Welcome back KOPS! My name is Kwebbelkop or Jordi. I'm an English speaking NO-gosr! I like to make videos and I love to do silly stuff. I love playing games with my friends and interacting with my KOPS! I upload at least 1 video every single day at the exact same time. I love watching funny videos, seeing amazing animations, and enjoying family friendly content. If you enjoy amazing videos. you have come to the right place!
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  1. Isaiah Titus

    Isaiah Titus49 sekunder siden

    The blinding one

  2. Isaiah Titus

    Isaiah Titus5 minutter siden

    Lugia and Zeraora

  3. BloxyBank14

    BloxyBank147 minutter siden

    My fav color is blue

  4. Jamie Woodward

    Jamie Woodward8 minutter siden

    First time I ever laughed on your vids

  5. Lisa Doe

    Lisa Doe8 minutter siden


  6. Nick Francis

    Nick Francis9 minutter siden

    Non of the Pokémon in this video are the strongest walrein the godfather

  7. Jenny Atienza

    Jenny Atienza12 minutter siden


  8. Lovely Garg

    Lovely Garg14 minutter siden

    Arceus is the strongest he is a king

  9. Aditya Kashyap

    Aditya Kashyap15 minutter siden


  10. Kwt Kwt

    Kwt Kwt15 minutter siden


  11. Kwt Kwt

    Kwt Kwt15 minutter siden

    Are you stupid those are Orby’s


    LAKSH RAMBO16 minutter siden

    Pikachu is the best like if i am right

  13. Brandon Hovell

    Brandon Hovell16 minutter siden

    Why does everyone want likes jeez spoiled

  14. Jester Madison Cristobal

    Jester Madison Cristobal17 minutter siden

    Where are your friends?

  15. Patricia Townsend

    Patricia Townsend19 minutter siden


  16. Guest 666

    Guest 66624 minutter siden

    That shadow is not herobrine it's null

  17. one chungas boi

    one chungas boi29 minutter siden


  18. Ibrahim2013 Rauf

    Ibrahim2013 Rauf31 minutt siden

    Blue and orange 🔵🔶

  19. Laleshni Narayan

    Laleshni Narayan37 minutter siden

    Wow you should. Be the boss

  20. jonathan bondad

    jonathan bondad37 minutter siden

    Mine is blue

  21. Tim Wimborne

    Tim Wimborne38 minutter siden

    You guys should have a child and name it eden

  22. Dley Broekman

    Dley Broekman44 minutter siden

    Jo je bent gewoon nl

  23. King ashley Cuizon

    King ashley Cuizon44 minutter siden

    I think is cheating on you?

