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How North Korea Makes Money
The Economics of K-Pop

The Economics of K-Pop

2 måneder siden

Will Apple Ever Leave China?
Huawei: The Big Picture

Huawei: The Big Picture

7 måneder siden

Is Amazon Too Big?

Is Amazon Too Big?

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The True Cost of the iPhone
China's War on Pollution

China's War on Pollution

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How To Do Politics
The Death of Malls?
The Reddit Filter


4 år siden

The Monty Hall Problem
  1. DAVE the DUDE

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  2. 박태현 • 𝚃𝚊𝚎-𝙷𝚢𝚞𝚗

    박태현 • 𝚃𝚊𝚎-𝙷𝚢𝚞𝚗9 minutter siden

    Corrections: 1. BigHit is a smaller company, and is not in the group of the most well known companies like YG, JYP, and SM. (YG is known for treating their artists unfairly, especially the female ones, personally I would say over time BigHit will overthrow them and be in the circle. Also, BigHit is only taking in male trainees, no female ones) 2. The majority of groups only do Korean and Japanese songs. Chinese is a rare one since Chinese tones must be in use correctly, when singing it’s really hard to keep that tone and produce the correct sound to make the listeners enjoy it. It’s possible but takes an extremely long time to master. Besides that the video was 100% accurate.

  3. Rio Kawaguchi

    Rio Kawaguchi28 minutter siden

    10:02 Yen is Japanese currency. Not Chinese.

  4. music retros

    music retros37 minutter siden

    I live in hungary

  5. Pc118Gamer Gaming and Animations

    Pc118Gamer Gaming and Animations41 minutt siden

    Oh! The Green and White don't fly no more in Salisbury And the PM doesn't drive a modest car And they've changed the name and now it's called Harare And there's strangers drinking in the Flagstaff bar And the trash is piling up on all the pavements And you can't get milk and sugar, tea or bread The country's broke and hospitals are crowded So if you get sick you have to share a bed

  6. Pc118Gamer Gaming and Animations

    Pc118Gamer Gaming and Animations46 minutter siden

    Dang, we should bring back Rhodesia

  7. Bema Naturu

    Bema Naturu57 minutter siden

    No1 reports2wk bcuz annual pay is less than bus fare, 1slice uv bred cost enuff only a trillionaire can afford, gov. cannot afford2make anutha thin dime: EVRY1 HAS CELL PH#'s⁉️ I'm sorry_WOT⁉️ 🙄💭sum ting wong witdat pic🤔can't quite put my🖕🏻finger onnit⁉️o'yea ik...all uvdis issa bucket uv bs

  8. Chang8e

    Chang8eTime siden

    tlder: China's fucked

  9. Troy Vasquez

    Troy VasquezTime siden

    Just go to Sams Club

  10. PennyDogs

    PennyDogsTime siden

    In-n-Out is coming to my city, in fact there are already two of them in my city.

  11. Darnelj1

    Darnelj12 timer siden

    Fantastic video. I have to subscribe to this and get rid of the trash I watch.

  12. bucca2

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    Costco churros and hot dogs…good shit

  13. Soul ZodiacxX

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    “In n Out isnt coming to a city near you” *laughs in texanian😂*

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    Hmm I just hate Costco and this video pop up, thank NO-gos. :(

  15. Absar Ahmad

    Absar Ahmad3 timer siden

    This was a well researched video. I liked your unbiased way of portraying the politics of the region.

  16. mickie christensen

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    You are full of s***

  17. Rahul Seth

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    25 degree is freezing cold? 😒

  18. Kentucky Rebel

    Kentucky Rebel3 timer siden

    The reason why Facebook is building a city is so that it will make them an easier Target for the Republican Party win the civil war breaks out. This is the problem with stupid ignorant Democrat they want to start a civil war but then they make it so easy for us to win the war. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. RealestRealist

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    *Shut it up* everyone

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    Fiat currency created by banksters

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    Coming to me in Oregon

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    Whataburger is better than in N out.

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    laughs in California

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    Now everyone become economist

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    If it's all down to computer keyboards they might as well go the whole hog and do Morse Code. only one key required. Job's a good 'un... simples... apolitical... easy symbols to remember (only dot and dash).... you knows it makes sense, Kazakhs.... I bet the The Yankzters want to bomb it to bits ... and the Ruskies want it back..

  26. William Van Horn

    William Van Horn4 timer siden

    They flood universities and spy, stealing tech and research to take back to china. Simple enough.

