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  1. Adventures With Leonardo

    Adventures With Leonardo31 sekund siden

    As a pirate's fan, I can tell you despite some great performances last season, he's still not a good pitcher whenever in clutch time. His stats tank a lot. He walks a lot more. He lets up dumb hits. He's just not really worth it in the end. That's why he got the boot. He just wasn't that good when it mattered most.

  2. Arman

    Arman53 sekunder siden

    Kevin Durant ruined the whole decade.

  3. jamsjr44

    jamsjr44Minutt siden

    Maybe if Dan cheated he would have thrown more than 15 Touchdowns in 13 seasons? 🤔

  4. BornToQuill

    BornToQuillMinutt siden

    Ironic that Yankees fans love the signing of an ex Astro........

  5. MrAnhedonic

    MrAnhedonicMinutt siden

    Is that Kingpin in the orange shirt?

  6. Račko Uroš Pfaifar

    Račko Uroš Pfaifar2 minutter siden

    Yeah they lost to the kings when luka was fauled in last attempt

  7. Baatdad 71

    Baatdad 713 minutter siden

    Caught cheating again!!!! Google shows Patriot's caught cheating #7 TIME'S 🤦‍♂️😮🤯🤯🤯🤯

  8. Cpt. Obnoxious

    Cpt. Obnoxious4 minutter siden

    You know how eff'd up the monetary system is if a pitcher is worth 36m a year

  9. James Stinedurf

    James Stinedurf5 minutter siden

    hopefully if the Astros get slammed with harsh penalties, maybe it'll make the NFL takes these things more serious

  10. Nate McCoy

    Nate McCoy6 minutter siden

    How you gonna Rob Molly of the number 1 spot? I mean I love the list but Molly is definitely 1


    RAMEEZ BAIG7 minutter siden

    Matt 'once tried kobe' barnes

  12. GJL Creative Studios

    GJL Creative Studios7 minutter siden

    doing us white guys proud, my guy

  13. Marcos Juarez

    Marcos Juarez7 minutter siden

    Those cocky New England Patriots. They are could be Donald J. Trump's team, but the Dallas Cowboys are truly America's Team.

  14. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Book of shadows contributor Brian7 minutter siden

    400th comment

  15. curious pug

    curious pug7 minutter siden

    Max finally had enough with molly for a second there, then came out honest, telling her to sit down and know her role in this show and surprise-surprise, she felt offended. what a b*tch 🤦‍♂️

  16. The Dallas Daniels show

    The Dallas Daniels show8 minutter siden

    If you don't know Brady is a fake GOAT, then I just feel sorry for you.

  17. Adrian Crawford

    Adrian Crawford8 minutter siden

    Tua will not fall past the Dolphins draft pick. They will not select Justin Herbert over Tua. Herbert isn't close to the quality of QB Tua is. Maybe if they were comparable prospects, you go with the healthier option, but Tua is considerably better than Herbert and you don't pass that up. There are 4 franchise QBs in college at the moment and only 2 are in this draft: Joe Burrow and Tua Tagavailoa. Tua is better than Joe, but they are both elite prospects, so you go with the healthier of the 2 first. Herbert, Jake Fromm, Jacob Eason, Jordan Love, and Jalen Hurts all have tons of talent, but none have shown themselves to be franchise QBs at this stage in their careers. Tua, Joe, Justin Fields, and Trevor Lawrence are the 4 franchise QBs currently in college.

  18. CODer terroristT

    CODer terroristT8 minutter siden

    Disrespectful! Where's Kyrie's "The Shot"?

  19. Brian Z

    Brian Z9 minutter siden

    I find it strange how Clemons, A Rod, McGwire, Bonds etc. are all vilified, will probably never be in the hall of fame and even had to go to trial. They used steroids, therefore they cheated. Perhaps their records will be erased, or have an asterisk beside them. At what point do we finally put a stop to this? Unfortunately it's too late since Brady and Belichek are close to the end. They get to walk into the sunset as the GOATS. Greatest (cheaters) Of All Time.

