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Fusion Flex on NYXL

Fusion Flex on NYXL

4 dager siden

Super’s Super Tour of Philly
  1. 모모하모

    모모하모5 timer siden

    there must be problems with houston coaching steps. houston looks like they are playing games without team voice. all of houston matches are like bunch of random amateur rankers gathered from competitve que fighting against pro teams

  2. Brandon Lynkeechow

    Brandon Lynkeechow5 timer siden

    Notice how when London won the entire arena went quiet.

  3. Herux

    Herux6 timer siden

    Jerry who?

  4. Ben Chan

    Ben Chan7 timer siden

    1:12:01 pretty much sum up the game.

  5. Mr. White

    Mr. White8 timer siden

    Pls rename "Overwatch league" into "all korean Overwatch league"

  6. Aaro

    Aaro8 timer siden

    Nice production Dorado (hybrid) Escord payload through 3 points

  7. Wayne Krumbach

    Wayne Krumbach8 timer siden

    Overwatch League, hobnobs to Philly!

  8. Commie Cookie

    Commie Cookie9 timer siden

    I´ll take whatever Stratus is on pls

  9. Drageniel g

    Drageniel g11 timer siden


  10. 9tailjeza

    9tailjeza12 timer siden

    of all the teams meko oppa could’ve gone to

  11. Agroed

    Agroed13 timer siden

    The casters said it all after the first draw: Stop. Wasting. Danteh.

  12. Nick Magana

    Nick Magana13 timer siden

    1:28:36 why didn’t roar charge to safety?

  13. kramer911

    kramer91113 timer siden


  14. Volt790

    Volt79014 timer siden


  15. Pendulym

    Pendulym15 timer siden

    "like two children slapping each other on trampolines" 1:54:53 sounds about right

  16. kusxmi

    kusxmi18 timer siden

    SLEEPPYYYY :D I love him 🥺

  17. Mary Ann Cantwell

    Mary Ann Cantwell19 timer siden

    When does game start

  18. Bryan

    Bryan20 timer siden

    Seems like every team is putting up great fights. This is awesome to see.

  19. Raphaeloking

    Raphaeloking21 time siden

    Overwatch league: lets go international Coronavirus: LeTs go inTerNaTionAl

  20. funloveish

    funloveish22 timer siden

    Why is more than half the show not overwatch

  21. Gean Carlo Loiola Cavalheiro

    Gean Carlo Loiola Cavalheiro22 timer siden

    Very Cool

  22. Wayne Krumbach

    Wayne Krumbach22 timer siden

    2 decades on and the Overwatch League is still going strong! I’ll be rooting on the Toronto Defiant now and then I’ll worry about rooting for Michigan sports teams back home, later.

  23. Alphabot Official

    Alphabot Official23 timer siden

    And they lost

  24. Chip Shots

    Chip Shots23 timer siden

    the stagger on Hotba.... OOF ha

  25. Off-The-Cuff Gaming

    Off-The-Cuff Gaming23 timer siden

    Great match, heart broken for Justice. Feel for Corey, so much expectation and when you’re not well, competing is tough. Great match.

  26. MILK

    MILKDag siden

    Nerf Corey though

  27. Dan Thomas-Commins

    Dan Thomas-ComminsDag siden


  28. VanillaBryce

    VanillaBryceDag siden

    I’m just saying, the Mei & Mcree meta should 100% be called “McFlurry”

  29. Alex West

    Alex WestDag siden

    escord payload

  30. Rogue

    RogueDag siden

    this fight is the best one so far.

  31. McFigroll

    McFigrollDag siden

    the silence from the crowd is something else.

  32. The Rainman

    The RainmanDag siden

    That pistol whip thou lol 🤣🤣🤣@1:27:43

  33. Freestyle Mak

    Freestyle MakDag siden

    Commentary is not very impartial! Almost anti-spitfire

  34. Jethro Alcantara

    Jethro AlcantaraDag siden

    Barcelona v. Real Madrid is El Clasico LA Galaxy v. LAFC is El Trafico Uprising v. Outlaws is....El Crapico..?

  35. Ben Chan

    Ben ChanDag siden

    Alarm is the best Ana in OWL right now. He is the reason why SADO and POKO tank pair look so dominant.

  36. Kawaii Pyromancer

    Kawaii PyromancerDag siden


  37. Dragodan

    DragodanDag siden

    ivy so good

  38. Zakk Rios

    Zakk RiosDag siden

    Anyone know why they took this map along with junker town and blizzard world off of competitive

  39. Rafaelrlc

    RafaelrlcDag siden


  40. Emberu

    EmberuDag siden

    Seeing so many Mei's gives me nightmares cant wait for the Bans..

  41. Cheese Butler

    Cheese ButlerDag siden

    Lets gooo London

  42. adonis alamo

    adonis alamoDag siden

    corey is so overhyped god

  43. Abdelrahman Wael

    Abdelrahman WaelDag siden

    New london team may have some great potential

  44. だめしょう

    だめしょうDag siden


  45. Lucas

    LucasDag siden


  46. Gian-Fernando Perez

    Gian-Fernando PerezDag siden

    They didn’t bleep it... cut the VOD

  47. Sean Deforest

    Sean DeforestDag siden

    Now this is good overwatch

  48. Weird GamerYT

    Weird GamerYTDag siden

    When is NYXL gonna use Mandu

  49. Bryan Johnson

    Bryan JohnsonDag siden

    7:23 Jerry out here looking like that 'SICK WIDOW' in my gold games XD XD XD

  50. Azathorn Aza

    Azathorn AzaDag siden

    Beautiful games !

