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Goodbye FaZe Rug...

Goodbye FaZe Rug...

27 dager siden

I got her pregnant...

I got her pregnant...

3 måneder siden



4 måneder siden

  1. Albert Jason Alburo

    Albert Jason Alburo7 timer siden

    Of Course Anthony Doesn't believe in Ghosts.

  2. phredtoo2

    phredtoo27 timer siden

    FINALLY! Happy to see ONE of you doing SOMETHING for CHARITY! Not that I think you should brag about ALL you do for charity, but do something for people who really need it.

  3. Christina Koch

    Christina Koch7 timer siden


  4. Infinite Gaming

    Infinite Gaming7 timer siden

    If you work hard for what your good at and what you love anything is Possible to Make it come true when you put your mind in to it 😎

  5. Zool Khairil Abd Razak

    Zool Khairil Abd Razak7 timer siden

    I love your NO-gos Channel ☺️

  6. one two 3

    one two 37 timer siden

    we are littelary paying this for him while watching this

  7. Jessica Lu

    Jessica Lu7 timer siden

    Imagine saying “ smash the like and sub button or this girl will be on top of your house when you are sleeping” BRUH

  8. Foster Gaming

    Foster Gaming7 timer siden

    I know that first roller coaster it's the one of scariest coaster

  9. mackenzie Seagrove

    mackenzie Seagrove7 timer siden


  10. It’s. Shariddd

    It’s. Shariddd7 timer siden

    A lakers fan would to be in here after what happened to Kobe😔 R.I.P

  11. Adolfo Villa

    Adolfo Villa7 timer siden

    So sad Kobe Bryant die 😭

  12. BeAN nO oNE WAnT

    BeAN nO oNE WAnT7 timer siden



    DWARF BEAST7 timer siden

    Bbq steak 🥩

  14. Bonnie Harris

    Bonnie Harris7 timer siden


  15. Andres Valle

    Andres Valle7 timer siden

    Yo be careful

  16. MLB

    MLB7 timer siden

    Super dope!

  17. Hannah 51103

    Hannah 511037 timer siden

    One NO-gosr copy your life hack

  18. Lila Faith

    Lila Faith7 timer siden

    Would you rather kill a baby sloth or a tatpole? Like for tadpole Dont like for sloth PLSSSS LOVE SLOTH❤❤❤❤❤

  19. XavierThings

    XavierThings7 timer siden

    I think he should be respected that he gave the warning to haters of the Ouija board haters so he better not get any comments saying "The Ouija board is stupid do somthing better!"

  20. Lol XD

    Lol XD7 timer siden


  21. Jessica Zehr

    Jessica Zehr7 timer siden

    10 I wish I had the money

  22. Gamer Cat

    Gamer Cat7 timer siden

    5:48 that scared me

  23. Damon Gardner

    Damon Gardner7 timer siden

    I’d do this challenge at home, home run derby champ of Wyoming 🥶

  24. Rey Almas-StarW Agent

    Rey Almas-StarW Agent7 timer siden

    Best amusement park ever

  25. fifa01 Gutierrez

    fifa01 Gutierrez7 timer siden

    Kobe died😭😭😭😭😭😔

  26. Nikhil S

    Nikhil S7 timer siden

    Bro the picture looks brand new

  27. Green -Tshirt

    Green -Tshirt7 timer siden

    I started watching your videos back in 2015!