  20. Kiet Tan

    Kiet Tan9 minutter siden

    Thats why the are winners

  21. Paul Joseph

    Paul Joseph10 minutter siden

    *Trade for K Love along with his massive contract!* 🤣

  22. Moonroof

    Moonroof11 minutter siden

    Feel bad for Brady age

  23. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Book of shadows contributor Brian11 minutter siden

    so they need hitting still

  24. 805oxnardsocal

    805oxnardsocal14 minutter siden

    Any team this dude gets on playoffs contenders. It's crazy.

  25. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Book of shadows contributor Brian14 minutter siden

    Cole a good number guy in Bronx tanaka is their ace Luis sev had it but injuries took their toll

  26. Import Export

    Import Export14 minutter siden

    A silent lion is more batter than a chicken is crying

  27. roger peet

    roger peet15 minutter siden

    I hope to God I never meet this arrogant, spoiled, cheap punk of a person. I'm talking about tigar wood.

  28. abdul moalim

    abdul moalim16 minutter siden

    Blake griffin to the lakers would be sick to get back at clippers that traded him

  29. a s

    a s16 minutter siden

    i like melo now. efficient and a role player. he keeps playing like this man blazers will have a spot in the playoffs. btw im a mavs fan

  30. Mark Teague

    Mark Teague16 minutter siden

    Can’t wait for Reggie Jackson to come off our books! But the whole organization terrible from top to bottom, it’s not just the roster

  31. choseni24

    choseni2416 minutter siden

    Max just come to Fox sports bro. They don't deserve you on ESPN

  32. WutTheDeuce

    WutTheDeuce17 minutter siden

    he's had 3 good seasons out of 7. I'm more interested to see what he's gonna do after this money. He's only been classified as a star the past 2 seasons. I ain't sold on him. If he performs next season, then we'll talk. I think this is risky for them. If he regresses, the Yankees are in the same boat.

  33. Ain't Got Nutn 2do witme Pal

    Ain't Got Nutn 2do witme Pal18 minutter siden

    This has everything to do whether the NFL is rigged like WWF , these games are a joke if they let this slide

  34. Chris Davis II

    Chris Davis II19 minutter siden

    Large Markets, and casual NBA fans... give it up. GIANNIS ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE. HE’S STAYING IN MILWAUKEE.

  35. Joey dickson

    Joey dickson19 minutter siden

    Have the advantage of the only team all player's ride frist class on there own airplane .

  36. Giffond Hall

    Giffond Hall19 minutter siden

    SAS needs stop making excuses for wentz

  37. Alex Hall

    Alex Hall19 minutter siden

    Greats just know, not quite hit and hold from AJ butGeorge said 12 rounds points decision. 👌

  38. Geno G

    Geno G19 minutter siden

    I’m proud of TA and I hope he gets more ESPN appearances 👏

  39. Zachary Flowers

    Zachary Flowers20 minutter siden

    Andre to da bucks to help them compete for a championship he can bring that championship experience

  40. EY 19

    EY 1920 minutter siden

    0:19 James Dolan reaction to that question

  41. Saso Stoilevski

    Saso Stoilevski21 minutt siden

    When you compare player to a player Luka is amazing and he can be compared to the greatest MJ however the achievements as a team depend on the whole team and MJ had Rodman and Pipen helping him achieve those stats while it`s much harder for Luka first of all for not being American and not having that kind of support from his team.

  42. vinnythewebsurfer

    vinnythewebsurfer21 minutt siden

    So how long before we start paying baseball players in the billions?

  43. Kostantinos  Demopoulos

    Kostantinos Demopoulos22 minutter siden

    And he'll only play 40

  44. Fotara Bryone

    Fotara Bryone22 minutter siden

    Why do people hate on Paul George? He seems like a nice, normal dude

  45. Jerry Phillips

    Jerry Phillips23 minutter siden

    Kyrie's right shoulder is obviously hurt if you watch the video it stays at his side all the's lame for sure.

  46. Dark-PikaBuu

    Dark-PikaBuu23 minutter siden

    “With this team being so injury riddled” -Matt Barnes

  47. sophie s

    sophie s23 minutter siden


  48. Dan Rustle

    Dan Rustle24 minutter siden

    Lol at the media trying to push a doom and gloom narrative about Brady and the Pats, season over, is Tom to old blah blah blah. Media and haters are only giving them fuel to crush in the post season.

