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Mighty Car Mods

Mighty Car Mods is an independent automotive series created by a couple of friends, Marty and Moog who started filming videos on Martys mum's driveway in 2007. They've come a long way since then but still have an unwavering focus to show their viewers fantastic automotive projects that they can do themselves at home.
The MCM boys make cars, and they make movies. In fact they do it all, including the music, editing, and automotive with some help from their friends along the way.
Being completely independent, the boys don't have to answer to anyone except their own creative spirit and their focus is on quality over quantity.
It doesn't matter if you have a brand new turbo charged beast, or an old banger found in your grandfathers shed. Mighty Car Mods openly embraces anyone who wants to better themselves and their cars through involvement with the MCM Community.

$169 eBay Turbo Install
Supergramps is Finished

Supergramps is Finished

3 måneder siden

New fuel system for Supergramps
This Is What We've Been Doing
Evo 9 vs Golf R [Final Battle]


5 måneder siden

Yaris Hilton vs Daihatsu Mira
Introducing: YARIS HILTON
50 Questions with Marty

50 Questions with Marty

5 måneder siden



6 måneder siden

Putting the MIRA back together
Painting the MIRA

Painting the MIRA

7 måneder siden

MUDDIES for our Subaru

MUDDIES for our Subaru

7 måneder siden



8 måneder siden

Digital MultiGauge Vent Install
The Disrespected Evo Strikes Back 3
Disrespected Evo

Disrespected Evo

10 måneder siden

aaaand.. we broke it (poor Evo)


11 måneder siden

2SEXY vs Moog's Daily

2SEXY vs Moog's Daily

11 måneder siden

Modifying Mum's Car
2Sexy Gets a Turbo
The Return of 2Sexy
  1. Fat to Fit

    Fat to Fit8 timer siden

    Great people

  2. ozan yildirim

    ozan yildirim8 timer siden

    Or you could just get a N/A xr6 or a falcon and turbo it lmfao for 1000$

  3. AE86 Driving Club

    AE86 Driving Club8 timer siden

    Thrashed body and a blown engine, is that a Paris hilton or a Yaris reference...

  4. AE86 Driving Club

    AE86 Driving Club8 timer siden

    I wish Marty would show his bald badger more

  5. Roger Rice

    Roger Rice9 timer siden

    Want to donate that car to a man in need of a ride lol

  6. Aaron S

    Aaron S9 timer siden

    Definitely one of the best MCM series! Within reach of most people cost-wise, and that music video is just hilarious.

  7. MoriMoriDoriDori

    MoriMoriDoriDori10 timer siden

    "modify a caw" lol

  8. Daniel Brooke

    Daniel Brooke10 timer siden

    I have a Yaris YRS as a second car to run around and drive it to work on some winding country roads... and it is a fun drive! Not the fastest, but fast enough for fun. And with good tyres (yep had to change mine too!) hangs on. Love what you did with turbo... looked into for mine and was even thinking to see if you guys would do one... and whadyaknow ya have!



    🔥 1:56 💟💟 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💙

  10. R. E. Hill

    R. E. Hill10 timer siden

    Put a cummins in it and be done...

  11. Alexander Taylor

    Alexander Taylor10 timer siden

    Buy an E series falcon and make it a track weapon

  12. mrdummy

    mrdummy10 timer siden

    In other words: Before you buy turbo... make sure your motor block can handle many boost. Because if your car is modified and ready to drive, and blow engine already after some days... its waste of money and time. Start first with good engine block (choose good car) then you can modify it with turbo. I think all extra stuff is not because 169 turbo. Even with 400 turbo, or 600 turbo, you need change everything anyway. So in general way, you need at least 13 grand to add turbo to your car and make it look nicer outside. And make it street legal.

  13. Tasche CJK

    Tasche CJK10 timer siden

    lol, love the matching pit crew motif

  14. jennifer cao

    jennifer cao10 timer siden

    Marty gotta lay off the lollies mate getting chubby LOL

  15. David Esq

    David Esq10 timer siden

    That car is rad. Does MCM's still have the mad beetle?

  16. Roham

    Roham11 timer siden

    This would be a interesting build to build on www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/alexandra-hills/cars-vans-utes/1998-toyota-starlet-turbo/1242169059 got some potential :)

  17. Roger Rice

    Roger Rice11 timer siden

    I'm used to hp not kw I'm lost lol

  18. naikjoy x

    naikjoy x11 timer siden

    Lol xD 8:30 - 9:25

  19. Cee Jay

    Cee Jay12 timer siden

    Your first mistake was going to a boomer convention.

