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Why 2019 was our best year yet
We got lost in a Formula E car!
DriveTribe is going racing!
Richard Hammond's vlog is back
James May is doing mail time
  1. Wild Stallion

    Wild Stallion9 minutter siden

    What a fucken sellout

  2. n n

    n n10 minutter siden

    Guys please dont listen to the advice that is being given to you by a phantom virus! Is all a lie, they are trying to kill us disguised 5g towers, but if we beat them? the cabal will fall! So do not fear what is happening right now, because it isnt what you think it is. The Q Anons

  3. CK ROY

    CK ROY14 minutter siden

    If her father wasn't Clarkson who else would watch this remarkable talented blogger, writer and what else she listed?

  4. RichMantaray

    RichMantaray17 minutter siden

    emm both ham and clarkys daughters look the same ??? same mum ??? or is clarky the father to both ?

  5. Edward Taylor

    Edward Taylor18 minutter siden

    Keep safe

  6. edward spencer

    edward spencer20 minutter siden

    So in other words your unemployed and life of your dads fame. Alright for some.

  7. Linux-Power-User

    Linux-Power-User23 minutter siden

    So she is unemployed and lives with the shite load of money her dad makes?

  8. Antonio Gomes

    Antonio Gomes26 minutter siden

    Quarantine means stay at home. Good show.

  9. Aquil Rose

    Aquil Rose31 minutt siden

    Who else came just to look at hammonds wife

  10. WissCoast

    WissCoast41 minutt siden

    “Cycling means you have to eat to get the calories you need” hahaha what an idiot. Of course, but it’s much more efficient than a 2000 lbs car with one passenger fuelled on petrol. Plus, people cycling are healthier, which is better for the health system.

  11. get fucking rekt

    get fucking rekt42 minutter siden

    I would love to be her mate, can you imagine a clarkson being your friend

  12. WissCoast

    WissCoast45 minutter siden

    I’m a car enthusiast, but only 10% of what he said made sense. What an idiot. Cars are not sustainable in big cities

  13. Drubert

    Drubert45 minutter siden

    Jesus Richard has aged a lot since Top gear

  14. Zack Atanasov

    Zack Atanasov51 minutt siden

    0:54 and that's the sound of taking a condom off

  15. Daddo And Son.

    Daddo And Son.52 minutter siden

    So you don't have a real job then lol

  16. Henry Symes

    Henry Symes52 minutter siden


  17. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne52 minutter siden

    To be fair i think she is the shit driver..she managed to get a mclaren 720s round the track in the same time as a 650s that was driven by the American..yes he was annoying but be was obviously a better driver as the 720s is wayyy faster in every way.

  18. Fj Fj

    Fj Fj53 minutter siden

    Stop saying "like"

  19. justin pemberton

    justin pembertonTime siden

    😆 love it 😂

  20. Lemony Crinklets

    Lemony CrinkletsTime siden

    Gosh he’s aged! Looks terrible 😳

  21. Ovay

    OvayTime siden

    Imagine when Sebastien Vettel retires, he'll be the coolest commentator ever.

  22. moveaxebx

    moveaxebxTime siden

    5:23 - what was that? Hammond looks like scared girl. :D

  23. A P Developments

    A P DevelopmentsTime siden

    Amazing how somebody so nice came out of such a arseholes nutts.

  24. RaxxHubNut

    RaxxHubNutTime siden

    Good set of airbags on that one, sounds rawty, lovely curves, top speed? suede upholstery?

  25. James Burns

    James BurnsTime siden

    Dem girls be looking fine af

  26. ddf0dr1v3r2

    ddf0dr1v3r2Time siden

    I'm not sure which is worst, Top Gear itself, Clarkson or Top Gear because of Clarkson. HOW did this sh!tty show got so popular? Because it was the only funny enough car show? Yeah, funny it was. But the car reviews were not as great as possible and quite annoying! With arguments rather made by ignorants than being fair and well argumented enough arguments.

  27. TheCho

    TheChoTime siden

    S. O. B. B.

  28. John Pollard

    John PollardTime siden

    We don’t need depressing even more !

  29. Martin Bridge

    Martin BridgeTime siden

    Just came from the interview, where hammond almost killed James May....with a shovel.....

  30. D1

    D1Time siden

    blablabla like blablabla like blablabla like blablabla like blablabla like blablabla like. Have some respect for your language.

