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  1. jawad ahmad

    jawad ahmad9 timer siden

    Love u Jeff U've got our back in difficult times

  2. Sarita Yadav

    Sarita Yadav9 timer siden

    Jeff i dont have pullup or any door bar so how can i do chinup??? Please answer me

  3. The Beast Within

    The Beast Within9 timer siden

    For future reference 2:55 40 lb 3:47 35 lb 4:16 30 lb 4:42 25 lb 5:14 20 lb 5:41 40 lb (eccentric)

  4. Jerome Rich

    Jerome Rich9 timer siden


  5. Anthony Albano

    Anthony Albano9 timer siden

    I thought you were supposed to breathe out on the way up durning a crunch to get a better contraction Jeff.

  6. Stanley Sandeep

    Stanley Sandeep9 timer siden

    Is it some kind of a voodoo magic? How come those two chairs aren't collapsing? Other than, really gr8 tips from Jeff...

  7. Dominic Arcadia

    Dominic Arcadia9 timer siden

    Athlean-X, is hands down the most concise, comprehensive and conducive exercise medium available online. Jeff is a freaking legend. Shout out from Australia 🇦🇺 🇦🇺 🇦🇺

  8. Franq804

    Franq8049 timer siden

    Please Jeff, do the Perfect Leg bodyweight workout please.

  9. Randy Watson

    Randy Watson9 timer siden

    Dude, the backpack on the bar making a cable! Works awesome, you can also work standing chest fly in when doing pecs.

  10. X 3347

    X 33479 timer siden

    I don’t have a bar


    BEASTMODE PANDA9 timer siden

    what’s your body fat percentage

  12. Hey! It's Me!

    Hey! It's Me!9 timer siden

    I'll try to workout with coronavirus lol

  13. Elliott Lewandowski

    Elliott Lewandowski9 timer siden

    How would you recommend working this in with the full body work out that you gave us the other week? I’ve been running that program since it came out and would like to stick with it but extra arm gains never hurt

  14. Himanshu Kadu

    Himanshu Kadu9 timer siden

    Thank you for being such a legend Jeff

  15. Mary Riddle

    Mary Riddle9 timer siden

    Thank you so much for putting this together! Really appreciate it!

  16. Paolo Aiuto

    Paolo Aiuto9 timer siden

    Is this workout good for burning fat as well?

  17. Badatskyblock

    Badatskyblock9 timer siden

    That cable machine tip oml your a legend Jeff best in the game by far

  18. Matthew R

    Matthew R9 timer siden

    JEFF - We do not have a chin up bar in our condo, our countertops are too thin they could break to use the overhang, and we keep our home nice so we will not be using door frames for chip ups. What else do you have for the average joe for back and biceps??? (Ps, the backpack by itself for biceps is a great example of what the average Joe can do!)

  19. Jordan Lazaro

    Jordan Lazaro9 timer siden

    I am a MASTER at the shake weight. And I don't even own one ;)

  20. Path to Wellness

    Path to Wellness9 timer siden

    Great workout, thanks!

  21. Stuart Jarvis

    Stuart Jarvis9 timer siden

    An alternative to dog leashes if you're a guitarist: Use fully lengthened guitar straps.

  22. hrhitter92

    hrhitter929 timer siden

    I've watched your vids from time to time but today I subbed because I appreciate all the hard work you've put into making sure we can still work out effectively at home. Thanks so much Jeff Cavaliere

  23. max 12

    max 129 timer siden

    Can you please make a home workout to lose weight. There is so many workouts out there, but I don't know which one to choose.

  24. Jessica Gomez Lopez

    Jessica Gomez Lopez9 timer siden

    Thank you! 🙏🏻💪🏼


    MAN HANDLA9 timer siden

    Is it me or has Jeff gotten leaner?

  26. Personal Trainer

    Personal Trainer9 timer siden

    Great video I like how you explain why based of the anatomy of the body

  27. Brian Baca

    Brian Baca9 timer siden

    I see guys in the gym every day doing them wrong and ridiculous! Do them fast and barely push up to or past 90 degrees! They basically just bounce.

  28. Fabian Cuyé

    Fabian Cuyé9 timer siden

    Jake Gyllenhaal losing his gains again!

  29. Mitch McQuoid

    Mitch McQuoid9 timer siden

    So easy so simple. Thanks man 👊

  30. नव्य Vats

    नव्य Vats9 timer siden

    You really made my mental work easy =!

  31. George Motsinger

    George Motsinger9 timer siden

    Who has a chin up bar in their house?

