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The Best Films of 2019
  1. Veronika

    Veronika11 timer siden

    With Adam's height, that apartment feels so tight and claustrophobic

  2. Sound of Jesus

    Sound of Jesus11 timer siden

    *Harvey Weinstein going down*

  3. Arun Singh

    Arun Singh12 timer siden

    @Variety - Don't ever stop making break down like this.

  4. Małgorzata Dziekońska

    Małgorzata Dziekońska12 timer siden

    It's always exciting to hear what was behind a certain scene. We can learn a lot merely by listening to great, knowledgeable people. I didn't expect so many thoughts behind this scene. I assume there was also a specific atmosphere on a film set when they were making this scene. It's just extraordinary, creating things. I admire people for having skills to do that.

  5. Kezia Nathaniel

    Kezia Nathaniel12 timer siden

    Actors on actors: sole reason I'm watching Variety

  6. Kezia Nathaniel

    Kezia Nathaniel12 timer siden

    More actors on actors!

  7. Kezia Nathaniel

    Kezia Nathaniel12 timer siden

    I love these actors on actors! Please do more of these!!!

  8. Y K

    Y K12 timer siden

    Is he on drugs I Def believe he either an alcoholic or a drug addict


    WALTER WHITE12 timer siden

    She could have sang that without "aoaoahahoahagaoaha”

  10. Kyle Cupples

    Kyle Cupples12 timer siden

    How many packs a cigarette does it take to get that deep of a voice

  11. VeryLindsay

    VeryLindsay12 timer siden


  12. Kyle Moore

    Kyle Moore13 timer siden

    So, Variety, I wouldn't mind seeing a Gal Gadot and a Brie Larson "Actors on Actors" short. This, though? This bit was beautiful.

  13. Christian from Copenhagen

    Christian from Copenhagen13 timer siden

    Can't say I thought or cared about the juice box in this scene...

  14. Anna G

    Anna G13 timer siden

    They are in two films together coming up in 2020 and 2021

  15. Tay Bow

    Tay Bow13 timer siden

    Did she say scar jo?

  16. Boongi Gongo

    Boongi Gongo13 timer siden

    “Henry is a juice box.” -Noah Baumbach

  17. Vincent Paul Tañara

    Vincent Paul Tañara13 timer siden

    Dude's a genius

  18. K N

    K N13 timer siden

    Did anyone actually like Hustlers? Did anyone actually WATCH Hustlers? It's a movie about whores. That's it. That's literally the plot. They're whores who steal from men because apparently the men just deserve it. There's no nuance, no deeper meaning, they're just whores. Anyone who thinks a movie that juvenile and basic deserves any kind of award is actually, literally retarded.

  19. Surreal 99

    Surreal 9913 timer siden

    So much like théâtre, Noah makes Theatrical Cinema. Can't get enough!

  20. Oraz | Gaming Québecois

    Oraz | Gaming Québecois13 timer siden

    He kind of look like a human mario bros version now lol

  21. Mirel KRAJA

    Mirel KRAJA13 timer siden

    Donald is a shame of civilisation

  22. Bryan Chang

    Bryan Chang13 timer siden

    my little brother took a glimpse of my screen and said it was a demon when he saw the cats geez

  23. Magnum Terrazas

    Magnum Terrazas14 timer siden

    The whole interview= Jlo: "As an actor, people don't really understand how actors see us as actors, such as myself, an actor. "

  24. Pamela Lansbury

    Pamela Lansbury14 timer siden


  25. Moni Chocobar Viñas

    Moni Chocobar Viñas14 timer siden


  26. rylan

    rylan14 timer siden

    I love that people came to defend Joaquin on the comment section :) Variety should be sued for defamation.