  49. Channiy'el Israel

    Channiy'el Israel24 minutter siden

    He's being short changed out of history

  50. Player 1

    Player 125 minutter siden

    The NBA will learn.... To stop paying former stars who are weed heads....injury prone and game seekers.......

  51. larrycancooke2

    larrycancooke225 minutter siden

    I've been a Cowboys fan since the battle of little big horn..but this is the most schizophrenic set up I've ever build a team around running the football smash mouth style, you pay the RB a gazillion dollars..and then complain that the QB can't throw long. He's a dink and doink QB..Soooo let's set up the offense to prove Dak can throw the ball all over the field.. If the RB don't know what's going on... It's on the QB.. If the QB don't know what's going on, it's on the coach....If the coach don't know what's going on... Its on Jerry Jones...

  52. Idontlikethatshit

    Idontlikethatshit26 minutter siden

    Steven A's not biased at all when it comes to Robert Kraft

  53. bret wilson

    bret wilson26 minutter siden

    That chick runs off at the mouth and do not know what she's talking about. All of you paint the fat Adam's family looking hiy as a real guru. He also did not know what he's talking about. The clippers may be in los angeles but there's nothing glamorous about them or Los angeles anymore. I grew up in los angeles and now live in indy. They are in no way jealous of los angeles believe me. Indy is one of the top 10 richest city per the wall street journal. Also for the dimwit indy isn't in the middle of the country. We are 675 Miles from new York and 22 to 2300 from los angeles. People do not run to los angeles for events yet indy hold national and international events all the time. So you fat Adam's family misfit who's never played a lick of basketball or football I wish you would disappear. If you were black doing what you do you would not last long. That dingbat should not be on there period. I'm saying what most men want to say but white america has all the men scared to tell the truth. The black people in indy have always knew the reason why Paul left. Los angeles has ran players away as well. Second largest city had no football team for years you had to steal the chargers and rams because you were to weak to start a expansion team. Los angeles is no longer the place to be. So stop living in yesteryear . You are a bunch of gossiping demons. You act like females. Oh right there's one who's suppose to be a female.

  54. Trappy Feet93

    Trappy Feet9326 minutter siden

    Tttttttoday junior

  55. VicZX6R

    VicZX6R27 minutter siden

    Lamar Jackson doesnt give 2 shits about an MVP....he wants a ring!!! Believe that!!! Trophies are better than mvps

  56. Luke Petzwinkler

    Luke Petzwinkler27 minutter siden

    youre the most annoying!

  57. Jan Jan

    Jan Jan27 minutter siden

    If i were the gsw i would trade green for love.

  58. Randy Farley

    Randy Farley27 minutter siden

    Wow)) this is the first time I've heard Bell mentioned since he has been with the Jets, when he was with the STEELERS he was one of the killer B's his stats was unreal, so now he is trying to Bowl to get his stats #'s up)))

  59. Adam Kelsey

    Adam Kelsey28 minutter siden

    Steve is good slave ( master you sick, we sick ) and always trying to justify the wicked.

  60. Mrrampage73

    Mrrampage7329 minutter siden

    D.R The G.O.A.T 💫 Siiiiiiiiii 💫 👊 🇵🇹

  61. Ruben Gutierrez

    Ruben Gutierrez29 minutter siden

    Let your actions speak louder than your words. They know what's up!

  62. no peaking young blood

    no peaking young blood30 minutter siden

    if youre losing money and they give you more money... you mind as well be a charity

  63. ashley

    ashley30 minutter siden

    SAS is every republican rn “b-b-b-but everyone’s corrupt!!!” smh

  64. Yankees Fan1600

    Yankees Fan160030 minutter siden

    Max u can’t be serious 😂😂😂

  65. phlexxlugerr 1

    phlexxlugerr 130 minutter siden


  66. C1defx

    C1defx30 minutter siden

    Don't know why I'm cracking up when he does a 1 second pause then continue to rant

  67. Jerry Phillips

    Jerry Phillips31 minutt siden

    So they are telling the GM who to hire? Hilarious. Jackson can't help the Knicks.

  68. Mr Q Ceaz

    Mr Q Ceaz31 minutt siden

    The 2 Boogie men of this era nobody close to their weight classes can beat either them

  69. bruce gaines

    bruce gaines31 minutt siden

    Cheating at the Bengals game is like cheating on the ugliest girl you can possibly find.

