Adam Savage’s Tested
Adam Savage’s Tested
Adam Savage’s Tested

Host of Discovery Channel's long-running series MythBusters, Adam Savage has spent his life making things. From a cardboard suit of Excalibur armor when he was 13 to a REAL suit of Excalibur armor (with Terry English) when he was 50, Adam has built just about everything you can think of, including (but not limited to): Star Wars spaceships, Totoro costumes, NERF mods and movie prop replicas. In fact, over his career as an industrial and special effects designer/fabricator, actor, educator and television personality, there isn’t much Adam Savage has not done. Subscribe to Tested to see what Adam and his team will tackle next!
Tested is also: Norman Chan, Simone Giertz, Joey Fameli, Gunther Kirsch, Ryan Kiser, Kishore Hari, Sean Charlesworth, Jeremy Williams, Kayte Sabicer, Bill Doran, Arial Waldman, Darrell Maloney and Kristen Lomasney.

  1. Mitchell Radspinner

    Mitchell Radspinner4 timer siden

    “You don’t know this about me but..” oh trust me Adam, we know.

  2. Sean Willhite

    Sean Willhite4 timer siden

    Great build love that you keep clarifying that is down and dirty!

  3. pjs2409

    pjs24094 timer siden

    Great build Adam! I thought to myself how much more awesome it would have been if some strips of red? leds were put on top to illuminate the inside of the skull?........

  4. Treble0096

    Treble00964 timer siden

    I am not picturing Adam Savage riding a zombie T-Rex into battle to fight evil necromancers. Nope. Not a bit. You are totally thinking of that other guy.

  5. David Hathcock

    David Hathcock4 timer siden

    Although this is not identical to your test, the military has been snatching tanks out of cargo planes on skids for decades. The plane just touches the runway and shoves the cargo out without slowing down.

  6. TheLeroy1981

    TheLeroy19814 timer siden

    Carpenter of 22 years. The best way to do your angles is whichever way you like doing it.

  7. Mohit Mamoria

    Mohit Mamoria4 timer siden

    The DudePerfect moment in the end!

  8. carbonitedreamer

    carbonitedreamer4 timer siden

    every time i watch Mr. Savage I feel like The Keaton Joker "Where does he get all those wonderful toys?". lol that is so cool. i am so envious.

  9. AshGCG

    AshGCG4 timer siden

    I used those strip LEDs for a party doughnut board. It was only when I had finishrf construction that I learned there were drivers that had a built in mic to make it run similarly to disco lights. So annoyed.


    MARK LOCKWOOD4 timer siden

    Why not have the t-Rex 🦖 do the famous roar from movie when the light comes on.?

  11. Ross True

    Ross True4 timer siden


  12. Gamma Breaker

    Gamma Breaker4 timer siden

    14:12 We sometimes finish wood arrow shafts that way. Done right, it creates a rock hard finish that's almost fully weatherproof. We recovered some of our arrows that were underground for 5 years. The feathers, plastic, and head were ruined, but the wood was completely sealed and in tact.

  13. Daniel Mores

    Daniel Mores4 timer siden

    I also like to print out a "flag" that I put on end that connects to the device.

  14. BaefullWolf

    BaefullWolf4 timer siden

    Most items actually are labeled with what they use. nine times out of ten, the voltage, amperage, and polarity are all clearly marked, and the device uses a simple barrel connector. If it isn't directly on the item, it is almost certainly in the manual. if it isn't there, I have gone to the manufacturer website and looked at a photo of the charger, then go to my drawer or the thrift store and get one. There are exceptions, some devices have special connectors, and not all barrel connectors are the same size. Replacement chargers are generally very easy to come across. and at worst you can get an exact match from the manufacturer or eBay, without needing to replace the whole device. Labeling is fine, but losing the charger is not a compelling reason to replace the whole device.

  15. Peter Motta

    Peter Motta4 timer siden

    Thank you again Adam !

  16. Chris

    Chris4 timer siden

    The original ASMR man

  17. Oliver Baker

    Oliver Baker4 timer siden

    Adam calling this a 'Theatre Build', it looks 100x better than anything I could do at my best haha.

  18. UtrechterK

    UtrechterK4 timer siden

    Fuck yeah

  19. Caleb Socha

    Caleb Socha4 timer siden

    I saw the hell boy sword (you made a long time ago) when you were cutting the MDF and it made me very happy

  20. metal666metal666

    metal666metal6664 timer siden

    you're my idol in crafting and making things from scratch.

  21. ThatDragonHD

    ThatDragonHD4 timer siden

    Who dislikes a man like adam savage? 19 of you people know no joy in your life.

