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Why I Confronted Logan Paul...


2 år siden

  1. Brodie Martin

    Brodie MartinDag siden

    Jake paul: "i dont have yes men" 16:18

  2. Shakira X

    Shakira XDag siden


  3. OJ Fresh

    OJ FreshDag siden

    jeff wittek would smash jake

  4. Dumb Luck

    Dumb LuckDag siden

    Bro that guy with the purple mop on his head looks like the wanna be lil peep

  5. l

    lDag siden

    Izadi has 168k subs Ksi has 20m subs 168k × 200 = 20.16m subs Basically ksi has a yt channel 200 times bigger than izadi

  6. Timefadi

    TimefadiDag siden

    Wait a minute who are you

  7. Timefadi

    TimefadiDag siden

    Whos gib

  8. ThePart ThatGamed

    ThePart ThatGamedDag siden

    I like this guy, you ain’t got your hiking boots on bwoi. Yesss

  9. Natasha Kotru

    Natasha KotruDag siden

    what was jj’s video

  10. Looney the Gamer

    Looney the GamerDag siden

    Let's go big gibber your a beast and a champion

  11. Grido Games

    Grido GamesDag siden

    If u win call out Jj

  12. LVP

    LVPDag siden

    I remember the other paul was going to win 100% and lost

  13. Yummy Mari

    Yummy MariDag siden

    5:20 did he really just say that?? I mean who is this guy

  14. Dozenwishper81

    Dozenwishper81Dag siden

    Guys he got Ronaldinho with van der sar 😂

  15. xxkiaraxxooxo hi

    xxkiaraxxooxo hiDag siden

    Come on gib

  16. Ethan Gotthardt

    Ethan GotthardtDag siden

    You suck

  17. Chris Tall

    Chris TallDag siden

    Good luck Mate

  18. Miles Lane

    Miles LaneDag siden

    I swear both Jake and Logan are so dumb that they both think the beards they’ve grown before their fights add cushion to their face😂

  19. Jason Cartwright

    Jason CartwrightDag siden

    Everyone wanna see KSI v Jake Paul but everyone wanna see anesongib beat Jake paul

  20. m-Kh3ild

    m-Kh3ildDag siden

    No one wants to see jake Paul vs ksi

  21. m-Kh3ild

    m-Kh3ildDag siden

    No one wants to see jake Paul vs ksi

  22. 1L_ Ismael

    1L_ IsmaelDag siden

    I cant wait to see gib wash up this hole mans carrier

  23. Asrin Molla

    Asrin MollaDag siden

    Dude i love u ur goving to WIN dude love u dude🍲:D

  24. ThatCheeserRy

    ThatCheeserRyDag siden

    Jake Paul lookin like an autistic Conor McGregor

  25. i_am_ 9yo

    i_am_ 9yoDag siden

    5:21 he never heard of ksi meanwhile beeing more irrelavant than ricegum

  26. Andrew Tuerck

    Andrew TuerckDag siden

    Why is Jake’s team ten boyfriend in this? The only thing he’s fighting is obesity

  27. i_am_ 9yo

    i_am_ 9yoDag siden

    Jake paul even uglyer than i remember

  28. dlitty y

    dlitty yDag siden

    When gib got more views than jake on his 40 days video lol

  29. Gage Walton

    Gage WaltonDag siden

    Shut up people only know you because of jake

  30. #BreadGang

    #BreadGangDag siden

    Wait til jake loses and blames his trainer for not training him good enough

  31. bolo ruru

    bolo ruruDag siden

    Its gonna be a good fight I cant wait to see what happens I don't like Jake Paul but I wish both yous good luck 😁👍

  32. Josh Mckee

    Josh MckeeDag siden

    You want beat him

  33. ꀤꈤꌗꍟꋪ꓄_ꃴꀤꌃꍟꌗ

    ꀤꈤꌗꍟꋪ꓄_ꃴꀤꌃꍟꌗDag siden

    15:22 Logan:I think it says a lot about his character and passion for the sport Jake:"Boxing is rigged"

