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  1. John Dockert

    John Dockert8 timer siden

    Omg!!! Omg!!! Omg!!! What? How? Who cares? Bieber and Eminem need a helicopter ride.

  2. Jin’s Hoe

    Jin’s Hoe8 timer siden

    I...actually....don’t love Ariana🌞🌞🌞

  3. Angy liz

    Angy liz8 timer siden

    They are so cute

  4. Amarri Batti

    Amarri Batti8 timer siden

    It’s not fair felicity did her time but Lori didn’t..put Lori in prison

  5. Sir Plata

    Sir Plata8 timer siden

    I remember this interview on TV. But out of respect for Vanessa, ET lowkey shouldn’t have thrown this back up

  6. Mey Alnora Sijabat

    Mey Alnora Sijabat8 timer siden


  7. Zandara Quitalig

    Zandara Quitalig8 timer siden

    3:09 🥺❣️

  8. Amelia W

    Amelia W8 timer siden

    This is what happens when you’ve not been in school for all your life. The lack of vocabularies and inability to express herself through words.

  9. Isabella Higueras

    Isabella Higueras8 timer siden

    Matthew 16:26 26 What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?

  10. african booty scratcher

    african booty scratcher8 timer siden

    Nobody: Not even army: Not even: Mario: Not even Luigi: namjoon: sO LIKE-

  11. Zakir Ali Khan

    Zakir Ali Khan8 timer siden

    Mic drop bamm

  12. DownTown Destry Brown

    DownTown Destry Brown8 timer siden


  13. Rehab Junkie

    Rehab Junkie8 timer siden

    Kobe Kobe Kobe! It Amazes me how everything’s about him and his daughter. Guess you gotta be famous to be remembered. It’s bullshit. Almost nothing about the other deaths. Kobe died with “high honors” the others died with nothing and for nothing.

  14. Maggie Sunset

    Maggie Sunset8 timer siden

    This mentality is a serious trend... Puhleasee. Why make everything so trashy these days with this bs? Stop respecting people just because their "standing up for something". Sometimes just because you speak with conviction, it don't make you right. He could have said all this without making it about racism. Such BS in 2020!!!

  15. Carlos Green

    Carlos Green8 timer siden

    My ponytail Queen..lol

  16. Demon Clown

    Demon Clown8 timer siden

    I'm trying to wake up on this dream 😭 This Is the most bad dreams That I Saw 😭 Kobe we will Miss You so Much😭 LEGENDS NEVER DIE ❤ R.I.P KOBE and Gianna👑 8 & 24

  17. Jasmine Qj

    Jasmine Qj8 timer siden

    Why nobody is talking about V ? I mean.. just look at him my heart is breaking..

  18. henry rivera

    henry rivera8 timer siden

    Lil xan?

  19. Miss Uno

    Miss Uno8 timer siden

    Omg all these young girls crying and loving on their parents has me in tears! Too cute

  20. Sophia Lozano

    Sophia Lozano8 timer siden

    God bless the family and the others ocupantes in the helicopter 🚁 Fuerza tienes hijas por seguir luchando🙏😭😭😭😭

  21. theyoongs

    theyoongs8 timer siden

    being asked what a word means that's not in your first language by a native speaker sounds terrifying

  22. Toby vlog

    Toby vlog8 timer siden

    One of my queens

  23. Selma Mustafa

    Selma Mustafa8 timer siden

    Ashe needs to put on a bra

  24. U Work 4 Me Now

    U Work 4 Me Now8 timer siden

    RIP to Kobe and his daughter

  25. Jaime Perez

    Jaime Perez8 timer siden

    Shes fake shit duh

  26. Hằng Lý

    Hằng Lý8 timer siden

    NAMJOON so handsome 😍😍😍

  27. chaska

    chaska8 timer siden

    From all the interviews I´ve seen from the Grammys I like this one the best, the ladies knew about them and ARMY and asked a really interesting question, Namjoon´s response was so beautiful, yes we´ll always keep their backs

  28. Stella Matutina

    Stella Matutina8 timer siden

    No one owes this guy s... he owes apology to his daughter

  29. U Work 4 Me Now

    U Work 4 Me Now8 timer siden

    Some bullshit man

  30. la terza faccia della medaglia

    la terza faccia della medaglia8 timer siden

    i'm crying

  31. Shower Silver

    Shower Silver8 timer siden

    That boy was smooveee

  32. Silje R

    Silje R8 timer siden


  33. Lu Rivera

    Lu Rivera8 timer siden

    If ThEre's lIgHt ThErs'S sHaDow

  34. Radhika Kumar

    Radhika Kumar8 timer siden

    jungkook subtly correcting their english by saying “we purple you” is what i love for

  35. Anna Balderas

    Anna Balderas8 timer siden

    Why is ET giving this guy the time of day?????? STOP SUPPORTING THIS HORRIBLE MAN.