  22. Lloyd Lee

    Lloyd Lee4 timer siden

    The reason that little box in your sculpture is empty is because the key that hung there is missing. It’s missing because it’s the master key. The master key we all know is held by someone special and that person is God.

  23. Hector Kenyon

    Hector Kenyon4 timer siden

    Did you rebuild it?

  24. Jesse Knox

    Jesse Knox4 timer siden

    Pathfinder is a mock shuttle used for testing. Now sitting at the Huntsville Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville Alabama is a life size shuttle with solid rocket boosters and external fuel tank. This is an amazing sight that is a testament to the genius minds that designed something this overwhelming and then shot it into space. If your ever near Huntsville I highly recommend going to the museum. Driving down I 565 a Saturn 5 rocket can be seen from the highway towering over the area. This is also where space camp is held and an awesome place to visit.

  25. Jonathan Viterise

    Jonathan Viterise4 timer siden

    What is he spraying on after the CA glue?

  26. Sarah Wilson

    Sarah Wilson4 timer siden

    How about a "V" shaped rail?

  27. GreenDayFanMT

    GreenDayFanMT4 timer siden

    Isn't he afraid of something getting loose and start crushing down?

  28. bcubed72

    bcubed724 timer siden

    If I ran the world, I'd totally try to recreate the Orbital Manhole Cover. See if I could nuke it to escape velocity!

  29. StuffUCanMake

    StuffUCanMake4 timer siden

    I am happy that I am now getting a regular dose of my mentor Adam Savage!

  30. bark apo

    bark apo4 timer siden

    the most professional hoarder ever

  31. Rene Jensen

    Rene Jensen4 timer siden

    i have bad experince with those cheap led strips, i had them under the top cabinets in my kitchen, after about 6 months of daily use they were down to about little over half brightness and then the individual led's started failing, resulting in sections of three going out and others flickering like crazy. after a total of 9 months there was about 10% light left. And then there was the glue, it failed after 2-3 days so i had to pull them down and remove the glue and use some proper glue to mount them.

  32. Stephan M

    Stephan M4 timer siden

    You need to upgrade your lamp with something like this: Then you don't even need to reach around to turn it on.

  33. John O'Halloran

    John O'Halloran4 timer siden

    SiliCon, used to be a much smaller fan run convention in the SF Bay Area.

  34. Makayla gaming

    Makayla gaming4 timer siden

    Holy crap! That is a crazy amount of commercials!


    III CASE III4 timer siden

    Worried about the cameraman at 27:41

  36. {Wolf}

    {Wolf}4 timer siden

    Michael's thumb at 4:33 freaked me out for a second.

  37. Jett’s Dad Died

    Jett’s Dad Died4 timer siden

    Its nuts how fast low-orbit space stations travel.

  38. CaptainBaseball

    CaptainBaseball4 timer siden

    CGI is shit and does not look real. In Jurassic Park they used real size T-Rex Roboters :D

  39. Gonz

    Gonz4 timer siden

    ancient Myth: "life after death"

  40. dude Anderson

    dude Anderson4 timer siden

    I've used ca glue a finish for turned handles for tools or even wooden rings I've made. You can get a durable clear finish if you use it right. I've never tried it on anything that isn't on a lathe

  41. CaydeStroke Max

    CaydeStroke Max4 timer siden

    Adam - quick n dirty (with a cheeky look at camera).

  42. Straylight4299

    Straylight42995 timer siden

    32:00 In those cases i simply apply the "butidontwanna" fomula: (Usual cost for workhours * 5 + cost of best materials * 3) * CustomerRichnessFactor If he still wants it...

  43. Schwadevivre

    Schwadevivre5 timer siden

    MDF - wear a Flocking dust mask - Please!!!!

  44. SamHandwiches

    SamHandwiches5 timer siden

    Gunther Kirsch is doing a fantastic job on the camerwork ×

  45. VikingSix

    VikingSix5 timer siden

    "Is that 2 inches?" Looks at tattoo

  46. Ed Burke

    Ed Burke5 timer siden

    I wonder if Adam has read Jim Butcher's Dresden files series. In Dead Beat Harry Dresden (modern day wizard ) rides Sue through the streets of Chicago. That dinosaur hold a warm spot in at least this fans heart

  47. Daan Wilmer

    Daan Wilmer5 timer siden

    You could use Wesley Treat's LED strip roller if you use a lot of LED strips, might save some time:

  48. Silor FPV

    Silor FPV5 timer siden

    Aw they put the endcards over Adams victory shot

  49. Darwinian Glitch

    Darwinian Glitch5 timer siden

    12:30 Moral is, While there's a thousand ways a light bulb won't work, The one it does for you is all that matters. Doesn't matter what kind of light bulb, Just find it and shine like Adam.