  34. JJ

    JJDag siden

    Got me trippin if they think ima Pay $70 for a circus show

  35. Stefanie BROUMOS

    Stefanie BROUMOSDag siden

    Jake refers to Gib as a kid when they're the same age :p

  36. sinotinobino1

    sinotinobino1Dag siden

    U gonna win dog

  37. Axel Hernande soto

    Axel Hernande sotoDag siden

    Gib go to hell

  38. Faxel

    FaxelDag siden

    Jake got 19+ million subs and gib got 2+ million subs and gib still get more views


    SONS OF DRAGONSDag siden

    You're hilarious Bruv! You've got to end that Jake the tosser

  40. Angel Cahue

    Angel CahueDag siden

    Let’s go Jake!

  41. Bman224

    Bman224Dag siden

    Well Jake is going to miss that stepping stone 2:04

  42. Pan _

    Pan _Dag siden

    Jake is too overconfident and that’s going to be his downfall.

  43. Swan 21

    Swan 21Dag siden

    Tbh I didnt know who Gibb was till I saw this video and tbh u have a long way to go if he wants to get fit body type way off

  44. Roshini Ivin

    Roshini IvinDag siden

    Win for the subscribers

  45. Sunay Ahmadov

    Sunay AhmadovDag siden

    Dont talk trash jake paul is better

  46. Sunay Ahmadov

    Sunay AhmadovDag siden

    Go and hide

  47. Sunay Ahmadov

    Sunay AhmadovDag siden

    Jake paul will knock you up boy

  48. unspeakable juice

    unspeakable juiceDag siden

    gib is a fat shit

  49. nick Paul

    nick PaulDag siden

    Jake Paul will win

  50. D and Jay

    D and JayDag siden

    I going to have to give it to jake he better than Logan more agressive he will win bet me Gib 100 dollars

  51. Citavalo

    CitavaloDag siden

    Gib wants to beat Jake and is dedicating his time against him while Jake is focusing on KSI.

  52. XXX Kevinnn

    XXX KevinnnDag siden

    Logan: who’s gib Gib: only 10 year olds know your existence now days

  53. Asian_McBoi

    Asian_McBoiDag siden

    Gib: Im at the top of youtube *Jake paul has more subscribers than him*

  54. solin

    solinDag siden

    when sugar Shane was imitating gibs fighting it was false cuz it’s been two years since that happened and he’s trained a lot more different and is fighting a lot more differently

  55. Natalie Hamad

    Natalie HamadDag siden

    Who is with Jake Paul like

  56. James Matias

    James MatiasDag siden

    Copy paste jake video and KSI TALKING

  57. G Dawg

    G DawgDag siden

    Who is that fat guy

  58. Kristian Hermiz

    Kristian HermizDag siden

    Actually who tf are u

  59. Oliver Duarte Kraemer

    Oliver Duarte KraemerDag siden

    Broo, I\m not too sure about gib :/ seems like jake has the upper hand

  60. CRTX_ WOLF

    CRTX_ WOLFDag siden

    Gib is a sook

  61. James Matias

    James MatiasDag siden


  62. Kasai Eien Ho

    Kasai Eien HoDag siden

    I bet if this fight goes to a decision judges will give jake the win...another fight = more money simple

  63. Arian Mangal

    Arian MangalDag siden

    Don’t upload until the fight is over. Stay focused on ur main goal

  64. rainbow god srt

    rainbow god srtDag siden

    Gib is not winning there's a 0 % chance he will win Jake paul couch is one of the bet boxers out there

  65. Unis Mosed

    Unis MosedDag siden

    They just showed like 5-8 minutes of ansongib training and the whole video is about jake paul

  66. Secret 2 Weapon

    Secret 2 WeaponDag siden

    First lose all your what then fight jake

  67. da king

    da kingDag siden

    Imagine paying someone to coach you to breath

  68. Its Nex

    Its NexDag siden

    that fat guy says he didn't know who KSI was but who tf is he?

