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Fortnite - Spy Games

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Fortnite - Love and War

2 måneder siden

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Winterfest Has Arrived!

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P-1000 - Fortnite Shorts

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Fortnite - Zone Wars

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Fortnite World Cup Finals - Day 1
  1. Leonardo Barbieri

    Leonardo Barbieri2 timer siden


  2. Liljohnnynandos

    Liljohnnynandos2 timer siden

    Fortnite adding Deadpool is not gonna fix anything this game is dying and that’s a fact if you wanna keep this game alive you have to add fun stuff like hunting rifles bouncers rift to go and redeploy

  3. duranchy

    duranchy2 timer siden

    Там с ним кстати летвик сидит

  4. Teddoberckan 1

    Teddoberckan 12 timer siden

    Pls can you put back the pump from season 10 and the tatical smg

  5. Bettie Page

    Bettie Page2 timer siden


  6. Noah Mack

    Noah Mack2 timer siden

    I love black heart and hybrid

  7. Alma Bauschke

    Alma Bauschke2 timer siden


  8. Muneeb Awla

    Muneeb Awla2 timer siden

    And now?😂

  9. ㄒ乇几乙丨几

    ㄒ乇几乙丨几2 timer siden

    Legends say the cat is still playing with that ball.

  10. Aahan Khanna

    Aahan Khanna2 timer siden

    Ban henchmen

  11. ㄒ乇几乙丨几

    ㄒ乇几乙丨几2 timer siden

    Everybody : VAULT IT Fortnite : Ah sh*t here we go again.

  12. : Mriksoon

    : Mriksoon2 timer siden

    Czemu mam to na głównej

  13. Mohamed Haitham

    Mohamed Haitham2 timer siden

    Team Rumble in a nutshell

  14. Samten Gyaltso

    Samten Gyaltso2 timer siden

    Everybody gangsta until the toilet paper runs out.

  15. Angela Labbattaglia

    Angela Labbattaglia2 timer siden

    Epica ti amo

  16. Dat Gorilla

    Dat Gorilla2 timer siden

    Chapter 2 season 2 now Tim Sweeney

  17. GabbelHD

    GabbelHD3 timer siden

    Back when this was awesome

  18. Jesus Colon

    Jesus Colon3 timer siden

    These dudes are crazyyy with the flicks!

  19. B0SS

    B0SS3 timer siden

    How did the henchmen not qualify

  20. Maria Helena Duraes

    Maria Helena Duraes3 timer siden

    Fonaje amigo da Bahia mais gente no Costa bananas de olho

  21. DranD0m Yt

    DranD0m Yt3 timer siden

    Epic I need to tell you something important about fortnite. So I was launching Fortnite like anyone else right? And then I went to battle pass and there was like red tentacles around the AGENTS part. I already posted it on meh tiktok @Drand0myt. So yeah.

  22. Yahiaoui Moh

    Yahiaoui Moh3 timer siden

    Old map

  23. Rocky Playz 15

    Rocky Playz 153 timer siden

    fortnite i am dissapointed that you already take away the deadpool items,i am very very sad right now :( Pls return them back :)

  24. FAIRY』 『KinD

    FAIRY』 『KinD3 timer siden

    Ipad air??

  25. Sultan MASRI

    Sultan MASRI3 timer siden

    bugha is the best


    DARIEN CHOO RUI HONG Moe3 timer siden

    i join ghost!!!

  27. Kostasmer gamer

    Kostasmer gamer3 timer siden

    omggg I can't waiiitttt (Oh wait...... )

  28. It’s me Lil Jeep

    It’s me Lil Jeep3 timer siden

    When fortnite was actually fun xd

  29. Filip Czarnecki

    Filip Czarnecki3 timer siden

    Polski fortnite

  30. Senior TACOZZ

    Senior TACOZZ3 timer siden

    The game WAS based on skill but in season 10 it was just about who could get the mech first.

