Rod Wave
Rod Wave
Rod Wave

Rod Wave - Heart On Ice

Rod Wave - Heart On Ice

8 måneder siden

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  1. RayCapalot

    RayCapalot8 timer siden


  2. Ja'MIcah Taylor

    Ja'MIcah Taylor9 timer siden

    RIP Nate, Nukie, Tudda, Lewis, and Chase Love y’all.

  3. Victor Lopez519

    Victor Lopez5199 timer siden

    This track needa be longer on goddd

  4. Lestina Cottman

    Lestina Cottman10 timer siden

    Heart on my sleeve rod is the best

  5. 282 Texas

    282 Texas10 timer siden

    This a qtr brikk, this a 9 piece, this a all nigga need to get on piece 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 been fukkin wit bro since that hunger games song

  6. Stupid_ yet_sinful

    Stupid_ yet_sinful11 timer siden

    Kinda reminds me of the early 2000's R&B scene. I haven't heard something like this in a while. Hope I see more of this dude in the future.

  7. Clay Teets

    Clay Teets11 timer siden

    The only rapper these days that actually spit something real. Type of guy that I wanna run with in my circle of men that are tying to build there selves up

  8. Marta Castellanos

    Marta Castellanos11 timer siden

    fkn dark cloud .. that energy on god love ur soul

  9. Eric Affinity

    Eric Affinity11 timer siden

    I can’t believe I it so far my whole been working so hard💪🏽💯

  10. Nina Semone

    Nina Semone12 timer siden

    Damn this my ride too song on my way to work

  11. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu12 timer siden

    I honestly haven’t heard one bad song from Rod

  12. hakeem.

    hakeem.13 timer siden


  13. Feao Nau

    Feao Nau13 timer siden

    Keep making good music big bro. Don’t switch from who you are 💯.

  14. Quinton Gonder

    Quinton Gonder13 timer siden

    I been abandon my whole life if loving me is hard I apologise if i push you away just stay by my side my heart that was filled with love turn to hate everybody i invested trust turned to be fake evre

  15. Rod210 branson

    Rod210 branson13 timer siden

    I need nba yb on this remix ASAP!!

  16. Antwaune Childs

    Antwaune Childs13 timer siden

    Ona bos I felt this shorty luv 💯💪

  17. Vontravis Kendrick

    Vontravis Kendrick13 timer siden

    I fw Rod Wave for this that nigga showed mad love to my city Albany in this vid 💯💯💯

  18. bustdownhd Tv

    bustdownhd Tv14 timer siden


  19. odds ins

    odds ins14 timer siden

    Dude sound like kevin gates no cap

  20. Young Herb

    Young Herb14 timer siden


  21. shortie JJ

    shortie JJ14 timer siden

    Damn he like the rapping version of adele

  22. tammy prather

    tammy prather14 timer siden

    rod wave is a new rapper he fire fang shit

  23. Kinpachi Pain

    Kinpachi Pain15 timer siden

    Who been rocking with rod wave since day one to 2020....

  24. TheRealMc

    TheRealMc15 timer siden

    Congratulations on the twins Rod ❤️

  25. TLF GhyDro

    TLF GhyDro15 timer siden

    This man songs be 1 minute long 😔

  26. Sharice Scott

    Sharice Scott15 timer siden

    My wave hit different to every song he make🥺😖

  27. Jordan Spry

    Jordan Spry15 timer siden

    This song is sorry like all the rest..yo rod wave fans need to do sum else with yall life than sit around and listen to some fat neck nigga who aint good for nun buh eating

  28. Ricka Forney

    Ricka Forney15 timer siden

    Right now today!!!

