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  1. Brent Edwards

    Brent EdwardsTime siden

    Now that's how to hold an audience in the palm of your hand with great stories with a message and a brilliant pay off comically. She's the greatest!!

  2. Samsam Hassan

    Samsam HassanTime siden

    Brilliant by any measure!

  3. David Smith

    David SmithTime siden

    With the recent passing of another legend, Kobe Bryant, it makes me appreciate greatness while I can. Chappelle is a genius and should be enjoyed always, but especially while he's still here. RIP Kobe. 8/24, Mamba.

  4. Juanita Pope

    Juanita Pope2 timer siden


  5. Casual Gamer

    Casual Gamer2 timer siden

    Amazing! A dream for me-I love this arrangement!!

  6. Hope Falls

    Hope Falls2 timer siden

    Dave is a masterpiece

  7. Cryptic Archon

    Cryptic Archon2 timer siden

    What was this award for?

  8. Modern Beauty

    Modern Beauty3 timer siden

    It’s confusing and comical to see black men discuss racism and “blackness” while married to a whole non black woman,lol. Is Interracial marriage black genocide, both economically and genetically? I guess rich black males don’t understand this strategy nor do they care. Oh, well.

  9. Kia Sewell

    Kia Sewell3 timer siden

    He’s a genius

  10. AustinPowersNL

    AustinPowersNL4 timer siden

    So glad my birthday is Dave Chappelle day :)

  11. Josh H

    Josh H4 timer siden


  12. Shadow Winger

    Shadow Winger4 timer siden

    Jump to 10:56 to get to the start of the Q&A. The first 10 minutes are Reese doing some really bad stand-up.

  13. americanAlienBoy

    americanAlienBoy4 timer siden

    OK, I've just scraped my jaw from the top of my shoes.

  14. harris garc

    harris garc4 timer siden

    Me encanto😍🥰

  15. Melvin Andres

    Melvin Andres4 timer siden

    2:44 ... "Is Stwart overthere??"

  16. Bob Holster

    Bob Holster5 timer siden


  17. Est.019 Gz

    Est.019 Gz5 timer siden

    So why hasn't he been the Joe Rogan podcast? I guess Joe is too far below Dave.

  18. New New New

    New New New5 timer siden

    She's 1 of the hottest 50 year olds I've seen lol wow

  19. New New New

    New New New5 timer siden

    Leverage lmao

  20. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ6 timer siden

    Me: “Is he allowed to smoke indoors?” Dave literally two seconds later: “LOOK AT ME!”

  21. Trench Baby Quey

    Trench Baby Quey6 timer siden

    Kobe daughter in the very beginning 🤒

  22. Y.I

    Y.I7 timer siden

    R.I.P kobe 💔


    JRMCNEA8 timer siden

    Sometimes you have to be a lion. So that you can be the lamb that you are. Wow.

  24. loretta applebee

    loretta applebee9 timer siden

    survey the kingdom ... <3

  25. PJ Flyers

    PJ Flyers9 timer siden

    They are AMAZING!!!

  26. BEAR D RAG

    BEAR D RAG10 timer siden


  27. 루디루디

    루디루디10 timer siden

    이건 국악계의 재즈?!

  28. Viengsay Vilavanh

    Viengsay Vilavanh11 timer siden


  29. Roberto Vergara Sr.

    Roberto Vergara Sr.11 timer siden



    UDAY MEHTA13 timer siden Sweetest and kindest introduction by Jon Stewart. Bruce is simply amazing, a living legend and has the songs, the voice, the band and the acting mojo to prove it. LOVE IT. ♥ ️ ️ Bruce is an immensely blessed soul and music world's rarest gem.He is a megastar and a Prophet of music.He has earned multiple Grammy awards along with an Oscar, and Tony awards. As of now only Emmy is remaining due to him that will complete the entire circle.

  31. Dede Dispersión

    Dede Dispersión13 timer siden

    Los pelos de punta¡!... Brava ❤❤❤🧠

  32. kaqcruz03

    kaqcruz0314 timer siden

    Tribute like this... just wow

  33. Cathy McNasty

    Cathy McNasty14 timer siden

    God damn! How is that cigarette not burning his fingers?;

  34. Bryan Ramadhan

    Bryan Ramadhan15 timer siden

    my father died in 2012 ( cancer ) , everytime i listen to this i always shed tears

  35. oralia ramirez

    oralia ramirez16 timer siden

    Bro was right next to the president

  36. supremes ballard

    supremes ballard16 timer siden

    cyndi owned the stage and the song for 3:38 minutes .........LOVE HER!!!!!