  27. frank facts

    frank facts5 timer siden

    Can buy a second home on an income of 7,000 u.s.. That's a problem on what planet.

  28. frank facts

    frank facts5 timer siden

    Free healthcare, college, guaranteed job. That's terrible.

  29. Oskar Ngo

    Oskar Ngo6 timer siden

    This is so Stupid! The answer is not to end the one child policy.. The answer is to “get rid of the old people”.. There are ~6 billion people on earth; our resources are declining; natural habitats are declining... But we want more economic growth; ..so let’s increase the population to ~60 billion... We have ~60 billion people now; but want more growth; so let’s increase the population to ~600 billion; etc, etc,,

  30. マルチネス保寿栄

    マルチネス保寿栄6 timer siden

    Out of nowhere , the shaving advertisement kicked in. Didn’t see that one coming. 😂

  31. lin S

    lin S6 timer siden

    2:58 Today pork is still seen as a luxury? You're kidding, right? Even in the 80s, pork was quite accessible to people, and I am not talking about people in the city nor rich people in rural area. BTW, I never heard anyone use "肉" to refer to pork, you need to be specific about what type of meat you are talking about, basically, 'animal + meat'. Also, the guideline about diet is to educate people to form a healthy diet and life-style, because overweight is getting more common in the population. It has nothing to do with the swine fever, pig population nor the country trying to move away from relying on pork as main food source.

  32. mrcool ofdoom

    mrcool ofdoom7 timer siden

    Indians would need to save up their whole paycheck for 6 or 8 months to buy iPhone 11 xDD

  33. Elly3121

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    There are too many Chinese & Indians in the U.S. American government shouldn’t let them in to prevent them from having more children.

  34. E B

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    How is it land locked when its next to the Caspian Sea? Ermmmm

  35. Julian Haddad

    Julian Haddad7 timer siden

    8:01 Same thing with Google and many other tech giants.

  36. mike26army

    mike26army7 timer siden

    China, the largest dictatorship in the world, “gives” billions in foreign aid because as you said it buys influence. China’s goal is to replace the US as the world’s leader economically and one of the major components of this goal is gaining influence in developing country.

  37. Julian Haddad

    Julian Haddad7 timer siden

    Microsoft: 40% Asian Huawei, Sony, Panasonic or Samsung: 100% Asian Asians are everywhere.

  38. Nozo

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    Because us wants to export it's pork to china

  39. leutrim topalli

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    How about you just stop eating animals

  40. S Payne

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    If people had ever gone to China you would not have great opinions.

  41. S Payne

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    Not. Didnt happen.

  42. Kyle Pasta

    Kyle Pasta8 timer siden

    How north korea makes money, trade with china and russia mostly

  43. Liquid Zoo Productions

    Liquid Zoo Productions8 timer siden

    Spoiler: Indians don't have the money to buy $1000 phones, the end

  44. Down side Up

    Down side Up9 timer siden

    Reddit comments are literally just a bunch of neckbearded-pervy-losers twerking on the keyboard i donno what the fuck this guy is talking about

  45. Damian Grouse

    Damian Grouse9 timer siden

    Warren is a clown. That said, corporations of a certain size (to be debated) should have no say (verbal or financial) in politics or be taxed. The fiction that corporations are treated like people is corrosive to society. Executives aren’t personally liable for bad products, one example Boeing CEO resigns with a huge payout after a bunch of people died. As for taxes: what’s the point big companies effectively don’t pay taxes or eventually pass them off to employees (lower wages) and customers (higher price or lower quality/quantity).

  46. Cheeki Breeki Bree!

    Cheeki Breeki Bree!9 timer siden

    Astana > Nursultan

  47. Darkvine

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    Facebook building a town, paying for a police station, and paying cops, ... and so begins the cyberpunk era where big tech corps run the world and where countries, nationalities, ... are just obsolete cultural relics of the past.

  48. laoup26

    laoup2610 timer siden

    "As long as the upper class keep growing". But they aren't.

  49. m.youtube.com

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    Bitcoin digital gold money crypto currency

  50. Darkvine

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    Asking questions is disrespecting the teacher in China?? wtf

  51. Ashwini Prajapati

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    Demonetisation was sacm which is done by Indian government. Mr. Modi and his party people are the corrupt one.

  52. Elliott Davies

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    Laughs in Huawei.

  53. N J

    N J11 timer siden

    Get the queen, vatican and the likes of rothschilds to fork over the aid. Together they have hundreds of trillion$ while citizens struggle just to pay their bills...or is throwing our money around just another way to keep us financial slaves ? Btw whose pockets do our aid tax dollars go ?