  27. Seth Wolfe

    Seth Wolfe14 timer siden

    He said... Star Man 🤩 Get it? Heh heh

  28. rylan

    rylan14 timer siden

    He's such a nice and genuine guy. He's brave to speak out about important world issues while having to deal with anxiety from being on stage in front of a lot of people. As someone who also struggles speaking in front of people, I applaud him and I am so proud of him. Also, Variety is trying so hard to make him look bad with those misleading tittles but I love that the comment section is full of love and admiration for Joaquin :)

  29. edwincfitz

    edwincfitz14 timer siden

    I wish the mall scene was in the movie 🥱

  30. CloudyNasa

    CloudyNasa14 timer siden

    why do people hate on this ?! didnt they click on the video, saw it, went to the comment section, wrote a comment, validated their comment, n waited for answers ? some people are just too rude n dumb

  31. Kat

    Kat14 timer siden

    I would be disappointed if OUATIH wins for ensemble. For me, it felt like a mix between good performances and a lot of okay cameos.

  32. is-this-it

    is-this-it14 timer siden

    Aaaaaa! This was tooo good.. I didn't want it to end. I love how they are such fans of each other.

  33. Jeffrey Joseph

    Jeffrey Joseph14 timer siden

    This could be off but I actually believe she loves him. Like really loves him. I know she's married, but this is just the feeling I get watching this.

  34. say less

    say less14 timer siden

    She basically just responded youre not going along with our elite globalist plan and my panties are in a bunch about it you pussy grabber

  35. Antonio DG26

    Antonio DG2614 timer siden

    And then she cries that she's depressed or suffering from anxiety. Stop your acting career, and start being Real.

  36. siddharth nagar

    siddharth nagar14 timer siden

    God bless Renee Zellweger, what a class act

  37. Ли Сергей

    Ли Сергей15 timer siden

    2 face lying piece of shit. You knew Harvey, you visited ceremonies with him, made common pictures. Now you fight for womens rights. Lying piece of shit

  38. Luis Garcia

    Luis Garcia15 timer siden

    He is so fucked up

  39. Mary Faustino

    Mary Faustino15 timer siden

    Do you all think that just because Elsa is an independent woman, she can't be in love? that is totally no sense

  40. skully

    skully15 timer siden

    I wish i could meet Todd & tell him how much this movie means to me. And nope i dont have mental illness. This movie beautiful piece of art.

  41. youmeandi100

    youmeandi10015 timer siden

    she did not watch the lighthouse lmao

  42. Priya Chowdhury

    Priya Chowdhury15 timer siden

    This is such a well shot scene and an amazingly intense storytelling, That anyone with curious eyes will feel very much present in that room as the juice box.. I had a feeling I was watching my parents :'))

  43. Mary Faustino

    Mary Faustino15 timer siden

    COWARDS!!! give Elsa a girlfriend

  44. nahuel

    nahuel15 timer siden

    It seems that his snub at best director at the Oscars doesn't matter. But his own wife's does for not being nominated for "Little women". It looks like IT IS a gender issue... Double standards, you did it again!

  45. Big Ern

    Big Ern15 timer siden

    What an absolute piece of junky low budget garbage. Scum of the Earth

  46. Al Aleman

    Al Aleman15 timer siden

    he is in prison

  47. Alek Skot

    Alek Skot15 timer siden

    oh man... what a speach!!! Amazing spirit he has

  48. Just B

    Just B15 timer siden

    We need more movies like this. Amazing writing and directing. Breathtaking performances. Soul shaking storytelling. Oscar-worthy all around 👏

  49. Bray Walker

    Bray Walker15 timer siden

    Don't know why, but I'm picking up some real Charlie Day vibes from him. I love it ...

  50. Luisa Brimble

    Luisa Brimble16 timer siden

    I just love this thought process. Something the views as consumers of the movie take for granted.

  51. Insomniac

    Insomniac16 timer siden

    Great actor. Too bad he’s a weirdo who preaches bullshit. Jump on your jet & stfu.