  37. Damion S

    Damion S16 timer siden

    He's talking about Ari @ 1:00

  38. Betty Bryant

    Betty Bryant17 timer siden

    Am I the only living person that believes this song is a travisty?? A mother makes her young daughter a prostitute!!!! I hate it.

  39. MrINSANITY321

    MrINSANITY32117 timer siden

    I feel deprived of a longer speech and deprived of an amazing performance from Mos Def and Thundercat, haha! Great & appropriate choice of song from Dave

  40. MrRogerjowens

    MrRogerjowens17 timer siden

    Gimme a break, how many mentors does she have, they always have the wrong people talking

  41. Suchi Gada

    Suchi Gada17 timer siden

    "Way" in Spanish sounds like: "Wey" (ox)... and for that the song saids: "The ox that we were. 🇲🇽

  42. Kmancanada

    Kmancanada18 timer siden

    Everytime I hear this performance, I lose the ability to function in society for twenty four hours. I need recovery time to come back down to earth from this heavenly experience.

  43. MixMoalot

    MixMoalot19 timer siden

    This was a great year for her. She did this and Obama's enogoration. Barbra loved and thats whats most important.

  44. Pearlena Alan

    Pearlena Alan19 timer siden

    My God that girl know she can sing!

  45. Tone Stretch

    Tone Stretch19 timer siden

    Slyde was killing it

  46. Jay Bojorquez

    Jay Bojorquez20 timer siden

    Aaaaaaaaaaassssss usual, not funny

  47. Richard Alexander

    Richard Alexander20 timer siden

    Greatest comedian of all time

  48. rams812

    rams81220 timer siden

    She is excellent example of women being hilarious comics, unlike most women today.. sorry Amy Schumer, you fucking suck. And thats just to name one. Loved this though

  49. blackjack reward

    blackjack reward21 time siden

    What are people thinking who give this a thumbs down? A perfect speech that will go down in history. Dave, thank you so much for sharing your life with us.

  50. YaBoiBobSwaget

    YaBoiBobSwaget21 time siden

    How can anyone dislike this video? We love you Dave Chappelle

  51. Matt Allred

    Matt Allred21 time siden

    the phoenix of comedy rose from the ashes before our eyes that night

  52. Cornelius Trice

    Cornelius Trice21 time siden

    I’m just happy I ran into of the lucky ones

  53. Brian Angus

    Brian Angus21 time siden

    This lady wants attention at all times and sure seems phoney with this. Why don’t you just be who you are

  54. Charlie May

    Charlie May22 timer siden

    Thought he died years ago

  55. Antonio Sanchez Belinchon

    Antonio Sanchez Belinchon22 timer siden

    Mucho Boss, Magnifico!!!

  56. R Tucci

    R Tucci22 timer siden

    sting looks like the king of the world

  57. Trousersnake Pliskin

    Trousersnake Pliskin22 timer siden

    I watched maybe 4 episodes of the show this unhappy Jew used to have and thought it about as funny as watching paint dry. And he's so up himself!

  58. Terry Kelly

    Terry Kelly23 timer siden

    Seeing Sally on the screen you don't realize how tiny she is. She has such a huge persona. Congratulations to a wonderful performer.

  59. Aaron Johnson

    Aaron JohnsonDag siden

    We miss you Jon, you brighten so many of our evenings. Come back!!!

  60. Wildman2012

    Wildman2012Dag siden

    Very gracious. Congrats, Bill Murray!

  61. Lila Rubin

    Lila RubinDag siden

    Whose cutting onions

  62. Shadow Heart

    Shadow HeartDag siden

    you tease!

  63. Chris Lemieux

    Chris LemieuxDag siden

    Probably not like a library considering the average IQ is about 75-80

  64. led light

    led lightDag siden

    Maestro Santana ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  65. Jackson Young

    Jackson YoungDag siden

    Dave simply put, thanks for making the wheel work for me.

  66. María victoria Trujillo cortes

    María victoria Trujillo cortesDag siden

    raphael barba sings ?

  67. Fernando Urribarri

    Fernando UrribarriDag siden

    Gloria para la hermosa " Patria Grande" , la gran Venezuela y su gente talentosa.,, Viva siempre Venezuela.,,

  68. zerrez

    zerrezDag siden

    that wonky bow, HURTS!