  31. FloppiFlop

    FloppiFlop3 timer siden

    Who’s watching this after he quit Fortnite

  32. VINI SC

    VINI SC3 timer siden


  33. Your Mum123

    Your Mum1233 timer siden

    Bring meowscles back please

  34. Kemat Syahamah

    Kemat Syahamah3 timer siden

    Fortnite can you give me free vbux please

  35. Joyful kids

    Joyful kids3 timer siden

    please like me if it’s not difficult for you

  36. Jerold Boy

    Jerold Boy3 timer siden

    Honestly,I kind of miss tilted town ;-;

  37. The RandomTY

    The RandomTY3 timer siden

    So this is how meowscles lost everything

  38. negey

    negey3 timer siden

    Can you bring out driver in the next item shop because it is my birthday and i have saved up enough to get so please

  39. Purchwin October

    Purchwin October3 timer siden

    Epic bans World Cup cheaters for fourteen days in cheating for money and Jarvis gets permabanned for making content this is crazy

  40. GODX

    GODX3 timer siden

    Is a prank my friend

  41. Harry Scott

    Harry Scott3 timer siden

    Epic I thought the point of a secret skin was a skin that we are supposed to discover

  42. Kassim Abubakar

    Kassim Abubakar3 timer siden

    Please add a little tiny deadpool backbling

  43. Saverio Genito

    Saverio Genito3 timer siden

    Why is this in my home i don't play fortnite since season 2

  44. Gacha Gamingkid

    Gacha Gamingkid4 timer siden

    Can you guys add replay for switch and mobile plz

  45. NBA Mixes

    NBA Mixes4 timer siden

    i think season 2 is just our lucky season ch 3 s 2 gonna be goated


    HYD_YT_DD FAZE DD4 timer siden

    He are not banning control players and Xbox is same

  47. xzqt ml

    xzqt ml4 timer siden

    Be honest: It was at ur recommended after 2 years,after the Virus spreaded so hard,after the Mythic guns came :)

  48. BHARATH NAIK motovlogs

    BHARATH NAIK motovlogs4 timer siden

    You were doing really awesome

  49. Zouu ii

    Zouu ii4 timer siden

    Fortnite Fortnite Fortnite I love fortnite

  50. Billy Bob

    Billy Bob4 timer siden

    I already got dead pool

  51. Paul Edmondson

    Paul Edmondson4 timer siden

    Go listen to mccreamy song you Will love it

  52. arminder bajwa

    arminder bajwa4 timer siden

    When the deadpool set returns tour the item store

  53. عبيدة الاعرجي

    عبيدة الاعرجي4 timer siden

    جميل يا

  54. Julia Ezz

    Julia Ezz4 timer siden

    What’s your name what’s your name

  55. Toto Btw

    Toto Btw4 timer siden

    4:37 that boat be lagging

  56. AR RIZE

    AR RIZE4 timer siden


  57. Sub to me for no reason Challenge

    Sub to me for no reason Challenge4 timer siden

    Who’d randomly watching in 2020 cause you miss old fortnite

  58. Damo2698

    Damo26984 timer siden

    It is already gone in the uk

  59. SuperCorporation

    SuperCorporation4 timer siden

    nickelodeon commercial be like:

  60. Brad Underachiever

    Brad Underachiever4 timer siden

    Bring it back

  61. GrizzlyDippin

    GrizzlyDippin4 timer siden

    *make aim assist on console alot better because we get less fps*

  62. Саша палюга

    Саша палюга4 timer siden

    15:03 а letwik сидить как дурной

  63. Xbox Diversion

    Xbox Diversion5 timer siden

    I dont know what to comment

  64. Tan

    Tan5 timer siden

    Omg İss faze bugah

  65. NeønBOY

    NeønBOY5 timer siden

    It's Chapter 2 Season 2 and NO-gos recommends this to me

  66. Loko

    Loko5 timer siden

    Please add this item! It need now!!!!