  31. Steven Joy

    Steven JoyTime siden

    Love to know how doing a blog is a job

  32. 323 v6

    323 v6Time siden

    4'11" so your much taller than your dad 😂

  33. Vitalii Makarenko

    Vitalii MakarenkoTime siden

    - What's your job? - I write, blog, instagraming. Or otherworldly she's unemployed.

  34. Josh Harding

    Josh HardingTime siden

    Him: "it's not the fastest car in the world" Me: "but it could be 😈"

  35. Nasty business.

    Nasty business.2 timer siden

    Sorry ed but your taste in cars is absolutely shite.

  36. Toyama Asahi

    Toyama Asahi2 timer siden

    What did Jeremy say at the last moment ? I didn’t quite catch it.

  37. Evan Jones

    Evan Jones2 timer siden

    Yip... "a nice clean end is just what you want"................

  38. Will Bennett

    Will Bennett2 timer siden

    Can someone remind me why Clarkson isn’t running our country

  39. Eddie G

    Eddie G2 timer siden

    Love how they're watching Hammond's crashes before he takes their car out a little top gear banter

  40. James Kloppers

    James Kloppers2 timer siden

    His genius knows no bounds. Fact!

  41. psygn0sis

    psygn0sis2 timer siden

    "Heated seats are important". Yup, gotta keep that box warm.

  42. The Punisher

    The Punisher2 timer siden

    Her dad is one of the funniest and at points vile people..

  43. Peter Dawson

    Peter Dawson2 timer siden

    The kids have seen how much money their dads made without working too hard and thought they'd get in on the action. Smart.

  44. Hema J Simpson

    Hema J Simpson2 timer siden

    touch my food feel my fork…. it is poetry

  45. Kasper V

    Kasper V2 timer siden

    Her mom must be very pretty

  46. Darren Humble

    Darren Humble2 timer siden

    I bet they're the fastest potatoes..... in the world

  47. snafu snafu

    snafu snafu2 timer siden

    Nothing in this world is more valuable than you . Cars throw anyway things

  48. T S

    T S2 timer siden

    It has to be other color is acceptable.....l know it’s a cliche but then there you go.

  49. Hema J Simpson

    Hema J Simpson2 timer siden

    but she's comunist! Great..

  50. Sanghoon Lee

    Sanghoon Lee2 timer siden

    I cannot unsee his face in her. She looks eerily like Jeremy from the "I had to buy a Ferrari" video.

  51. Sunglasses Ron

    Sunglasses Ron2 timer siden

    Very posh. But look: she has a Union Jack mug so she must in tune with the people...

  52. Mickh 279

    Mickh 2792 timer siden

    Smash 🇳🇿👍🍑

  53. Jxvxn

    Jxvxn3 timer siden

    Imagine seeing a Ford transit with a Red Bull RB engine in the back

  54. Jxvxn

    Jxvxn3 timer siden

    Nah, I'd rather a Rally engine

  55. theboywholived2

    theboywholived23 timer siden

    Stuck up rich little brat never done a day's work in her life

  56. yenvalmar

    yenvalmar3 timer siden

    Dude is beating real f1 drivers right now :)

  57. rnedisc

    rnedisc3 timer siden

    "got some caution tape cause you know..." fucking gold

  58. Moses

    Moses3 timer siden

    must have got her looks from her mother, that's for certain :oP

  59. Brian

    Brian3 timer siden

    How does he take a shit? In a bucket? I'm guessing he showers in the pond?

  60. njohns

    njohns3 timer siden

    Love this video, would definitely watch more of Hammond and his wife doing more mundane things. As a Tesla owner of a similar Model X, I have gone through all those same emotions, especially pulling into a supercharger with 0 mi remaining. Happy to see that Hammond is really one of us as well!

  61. Psycho Skin

    Psycho Skin3 timer siden

    Sorry you lost me when explaining your job 🤔

  62. Cameron Prentice

    Cameron Prentice3 timer siden

    Would love a tour of all of Hammonds cars, especially his Defender!

  63. Houman Nasrolahi Omran

    Houman Nasrolahi Omran3 timer siden

    I wanna say Richard Hammond is the coolest dad ever. I wanna be friend with this guy more than anyone I have known in my life

  64. Andreas Korth

    Andreas Korth3 timer siden

    One horsepower is not lifting 33.000 lbs one foot. That's 15 tons and no horse could lift this kind of weight even an inch. HP has been defined as lifting 330 lbs 100 feet, which is also more realistically achieved in a minute.