  52. Marsha Creary

    Marsha Creary16 timer siden

    'Hope Gap' and 'Marriage Story' seems to following the theme of a breakup

  53. Zakii Ahmed

    Zakii Ahmed16 timer siden

    Joaquin an alpha, one is kind of true free spirit and he got a chance to express with full potentials.,

  54. Dina Shay

    Dina Shay16 timer siden

    Great movie. I don't say that a lot. Also... if Adam won't win the Oscar for this you can close the Academy.

  55. Cupcom5

    Cupcom516 timer siden

    Strangely, he still looks the same after all these years. I'm just sad Adam West couldn't be here to see this moment. Congrats to you, Burt :)

  56. Paul Hendrickson

    Paul Hendrickson16 timer siden

    All of them

  57. John Ludwig

    John Ludwig16 timer siden

    love you man... no I love YOU man.. no, no, I love your characters man.. no I love YOUR characters man.

  58. Cynthia Baker

    Cynthia Baker16 timer siden

    Tom Cruise is ape shit crazy. Brain washing might help.

  59. Shaw Katherine

    Shaw Katherine16 timer siden

    great story, best actors, talented director

  60. Alexander AR

    Alexander AR16 timer siden

    He has recovered very very well from all the weight loss

  61. R D

    R D16 timer siden

    You are scattered, don't waste time

  62. Ahmed

    Ahmed16 timer siden

    Joker's a piece of shit movie, made by a wannabe-"Oh i love the American movies of the 70s; Scorsese, yes," filmmaker. Had it been directed/written by someone else, would've been far better. AS it exists, a total simplistic, show-person-in-empty-room-to-depict-loneliness flick. Forrest Gump has more depth; of course, Taxi Driver and King of Comedy are in a whole other galaxy of greatness compared to the mishandled fluff that is Joker; of course, that's why it's a global sensation; majority freakin eat up simple stuff; i wonder if any would feel the same about Taxi Driver.

  63. Ty

    Ty16 timer siden

    We know he definitely wielded his power for sexual stuff. The actresses that went along with it did so to get in a big movie. He’s the one that can do that. They wanted it bad enough. Rape is another story and that’s unlikely. They may have felt violated by the act and mistaken that for rape, but as bad as he is, he unlikely did not force rape on them. He’s a pig and a narcissist but likely not a rapist.

  64. boomer21

    boomer2117 timer siden

    I wonder how many Trump fans there are in that Hollywood crowd ?

  65. Andy Yan

    Andy Yan17 timer siden

    Tbh the set what he said is amazing, but the actual fight scene was quite different from the script, impressive!

  66. TisNessie

    TisNessie17 timer siden

    I thought the punch in the wall looked staged but I hoped it was improvised. Still a brilliant scene!

  67. kamuelalee

    kamuelalee17 timer siden

    Chapman could play Billy the Kid...if he can pull an American accent.

  68. Northernspear

    Northernspear17 timer siden

    America: learn from this. Not everything is about money. Combine corporate greed and art, you get fart.

  69. Matt Hayes

    Matt Hayes17 timer siden

    Thank God she didn't win she's so f****** weird

  70. Matt Hayes

    Matt Hayes17 timer siden

    What is she talking about I'd grab her by the face

  71. boomer21

    boomer2117 timer siden

    What a wonderful nice man...God bless him !

  72. James Gregory

    James Gregory17 timer siden

    Ewan sounds so relieved.

  73. VibeCheck: The Podcast

    VibeCheck: The Podcast17 timer siden

    Henry = 🧃

  74. 911shotJFK

    911shotJFK17 timer siden

    Can someone give that blonde chick a bag of Doritos? Jesus Christ she looks like a pillow case full of deer antlers.

  75. Michaela

    Michaela17 timer siden

    it’s a shame that this scene got so memed and turned a lot of people off the film. i didn’t know about the memeing until after i watched, and at first i didn’t understand the hate. it’s a really pivotal scene. this movie didn’t hit me until the credits rolled, and then i started bawling

  76. Ryan

    Ryan17 timer siden

    Finally watched it, so damn great and awesome!

