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How do cars work? It's a simple question, without a simple answer. That's what this channel is for! You could search the web endlessly for consumable information, or you can watch my simple to understand videos. I'm a graduated mechanical engineer with a passion for cars, and my goal is to help other people passionate about cars learn how they work. Hope you find my videos enjoyable; feel free to ask questions!
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  1. J Y

    J Y3 minutter siden

    Having watched this video, I now am very conscious of the time that my car auto-stops the engine. It seems to me I lose money, as the average time that the car remains in auto-stop seems to be less than 7 sec. Fortunately, BMW allows me to turn that "feature" off.

  2. Marije Hammel

    Marije Hammel12 minutter siden

    This video would've been better with Super Mario 64 file select music over it.

  3. Speedytrip

    Speedytrip13 minutter siden

    Impressive technology. Even more impressive is when you think that the first combustion engine was invented in 1859. I'm sure most mechanics today if given the equipment and materials they had access to in the 1800s, could not create a working engine from scratch.

  4. A P

    A P18 minutter siden

    What make car burn the oil

  5. Paul Bernhardt

    Paul Bernhardt22 minutter siden

    Electric cars can't tow any big distance, yet. Got it! Well analyzed.

  6. Corey Grace

    Corey Grace27 minutter siden

    Where can I get one of those models

  7. Tristin Mccann

    Tristin Mccann32 minutter siden

    What is bad about it besides complexity and maybe production cost?

  8. Code Nando

    Code Nando48 minutter siden

    Hot sunny night my dude? 🤔

  9. Twiztedmind864

    Twiztedmind86458 minutter siden

    Part of that fast charging thing has to do with how much energy a lithium battery can take in at a time. Charging at a higher rate degrades the battery and reduces the longevity. That is why they recommend using it sparingly.

  10. Jorge Cabrera

    Jorge CabreraTime siden

    Getting mine in one week With the new 20” gray wheels 😀

  11. mr c

    mr cTime siden

    Why route a pcv valve into an intake to begin with? Is it only because of vacuum? Why not just tap a breather or two (check valve) in the crank case? That would eliminate the problem to begin with.

  12. Sandy

    SandyTime siden

    I've been trying to understand the DCT on the new C8 and how the clutch actually works. Thanks for demystifying this subject. I just watched the video on how the gears and layshafts are laid out. Now on to trying to find out how long they'll actually last. And how expensive they are to replace. Both may be equally terrifying. I'm assuming because of the level of torque involved, it'll be a 'dry plate' setup.

  13. Michał Bulba

    Michał BulbaTime siden

    235 are not narrow wheels :P

  14. 0MindSwept0

    0MindSwept0Time siden

    Yes, the answer is yes

  15. Shahelin Naser

    Shahelin NaserTime siden

    Superb buddy... I just love your studies 🙂🙂

  16. angusandleigh

    angusandleighTime siden

    ...what you're missing is that I.C, engines don't make full torque (especially gas) at low RPM's, such as from the line..if this is say the 3.5, then it doesn't generate any meaningful ft-lbs (at least compared to an electric motor) until about 2,500. By then it's already lost. A closer comparison would be say a Cummins 6.7 which is about full stroke way down at 1,200 - 1,500...the Tesla may get a grab, but then it's all over as far as the Diesel goes.....either way the Tesla would be out of juice after any real pulling long before a gas or especially any rate, if you are going to least until batteries catch up, I.C engines have the advantage for hauling.....

  17. M Frusciante

    M FruscianteTime siden

    What is that bug juice 😂

  18. Dream Of The Innocent

    Dream Of The InnocentTime siden

    You'll not die if you DRIVE the car, But you'll absolutely die, if the car DRIVE you. Lol but true !

  19. Dream Of The Innocent

    Dream Of The InnocentTime siden

    I have McLaren S spider Why Nissan GTR making me currious

  20. CobwebbyArgos

    CobwebbyArgosTime siden

    I didn't know you were in Idaho! I used to love there myself

  21. WiglyWorm

    WiglyWormTime siden

    Video starts at 1:21

  22. Max

    MaxTime siden

    Système international d'unités

  23. 0MindSwept0

    0MindSwept0Time siden

    I have actually been practicing most of these since the day I started driving, it’s just a physics and positive (gas) versus negative (braking) puzzle; the less you have to brake, the less positive energy is wasted, so just drive in a manner that reduces the amount you have to brake as much as possible. And if there’s some impatient retards behind me that want to push me down to the light, then they can go screw themselves because I’m not going to waste gas for them (and they really shouldn’t waste gas either since the light is red anyway). Don’t be one of those people, let off the gas early and save gas as well as wear and tear on your vehicle

  24. Roger Skagerström

    Roger SkagerströmTime siden

    Also - an electric car can apply the power very smoothly. In a situation like that a combustion car, automatic or manual, really have to put some power into it. You can see how smooth the Tesla is off the line - just waiting for the F-150 to break traction. My theory - if you have to somewhat equally sized cars in a tug of war - just wait and let the other car start to burn rubber - then ease of the throttle and slowly accelerate. The car with spinning tires would, in my mind, have a very hard time doing something to stop that.

