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One Artist, 50 Styles | ZHC
RIP $5,000 Art | ZHC

RIP $5,000 Art | ZHC

10 måneder siden

Worlds Biggest Marker!  | ZHC


11 måneder siden

  1. BinkkFN

    BinkkFN9 timer siden

    YOOOOO I GOT THE BEST IDEA!! You should do custom Vans shows, like slip-ins, old schools and so much more!

  2. Dragok Gamer

    Dragok Gamer9 timer siden

    Best artist I’ve ever seen

  3. Wyatt Bonsu

    Wyatt Bonsu9 timer siden

    "Tastes like bad art",what professional artists say


    GHOSTSTKILLER 1239 timer siden


  5. pewdiepie fan

    pewdiepie fan9 timer siden

    garret why are you wearing prestonslye hodie the flame one

  6. 28reta

    28reta10 timer siden

    Your sarcasm is garbage like your art

  7. Fiona Zehra

    Fiona Zehra10 timer siden

    Did you edit the glitch in 4:49 because I can't realise that because my phone is very old

  8. Lil Dynasty•

    Lil Dynasty•10 timer siden

    Hey ZHC... Can u check my edit On insta. My Insta is SunFire• I hope you notice me qwq

  9. pirakala sushwanth

    pirakala sushwanth10 timer siden

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  10. Clare_ Sasuman

    Clare_ Sasuman10 timer siden

    I bet ZHC will never notice me

  11. pirakala sushwanth

    pirakala sushwanth10 timer siden

    Download freefire in your mobile and buy diamonds in that and send to me my ID Sushwa2020v minimum diamonds 100000 i hope you will send to me because you like your subscribers

  12. Fatma Guzeller

    Fatma Guzeller10 timer siden

    pleas i am poor 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  13. Extreme in The Inside Channel

    Extreme in The Inside Channel10 timer siden

    Pick me

  14. peter monaghan

    peter monaghan10 timer siden

    When mrbeast gets donated to Oh how the turns have tabled

  15. peter monaghan

    peter monaghan10 timer siden

    Boi get urself a new one if its cracked

  16. Manah Tuballa

    Manah Tuballa10 timer siden

    I never tried winning any giveaways for once in my life, and i really need 2 IPHONE 11 PRO AND 2 AIRPODS it's for me and my sister PLEASEEEEEEEEE (I'm from the Philippines) (any color)

  17. peter monaghan

    peter monaghan10 timer siden

    Then Chandler dropped it and lost that challenge as well

  18. Alayne Summers

    Alayne Summers10 timer siden

    Can I have one I need a new phone

  19. Ayobami Leon-Barker

    Ayobami Leon-Barker10 timer siden

    Dotn worry zhc I will post this on my whatsapp status so you vas an get more views. I know my 36 friends won't be enough but every bit counts😁😁

  20. pistachios2012

    pistachios201210 timer siden

    Wow 😯

  21. Happy Holland

    Happy Holland10 timer siden

    Man!!! I’ve been waited for the iPhone 5s for long long years but didn’t happen to me..

  22. SlyVye_GAMING

    SlyVye_GAMING10 timer siden

    please can i have 1 plaese

  23. Zwaleks 6 9

    Zwaleks 6 910 timer siden

    do custom xbox

  24. Andrea Castillo

    Andrea Castillo10 timer siden

    Only those who are lucky enough are the one's who won the giveaway😞 I wish someday I'll be successful enough to experience having a cellphone of my own rather than going to cafe's just to watch your videos😞😞

  25. James Trew

    James Trew10 timer siden

    Every NO-gosr house for like a hundred thousand likes and you get a millions I mean what