  20. lapp.tech

    lapp.tech12 timer siden

    As a Swede I wanna see more Euro nuggets =) Please get a Volvo <3 ;)

  21. Rodolfo Plasencia

    Rodolfo Plasencia12 timer siden

    That was a ma zing!!!

  22. Murray Ball

    Murray Ball12 timer siden

    Good job boys - I was still watching! 😊

  23. master power

    master power12 timer siden

    Why its better to spend 10k+++++ of my money that I dont have into a 1k car that I know it will not get finish annnnd if it did, it will not be reliable because I cheped out on cheap shit, theeeeeen here comes the regret feeling and now im broke and can't pay for my bills while getting gap by a stock used 15k car that I could of just finance it and have a waaaay better car that isnt rusted to shit. And that is about 99% of car enthusiast right there.

  24. Ptao Tom

    Ptao Tom13 timer siden

    Its like when someone asks me how much ive spent so far on my HZ wagon i just say nothing under $30k parts and labor

  25. jukebox symposium

    jukebox symposium14 timer siden

    There's an 8ball in the oil pan

  26. Panda Whittaker

    Panda Whittaker14 timer siden

    Yeah so after the 5th advert I kinda got over it aye.

  27. LungHotBox 420

    LungHotBox 42015 timer siden

    can i turbo my chevy aveo 1.6 2005 with a t04E with basic toools and a welder and grinder and sheet metal and piping?

  28. Patrick Vargas

    Patrick Vargas15 timer siden

    These guys do the junkest builds.

  29. Junior Schouten

    Junior Schouten15 timer siden

    Domonic Toretto just came by and said: that's not a bad way to spend $ 13,579 dollars

  30. naikjoy x

    naikjoy x15 timer siden

    HAHAHA AWESOME !... and here 7:14 ahahahha

  31. Jason Tate

    Jason Tate16 timer siden

    If you make monthly payments you dont need 13 grand up front. Youll also have a much, much better car if you pick it right.

  32. potatomongrel

    potatomongrel16 timer siden

    Jebus if that was what it costs I would have just went NA.

  33. Max Sioulas

    Max Sioulas16 timer siden

    What lowering springs to you buy for the Yaris Thx Max

  34. oops

    oops16 timer siden

    Best way to paint strip. Cover the panel in paint stripper then chuck plastic film over the top and rub it in. When it does it's job, peel the plastic off and most of it should come with the plastic. I've spent too much time with that fucken scraper

  35. Dylan Taylor

    Dylan Taylor16 timer siden

    did MGM bribe the youtube algorithm?

  36. Ryan RvR

    Ryan RvR16 timer siden

    The r8 is an Audi you idiot

  37. Marc Cruickshank

    Marc Cruickshank16 timer siden

    Choose the car you modify wisely. Modifying a piece of shit costs the same amount as modifying a decent car.

  38. Jimmy G

    Jimmy G16 timer siden

    Ball Bag

  39. Emmanuel Hess

    Emmanuel Hess16 timer siden

    Like the Honda shirt!

  40. Mikehuntisdry

    Mikehuntisdry16 timer siden

    That engine would go great in my 97 sprinter haha

  41. BIG RED

    BIG RED16 timer siden

    What ever happened to the 10 second Sleeper Cresta?

  42. Jamie DeLong

    Jamie DeLong17 timer siden

    i only liked this video because of the "there's a female truck over there" comment by moog

  43. Rexx Bare

    Rexx Bare17 timer siden

    At a first glance i thought he was on the roof in a kilt

  44. midiwall

    midiwall17 timer siden

    "**unfortunately motortrend have decided to make their video private, we’re sorry, that was never part of the deal we made with F&F when we planned this**" Holy Carp. WTF???

  45. Elijah McCallum

    Elijah McCallum17 timer siden

    Lol he cut someone off

  46. Hadez43

    Hadez4317 timer siden

    Crashed supercar youtubers: $169 turbo installation!!!11!! Only took 1 hour in the garage?!?! 😱🤑🤑🤑😱😱😍👍👍✅💯

  47. UpUrHeine

    UpUrHeine17 timer siden

    Would have been great to see the original bumble bee in this drag

  48. Austin

    Austin17 timer siden

    no need to explain yourself all the time

  49. chris bazouni

    chris bazouni17 timer siden

    nice maybe ill mod my evo 9 check it out (free g shock as well) no-gos.info/video/2NqAaoHS2bKj3Wg.html

  50. Justin Lee Thompson

    Justin Lee Thompson17 timer siden

    You guys have enough great cars. The Yaris isn't worth it. It was great....emphasis on was.....