  36. Mohamed Saleh

    Mohamed Saleh8 timer siden

    Stop raping about sex guns cars and booty and maybe have some lyrics that are actually meaningful and maybe their will be more diversity

  37. Ella Banjade

    Ella Banjade8 timer siden

    I’m literally crying 😭 while watching this video 😭😭

  38. gene cable

    gene cable8 timer siden

    Its an illuminati sacrifice. His death was shown in a cartoon from 2016 on comedy central. Showed him in cartoon form in a crashed helicopter

  39. Harold Mcliggans

    Harold Mcliggans8 timer siden

    So heartbreaking, more than just the game of basketball, got me tearing up writing this. Im so sorry kobe and gianna. May you rest in peace😭🙏

  40. seulgipout

    seulgipout8 timer siden

    why is no one talking about how namjoon just shouted down all the haters??

  41. Krissy

    Krissy8 timer siden

    R.I.P. Kobe #24 black mamba 🐍

  42. Ergina Gjikaj

    Ergina Gjikaj8 timer siden

    REST IN PEACE 🙏😢😢😢

  43. r d

    r d8 timer siden

    This is unreal man...rip Gigi and Kobe 🙏🏽

  44. Miss Uno

    Miss Uno8 timer siden

    Can anybody get more real than Billie?? You rock girl!

  45. Kaeden Cross

    Kaeden Cross8 timer siden

    **me when I’m home alone**

  46. Kim Taehyung

    Kim Taehyung8 timer siden

    IDK this is just me or everyone notices it but I can see something on Jungkook's face when interviewer started talking about Ariana 🙄🥰😂

  47. R P

    R P8 timer siden

    What a bunch of clowns


    BTSVERSE8 timer siden

    Look how jungkook stare her 'Interviewer' from his killer eyes 😳😕😑 maybe he seems her much beautiful or maybe jungshook n wanting to know whatever she said in english.😂😂

  49. Just Marcus

    Just Marcus8 timer siden

    Great interview!


    THYLUOR BLU MOVILLON8 timer siden

    Rip lodi😢

  51. lothien

    lothien8 timer siden

    I'm sick of this bimbo she has a perfect life and she thinks by doing these things we're gonna believe she has struggled in life thats so sad..

  52. Aaron Gilbert

    Aaron Gilbert8 timer siden

    Billie eyelash wasn't even alive when he played on the Lakers

  53. Marian Guerrero

    Marian Guerrero8 timer siden

    😒 they always leave his daughter out

  54. Trysten Kennedy

    Trysten Kennedy8 timer siden

    They're so cute oh my god 😂

  55. Abby Perez

    Abby Perez8 timer siden

    0:10 she was like can I talk now ?!

  56. wvy. ae

    wvy. ae8 timer siden

    Rm with his fake laugh is still my fave

  57. reallyellie

    reallyellie8 timer siden

    they were so cute... so sad to see so many die around you.. on tv or in real life.I thank god for every day.


    BTSVERSE8 timer siden

    Interviewer : point at jungkook and ask you love ariana!! Jungkook : yeah!! i love ariana. Me : 😞😶

  59. Celeste Imaña

    Celeste Imaña8 timer siden

    No me gusta Ariana Grande

  60. Don A

    Don A8 timer siden

    I doubt Billie Ellish even knew who Kobe was before yesterday. Stop using tragedy to get likes on Instagram.

  61. Proud American

    Proud American8 timer siden

    She's a big girl. Good to see her doing her thing.


    PRESS PLAY8 timer siden

    Ariana looked at her like "if you dont get yo hand out my face" lol

  63. nigel slatcher

    nigel slatcher8 timer siden

    Ladies and gentlemen there's a new kid on the block.rip ariana you had your 15 minutes of fame.bye.🍩🍩😄😄👍👍

  64. christine halili

    christine halili8 timer siden

    Angelina please adopt me 😍😍

  65. Daniel

    Daniel8 timer siden

    I was worried I had missed something last night...not anymore.

  66. sana owns me

    sana owns me8 timer siden


  67. Tahlia A

    Tahlia A8 timer siden

    Go away Sharon.

  68. Sweetener

    Sweetener8 timer siden

    ariana deserved better, she made 2019 her year

  69. Melissa T

    Melissa T8 timer siden

    The interviewers outfit reminds me of the movie white chicks

  70. Lord Harry

    Lord Harry8 timer siden

    Why is the interviewer yelling everything

  71. Mostafa Nasser

    Mostafa Nasser8 timer siden

    So no one is gonna talk about...ok iguess not.

  72. Lord Harry

    Lord Harry8 timer siden

    Ari: *raises mic* Interviewer: “micdrop”

  73. manic hairdo

    manic hairdo8 timer siden

    For out of the heart speaks...guess what his heart if full of. Please stop giving this awful guy air time. Nobody owes him 1 second of their attention especially Harry and his wife.

  74. Marie Miras

    Marie Miras8 timer siden

    Keep going guys.. this is just the beginning.. we Purple you too..