  29. Ricka Forney

    Ricka Forney15 timer siden

    That mf Kevin omg😩😩

  30. Anime Dexter

    Anime Dexter15 timer siden

    Rod wave this song sad but it still slaps

  31. Michelle the Bell

    Michelle the Bell15 timer siden


  32. 4kT all the way

    4kT all the way15 timer siden

    "He having conversation in the dark" I felt that💯💯

  33. Black Bart

    Black Bart15 timer siden

    I don’t want no more love I feel it’s poison 😩😩😩😩😩❗️

  34. 4kT all the way

    4kT all the way15 timer siden

    I give my heart to who ever they take it then they run💔💯

  35. 4kT all the way

    4kT all the way15 timer siden

    Say mama hey mama, I've been feeling home sick I felt that💯💯

  36. Lyrico ND3 Ggsosonikole

    Lyrico ND3 Ggsosonikole16 timer siden

    I really Overstand this song and you my boy 💯👑

  37. Steve TooFunny

    Steve TooFunny16 timer siden

    Rod: .. Me: Play dat sht backkkkkk😂😭

  38. Kayvion Walker

    Kayvion Walker16 timer siden

    Be sounding like a preacher on the beat😂

  39. SlammedCulture

    SlammedCulture16 timer siden

    Rockin tf out the piano

  40. Elijah Gipson

    Elijah Gipson17 timer siden

    Like dis song is dis fried

  41. Jamee Barnes

    Jamee Barnes17 timer siden

    his vibe is so dope..I fuck wit this

  42. ian ward

    ian ward17 timer siden

    ya’ll actually bump this ? 😂💀

  43. km nation cuz

    km nation cuz17 timer siden

    what kind of women you is what kind of man you like my fav part

  44. Kamiyah Daniels

    Kamiyah Daniels17 timer siden

    He a crybaby😂🤣😂🤣 he Always write about pain songs like wtf😂🤣🤣🤣


    SUPER REAPER17 timer siden

    This song give me chills❄️

  46. Tommy Rose

    Tommy Rose17 timer siden


  47. jahquayvious applewhite

    jahquayvious applewhite17 timer siden

    If u like rod wave like this comment up for ROD WAVE💙

  48. Young Prodigy

    Young Prodigy17 timer siden

    Bro u on ur way to b a legend for real... every time I listen to ANY of your songs it's like..... man your just so relatable I love what u doin keep up the hustle💯💯

  49. Jahmarian Knowles

    Jahmarian Knowles17 timer siden

    This how many if y'all going be(✿ ♡‿♡)👇

  50. Aries10K

    Aries10K17 timer siden

    🔥🔥 Rod Wave Dark Clouds REACTION 🥶

  51. Aries10K

    Aries10K17 timer siden

    🔥🔥 Rod Wave Dark Clouds REACTION 🥶

  52. abs

    abs17 timer siden

    put it on apple music 🤒

  53. Jayla Jayla

    Jayla Jayla17 timer siden

    @someone fc 🥴😍🖖🏽💙

  54. 2 Smooth

    2 Smooth17 timer siden

  55. Hezekiah Boyd

    Hezekiah Boyd17 timer siden

    NBA and rod

  56. Miliah K

    Miliah K17 timer siden

    His music hit different tho🥺🥺

  57. SoChaR

    SoChaR17 timer siden

    I love you ROD 🤗😍😍😍😍😍

  58. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu18 timer siden

    Like if y’all want this on Apple Music

  59. JGuatemala9

    JGuatemala918 timer siden

    maaaaan Durk could of went harder than that.. all that singing he does on his song would of been fire if he did on here.. my opinion.. wrong fire tho

  60. tae haggins

    tae haggins18 timer siden

    Y this ain’t on Apple music

  61. Paris Duncan

    Paris Duncan18 timer siden

    I love you

  62. Air high Books

    Air high Books18 timer siden

    His music helps me through 😭😭😭😭🗣🙏💯💯

  63. Azariah Humphrey

    Azariah Humphrey18 timer siden


  64. Youngboy Never Broke Again

    Youngboy Never Broke Again18 timer siden

  65. Takari Dargan

    Takari Dargan18 timer siden

    His Sound is like a mixture of nba YoungBoy and Ruben studdard

  66. Gavin  Webster

    Gavin Webster18 timer siden

    Rod Wave looks like the nicest dude ever

  67. LoccNation

    LoccNation18 timer siden

    Still listening to this in 2020!! Banger fa sho 🥶🥶 “Heart been BROKE so many times I-I”