  50. Siesta Time

    Siesta Time5 timer siden

    Loved the Red Green reference!

  51. Alexander Kraus

    Alexander Kraus5 timer siden

    I don't like the self stick coating on the back at all but you can staple them down very nicely if you take care of where you staple so you don't get a short... The problem is that they expand when they warm up so they can't actually stick down properly. Kind of reminds me of a hot wheels world record in the sun.... ;)

  52. Ruth Tanner

    Ruth Tanner5 timer siden

    This has such chaotic energy , I love it 😂😂

  53. Joseph Svennson

    Joseph Svennson5 timer siden

    Looks like a kids toy. Graphics like SEGA..

  54. Ken Heslip

    Ken Heslip5 timer siden

    When you don't know what the hell he's building and keep watching to find out.

  55. Nikita Belomestnykh

    Nikita Belomestnykh5 timer siden

    What an amazing build! For production team, please start adding splash screens/roll out screens at the end, so the ending of the video doesn't get covered by suggested videos

  56. Jens Roger Kristoffersen

    Jens Roger Kristoffersen5 timer siden

    @Adam - The best bang for your photons are achieved by using the 3-4 layers behind the LCD screen from an old TV or monitor. There's a chrome mirror back plate, a fresnel lens sheat and white difusors. They are all thin and easy to cut into shape. You only need one strip of LED's around the edges and it lights up like a window on a sunny day.

  57. Bryan Miller

    Bryan Miller5 timer siden

    Should cut a hole in the top and put a mesh screen there to allow it to breath and not be so hot

  58. allseeing5

    allseeing55 timer siden

    Adam is awsome!

  59. Walking Nowhere

    Walking Nowhere5 timer siden

    now put a strip on top to light the skull from the inside

  60. marin furcea

    marin furcea5 timer siden

    now all I need is a dinosaur head. f..., it was much more easier if they weren't extinct!

  61. Apocalypse92

    Apocalypse925 timer siden

    does anyone know what pencil he’s using at 5:48 i didn’t even know they made a pencil like that!!! I want one!!

  62. Ella Lafosse

    Ella Lafosse5 timer siden

    hes living my dream

  63. Fruity Pebbles

    Fruity Pebbles5 timer siden

    14:15 Thin CA glue as a varnish?! erm... CA glue is exothermic and I've seen it light paper towels on fire on Johnny Brook's youtube (craftedworkshop) spreading a thin layer on wood as a varnish is... scary, there's possibly even a chance that the brush/sponge used to apply it could kick and light on fire.

  64. Donald Burkhard

    Donald Burkhard5 timer siden

    Light up skull eyes?

  65. Lasse Hjalmarsson

    Lasse Hjalmarsson5 timer siden

    Flickering led lights is kind of a problem though. More so for some people, but most likely most of us are suffering somewhat, often not recognizing it. (Check with your Phone camera, flicker will show as lines ☝)

  66. LifeisFUN

    LifeisFUN5 timer siden

    ....That never crashes, 3.5Km range?! HAAAAAHAHAHA.... just search NO-gos

  67. bgdavenport

    bgdavenport5 timer siden

    Than you for the pneumatic stapler! I've been using a "hand job" for decades, too. The one you are holding is $29 plus tax @ Home Depot! I'll pick mine up in a couple of days.

  68. Scott Kraft

    Scott Kraft5 timer siden

    What kind of origami did you use on the corners of the LED strip lights? I didn’t know they could take that kind of abuse.

  69. DethstruXioN ™

    DethstruXioN ™5 timer siden

    1:16:13 Will Forte you say?

  70. Martin J.

    Martin J.5 timer siden

    Quick tip: unless you need the measurement markings, flip the T-square over when making lines or cutting. That way you don’t have that upward bridge at the joining end throwing off your marks/cuts. Also, CA glue is oftentimes used by pen turners (making pens on a lathe) as a hard shiny finish that can withstand some abuse.

  71. Bad Mofo

    Bad Mofo5 timer siden

    That is why I prefer the PlayStation version of Beat Saber.

  72. Sergio Motogalpa

    Sergio Motogalpa5 timer siden

    Адам средней прожарки.

  73. Christian Johansson

    Christian Johansson5 timer siden

    That positive energy and happiness Adam exudes is always amazing.