  54. Adolfo García

    Adolfo García11 timer siden

    Don't forget that Bing is super popular in China because it's not blocked by the government. I lived a year there and it was my one & only browser

  55. Merrill George

    Merrill George12 timer siden

    *They probably track everything you do there*

  56. Çukurova

    Çukurova12 timer siden

    4:17 Russians Plan, to stop the turkic tribe, look at Azerbaidschan, Turmenistan, Usbekistan or Kirgizistan too, you will see the same.

  57. wilson alonso giraldo quitian

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  58. Frank Lippert

    Frank Lippert13 timer siden

    This is NOT about how a container ship works, fail ! This is why remotely grown goods like bananas are cheaper than locally grown crop.

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    Hey google, search bing

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    I use bing

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    I guess they love heist

  63. Ghost-REWA

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    I guess they love heist

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    Where does the "average 4 meters" thing come from?

  65. L J

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    Costco isn’t that big in Texas especially Houston. Yes we have them here but it’s not all that popular. I will say however this video surprised me by how many people buy their membership. Might be worth me looking into.

  66. YGB McCoy

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    Fuck Dubai They pay $200 a month to all their labor’s wtf 😏😏

  67. Gerard-b

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    check out the new Israel's laser missile defense system. Israel is truly a legendary country. innovations and inventions capital of the world. Everyone profits in one form or another of Israeli ingenuity. simply remarkable

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    Nobody says "Bing it." Its as unused as Microsoft's current browser.

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    One of the best things they do well done 👏🏻

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    north korea is also getting funds from south korea because the president of south korea is north korean

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    Someday that stupid statue will fall

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    I betcha there's no Skid Rows in NK like the beauty in LA, I betcha.

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    R.I.P. Rhodesia

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    I felt like I just watched Chinese propaganda lmao

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    people in chine buy home like the american buy car !

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  77. Eurotrash on Tour

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    Apostrophes? Accents!

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    I use a chrome book and google docs, but I prefer bing as a search engine

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    Why do I keep clicking on informational videos that do nothing for me except leaving me depressed and without hope for the future ._.

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    1:44 the guy who drops his hat😂

  81. Sly88Frye

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    Here's the quick answer to the question of why In-N-Out Burger is not coming to a city near you. You don't live in the West coast or the Southwest. Where I lived are plenty of in and out burgers

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    North Korea is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends

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    This is really cool video.

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    This channel is good. I can watch all his videos. Great way to learn and pass time.

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    During my one year immigration to Malaysia i met many wonderful kazagh friends there n the cool point for me was that they had two different appearances, some were look asian n some slav and all of them were really cool n pretty n as an iranian, that was a really great experience for me cause after i went back to iran when i did read the history deeper i get that one of our best kings in Pahlavi dynasty was a brave kazagh(قزاق) soldier that became general n then king of iran for his bravery n also when they were dancing to some beautiful song for an international event in Malaysia (that i think was anthem of Kazakhstan I’m not sure)when i did hear Hamvatan هموطن (which in persian means country-made)was really cool n strange for me n i get the fact that still i know nothing about history ☘️🌷🙌🏻🙏🏼any ways god bless all people around the world n i really miss them all so much n im so happy that nowadays i know the fact that ASIA which includes Russia or Russia include Asia(😄i dont know) have better future n also best for living than Europe🙏🏼😊😘

  86. Darren Bohan

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    Did the Google pay part set off anyone else's phone?

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    Oh yeah also I just got robbed online. It was for 13 bucks but it’s still 13 bucks

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    Malls are packed in Illinois

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    Does Brilliant have a class for smooth segues to ads?

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    The USA has strategic gun reserves

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    Can u just fucking say it already y is this video 12 minutes

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    Are there more than 2 types of ppl?

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    here in zimbabwe we are all trillionaire

  95. Atipong Pathanasethpong

    Atipong Pathanasethpong20 timer siden

    I can't help wondering whether this video is part of NK propaganda. The information and figures are very specific, but somehow are not corroborated by other sources.

  96. Charles Balliet

    Charles Balliet21 time siden

    considering that more people are going to need to find creative jobs as automation take on most other fields that the restriction of knowledge and means to implement needs to be addressed. patents are just one of the blockers

  97. Charles Balliet

    Charles Balliet21 time siden

    funny thing about that research is its mostly publicly funded not paid for by the private companys who simply buy the reshearch

  98. Charles Balliet

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    I hate patient trolls

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    The Chinese come to America because they came from a communist regime

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    use metric system