  65. Houman Nasrolahi Omran

    Houman Nasrolahi Omran3 timer siden

    Wait I have seen that moment before. Emily:I'm gonna say Aston martin even though I really like Ferraris Jeremy:This is brilliant but I like this

  66. PrPwnage

    PrPwnage3 timer siden

    I’m Emily Clarkson and I’m entitled.

  67. David Santos

    David Santos3 timer siden

    "What are you currently working on?" Her: "Haaaaaaa" Yep, unemployed

  68. Chris Wright

    Chris Wright3 timer siden

    I think it’s pretty cool to get the kids involved!

  69. Thomas J Ham

    Thomas J Ham3 timer siden

    Would love to ride the Brampton with him in Monte Carlo

  70. John Hodgetts

    John Hodgetts3 timer siden

    You go on Instagram "for a job"? FML what has the world come to?

  71. Jan Bloem

    Jan Bloem3 timer siden

    Far more road noise thán expected

  72. Steven Jordan

    Steven Jordan3 timer siden

    have you got a boyfriend?

  73. Adrian Osler

    Adrian Osler3 timer siden

    techwise new one but i really dont go for the new ponies in this case old is always better

  74. Fuccin mint My guy

    Fuccin mint My guy4 timer siden

    True car enthusiast right there 🤙🏻respect it

  75. FPL Pillars

    FPL Pillars4 timer siden

    Ah I am other words she’s jobless then And lives off her dads name

  76. Angeoverone

    Angeoverone4 timer siden

    Really pointless

  77. zing zing

    zing zing4 timer siden

    What a lovely family, you must have great fun together. All the best.

  78. Pornhub Official

    Pornhub Official4 timer siden


  79. William Burgess

    William Burgess4 timer siden

    Who rely gives a shit.

  80. Beetleything

    Beetleything4 timer siden

    Instagram is not a job - sorry -

  81. Akinaro

    Akinaro4 timer siden

    Work on Instagram.... So you don't work?

  82. Spike

    Spike4 timer siden

    "Would you like to have James May's death on your conscience?' Yes...

  83. Lucas

    Lucas4 timer siden

    The Ford Fiesta ST is the fastest car I’ve driven............ in the world.

  84. David Arangio

    David Arangio4 timer siden

    Edd made the show worth watching

  85. DashCam UK

    DashCam UK4 timer siden

    Your dad is a legend

  86. kenny kentucky

    kenny kentucky4 timer siden

    "How dare you!" G. T.

  87. Major Tom

    Major Tom4 timer siden

    Shes more camera friendly than hammonds daughters. They dont like to engage with the cameras at all

  88. Chazz85

    Chazz854 timer siden

    Does May have a podcast? I could listen to this man talk about anything and everything for days

  89. G58

    G584 timer siden

    The poshest totty - IN THE WOORRLLDD! No, you can’t blame me. I just wrote what EVERYONE is thinking.

  90. Ash Cosmo

    Ash Cosmo4 timer siden

    "Write, blog and instagram"... "as a job".. Sorry Emily but I don't think you'd even know what a job is.

  91. BiG TommyG

    BiG TommyG4 timer siden

    what a boring bastard

  92. Matt G

    Matt G4 timer siden

    I like her. She should do a car show...

  93. billycrystal santa

    billycrystal santa5 timer siden

    May is freaking brilliant.

  94. Monte Olsen

    Monte Olsen5 timer siden

    Great kid!

  95. spacewater7

    spacewater75 timer siden

    I say is that tea in a coffee cup. Or have you come over all secret American like Hammond and switched to coffee?

  96. Barabus Shibooboo

    Barabus Shibooboo5 timer siden

    Write, blog and instagram as a job, and dad

  97. SammyT

    SammyT5 timer siden

    She's way too pretty to be Clarkson's daughter :)

  98. Evan Boubouka

    Evan Boubouka5 timer siden

    "Write, blog and Instagram for a job" - otherwise known as living off your rich parents

  99. PenguinActually

    PenguinActually5 timer siden

    But is she still a wee and a poo?

  100. Adam Hampshire

    Adam Hampshire5 timer siden

    I'm sorry Mr Hammond, your attempt to blur out the speed was an epic failure. 70 mph, well, sort of! In the words of Clarkson, 'Hammond, you idiot!'...🤣