  77. somak dutta

    somak dutta17 timer siden

    How come no one is talking abt what a snub lupitas performance was on us... she was waayyyyyyyyyy bttr than jlo

  78. leigh winson

    leigh winson17 timer siden

    Kind of funny speaking of anointed IE Colin Hanks

  79. Movie Hype Central

    Movie Hype Central17 timer siden

    Wow extremely biased, let’s the crowd cheer when Hillary speaks, when Trump speaks please hold the applause


    DAVID MICHAEL PYPER17 timer siden

    Isnt that now FATMAN and ROBIN

  81. Tara Lewis

    Tara Lewis17 timer siden

    Scarlett Johansson's way of speaking is sometimes hard to listen to.

  82. Mackenzie Stith

    Mackenzie Stith17 timer siden

    cant even finish the interview cuz the interviewer is terrible. why is he laughing at everything

  83. Descendants Fan

    Descendants Fan17 timer siden

    Everyone is like 6 inches apart. Then you see Adam and daisy.........

  84. Vanessa Awada

    Vanessa Awada18 timer siden

    This scene was more funny than intense or emotional.

  85. Albert Sean Chen

    Albert Sean Chen18 timer siden

    Who’s the woman in the Batgirl costume three people to the right of Burt Ward? Maria Menounos?

  86. Mischacha

    Mischacha18 timer siden

    Bravo kris !

  87. juan manuel sánchez

    juan manuel sánchez18 timer siden

    And Todd Phillips got a nomination. The Oscars can be such a joke sometimes.

  88. Luis Martinez

    Luis Martinez18 timer siden

    Shit Noah your films helped me cope with painful memories of what was.

  89. Cady Sehnert

    Cady Sehnert18 timer siden

    i love noah’s work, and this film did not disappoint! he’s such a thoughtful, talented human without being presumptuous • there really is a reason behind every small detail, even the edges of a coffee table. incredible work from all involved.

  90. Grant Stoutenburg

    Grant Stoutenburg18 timer siden

    Marriage Story strangely tells a happier divorce story than my parents divorce. My dad won’t tell my mother he wishes she was dead to her face. He would simply look his children in the eye and tell them that he wishes we were never born if it meant being spared the pain of being reminded what he once shared with our mother.

  91. Gazelle Garcia

    Gazelle Garcia18 timer siden

    JJ Abrams: "Poe and Finn's connection is way too special to be romantic" Also JJ Abrams: "REY AND KYLO HAVE THE RAREST MOST POWERFUL CONNECTION IN THE GALAXY, MAKE EM KISS"

  92. julian carter

    julian carter18 timer siden

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 movies

  93. Eric Ryan

    Eric Ryan18 timer siden

    I lasted 10 minutes watching this movie. It's no Squid and the Whale.

  94. Gilbert Daroy

    Gilbert Daroy18 timer siden

    I'm just glad that Scarlett was nominated because she TOO was incredible in this movie.

  95. Dangrg

    Dangrg18 timer siden

    Damn pretty much everyone in the main cast were not American lol

  96. Olivia Surridge

    Olivia Surridge18 timer siden

    Someone explain to me what exactly is weird about him/his speech? He is just talking rather than speaking some rehearsed bullshit, 'First, I'd like to thank my Mom, God and Jesus, as well as my amazing director, and agent...' His brain is probably blanking on what to say because there's loads of people watching him, which is why there are natural pauses. Sometimes it's hard to articulate when you're infront of that many people. He isn't reading from an autocue, like the presenters. People saying 'he's an actor, he should act not nervous or anxious' is dumb af. Let him be nervous, it ain't a weakness. People gotta be mean tho innit.

  97. Taylor McDonald

    Taylor McDonald18 timer siden

    This scene was so thought out yet so hard to watch for me because it felt like I was seeing something that I wasn't supposed to or like I was intruding. I got so lost in the characters that I forgot I was watching a movie and suddenly I was watching a couple fighting. Really good acting and directing.

  98. Gringo Supreme

    Gringo Supreme19 timer siden

    shia wearing a random pair of jordan socks a serious vibe