  75. Fernanda Faria

    Fernanda Faria8 timer siden


  76. Edith McCoy

    Edith McCoy8 timer siden

    They are just spoiled brats.

  77. Diego Guzman

    Diego Guzman8 timer siden

    😂😂😂😂 i love her

  78. a n n

    a n n8 timer siden

    i cant stop looking at seokjin AND YOONGI’S SMILE IS SO MF CUTE

  79. Giovanna Rocha

    Giovanna Rocha8 timer siden

    Não acredito que deletarammmmm

  80. Loes. M

    Loes. M8 timer siden

    god, I'm so glad she didn't do it...

  81. Janvi Mann

    Janvi Mann8 timer siden

    Why is no one talking about Yoongi's Hair it's sooooo beautiful EDIT:does anyone realise every one has black/brown hair except Yoongi, RM and Jimin there blonde EDIT: Yoongi was smirking when she talked about Ariana and then she said "We purple Ariana" the reaction he gave tho

  82. Curteis P

    Curteis P8 timer siden

    Come on Diddy 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾❤

  83. Keefer Fleming

    Keefer Fleming8 timer siden

    Britney looked incredible in that dress 👌💯 Back when music was good and we actually knew who they were, now it's all the same 👎

  84. bored girl

    bored girl8 timer siden

    I love her

  85. Ser ka

    Ser ka8 timer siden


  86. Tracey

    Tracey8 timer siden

    RM is such a good representative of the group - always so polite and so charming and so natural. Good for you RM.

  87. Goutham Reddy

    Goutham Reddy8 timer siden

    Her music is overrated...

  88. betch puddin

    betch puddin8 timer siden

    Dude i want Ariana’s Neck!!! How did she get that!!

  89. Natalie Mittica

    Natalie Mittica8 timer siden

    I feel LIKE that it's been LIKE an amazing LIKE time LIKE! LIKE! LIKE! ~L I K E~

  90. Wingless Angel

    Wingless Angel8 timer siden

    "Cause your Ariana Grande" 😂

  91. Ish Nata

    Ish Nata8 timer siden

    I purple you💜

  92. Andre Delaney

    Andre Delaney8 timer siden

    Mommy was a living single queen with a lot tee So while my wallets piling with some symbolic colored paper I lace her, 'cause she gave me such a lot at such a young age Twenty, why didn't she get that abortion? Probably 'cause that motherfuckin' embryo was morphing Into a grammy winning schizophrenic fucking orphan Lyric from Golden from Goblin Been a fan since Goblin this guy has transformed

  93. ariana buki

    ariana buki8 timer siden

    Ariana Grande, chief of all artists love

  94. housing services

    housing services8 timer siden

    Real love is loving HRH Harry. Who cares about his royal family and Queen Elizabeth. No words for Meghan deceiving, frauding Queen Elizabeth. By separating after marriage Harry and his son from the Queen. That hurts the Queen beyond anything. The Queen doesnt deserve this severe heartbreaking hurting for years. By goldigging trash as Meghan. Who never would get Harry if he was marginal crap as she wants to be herself. Thats her problem with the media. Everybody knows. That she is so wrong. Royal traditions and rules excluding goldiggers, marginal trash remarrying, multiple separated. Protects royals in general for severe heart breaking drama's and destruction. Harry should decide and change fast about whats more important to him. Hurting his grandmother and son for the next years beyond anything. Or money. Some people would give everything to talk to beloved family deceased to early. Standing up for (family by dna) HRH Queen Elizabeth. By Archduchess Casimir Habsburg. Coming up.

  95. S S

    S S8 timer siden

    No cheerleader should vape. It’s creates a negative image for the team and it’s not a good influence for kids that look up to you.

  96. Frederich h

    Frederich h8 timer siden

    i got depressed and my mom didn’t even care....she laughed and says I’m still a kid and can’t have depression.Billie so lucky she have a supporting mom.I’m 14

  97. Lauren Carmichael

    Lauren Carmichael8 timer siden

    I remember when Billie first gave a house tour Finneas was like “when this all started, I was determined to make sure the number pop star in the world.” And here she is ❤️ big brother by her side. I love them.

  98. Mary Carpenter

    Mary Carpenter8 timer siden

    Really getting sick of all this crap. Same thing over and over. Always bitching about something. Get over it. Don't you people know by now that award show are just so much garbage. Most of those women singers are a bunch of egotist anyway, they think the world owes them a living. I prefer country singers anyway, as people, I mean, they're not as hypocritical. And the way these interviewers suck-up it's disgusting. Also the way celebs suck-up to each other, they are not Pals, believe me.These talk show hosts act like they love everybody in this world, they dont. One last thing, Hollywood is going way overboard with this diversity crap. And if you have any sense at all, you'll know what I'm talking about.

  99. smile'ery'day Bright

    smile'ery'day Bright8 timer siden

    🤣 another name change

  100. Itzel Montalvo

    Itzel Montalvo8 timer siden

    I know u dont care but its my birthday!!