan

    vanvan13 timer siden

    MI for 100$ rules?!?!

  94. Fenixz Filip

    Fenixz Filip13 timer siden

    Literally don't buy Apple products if u have self-respect.

  95. Anwesha Mukherjee

    Anwesha Mukherjee13 timer siden

    Very nicely explained. The way the information in video is presented is praiseworthy.

  96. קירות גבוהים

    קירות גבוהים13 timer siden

    "-What do you do for a living? -I'm a phone case expert." Humanity is ripe for extinction.

  97. Carlos E. C. Bernauer

    Carlos E. C. Bernauer13 timer siden

    Last comment is the best one. Windows should focus on to be a super customizable OS

  98. Marco Antônio da Silva Batista

    Marco Antônio da Silva Batista13 timer siden

    1950:we will have flying cars in 2019 2019:cybertruck

  99. chaosweb12

    chaosweb1214 timer siden

    Im thinking of buying a USB-C dock to connect all my peripherals (keyboard, mouse, headset and monitor. My laptop only has usb-c (no thunderbolt). Will there be any latency issues or delays when playing games? The reason why I wanted a docking station is so I can just leave all my peripherals connected to it and easily take my laptop with me and a spare mouse then just replug the dock when Im back home.

  100. Florian Ensle

    Florian Ensle14 timer siden

    Elon Musk: Hold my Cybertruck