  51. Kyle Dillon

    Kyle DillonDag siden

    fusion cap round 2 anubis in ot not on here? bizarre

  52. logoslive

    logosliveDag siden

    Map 1 8:47 Map 2 24:35 Map 3 55:33

  53. Memes

    MemesDag siden

    Nobody: Houston in overtime: we were bad, but now where good

  54. Vianca F

    Vianca FDag siden

    When they started talking about fragi 🥺

  55. legend_FN Mayhem

    legend_FN MayhemDag siden


  56. IAᴍOliiver

    IAᴍOliiverDag siden

    Map 1. 6:40. Map 2. 20:20. Map 3. 57:50. Map 4. 1:22:50. Map 5. 2:00:00

  57. Ernestine Hsia

    Ernestine HsiaDag siden


  58. John Yo

    John YoDag siden

    london's dorado defence was oh so very britsh'esque

  59. The Goat Of Roblox

    The Goat Of RobloxDag siden

    That's stadium is silent.

  60. GUARDZ

    GUARDZDag siden


  61. ThatOneCorgi

    ThatOneCorgiDag siden

    1:26:38 seoul dynasty spray lol

  62. 오영환

    오영환Dag siden

    where is spitfire v. justice's 4.31m hold?

  63. Kymerah X

    Kymerah XDag siden

    Koreanwatch is strong

  64. Saltek

    SaltekDag siden

    Top 10 saddest anime deaths :(

  65. Daniel LaRue

    Daniel LaRueDag siden

    best series so far this year for sure

  66. william kremer

    william kremerDag siden

    omg bad ice cream 3 on hudgames is very ecsiting omg.

  67. Malcolm Strasdin

    Malcolm StrasdinDag siden

    ironically.. sideshow carries the casting. cant wait so see his career grow

  68. Jaime Cruz

    Jaime CruzDag siden

    Imagine losing to xqc

  69. Антон Суббота

    Антон СубботаDag siden

    1:53:40 "Corey played fantastically" 2 or 3 deaths without real reason last match = result.

  70. Cotangent Theta — Overwatch Guides and Reviews

    Cotangent Theta — Overwatch Guides and ReviewsDag siden

    12:32 - "The Corey vs Glister battle could well be very decisive in which team comes out on top."

  71. EnduWolf

    EnduWolfDag siden

    Apparently we've all been doing Dorado wrong this whole time

  72. 3lit3gn0m3

    3lit3gn0m3Dag siden

    2:04:00 this whole fight was amazing from S4's perspective. My jaw literally dropped after he dropped the Rein shield into that headshot....

  73. Navy

    NavyDag siden

    This game is definitely going in the history books

  74. david wilegus

    david wilegusDag siden

    JJonak wins world championships but loses OWL

  75. Stain

    StainDag siden

    1:00 did anyone else hear yeet

  76. PlayOnWords _

    PlayOnWords _Dag siden

    Ivy saw Whoru donating his Blizzards to Poko, so he wanted to be charitable to Nevix.

  77. Adele

    AdeleDag siden

    By far the most entertaining game so far, interesting comps and actually something to watch! Usually it's just one team getting beaten into the ground by another and it's over in 3 rounds

  78. 柊リカ

    柊リカDag siden

    1:23:10 Alarm hit the Biotic Grenade.....He is so good

  79. 김승찬

    김승찬Dag siden

    28:29 "He is Korean Joker"

  80. Scully OW

    Scully OWDag siden

    BOS vs HOU 2:29:06 - Map 1 2:46:30 - Map 2 3:21:23 - Map 3 3:42:51 - Map 4 4:12:37 - Map 5 4:26:01 - Map 6 4:45:56 - Map 7

  81. Memes

    MemesDag siden

    They always ask whoru and never howru widepeeposad

  82. Quijible

    QuijibleDag siden

    the silence from the crowd after London wins...

  83. John Greene

    John GreeneDag siden

    This week was not the week for reverse sweeps

  84. Alex West

    Alex WestDag siden

    1:08:40 How embarrassing How embarrassing How embarrassing How embarrassing

  85. Posidon Cae

    Posidon CaeDag siden

    wish we have an option to mute commentary

  86. Anidra

    AnidraDag siden

    Chipsa MVP benchplayer

  87. EldarCorruption

    EldarCorruptionDag siden

    give us indiviudal game highlights you bots

  88. fsociety

    fsocietyDag siden

    This was an insane game to watch live

  89. Blake Bertole

    Blake BertoleDag siden

    Go London!!!

  90. Alec Balke

    Alec BalkeDag siden

    So bias btw

  91. minzy421

    minzy421Dag siden

    magic number 4.31 😂

  92. Bacon Egg and Please

    Bacon Egg and PleaseDag siden

    Sideshow is the absolute worst caster.

  93. graham bishop

    graham bishopDag siden

    Kinda hated the casters constantly cheering on Washington and not London also the crowd should be ashamed barely any cheer for spitfire

  94. Yeeyeeassshaft

    YeeyeeassshaftDag siden

    Why is mirage in the thumbnail

  95. Kevin

    KevinDag siden

    What happened to Sado shatter against NYXL on Eichenwalde?

  96. Jin Kwon

    Jin KwonDag siden

    This must’ve been soul crushing for the Washington boys

  97. Mathys Je

    Mathys JeDag siden


  98. Freeto

    FreetoDag siden

    go back to twitch owl WeirdChamp

  99. tailgrowth

    tailgrowthDag siden

    The Spitfire v. Justice game was one of the craziest matches ever

  100. Alex Devéze

    Alex DevézeDag siden