  32. Tentacion ./

    Tentacion ./9 timer siden


  33. Fabian Cuyé

    Fabian Cuyé9 timer siden

    It seems Jake Gyllenhaal never learns...

  34. Paul Bryson

    Paul Bryson9 timer siden

    Home with no pull up-bar squad WYA

  35. prabhat tiwari

    prabhat tiwari9 timer siden

    Uh actually I don't have a pull up bar ......

  36. Marilyn Carriaga

    Marilyn Carriaga9 timer siden

    Push up is my work out in my home

  37. aaron austin

    aaron austin9 timer siden

    Home shoulders next?

  38. Maverick Maverick

    Maverick Maverick9 timer siden

    Thanks sir... Lv from India💪💪 I need this video too much during lockdown .

  39. Don Thompson

    Don Thompson9 timer siden

    Man mt Everest peaks dam

  40. Dani El

    Dani El9 timer siden

    Guys... I'm got this question killing me... When doing crunches, how are you supposed to breathe?

  41. Jered Gines

    Jered Gines9 timer siden

    I literally did all these at the park yesterday before the video came and I'm legitimate subscriber (bought AX1 AX2 and Ultimate Arms)

  42. Justin Maderer

    Justin Maderer9 timer siden

    Can you recommend a workout in a swimming pool? I have been following you for a couple years and bought a few programs, so I know what you’re all about. I am not looking for a pool only program...just something to do a couple times a week. Something to do while in the pool with the family. Trying to get creative during this whole stay at home thing...thanks!

  43. boris brian

    boris brian9 timer siden

    So everyone have pull up bars at home now 😥😪

  44. diego monzon

    diego monzon9 timer siden

    Xero 2.0? Anytime soon?

  45. Oscar Rodriguez

    Oscar Rodriguez9 timer siden

    It looks better when Jeff does it

  46. Parker Hurley

    Parker Hurley9 timer siden

    super helpful. thanks brother

  47. Moon Knights FC

    Moon Knights FC10 timer siden

    Starting the grind myself. This helps a lot Jeff. Love the passion!!!

  48. Prashant Mehta

    Prashant Mehta10 timer siden

    I don't have any place where I could perform pull ups or chin ups at my place :-(. Just a suggestion, you could use water bottles to perform tricep kick back and skull crush. Thanks a lot Jeff, your videos help a lot.

  49. Ed Starrs

    Ed Starrs10 timer siden

    I have a 12 pack, therefore I don't have a 6 pack or 8 pack

  50. zibtihaj

    zibtihaj10 timer siden

    I have pain in my mid Delt and that seems to trigger the outer elbow pain (only left arm ) the pain happens almost simultaneously. What is going on most likely ? Pls advise ... I will be going to go to the doctor if it gets worst but what do u suspect ? Thx

  51. david gomez

    david gomez10 timer siden

    Hi bro I watch loads of ur videos I'm a 32 male and in very need to lose weight and get ripped please I beg of you can you help get fit I can do a video diary of my transformation to help others PLEASE I BEG OF YOU HELP ME OUT thanks

  52. Christopher Sherlock

    Christopher Sherlock10 timer siden

    Just got to 188lbs from 240lbs in the span of 6 months, thanks a lot to Jeff! Sitting at around 14% body fat right now but still moving for less!

  53. piriqui1

    piriqui110 timer siden

    Thank you for the video, I can really feel that you honestly are doing your best to help us all! Much health for you and family

  54. sammmas

    sammmas10 timer siden

    How long do you usually wait between sets?

  55. Zavier Cadorin

    Zavier Cadorin10 timer siden

    Since I don’t have a dog leash I’ll just use a rope instead!

  56. J. A.

    J. A.10 timer siden

    Dog leashes are now sold out on amazon

  57. Ryan E

    Ryan E10 timer siden

    I feel ripped asf after doing this

  58. ネセソトナニツキノハコスモ

    ネセソトナニツキノハコスモ10 timer siden

    PRIMUS and nothing else

  59. Vlad Khomutov

    Vlad Khomutov10 timer siden

    Jeff, what is your opinion on rings? I find it's such a versatile yet simple tool that lets you do pretty much everything at every level of difficulty. Would be great to get a vid with you using rings.

  60. Eric Urso

    Eric Urso10 timer siden

    Step 1: Make sure the video is paused and go to 5 minutes and 12 seconds Step 2: Change the playback speed to .25 *Do NOT skip this step* Step 3: Watch Jeff boop his head on the bar

  61. Ben Carlson

    Ben Carlson10 timer siden

    How do I squat without my hip flexors hurting?? Maybe it’s not even my hip flexors but that area.