  69. rogerio maria

    rogerio mariaDag siden

    Jen walked out: hold my check..let me destroy this real quick..

  70. Randall Romero

    Randall RomeroDag siden

    Was that his wife and kid in the beginning?

  71. Chuck Taylor

    Chuck TaylorDag siden

    He's never been funny himself, but he's smart enough to surround himself with real talent. This wasn't even close to being funny.

  72. Peter Piper

    Peter PiperDag siden

    What is box aiight?

  73. Anon B

    Anon BDag siden

    Calm down Chip!

  74. Shadow Heart

    Shadow HeartDag siden

    Veep is so good. Sharp, quick writing.

  75. Hell manns

    Hell mannsDag siden

    My favorite comedian behind Norm Macdonald. He gets better and better with age.

  76. Friendly Mutton

    Friendly MuttonDag siden

    So, he finally succumbed to the Eyes Wide Shut party peoples. *Slaps knee*

  77. Daniel Nanowski

    Daniel NanowskiDag siden


  78. Knock Knock

    Knock KnockDag siden

    6:11 man tears bruh. Man tears

  79. mujibur rehman

    mujibur rehmanDag siden

    Thank you👏👏👏

  80. Patrica Dyson

    Patrica DysonDag siden

    Nothing like Barbara .

  81. Our Fantasy Life

    Our Fantasy LifeDag siden

    She was singing this straight into Barbra's soul, audience be damned lol

  82. Jimmy Two-Times

    Jimmy Two-TimesDag siden

    Marlon needs to get his hyperhidrosis fixed. COTT DAMN!!

  83. Paulo Chaves

    Paulo ChavesDag siden

    Super legal nota 1000

  84. James Grant

    James GrantDag siden

    This guy I mean wow this guy right here......😑😑😑

  85. ROCK LEE

    ROCK LEEDag siden

    The best foo fighters, Kid rock, Lenny cravits y la mejor Nancy Wilson

  86. SIMONP1965

    SIMONP1965Dag siden

    It's not that movies back then weren't "cynical", they weren't woke, Carol...

  87. truestdude

    truestdudeDag siden

    We've already lost Patrice O'Neal. We have 2 cherish Dave while he's still here. I went 2 see my man live in Atlanta back when he did the Sticks & Stones special. Amazing!! Absolutely AMAZING!!!!! He killed it!! Trust me it won't be my last time @ a Dave Chappelle performance. No sir

  88. Bart Allen

    Bart AllenDag siden

    *William Chappelle:* "You are not poor. Poor is a mentality. It's a mentality that very few people ever recover from. Don’t you forget it, son. You are broke.” *Yvonne Chappelle:* "Son, sometimes you have to be a lion so you can be the lamb you really are."

  89. noony0929

    noony0929Dag siden

    Half Baked is a classic!!

  90. Vanie Chan

    Vanie ChanDag siden

    "My mother... If you had just given birth to me, that would have been more than enough, but the fact that you raised me and raised me well" -Dave Chappelle 😘😘😘 "I did not ask to be born that's your job" - Trevor Noah

  91. kosmo seedo

    kosmo seedoDag siden

    Happy for Dave Chappelle he deserves Dave Funny funny for real Dave Chappelle show..and why does Dave voice sound like that?? blessings he talks good about his mom too that's cool

  92. Flyinghow

    FlyinghowDag siden

    My FAVORITE Rachmaninoff song....OMG, it was astounding. I have always felt the accompaniment for this song was equally amazing, and the pianist is excellent. I am sure Renee chose that scaled back tempo...I notice in her masterclasses she often has them take the tempo down...too much rushing. It really works here. Brava!!! Who are the 9 imbeciles that hit dislike?!

  93. Coskun Atak

    Coskun AtakDag siden


  94. Kat Lap

    Kat LapDag siden

    This man, so special

  95. Booger Uppercut

    Booger UppercutDag siden

    They bleep out all the curse words except the N word. What that mean, Kennedy Center??

  96. tripsr4kids

    tripsr4kidsDag siden

    then they cut off the Thunderkat performance... dumb asses

  97. mead mall

    mead mallDag siden

    that was so great ....much respect much love 👌👌

  98. Hottiedonkey

    HottiedonkeyDag siden

    not funny

  99. Noah Prior

    Noah PriorDag siden

    The GOAT

  100. Eldon Phukuile

    Eldon PhukuileDag siden

    Marry me..... #iLoveJuliaLouisDryfuss