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Fortnite - P-1000

Fortnite - P-1000

2 måneder siden

Fortnite - Zone Wars

Fortnite - Zone Wars

2 måneder siden

Fortnite World Cup Finals - Day 3
Fortnite World Cup Finals - Day 2
Fortnite World Cup Finals - Day 1
  1. George Valimareanu

    George Valimareanu13 minutter siden

    Prost joc

  2. Charles Bellamy

    Charles Bellamy15 minutter siden

    Fish boi went from good TO BADASS


    JONATHAN PALACIOS19 minutter siden

    Deberían hacer un torneo solo para los que juegan en mando

  4. Carlitos_ 1434

    Carlitos_ 143424 minutter siden

    (Please added baby Yoda as a backpack)for a event

  5. Max Devine

    Max Devine40 minutter siden

    Wish fortnite could be like this again

  6. Tom�s Amado Cattaneo Mazzeo

    Tom�s Amado Cattaneo Mazzeo44 minutter siden

    i m cryng

  7. Mophop3000

    Mophop300044 minutter siden

    Epic games unban Jarvis please please please he was my favourite fortnite youtuber

  8. 1000 subscribers with no videos challenge

    1000 subscribers with no videos challenge55 minutter siden

    The fact that he lives like 20 mins away from me is insane

  9. Ambrož Čič

    Ambrož Čič57 minutter siden

    Bro the last scene was lit

  10. Lost_Russe

    Lost_RusseTime siden

    I'm hyped for season 7

  11. The_Suhail

    The_SuhailTime siden

    Aqua and Nyhrox look similar but why did Bugha get more clout than them they won the same prize 3 million dollars

  12. arth0

    arth0Time siden

    Pq isso ta nos meus recomendados Kkkkkk

  13. Faze karim 2000

    Faze karim 2000Time siden

    Free jarviss

  14. Nebe Chan

    Nebe ChanTime siden

    Still better than the 2019 rewind

  15. Yo po quien mas .

    Yo po quien mas .Time siden

    The best season

  16. Ahmad Hasan

    Ahmad HasanTime siden


  17. Peppathelittlechild 127

    Peppathelittlechild 127Time siden

    1:24 NO OFFENSE Buttttt..... why would they not build?

  18. Wxve God

    Wxve God2 timer siden

    I wish my parents were as supportive

  19. Francisco Lopez

    Francisco Lopez2 timer siden

    Do with tfue

  20. Francisco Lopez

    Francisco Lopez2 timer siden

    Do with tfue

  21. koukalidz 123

    koukalidz 1232 timer siden


  22. Kermit De frog

    Kermit De frog2 timer siden

    Can you change the event to time at 4pm or 3 cuz I will be out shopping and I really want to se it in game 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 actually doesn't matter, I can see it on NO-gos 😭😭😭:(

  23. Owen Bell

    Owen Bell2 timer siden

    Epic Games pls put fortnite on all Android device pls😭🙏

  24. 3mr x

    3mr x2 timer siden

    Christmas 2019

  25. ريمكس العاب azoom645

    ريمكس العاب azoom6452 timer siden

    He 100kild😂😂😂😂😂

  26. XxShADowxX YTB

    XxShADowxX YTB2 timer siden

    The best haloween on fortnite

  27. Dog Nerd

    Dog Nerd2 timer siden

    If you think fortnite should revert pump like this comment

  28. Raul Ferencz

    Raul Ferencz3 timer siden

    Add new things !!!!! Fortnite is so boring now without cool weapons !!!!

  29. Ls 2008

    Ls 20083 timer siden

    30fps oh Thats Not Good duuuude

  30. Anikin

    Anikin3 timer siden

    Hello 2k19

  31. ScxR

    ScxR3 timer siden

    Who got this in there recommended

  32. ByNachi

    ByNachi3 timer siden

    I don’t know why this video don’t have more visits

  33. RoyaleSavage

    RoyaleSavage3 timer siden

    this is like 120 fov

  34. Toxision

    Toxision3 timer siden

    0:17 billy bounce

  35. StaffaCruiser

    StaffaCruiser3 timer siden

    3:18 Who else noticed his mum is using a finalmouse?

  36. OnajNas

    OnajNas3 timer siden

    2019 and 2020=What is this? 2014 and 2015= Fortnite 2019 and 2020=WHATTTT

  37. Beany

    Beany3 timer siden

    Bugahs mom so supportive My mom not supportive at all of what I wanna do

  38. Rashid Alshuwaihi

    Rashid Alshuwaihi3 timer siden

    When you don’t know what to say 1:23

  39. GuN ShOw brain

    GuN ShOw brain3 timer siden

    Unban jarvis in gods saces

  40. The_Suhail

    The_Suhail3 timer siden

    Can Bugha win the duos winter cash cup for 5,000,000 million dollars???!!!

  41. Shane Sage

    Shane Sage3 timer siden


  42. DiamondGamer

    DiamondGamer3 timer siden


  43. Ÿt FeelsĆôñd

    Ÿt FeelsĆôñd3 timer siden

    I watched all the videos

  44. Heiko Brehm

    Heiko Brehm3 timer siden

    Epic Games ich wünsche mir noch von euch dass ihr jetzt noch Fortnite auf Tablet und so runterladen können

  45. Stabby VeNoM

    Stabby VeNoM3 timer siden

    This is nothing compared to indian parents,they expect us only to study 24/7

  46. Caleb

    Caleb3 timer siden

    Imagine these players reaction when they see us build now

  47. NoBreakz

    NoBreakz4 timer siden

    aquas mom be like, " i wasnt proud he won 1.5mill $, im proud he wasnt shy and had friends " poor guy