  26. gtaonline2017

    gtaonline201711 timer siden

    I have always like all of ur vid but none of the giveaway are mine

  27. Bailey Bowman

    Bailey Bowman11 timer siden


  28. -Vitality-

    -Vitality-11 timer siden

    funny. he said "we" but the only people doing it was the experts lol

  29. coco cha*

    coco cha*11 timer siden

    Surprise and cool design ✨✨✨ so funny 😂😂 oh my god!x1000 😂😂😂

  30. majestic yt

    majestic yt11 timer siden

    6 mmmmmiiiiiiillllllllll

  31. John Mack

    John Mack11 timer siden

    Why not say Michelle is dope and likes my comment

  32. John Mack

    John Mack11 timer siden

    Why did you say ass and tittys

  33. Yassi Avein

    Yassi Avein11 timer siden


  34. Joel Sebastián Galaz Sierra

    Joel Sebastián Galaz Sierra11 timer siden

    Like si querés que te tocan la puerta y te den un iPhone tu idolos sería épico😲😲

  35. Saffron Sekeres

    Saffron Sekeres11 timer siden

    From how many times they dropped them I’m pretty sure they don’t work anymore

  36. Svendart Heiberg Nelke

    Svendart Heiberg Nelke11 timer siden

    Hey zhc i love your vidios you are so talented

  37. Lakisha Mc kenna

    Lakisha Mc kenna11 timer siden

    Wish I was there always wanted airforces

  38. Aira Franzesca Aguilar

    Aira Franzesca Aguilar11 timer siden

    Can you customize 100 army bomb ver.3 then give it away? please notice this!!🥰💜

  39. FATE setress

    FATE setress11 timer siden

    I remember when you were at 2mil you have gained so much well job man

  40. Alexander Brignell

    Alexander Brignell11 timer siden

    Copic heaven

  41. *Yagmur Tuana Gülcemal*

    *Yagmur Tuana Gülcemal*11 timer siden


  42. PIKACHU Gaming

    PIKACHU Gaming12 timer siden

    Can you go to Cambodia-.-

  43. Jhayven Delos Reyes

    Jhayven Delos Reyes12 timer siden

    This is a scam trust me but u guys don’t have to listen to me if u guys like🤷‍♂️

  44. Alexander Brignell

    Alexander Brignell12 timer siden

    Dat caching sounds

  45. Denilson Wairokpam

    Denilson Wairokpam12 timer siden

    Bro I wanna to reach 1k subs plz help me I upload some cool flipping video 💥

  46. Frans Sjödin-Laurell

    Frans Sjödin-Laurell12 timer siden

    Could you have a lesson about how to draw a holl body

  47. Darlingダーリン

    Darlingダーリン12 timer siden

    The hell-

  48. Naresh Dhiman

    Naresh Dhiman12 timer siden

    I subed hit the bell and also shared the vid

  49. Doclarania XD3

    Doclarania XD312 timer siden

    Shana oll

  50. Moncy Rajesh

    Moncy Rajesh12 timer siden

    Draw dragon ball goku

  51. ReTrO GaMiNg

    ReTrO GaMiNg12 timer siden

    i bet millions that zhc will nver give me a ltest iphone

  52. Patrick Vernon-Hoare

    Patrick Vernon-Hoare12 timer siden

    My leg is broken and I am a huge fan 😁😁😁😁

  53. ReTrO GaMiNg

    ReTrO GaMiNg12 timer siden

    i dare u to give me a latest iphone

  54. Athena Orbe

    Athena Orbe12 timer siden

    I wish I have Airpod pro

  55. Bordy Saculo

    Bordy Saculo12 timer siden


  56. Vice Flyus Windling

    Vice Flyus Windling12 timer siden

    If I had money i wud donate :) and i am a rookie drawer i need to learn

  57. Salitha hirushan

    Salitha hirushan12 timer siden


  58. zoe yang

    zoe yang12 timer siden

    Wow 500000? Just in a year and a half now at 6 million

  59. Christian Ganadin

    Christian Ganadin12 timer siden

    Pls can i have some

  60. Sudhar Shan

    Sudhar Shan12 timer siden

    Custom skeket board

  61. Jasmin krass

    Jasmin krass12 timer siden

    hast du tik tok ??