  51. zachary paris

    zachary paris18 timer siden

    Thank you for justifying my over priced cold air intake.

  52. Andy Pandy

    Andy Pandy18 timer siden

    OMG, ugly junk, take away his credit card, change his PayPal password, do something ffs.

  53. jagl19

    jagl1918 timer siden

    nothing paranormal happened in this video.. i guess all that falling stuff from the other videos in the series were a hint to say "don't waste your money in a yaris"..! but i'm really glad you did it. I really loved this series . long live yaris hilton!!

  54. thomas bright

    thomas bright18 timer siden

    That’s sweet!!!

  55. David Soltau

    David Soltau18 timer siden

    Bernie loves you

  56. ~Kirstin

    ~Kirstin18 timer siden

    Mod Max would be soooo good AWD. Just saying.

  57. mike foster

    mike foster18 timer siden

    Damn i really really really wanted this car to have a 2jzgett in it!!!... Im going to smash the "like" button anyways...

  58. Tom Clarke

    Tom Clarke18 timer siden

    This video makes me want to hang out in the garage with Moog & Marty.

  59. William Simmons

    William Simmons19 timer siden

    i would have just cut the patches out of the new mira floor

  60. Mike Normand

    Mike Normand19 timer siden

    We didn’t get the bendy light for years in America but when we did I bought one! Love it!

  61. Mohammed Hamza

    Mohammed Hamza19 timer siden

    Urine and toothpaste 😂😂

  62. Ant B

    Ant B19 timer siden

    Yea, something failed, and something or other was always going to fail but, somebody with more money and spare time than common sense might well want to replicate it... What, to see if they can get a different component to fail?

  63. Ted Bear

    Ted Bear19 timer siden


  64. Ted Bear

    Ted Bear19 timer siden

    This felt like a MCM version of a fairy tale. The unloved lil Yaris and the NO-gosrs who turned into a fast ol girl but she could only handle the power for a few laps just to prove how much faster turboing your car will make it. I have a 1.8l and I want to boost it now more than ever before because of you guys : )

  65. Ted Bear

    Ted Bear19 timer siden


  66. Ted Bear

    Ted Bear19 timer siden

    11:20 Yaris owners manual: Chapter 1 Recovering from catastrophic defeat ; )

  67. Ted Bear

    Ted Bear19 timer siden

    8:20 THATS EXACTLY WHAT I'VE DONE!!! Project Honda power just need boost adn shes g2g :E (I've wanted a fast car for so long and that's how I initially found your VODS. The Supercharger vs Turbo MX5 battle is where I started with MCM and I've loved watching you crazy kids. :DDDD

  68. NZ WOTB

    NZ WOTB19 timer siden

    Good bye yaris hilton

  69. Ted Bear

    Ted Bear19 timer siden

    7:00 Okay so I did the math and in USD that's only 900$ rounded up and if you started with a better car you could spend more in mods but have to do far less modding in general. I would give you 900$ RIGHT NOW to boost my car and my mechanic said it would cost me 1000$ USD just to INSTALL a turbo and he builds fast cars for a living. Well done boys!!!!

  70. ImakeEarrapeGiveMeIdeasForEarrape

    ImakeEarrapeGiveMeIdeasForEarrape20 timer siden

    Why’s he in a Ford? Ford - Found On Rubbish Dump F O R D

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    One of your best vids in a long time!

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    Ted Bear20 timer siden

    Guys I really liked project Yaris. When you all initially joked about the idea I thought it wasn't serious and you guys did it and the way it all worked. It felt like watching a movie. The funny video with the whip cream and then the Yaris dying after completing its fastest lap ever.... I almost cried and I like your all's other build quite a bit more but I guess since the Yaris turned from meme to machine it helped create the video I've been waiting for for years. On the next few builds you do I would love to see something like this video here. I want to boost my car so freaking bad and I'm really close. Just need a few more $$ saved back. And after I boost it I'm going to make a my town and show you guys :DDDD Love MCM Love Marty and Moog and everyone whos helped out the chan. My favorite ppl in the down under :D

  74. Josh Riles

    Josh Riles20 timer siden

    @3:57 bought the yaris anyway

  75. clockworkzombies

    clockworkzombies20 timer siden

    Perhaps you can make some Casablanca inspired shirts for Yaris Hilton. Moog wearing trench coat, fedora. Cigarette. Caption “we’ll always have Yaris” Also one of you being pulled over by the police. “Round up the usual suspects”

  76. Albioniron

    Albioniron20 timer siden

    On the next episode of MCM "Will it fit my Honda?" returns

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    hen ko20 timer siden

    I have really enjoyed the Yaris series, I know exactly about the hi's and the lows, costs ect with my own Turbo Starlet build /never ending project. Great work guys.