  48. Trepid YT

    Trepid YT4 timer siden

    Plaese creator film for Jacob solo on Duo winner 1 game on the world cup

  49. Francisco Benevett André

    Francisco Benevett André4 timer siden

    I miss this

  50. NoBreakz

    NoBreakz4 timer siden

    reminds me of Frodo, idkw


    KEESTERBOY 074 timer siden

    I have had stw before br and i remember this 😂

  52. Wake

    Wake4 timer siden

    My dad- stories from the search for milk

  53. Knoef FN

    Knoef FN4 timer siden

    He's a legend

  54. Marcos Romo

    Marcos Romo4 timer siden

    0:45 the Best part

  55. CuppaTeaExe

    CuppaTeaExe4 timer siden

    Imagine how fun this would be if people built forts and not 90s

  56. Siddh Saraff

    Siddh Saraff4 timer siden

    I want the free gifts my username is siddhsaraff21

  57. Siddh Saraff

    Siddh Saraff4 timer siden

    I want the free gifts my username is siddhsaraff21 I play on iOS

  58. I Munch pie

    I Munch pie5 timer siden

    It’s funny how they showed a clip when they won a game in fncs and the clips was from replay mode and he pretended to use his mouse and keyboard😂

  59. Its Cockyboy

    Its Cockyboy5 timer siden

    Are we gonna ignore his mom yes his mom has a final mouse

  60. HopInMy Skrt

    HopInMy Skrt5 timer siden

    my favourite is this 1 for sure!

  61. R3d_ jr_ 007_

    R3d_ jr_ 007_5 timer siden

    This is my favorite season

  62. NDC

    NDC5 timer siden

    0:29 when you sit next to a child predator

  63. Syed Kazim

    Syed Kazim5 timer siden

    Best season in fortnite who agree with this sunacribe me i will upload fortnite gameplays soon !

  64. Almaz Bakirov

    Almaz Bakirov5 timer siden

    Can i get soundtracks of this video please????

  65. Naif Al s

    Naif Al s6 timer siden


  66. 10k subs without any videos challenge

    10k subs without any videos challenge6 timer siden

    Ahh... the season I started to play

  67. Mnjk 3

    Mnjk 36 timer siden

    This season was my favorite

  68. Mohd2Gamerz

    Mohd2Gamerz6 timer siden

    اطصلو بي انا رقم الهاتف 38896633

  69. X-ray_Channel

    X-ray_Channel6 timer siden

    Look at Lazer hand, he doing VIBE CHECK

  70. Thijs Dunkerbeck

    Thijs Dunkerbeck6 timer siden

    Nyhrox's dad is such a cool guy dude

  71. Blade aid

    Blade aid6 timer siden

    Pls make save the world free

  72. alex penoto

    alex penoto6 timer siden

    Olá bom dia gostaria que vocês apóia-se meu filho nessa no etapa da vida dele como NO-gos ... o canal dele e Matheus Massachusetts.. obrigado á todos que contribuíram

  73. Dead pro

    Dead pro6 timer siden

    Do that would be on the honor 10 light you could play!

  74. BONG da City

    BONG da City7 timer siden

    +1 benjy is the best

  75. しょうゆう

    しょうゆう7 timer siden

    Recommended comer👍

  76. Hyden Game

    Hyden Game7 timer siden

    hey fortnite everyone is saying that they miss the old map can you bring some ol maps back but keep the swimming pls

  77. Juan Carlos Julia

    Juan Carlos Julia7 timer siden

    Colaboration brawl stars pls


    YOUTUBE ÖMER TV7 timer siden


  79. awad Nabila

    awad Nabila7 timer siden


  80. Fam5 H

    Fam5 H7 timer siden

    Top 100 best player with Tfue 😅😅😅

  81. RaiderZz

    RaiderZz7 timer siden

    Now he’s the best player

  82. covix

    covix7 timer siden

    His parents ruined the whole stories from the battle bus idea😂

  83. Rafinogalih Galih

    Rafinogalih Galih7 timer siden

    Please release fortnite mobile in play store

  84. Izackadacka

    Izackadacka7 timer siden

    This isn’t good for his health stay up this late and getting very little sleep

  85. Dark_ Soul

    Dark_ Soul7 timer siden

    Can you do That over Mongraal

  86. Danem 2015

    Danem 20158 timer siden

    my wife left me XD

  87. mike Will

    mike Will8 timer siden

    Why she wake him up like a dog tho😂

  88. RTG TT0BI

    RTG TT0BI8 timer siden


  89. Asmr Boba

    Asmr Boba8 timer siden

    The best seasons 💔😔😢

  90. here it is AlB3

    here it is AlB38 timer siden

    whats the aqua's mouse?

  91. Chavaal 31

    Chavaal 318 timer siden

    Beji is a bot

  92. NicDaGuy

    NicDaGuy8 timer siden

    And now they’re gone

  93. Leon Quach

    Leon Quach8 timer siden

    Free Jarvis it was just a game it wasn’t a cash cup or anything.He will know that he did a dumb decision please

  94. deniz kara

    deniz kara8 timer siden

    Was für eine Ratte auqua ist

  95. vagge

    vagge8 timer siden

    Favourite story from the battle bus so far. They were down, had little to no chance. Still had hope and popped off Ended up winning the whole thing, really motivational!

  96. Torq MB

    Torq MB8 timer siden

    THANK GOD psalm was in there haha only social person :d


    IT'S EXTENDED8 timer siden

    i was cryimg good work Bugha you made me be pro i always did what you did and i am a pro thx

  98. Griezmann7

    Griezmann79 timer siden

    unban jarvis

  99. Syirms

    Syirms9 timer siden

    My mom walks up stairs and hears me at night she’ll open the door and say go to fuckin sleep

  100. Apes Rule

    Apes Rule9 timer siden

    I want a supporter created code