  62. Kosovan ttv

    Kosovan ttv12 timer siden

    I love ur drawings and they look SOO COOL I really want one but I don’t think I will win

  63. taes tea

    taes tea12 timer siden

    badly wanna have the phone that was customized by marco **making sad noises**

  64. Hristiyan Todorov

    Hristiyan Todorov12 timer siden

    I like your style mate, keep on doing what u do!

  65. Aayma Unicorn

    Aayma Unicorn12 timer siden

    His baby voice and Michelle hitting him 😂🤣😁☺️🙃😘🥰😍

  66. Fatima Ali Al_salman

    Fatima Ali Al_salman12 timer siden


  67. Sarif Tachamo

    Sarif Tachamo12 timer siden

    That's cool enough to draw epic drawings 😁😁😎😎

  68. Zillay

    Zillay13 timer siden

    Why didnt keep it

  69. Dharmu Ram Meena

    Dharmu Ram Meena13 timer siden

    Love you From India if u so pls say bohot hard in one of your video

  70. sheepyguy 666

    sheepyguy 66613 timer siden

    Subscribe to me on NO-gos

  71. sheepyguy 666

    sheepyguy 66613 timer siden

    I am getting poskas soon I am going to dye my hair turquoise

  72. benjee daya

    benjee daya13 timer siden

    i want one :(

  73. Rudy Yanto

    Rudy Yanto13 timer siden

    I want iphon😭😭😭

  74. Bordy Saculo

    Bordy Saculo13 timer siden


  75. alviN_aSZerO Esguerra

    alviN_aSZerO Esguerra13 timer siden

    Idol you look a like in metoer garden vanesse 😁..

  76. Матвей Романченко

    Матвей Романченко13 timer siden

    Ты русский знаеш

  77. Isabella Panno

    Isabella Panno13 timer siden

    Imagine he bought the wrong size

  78. B.K GamINg

    B.K GamINg13 timer siden

    That hindi on it also😲😲😲

  79. aaliyah moralez

    aaliyah moralez13 timer siden

    The rergesters shirt has my name on it and I am only 10 aaliyah

  80. games for life

    games for life13 timer siden

    can i have an iPhone

  81. games for life

    games for life13 timer siden

    can i have some earpods

  82. Diana Bong

    Diana Bong13 timer siden


  83. games for life

    games for life13 timer siden

    please may i have £3000

  84. who this fellow

    who this fellow13 timer siden

    i dont know why but i doubt he held his breath for 4 min. DONT GET ANGRY AT ME CAUSE I HAVE SUBSCRIBED TO HIM.

  85. games for life

    games for life13 timer siden


  86. games for life

    games for life13 timer siden

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  87. jirah faith malimutin

    jirah faith malimutin13 timer siden

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  88. Sahil Nawa

    Sahil Nawa13 timer siden

    Dang mr beast

  89. J Jayatru

    J Jayatru13 timer siden

    Why go to the stores if you get all of them in digital art

  90. Cresteta Alangilan

    Cresteta Alangilan13 timer siden


  91. Alberth Rocha

    Alberth Rocha13 timer siden

    Mim da um desses

  92. Perumal R

    Perumal R13 timer siden

    Plese give me one

  93. Aaron seifu

    Aaron seifu14 timer siden

    Dude I miss the old Zach hope you see this

  94. princess lara

    princess lara14 timer siden

    I feel bad for those brusn pens:(


    DRAW WITH WEXX14 timer siden

    Dude cool vodeo im new on this chanel but i subscribet to your chanel

  96. Jecerel Buhisan

    Jecerel Buhisan14 timer siden

    I love watching this haha

  97. BoxBoy Xia

    BoxBoy Xia14 timer siden

    Why no vids got 2 weeks

  98. Ian Roman

    Ian Roman14 timer siden


  99. Kate Rivera

    Kate Rivera14 timer siden

    Please. Give. Me. One. Please😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  100. ZerX

    ZerX14 timer siden

    ZHC can you draw meliodas and Ten Commandments from the seven deadly sins.