  70. Ruben Gutierrez

    Ruben Gutierrez32 minutter siden

    Terence Crawford can fight, yo!

  71. Ayena Noel Valentine

    Ayena Noel Valentine32 minutter siden

    What happen against the Bucks??😂😂😂

  72. Ruben Gutierrez

    Ruben Gutierrez33 minutter siden

    Dre SOG Ward is a first ballad Hall of Famer, too.

  73. bruce gaines

    bruce gaines33 minutter siden

    The absolute most ignorant response I’ve ever heard from Mr. Smith

  74. GOAT 23

    GOAT 2334 minutter siden

    Lebron and Mayweather 2 athletes that are serious about their health, maximizing their natural gifts and prime years

  75. Camdenro

    Camdenro34 minutter siden

    Giannis is not leaving Milwaukee bruh stop it

  76. Smokey One

    Smokey One35 minutter siden

    Trash cheaters *all chips

  77. VonBluesman

    VonBluesman35 minutter siden

    Happy birthday Joe Burrow, the Heisman Trophy will be a great late birthday present.

  78. Giffond Hall

    Giffond Hall35 minutter siden

    in coming butthurt Wentz fans

  79. Timotheus Americanus

    Timotheus Americanus36 minutter siden

    Why end the clip when max corrects Stephen a's flawed thinking about racing to the bottom before we see it play out

  80. Edwinna Rasheed

    Edwinna Rasheed37 minutter siden

    Bow down to the goat

  81. greggf88

    greggf8838 minutter siden

    He has a problem with this, but not with the PATS filming at there next apponent? I like SAS,but come on man.......

  82. Luzvi Batingan

    Luzvi Batingan38 minutter siden

    Joel Embid can shut him down..mark my words

  83. arden gonzales

    arden gonzales39 minutter siden

    They say it’s okay to date a girl who’s a cowboys fan cuz she’ll never expect a ring lol 😂 but I say never date a girl who’s a patriots fan cuz she’ll ALWAYS CHEAT! 😂😂😂😂

  84. James Stinedurf

    James Stinedurf39 minutter siden

    there's also an opt out after so many years so it might keep him motivated to get paid more down the line. but who could possibly want more than what they're giving him?

  85. owen franck

    owen franck39 minutter siden

    black queen. pretty mouth

  86. The Chameleon

    The Chameleon39 minutter siden

    Now it’s just Rendon left!💪

  87. Lucien

    Lucien39 minutter siden

    High IQ can't be taught. His body may be aging but his mind is sharper than anyone in the league.

  88. Nous clapsss Ease

    Nous clapsss Ease40 minutter siden

    Finally talking about the goat I see

  89. Trap Daddy

    Trap Daddy40 minutter siden

    I didn’t watch the game at all but drew brees stats were more impressive he just lost the game 😂good game to both QBs

  90. Teddy B.

    Teddy B.40 minutter siden


  91. Sir Nickington

    Sir Nickington41 minutt siden

    Bud Crawford the best out right now

  92. Micah

    Micah43 minutter siden

    Rachel put on some weight

  93. Bruce Leroy

    Bruce Leroy43 minutter siden

    Bronsexuals got robbed!

  94. Je-va-duh

    Je-va-duh43 minutter siden

    Haters gonna hate :) that’s all I gotta say

  95. Adrian Kalitka

    Adrian Kalitka44 minutter siden

    They were caught filming a 4-12 Jets team. Even worse was that they still did it after Mangini asked Belichick not to do what they did when Mangini was coaching with Belichick.

  96. Catch Me On Blampied

    Catch Me On Blampied44 minutter siden

    giannis is tall...that’s it he ain’t a tough guy or a fighter

  97. Josh

    Josh45 minutter siden

    Mike in his prime would kill him

  98. Xavier Morales

    Xavier Morales45 minutter siden

    Smith he says 160 is his division well ask him way he’s fighting 154 lbs fighters 🤔

  99. Maria Tello

    Maria Tello45 minutter siden

    How are you gonna be the b side in a fight (vs Canelo) and say he needs to go down to 160. His argument makes sense but if you’re not the main attraction you can’t demand anything..

  100. Nick

    Nick46 minutter siden

    dying at 2:45 so funny......