  62. R R's gaming and everthing tube

    R R's gaming and everthing tube10 timer siden

    Next up auto play🕝 everything you do is bad for your gains is killing your gains.

  63. KnightGab

    KnightGab10 timer siden

    How does his bar not slide off the chairs?

  64. 123 Legoz

    123 Legoz10 timer siden

    Bruh I thought those were his ribs at first😂

  65. Billy Lzer

    Billy Lzer10 timer siden

    good video

  66. Good Reason

    Good Reason10 timer siden

    Thanx for sharing all this plan and details for FREE ❤

  67. starving kid from africa

    starving kid from africa10 timer siden


  68. Kevin M.

    Kevin M.10 timer siden

    What if I’m too weak to do the second exercise what do you recommend?

  69. Ed B

    Ed B10 timer siden

    Thank you, just what I needed.

  70. Ryan StCyr

    Ryan StCyr10 timer siden

    How long do we wait between each exercise? For example, after we go extinct on the W leg raises do we wait 10 seconds and go into the black widows or wait about 2 minutes before starting the black widows?

  71. Jodi Friedman

    Jodi Friedman10 timer siden

    What size dog leash?

  72. Praise the Lord

    Praise the Lord10 timer siden


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  74. Michael Dimas

    Michael Dimas10 timer siden

    How should we incorporate these specific body part workouts to the perfect full body ABAB workout you posted before?

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  76. P B

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    I tried man but I just couldn’t get the form

  77. Martin Reilly

    Martin Reilly10 timer siden

    Challenging exercises, thank you very much!

  78. Sqouki

    Sqouki10 timer siden

    Jeff:What's Up Guys? Jeff Cavaliere ATHLEAN-X.COM The Jeff Behind Him: What's Up Guys? Jeff Cavalier ATHLEAN-X.COM

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  81. Morganator

    Morganator10 timer siden

    Just attempted this, absolute killer but loved it!

  82. Robert Ram

    Robert Ram10 timer siden

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  83. The Don

    The Don10 timer siden

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    Owais Khan10 timer siden

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  85. l3eaks B

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    Elias Smyrneos10 timer siden

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  87. Cristopher Joseph

    Cristopher Joseph10 timer siden

    How many times can jeff do each exercise? That number is the goal haha

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    Melissa Carter10 timer siden

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  89. X_ELY_X X

    X_ELY_X X10 timer siden

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  90. Tyler Foley

    Tyler Foley10 timer siden

    Good pivots, Jeff! Appreciate it.

  91. Juan Guerra

    Juan Guerra10 timer siden

    you are a real couch, I am glad to subscribe and watch your videos, also thanks for the home training..........

  92. Adam Morgan

    Adam Morgan10 timer siden

    How does the bar not roll off of the chairs when he's doing chin ups?

  93. Ayan Dadsena

    Ayan Dadsena10 timer siden

    Corona virus is ruining everything

  94. Gena Deribeaux

    Gena Deribeaux10 timer siden

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    jan rico10 timer siden

    15 nursing college books WHOA ! ! ! DONE

  96. Tbarrr91

    Tbarrr9110 timer siden

    now that we are all at home and have time, id really like to know how to focus on bringing up a lagging body part by maybe training it everyday as well as my normal workouts and what the best way to do this is? for example for me its arms and ive decided to just do an extra 4 sets of curls and 4 sets of skull crushers alternating each day every single day. But i dunno is this the best way to bring up my lagging body part? Thats what im asking you, Thanks!

  97. Wodinn

    Wodinn10 timer siden

    Now, I try to figure out how to adapt these movements, to being paralyzed. With the Shelter in Place in my state. My local gym is now temporarily closed. So I'm back to trying to figure out how to do various exercises at home, without the use of my legs... OR the lower portion of my midsection. Which is where ALL of the strength of your core, comes from. Edit: But as far as adapting movements. The leg scissor V-up, well something just can't be adapted. I'm jealous of Jesse's beard. It's very thick and full, no homo :P

  98. Drew English

    Drew English10 timer siden

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    Abner Ruiz Cruz10 timer siden

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  100. Danny Jc

    Danny Jc10 timer siden

    If you don’t have a pull up bar you can use a door. Just stick the right number of pages of a book under it so it’s static and then set up the dog leash-backpack cable machine over the top