  74. Bret Stearns

    Bret Stearns5 timer siden

    log scribe, transfer contours in 3d

  75. lukthere2

    lukthere25 timer siden


  76. Positive Reinforcefeed

    Positive Reinforcefeed5 timer siden

    why do you use an oil based spray paint to prime with? wouldn't an acrylic dry faster/easier to re-coat?

  77. Tikupra

    Tikupra5 timer siden

    8:21 is that.. Adam's double-strength lenses being visible under certain conditions? Or.. random coincidental crack exactly flat on both lenses..?

  78. Mihai Surugiu

    Mihai Surugiu5 timer siden

    put a machine gun and AI software and we have a baby terminator

  79. the riding dutchman

    the riding dutchman5 timer siden

    Imagine being locked in the cave with Adam and he is constantly telling you stuff about his stuff. Who would not want that? Dream come true.

  80. Steven Schneider

    Steven Schneider5 timer siden

    ...aaaaand now I'm curious about what Jamie's been up to

  81. RatFink6666

    RatFink66665 timer siden

    i swear if Adam Doesnt think his Norris Spider Head from the thing is his "favorite" thing in the shop and thinks a dumb fake lizard skull is cooler. im going to break in and steal it because he doesnt deserve it. He hasnt even made a video about it

  82. bgdavenport

    bgdavenport5 timer siden

    Not being critical of judgmental, but where is the 3D scanner to make the template?

  83. Jon Bohlinger

    Jon Bohlinger5 timer siden

    This is truly Red Green 2.

  84. Sergio Motogalpa

    Sergio Motogalpa5 timer siden

    Chronicles of Riddick Vo Necromongers of Adam's power Хроники Риддика во Некромонгеры силы Адама

  85. Maxx B

    Maxx B5 timer siden

    Great video. Shame I had to watch it in several part, the camera movements and wandering focus gave me such a bad case of motion sickness. I thought you guys had invested in a tripod already.

  86. technosasquatchfilms

    technosasquatchfilms5 timer siden

    Adam gave his T-Rex a lighted retainer.

  87. Maple Gum

    Maple Gum5 timer siden

    This video is just Jamie teasing Chris with the apple

  88. Kenneth Rock

    Kenneth Rock5 timer siden

    I would have love to see that too

  89. Slikx666

    Slikx6665 timer siden

    Adam. How about a livestream AMA with you playing pool?

  90. Kropoc Leckor

    Kropoc Leckor5 timer siden

    Adam, what the name of the cyanoacrylate glue and what is that the blue can do?

  91. Dmitry

    Dmitry5 timer siden

    I need that suit for current situation :D just to get out of home

  92. MrMuppenpuppen

    MrMuppenpuppen5 timer siden

    I know you love those kind of markers but i really don't see it. Have them at work but they are sensitive as hell, dust or a snag to much pressure and the're ready for the trashcan. Good for marking in holes but that's it. 🤷‍♂️🤔

  93. Jaz Creations

    Jaz Creations5 timer siden

    *Adam I hope this comment finds you I think you'd like and use this one...* Ticking or Joggle stick method

  94. Bryan Vockie

    Bryan Vockie5 timer siden

    The Test Kitchen is now lacking the Intellectual insight and the Disciplined Truthfulness of the Developer Creator and the Person that Built possibly the finest Cooking show in the US... Mr. Kimbell Not the same or anywhere close without Him❗

  95. Termaine Davis

    Termaine Davis5 timer siden

    Sue is off display at the Field museum. She is being redesigned to fit the proper pose using up to date information about T.Rex.

  96. Zendal Darkman

    Zendal Darkman5 timer siden

    How many times must I tell you about your knife technique ?

  97. turmat01

    turmat015 timer siden

    I love these "Theather builds" a lot. I do shit like that all the time with just foamcore board (same type FliteTest uses for building their planes) and hot glue. I made cellphone stands, battery trays with a sepperator to sepperate the charged from the empty batteries, an angled camera stand, etc etc.

  98. Jogau

    Jogau5 timer siden

    I enjoy these videos so much that I could watch it twice in a row, thank you Tested and Adam ♥

  99. Lukionest

    Lukionest5 timer siden

    I wonder how many people have a T-rex skull and use it as a lamp above their pool table. I bet you could count them all on one finger. Adam Savage, you are unique.

  100. readme info

    readme info5 timer siden

    Thank you for going through this for those of us who not only watched, but unfortunately one day... mayy actually draw on this as a source of real world info. That phrase you said is one that people say often, various versions, but its clear when the person saying it, has actually lived through a real near fatal ordeal, and those who havent. Its clear that you really understood the power behind that phrase as you used it to survive in your dire situation. Incredible. Thank you and great job!