  28. Ulpian Kastrati

    Ulpian Kastrati7 timer siden


  29. yild_

    yild_7 timer siden

    rug is playing in 3,000 dollars shoes

  30. taner karakoca

    taner karakoca7 timer siden

    Why do you look like you did weed

  31. Wolfė

    Wolfė7 timer siden

    Am fram lituveinija

  32. dar kan

    dar kan7 timer siden

    Im a og fan of you

  33. Arhsim Gaming

    Arhsim Gaming7 timer siden

    overnight in a lamboghini huracan with all doors open

  34. frank estringel

    frank estringel7 timer siden

    For the first

  35. dar kan

    dar kan7 timer siden

    Im a go fan of u

  36. Collin Gates Baseball #7

    Collin Gates Baseball #77 timer siden

    If that is 300 ft from the fence, center field is over 430 ft

  37. frank estringel

    frank estringel7 timer siden


  38. Kai Plays Roblox

    Kai Plays Roblox7 timer siden

    SO BIG

  39. Joseph benedict Dacles

    Joseph benedict Dacles7 timer siden

    Get bella pleaseeeeeeee


    THE CROSSERS FROM NORTH7 timer siden

    I have been on legoland in Billund, the original legoland.

  41. Frinz Librada

    Frinz Librada7 timer siden

    In the Philippines it's only 1 dollar

  42. Blue Johnny

    Blue Johnny7 timer siden

    Anthony you're fat🤣🤣🤣🤣🐨💯

  43. Jacob Maldonado

    Jacob Maldonado7 timer siden

    “Baseball challenge” *meanwhile holding a softball bat*

  44. shinobi_miggy 240

    shinobi_miggy 2407 timer siden


  45. clan rider

    clan rider7 timer siden

    You had a camp fire

  46. Stefan Vranov

    Stefan Vranov7 timer siden

    RIP Kobe Bryant And GIANNA

  47. Arjunuday Verma

    Arjunuday Verma7 timer siden

    Wtf are these AirPods or not

  48. Anti Tarriest

    Anti Tarriest7 timer siden

    Sell the fucking house already this is just like a fuckin horror movie im scared as hell and i feel bad just sell the house and everything in it already

  49. diana abraham like and sub!!!

    diana abraham like and sub!!!7 timer siden

    1:02 lol I kept on whatching it BC it was so funny😂💖

  50. dave bond

    dave bond7 timer siden

    I love snakes they are awsome

  51. Rex Boi

    Rex Boi7 timer siden

    How’s Mike

  52. Harini Muthukumar

    Harini Muthukumar7 timer siden

    Brian ur just awesome 💯🔥I'm ur big fan from India ☺⚡

  53. Ryan Myrick

    Ryan Myrick7 timer siden

    Kraft dinner

  54. Joshua Frances

    Joshua Frances7 timer siden

    that bat has mad pop😭

  55. Zackthegamer

    Zackthegamer7 timer siden

    Wear sweat pants andPut it in the waist band

  56. Justine Sturdy

    Justine Sturdy7 timer siden

    Happy birthday 🎉


    JORDAN ALMEIDA7 timer siden

    I hope he knows what 4hunnid means

  58. Zebruh Zebra

    Zebruh Zebra7 timer siden

    Now help out homeless people or Australia

  59. dave bond

    dave bond7 timer siden

    I love these videos it's the best video

  60. Kids imperfect

    Kids imperfect7 timer siden

    Duh I do and I just put it in my mom's purse

  61. Victoria Muradyan

    Victoria Muradyan7 timer siden

    Go through that small tunnel at the end please!!!

  62. Greyson Entler

    Greyson Entler7 timer siden

    Rug and Kaelyn just need to be a youtube couple

  63. Jennifer Conley

    Jennifer Conley7 timer siden

    It says someone shot her in the head with a gun

  64. Sanela Liem

    Sanela Liem7 timer siden


  65. rezxfn on ig

    rezxfn on ig7 timer siden

    3:35 just wondering is bosley blind in 1 eye

  66. MazeBoomer

    MazeBoomer7 timer siden

    Places we went Plasa Bonita=Chula Vista. San Diego Fashion Valley= San Diego I’ve went there