  69. zaijan ph

    zaijan phDag siden

    You suck you have 2million sub Jake has 19 million sub

  70. da king

    da kingDag siden

    I just realized Big bear has blue eyes

  71. X2 PanJabi

    X2 PanJabiDag siden

    They said Logan was a whole other beast non human and their hyping him as much but their rly not all that

  72. kalel de jesus

    kalel de jesusDag siden

    You look stupid

  73. KEEGO

    KEEGODag siden

    wow I didn’t expect to watch a whole documentary on Jake Paul🤕

  74. Epic Engines

    Epic EnginesDag siden

    Just remember not to get too overconfident man. I believe with you and with you all the way, but the cocky fighter always ends up losing so be careful.

  75. Pim Gielen

    Pim GielenDag siden

    Big gibber

  76. Blondie Boy

    Blondie BoyDag siden

    "My brother uhhh...lost from a 2 point deduction" I wonder if the paul brothers would be bitching so hard if they won by 2 points.

  77. 4rc4P01 シ

    4rc4P01 シDag siden

    Why giv said that he is pro boxer he not even fight pro boxer fight just saying

  78. Noelle Mayberry

    Noelle MayberryDag siden

    who's gib? for real? i'm so sic of these popular people fighting no namers

  79. Parkour Yan

    Parkour YanDag siden

    Make sure Jake don't make any excuses like his brother

  80. HappeninG

    HappeninGDag siden

    As much as jake is annoying asf i think he might win unless gib comes with the combination of intensity and technique which i hope he has been working on.

  81. Supreme Snowww

    Supreme SnowwwDag siden

    “Gib is gonna win by 100 points.”

  82. Stephen Brame

    Stephen BrameDag siden

    What really annoys me about the whole "Jake wants to fight KSI" thing is that He could have fought if he DIDN'T KEEP DUCKING KSI WHEN HE INITIALLY CALLED HIM OUT AFTER THE WELLER FIGHT !!!!!

  83. VIPEX_ Diamond

    VIPEX_ DiamondDag siden

    Yeah who is gib like the most under rated youtuber and im 10 so youbare not sending the fbi to my house

  84. Totally Random

    Totally RandomDag siden

    Still waiting for the diss track

  85. Jake Fromm

    Jake FrommDag siden

    Ok let’s just be realistic Jake is winning this fight I’m sorry

  86. Darrick Jones

    Darrick JonesDag siden

    Jojo siwa is taller then his ass

  87. Cody Vertin

    Cody VertinDag siden

    U a b

  88. Aj Tracey

    Aj TraceyDag siden

    0:07 😂😂

  89. Nicholas Macri

    Nicholas MacriDag siden

    Jake is going to mess you up

  90. Smiley Wrld

    Smiley WrldDag siden

    Both of you guys wack

  91. Cara Intimidante

    Cara IntimidanteDag siden

    In one point i thought i was watching a video made by jake paul instead Of Anesongib

  92. Knight Pain

    Knight PainDag siden

    what if jake dies in this fight

  93. Jared Chasing Hawk

    Jared Chasing HawkDag siden

    Why is this showing that Jake is ready and his routine

  94. The_Br0die Westbrook

    The_Br0die WestbrookDag siden

    I like how that dude is tryna roast gib when he literally looks like a bean bag. Dude built like a punching bag

  95. danny rocks

    danny rocksDag siden

    i wonder if jake uploaded the same video and got less views lol washed up

  96. ali ayon

    ali ayonDag siden

    Is it just me but all you can look at is at Gibs nose

  97. Colin Fitzgerald

    Colin FitzgeraldDag siden

    Damn jake Paul can punch hard

  98. Ruby

    RubyDag siden

    14:47 you can see ice in his hands stop capping

  99. TheOfficial Ta'Shay

    TheOfficial Ta'ShayDag siden


  100. Toxicxx Biz

    Toxicxx BizDag siden

    Your gonna lose gibby I’m putting money on it🩸