  67. The First SniPro

    The First SniPro5 timer siden

    I love FORTNITE

  68. Kenny McCormick

    Kenny McCormick5 timer siden

    This was the time when my school bus was so hyped

  69. Mr. Chief

    Mr. Chief5 timer siden

    lmao LOL, I actually posted a version of this video on my Channel where I put in Deadpool's voice, it's pretty funny! Ypou should go check it out, ad tell me what you think! THAKNS!!!! :) CHIMICHANGAS!

  70. TTV Trafallo

    TTV Trafallo5 timer siden

    20 20

  71. Nasir Gamer

    Nasir Gamer5 timer siden

    Who know the bad robot I hate robots from now on lol . Me watching this **** in 2020 wha

  72. Viktor&Kostik Avellinese

    Viktor&Kostik Avellinese5 timer siden

    minecraft is better! have new updates!

  73. Eliott Mazy

    Eliott Mazy5 timer siden

    19:50 who can tell me what’s kind of music is it??

  74. TTV Trafallo

    TTV Trafallo5 timer siden

    20 20

  75. Brayden

    Brayden5 timer siden

    I would rather have this happen again than have the current map we have

  76. DimeX

    DimeX5 timer siden

    i miss this time...

  77. Haitham 28

    Haitham 285 timer siden

    العرب موجودون 💛

  78. TTV Trafallo

    TTV Trafallo6 timer siden

    20 20

  79. Jackie Rodz

    Jackie Rodz6 timer siden

    Yo epic can we get high stakes back in chapter 2 season 2

  80. nitzuu 6630

    nitzuu 66306 timer siden

    Fortnite is not fun anymore i wish i can refund the 1000 € that i spend on vbucks



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  82. TTV Trafallo

    TTV Trafallo6 timer siden

    20 20

  83. ชโยธร คูระโคตร

    ชโยธร คูระโคตร6 timer siden


  84. Kai Wills

    Kai Wills6 timer siden

    I'm watching again BC of Cronavirus

  85. Liam Banks

    Liam Banks6 timer siden

    Fishsticks: ”Your crazy this is the best”starts shaking his arms

  86. Gareth Andrews

    Gareth Andrews6 timer siden

    Valt the miniguns

  87. Andrey Dimitrov

    Andrey Dimitrov6 timer siden

    Daequan predicted him with 360 Ugha Bugha Bugha 🤣 1000 likes and i post another one

  88. KNIGHTz Legend

    KNIGHTz Legend6 timer siden

    Wow iron man in fortnite

  89. Андрей Попов

    Андрей Попов6 timer siden

    Return the deadpool pack at least for 2 days please

  90. Liam Banks

    Liam Banks6 timer siden

    The default could have been Tfue

  91. Liam Banks

    Liam Banks6 timer siden

    Whenever I eat a banana I never liked to eat the bottom of it so when I watched this I now know why it tastes like a brain

  92. Mj B. Martinez

    Mj B. Martinez6 timer siden

    Hey fortnite can you add a ltm: helicopters vs planes

  93. Андрей Попов

    Андрей Попов6 timer siden

    Return the deadpool pack at least for 2 days please

  94. Liam Banks

    Liam Banks6 timer siden

    Hi my friend did my best to help me with the money

  95. Jonas Mayr08

    Jonas Mayr086 timer siden

    Wann kommt eine bessere Map weil diese Map bist nicht so cool wie die andere oder die alte bitte bringt die alte Map zurück und altes ~ ~Towers das erste ~towers

  96. Emre yılmaz

    Emre yılmaz6 timer siden

    Epic Games pls new seasons cheapter 3 free get pls

  97. Tonty Tonty

    Tonty Tonty6 timer siden

    Aqua was being kind of selfish

  98. gas

    gas6 timer siden

    Till season 8 i was excited about play fortnite. I had that feel that its better and better. When season 9 came out i lost that feel. Please do something in season 9.

  99. Afshindeiru

    Afshindeiru7 timer siden

    My controller is drifting. I literally look down 96% of the game