  67. GG Slowgangsta

    GG Slowgangsta7 timer siden

    When he says he will give money to us in comments , It doesn’t work

  68. william cotton

    william cotton7 timer siden

    Love the life hacks

  69. FaTeSniper

    FaTeSniper8 timer siden

    8:48 that’s what she said

  70. DMN

    DMN8 timer siden

    Yo if ur bro hate Kobe Bryan . Thats bad

  71. Locksley07 Productions

    Locksley07 Productions8 timer siden

    Anthony's introduction made him seem like he was going to win but idk

  72. Rabab Majanni

    Rabab Majanni8 timer siden

    brian:OHHH IS COLD brian:but the view is so cool man thats nice me: A MOOD XD

  73. Tanvir Chatha

    Tanvir Chatha8 timer siden

    I would buy everything

  74. Zouheir Ghalayini

    Zouheir Ghalayini8 timer siden

    I dont get why brian said macbook for 2 and 3 1000$ . A mac is about $2500

  75. Teamjakz plays

    Teamjakz plays8 timer siden

    All gold diggers

  76. Demon Aarav

    Demon Aarav8 timer siden

    You should do no meds challenge

  77. Pok1D4mij4n 123

    Pok1D4mij4n 1238 timer siden

    You should Play The Ouija Board in the haunted tunel

  78. V3X 3clips

    V3X 3clips8 timer siden


  79. It's That

    It's That8 timer siden

    I eat yellow and pink laffy taffys wit the blue ones too

  80. Maria Diab

    Maria Diab8 timer siden

    I don’t know how to say this but it might be real 😱

  81. Thas Me

    Thas Me8 timer siden

    Ur name is Bryan not faze rug

  82. Feathers YT

    Feathers YT8 timer siden

    Where my Australian gang that are trying to understand when rug is talking about baseball?

  83. Zachary Khan

    Zachary Khan8 timer siden

    Rug your SO NICE!!

  84. abel vela

    abel vela8 timer siden

    He was in the wrong, u have the right to be there. If he had a reason to tell u to leave he is supposed to tell u why and not initiate the conversation by threating u with a tow or ticket off the bat. U should've got his badge number and told him hes being recorded.

  85. D Fairbanks

    D Fairbanks8 timer siden

    This chicken legged kid doesnt need the amount of money he has.

  86. Makayla Pike

    Makayla Pike8 timer siden

    Dude if I went to where the chainsaws were I would of past out

  87. Emily Anne

    Emily Anne8 timer siden

    anyone else watching the day after Kobe died??? ☹️☹️☹️ RIP

  88. Ina Mohmett

    Ina Mohmett8 timer siden

    You are the best youtuber Ever ❤️🌏

  89. Please sub To Tkh_ Dan Bob with the spaces

    Please sub To Tkh_ Dan Bob with the spaces8 timer siden

    U got this off sidemen

  90. Yari Guzman

    Yari Guzman8 timer siden

    Actually it is like this GIRLS go to collage to get more nollage BOYS who suck go to jupiter to get more stupider

  91. GamingWRLD

    GamingWRLD8 timer siden

    Why is it the toothpaste and the screen every single time........ Like literally

  92. Victoria Muradyan

    Victoria Muradyan8 timer siden

    Who else was watching this in a school bus one day after Kobe Bryant death ( god bless him)

  93. Cohen Richardson

    Cohen Richardson8 timer siden

    It was so so so funny

  94. imad sh

    imad sh8 timer siden

    I snuck snacks to the movie theater like i had a backpack and i just shufed them in the bag

  95. Jun Cheng

    Jun Cheng8 timer siden

    is he saying all chinese food MIGHT make u sick?!, bruh not all, my dad is a chinese and i eat his stuff (i dont eat dogs or shit lolol, i only eat vegitables, chicken and beef) XD

  96. Jade Lakwijk

    Jade Lakwijk8 timer siden

    Bro like fr for those who also have a iPhone 6 does yours also just randomly goes off and then when it goes on it is 10 procent?.?.??

  97. Maria Campbell

    Maria Campbell8 timer siden

    RIP Kobe who watching this 2020

  98. Asad- Pubg mobile

    Asad- Pubg mobile8 timer siden

    03:35 papa rug😂😂😂


    ARTTMM AA8 timer siden

    I want to take all of them out at once

  100. J O S H

    J O S H8 timer siden

    11:07 bruh HAHAHAHA