  78. Douglas Thompson

    Douglas Thompson20 timer siden


  79. Fisty McButtPuncher

    Fisty McButtPuncher20 timer siden

    I hope they put a fuse inline on the power wire from the battery.

  80. Cripinub1

    Cripinub121 time siden

    Love the happy ending

  81. Gary Joy

    Gary Joy21 time siden


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    Christopher Baker21 time siden

    Turn it into a rally car!!!

  83. CNNis FakeNews

    CNNis FakeNews21 time siden

    Subaru Baja and Subaru Brat: "Are we jokes to you?"

  84. HabaNero3

    HabaNero322 timer siden

    Honda? BMW? I want you guys to rally a 2CV

  85. Geoffrey Anderson

    Geoffrey Anderson22 timer siden

    Bigger sway bars, bigger wheels, bigger brakes, and summer compound wide tires were a huge improvement on my car, transformative. It turned into a handling monster. Stock springs and ride height!

  86. Hamish Souter

    Hamish Souter22 timer siden

    i had a little two door echo and i loved it, 5 speed manual, skinny little tyres and a revvy little engine, crashed it on a gravel road living my Timmy Hansen fantasy (wa gravel is like ball bearings scattered across the road)

  87. Geoffrey Anderson

    Geoffrey Anderson22 timer siden

    stock brakes and clutch? wow hard to believe

  88. Giorgos Xydous

    Giorgos Xydous22 timer siden

    I would like to turbo tune a Ford Focus mk2 ti vct 1.6 petrol engine.. i leave in Greece and nobody here knows anything.. can anybody tell me if this ebay kit fits for my car.. or any turbo kit..

  89. Giorgos Xydous

    Giorgos Xydous22 timer siden

    I would like to turbo tune a Ford Focus mk2 ti vct 1.6 petrol engine.. i leave in Greece and nobody here knows anything.. can anybody tell me if this ebay kit fits for my car.. or any turbo kit..

  90. Giorgos Xydous

    Giorgos Xydous22 timer siden

    I would like to turbo tune a Ford Focus mk2 ti vct 1.6 petrol engine.. i leave in Greece and nobody here knows anything.. can anybody tell me if this ebay kit fits for my car.. or any turbo kit..

  91. Giorgos Xydous

    Giorgos Xydous22 timer siden

    I would like to turbo tune a Ford Focus mk2 ti vct 1.6 petrol engine.. i leave in Greece and nobody here knows anything.. can anybody tell me if this ebay kit fits for my car.. or any turbo kit..

  92. Giorgos Xydous

    Giorgos Xydous22 timer siden

    I would like to turbo tune a Ford Focus mk2 ti vct 1.6 petrol engine.. i leave in Greece and nobody here knows anything.. can anybody tell me if this ebay kit fits for my car.. or any turbo kit..

  93. Giorgos Xydous

    Giorgos Xydous22 timer siden

    I would like to turbo tune a Ford Focus mk2 ti vct 1.6 petrol engine.. i leave in Greece and nobody here knows anything.. can anybody tell me if this ebay kit fits for my car.. or any turbo kit..

  94. DJ Crisis UK

    DJ Crisis UK22 timer siden

    Wow, those 10 years have flown by, I remember your first espisodes like it was just a few months ago👍🏿Blackkkkkkk

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    Mit Airavat22 timer siden

    there is a ghost in your garage

  96. Allan Leach

    Allan Leach22 timer siden

    I have to know what Moog says around 8:32. “The panels are completely........” Because I heard Rhonda and Ketut. So I googled that fell down a deep Aussie hole. I must know!!! Oh, and love what you guys do, keep it up!

  97. Ivano Cascone

    Ivano Cascone22 timer siden

    Very important subject! Good video!

  98. Nelson Motorsports

    Nelson Motorsports22 timer siden

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  99. SR

    SR23 timer siden

    Ever since watching these two vid, and dont get me wrong they are beautiful entirely but the cinematography of the last 5 mins of this and Moog's music are epic

  100. Mark Nowakowski

    Mark Nowakowski23 timer siden

    With the 4-500 bucks u say u spent u could’ve bought actual block components and cam for more HP haha