  24. Randi Manaloto

    Randi Manaloto45 minutter siden

    I like orange too


    AHMAD ALI KHAN47 minutter siden

    I don't like this animation

  26. Tim Wimborne

    Tim Wimborne51 minutt siden

    Azzy. Do like my new clothes jordie. Yes do you like my trident

  27. Suilolo Taefu

    Suilolo Taefu52 minutter siden

    My favourite colour is green orange an red

  28. build a wall

    build a wall54 minutter siden

    Mooto is the strongest

  29. Gucci chultemsuren

    Gucci chultemsuren55 minutter siden

    Pika pikac\hu

  30. Gucci chultemsuren

    Gucci chultemsuren55 minutter siden

    I watched Pokémon that’s why I know lol XD

  31. Gucci chultemsuren

    Gucci chultemsuren55 minutter siden

    That black Pokémon is bc black

  32. jakob tyler De Leon

    jakob tyler De Leon59 minutter siden

    Get your diamond

  33. Sara Flannery

    Sara Flannery59 minutter siden

    Mine is green

  34. Ignatius Murray

    Ignatius MurrayTime siden


  35. Galaxy Crabs Kings

    Galaxy Crabs KingsTime siden

    Rayquaza is the strongest Pokémon

  36. CJ Gumafelix

    CJ GumafelixTime siden

    Or jirachi

  37. CJ Gumafelix

    CJ GumafelixTime siden

    Arceus or Dialga

  38. TCG the chicken gamer

    TCG the chicken gamerTime siden

    They also made a puppy house I love watching them build

  39. spider_man yahya

    spider_man yahyaTime siden

    I love orange

  40. doom rader

    doom raderTime siden

    But my favourite is Pikachu

  41. doom rader

    doom raderTime siden


  42. Lian Chhungi

    Lian ChhungiTime siden

    How dare you

  43. Sharon Treeza Gomes

    Sharon Treeza GomesTime siden


  44. Shamsuri Bintisalim

    Shamsuri BintisalimTime siden

    Hoopa loop actually really strong

  45. Jehanmchaile Jose

    Jehanmchaile JoseTime siden

    Does kwebble know jojos bizzare adventure

  46. John Vergel Maniclang

    John Vergel ManiclangTime siden

    Nobody loves ur video bruh!!!. U so ugly



    Your girlfriend is gold digger

  48. Kylie Quinn

    Kylie QuinnTime siden


  49. Evano Super

    Evano SuperTime siden


  50. Davið Kristjansson

    Davið KristjanssonTime siden

    Can i have a shoat out

  51. JeraldPlaysRoblox agario

    JeraldPlaysRoblox agarioTime siden


  52. Annie Loo

    Annie LooTime siden


  53. Joseph Rodrick TOLHOPF

    Joseph Rodrick TOLHOPFTime siden


  54. Ayesha Ali

    Ayesha AliTime siden

    10:37 longest wow of the vid

  55. Farhaan HASSAN

    Farhaan HASSAN2 timer siden

    you are not sonic

  56. nana yaa

    nana yaa2 timer siden

    The best pokemon is arcrus

  57. Precious Guen

    Precious Guen2 timer siden

    I bet you skipped the video! 👉👍

  58. Arnav Preetam

    Arnav Preetam2 timer siden

    The strong guy is from jumanji and his name is Dr Briefstone

  59. Figger

    Figger2 timer siden

    He looped the vid


    SKELLY SKELLY2 timer siden

    Havocado looks beast 👍 I actually want to get it. I think it will be really cool with friends also keep up the hard work Geordie I've been a kop for ages now and can remember when u did hard core parkour xD the good old days 👍👍 keep it up Ur the best 👍👍♥️

  61. Karl Biag

    Karl Biag2 timer siden

    My fav color is blue

  62. Tlal Jadoon

    Tlal Jadoon2 timer siden


  63. Goku GK

    Goku GK2 timer siden


  64. Jennifer Carter

    Jennifer Carter2 timer siden

    that is a girl

  65. A Pr

    A Pr2 timer siden


  66. Julian Inturrisi

    Julian Inturrisi2 timer siden

    Hey you know you can get the magnet balls of ebay

  67. khadija tahira merry

    khadija tahira merry2 timer siden

    Wammy slapy kwebbelkop.

  68. yeff isnani

    yeff isnani2 timer siden

    I've been joining the notification squad seens 2016

  69. Rain Andrew Cordillo

    Rain Andrew Cordillo2 timer siden

    The strongest is MEWTWO

  70. The Aces

    The Aces2 timer siden



    ASASSIN HUNTER2 timer siden

    I wish pikachu was in tue battle

  72. Rio Scholtz

    Rio Scholtz2 timer siden


  73. Rama Dana

    Rama Dana2 timer siden

    Spider ru Ider

  74. Maxkin

    Maxkin2 timer siden

    I win

  75. Silotoa Puni

    Silotoa Puni2 timer siden


  76. Kundai Makonese

    Kundai Makonese2 timer siden

    Am about to download fortnite 😂

  77. Lolman Potato

    Lolman Potato2 timer siden


  78. Dk Raisha

    Dk Raisha3 timer siden

    i nvr laughed so hard😂

  79. Elsie McDonald

    Elsie McDonald3 timer siden

    I wear bikinis to the pool and I'm only 10 years old

  80. Tyler Phelan

    Tyler Phelan3 timer siden

    my chanel is ifinate

  81. Bella Barnes

    Bella Barnes3 timer siden

    My fav colour is pink and purple

  82. Robert Calvert

    Robert Calvert3 timer siden



    AINT NUN BUT A G THANG3 timer siden

    I didn't hand yen

  84. Ariel Lynn

    Ariel Lynn3 timer siden

    Wtf jordi 😂

  85. shadow guy best

    shadow guy best3 timer siden

    50$ i swear i will be so happy

  86. Reign Cute

    Reign Cute3 timer siden

    Imagine the light bolt glass blows and flys to your eyes😵

  87. jonathan teoxon

    jonathan teoxon3 timer siden


  88. Greg Canlas

    Greg Canlas3 timer siden

    you see a wandering trader not villiger