  68. Tyler Shaw

    Tyler Shaw19 timer siden

    Name one rod song that don't go hard at n imma finna prove you wrong no cap best artist right now

  69. TresChien Alexander

    TresChien Alexander19 timer siden


  70. Antwan Gallman

    Antwan Gallman19 timer siden

    #RodWave Real shit bro straight down to the Beat & the Lyrics this shit on repeat❗ Definitely feel this one 🗣 #HitHome 💯💪🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #908 #609

  71. Ericahaynes69

    Ericahaynes6919 timer siden

    Ya, ya, yaaaa,yeahhhh!!! 💯

  72. Jhordan Simon

    Jhordan Simon19 timer siden

    Rod Wave feat Eminem - Chip on My Shoulder Remix !!!!!!!!!!! Everyone like this ! This is would be the perfect combination!!!!!

  73. Braidsbyketa by Miketa

    Braidsbyketa by Miketa19 timer siden

    real shit my guy!

  74. Spur *Geon

    Spur *Geon19 timer siden

    Yo I feel this shit I had 2 back dis up so many times...

  75. Keh Janell

    Keh Janell19 timer siden


  76. Angelvaneass Boyz

    Angelvaneass Boyz19 timer siden

    Up next

  77. bam2raw

    bam2raw19 timer siden

    rod wave saved me tbh

  78. Steven Simmons

    Steven Simmons19 timer siden

    "Aint got time for the depression baby"😔😕😇


    JAMEERICA PETTAWAY20 timer siden

    This song make me cry fr late ass comment

  80. King Leo

    King Leo20 timer siden

    Best album I've heard from Intro to Outro next to THRILLER😤😤💯💯

  81. Anataisa Wright

    Anataisa Wright20 timer siden

    My song here

  82. Rayy GlO9’

    Rayy GlO9’20 timer siden


  83. Block TV

    Block TV20 timer siden

    I really don't like talking about my pain or problems but i f*** with this no 🧢💯

  84. Heyward Family

    Heyward Family20 timer siden

    Man I love him so much I really be calling him fat daddy 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  85. Shiler Hawkins

    Shiler Hawkins20 timer siden

    Y'all peed what he said .... If y'all didn't ima tell y'all he havein kids twins at that

  86. Christopher Woodard

    Christopher Woodard20 timer siden

    the real goat

  87. Glo Gorg

    Glo Gorg20 timer siden

    i’m gone die in these cuban MINKS 💕


    CURLYDREADSPHATTY20 timer siden


  89. Shyanne Francois

    Shyanne Francois20 timer siden

    Great song

  90. Jdc squad

    Jdc squad20 timer siden

    I love you

  91. xxjadencrossover1 -_-

    xxjadencrossover1 -_-20 timer siden

    The way he said green light on the woodie part🔥🔥

  92. andrea singleton

    andrea singleton20 timer siden

    i like your sogs

  93. Andy Allen

    Andy Allen20 timer siden

    This track is only fa the day-1's that never went against the grain I don't have friends I have family #OneLuv #ElFamilia

  94. Jonea Farmer

    Jonea Farmer20 timer siden

    Lve his songs and passion for the love of music

  95. Chanel stubbs

    Chanel stubbs20 timer siden

    His time is coming he’s gonna make it big and everyone will hate , but haters are your motivation always remember that!

  96. P Herbo

    P Herbo20 timer siden


  97. Jonea Farmer

    Jonea Farmer20 timer siden

    I fuk with dis shiit rt here.

  98. Cali Drifter

    Cali Drifter21 time siden

  99. alicia gang gang

    alicia gang gang21 time siden


  100. tanish2414

    tanish241421 time siden

    My replay button is broken 🤦