  25. M Frusciante

    M FruscianteTime siden

    I let my moped warm up for least 45 mins. That hog needs awhile to get the blood pumping.

  26. Ed Figgs

    Ed FiggsTime siden

    Hey bud, I love your videos and have been subscribed for a while. Could you do the same thing with all three vehicles for the same size trailer. My buddy is arguing that it depends on the shape of the trailer and I'm telling him since the average of the drag ratio for all three vehicles is taken into account, that it doesn't matter. He seems to think it makes the numbers drastically different.

  27. 0MindSwept0

    0MindSwept02 timer siden

    A while ago I watched this one show where this dude made converters to change regular water into hydrogen for for cars, unfortunate not to be seeing that be developed by anyone else, but I wonder how much more efficient it is than standard hydrogen storage

  28. Walter Shwayder IDSA

    Walter Shwayder IDSA2 timer siden

    Thank you for making this (PHYSICS) fun, interesting and entertainingly explained - WELL DONE SIR! Yes, I subscribed and look forward to a private conversation with you regarding new inventions to forstall TBI-Traumatic Brain Injury, already in patent pending status. Best regards, Walter Shwayder IDSA

  29. rschandran

    rschandran2 timer siden

    Absolutely a "video thesis" on Tesla 3 road trip with and an eclectic combination of engineering, common sense, humor and a generous serving of enthusiasm for what Jason does. It would be great if you did a similar one for a Hybrid vehicle with a leading-edge technology combination. Rama

  30. 0MindSwept0

    0MindSwept02 timer siden

    Nitrogen oxide sounds a lot like nitrous oxide, I don’t think they’re the same thing though...(because if they were I wouldn’t think it would be a bad thing...potentially...idk..)

  31. 0MindSwept0

    0MindSwept02 timer siden

    So better gas generally has a better effect on bigger engines, good to know

  32. Daniel Johansson

    Daniel Johansson2 timer siden

    Thanks for not showing any testing while given the amazingly rare chance to do so. What a waste.

  33. Marcelo Gouveia

    Marcelo Gouveia2 timer siden

    3.7 million views, only 9.5 thousand haters... "I think you're doing ok" LOL!

  34. 0MindSwept0

    0MindSwept02 timer siden

    I love that chart you gave in the middle of the video what cars are the greenest to drive in what states, going to take a screenshot for reference later

  35. Amin

    Amin2 timer siden

    Bro you look 18 and 50 at once.

  36. Toasted

    Toasted2 timer siden

    Even if it was completely fair, the Cybertruck would still win :)

  37. Toasted

    Toasted2 timer siden

    Ford responded to Tesla, saying that it was unfair/faked and wanted to do the same thing again, except they would be in charge of the F-150. When Elon Musk accepted the challenge, Ford backed out...

  38. Jared Schmidt

    Jared Schmidt2 timer siden

    Elon: Lets have a tug of war with a Ford F150 to show how awesome the Cybertruck is. *Cybertruck wins the pulloff* Ford: Hey, wait a minute. We want a rematch with a comparable 4WD F150! EE: These are the numbers why the Tesla stunt was worthless and only proved that a 4WD would out pull a 2WD which we all knew anyway. Ford: You know what, never mind lol

  39. olds767

    olds7672 timer siden

    With electric trucks becoming more popular what effect will they have as far as center of gravity advantage disadvantage none really .

  40. Conservator

    Conservator3 timer siden

    3:30 Water cooled exhaust Or Exhaust heated water?

  41. Pablo mg

    Pablo mg3 timer siden

    Confirm this. My b20 crower 404 with 2,4 catback, i did roll with GPS dragy 30 to 80 mph in 3 gear and the time was 7,80. Same day change for oem catback and the time in same road same all was 7,51.

  42. Andris Krūmiņš

    Andris Krūmiņš3 timer siden

    My opinion on this without having watched The video first is that The demo wasnt pointless, it showed The electric car delivering The neccesary power to pull The f-150 before The F-150 could so it proves The dominance of electric motors, after watching The video tho i have a question, what makes you think that The tesla was indeed using all 4 wheels to pull The f-150? And also after watching the video I must agree on the f-150 having a disadvantage if the Tesla was using all 4 of its wheels which would mean the demo was pointless, and the point you made about the Tesla not being able to convert the regular truck drivers to Tesla “car of the future” is kind of pointless anyway because the people who love internal combustion engine trucks love them for what they are and not for what they are able to do, so the Tesla is aimed more at the next generation people and people who don’t have a deep interest in regular trucks. (A bit much but I hope it’s understandable) great video by the way

  43. Lee

    Lee3 timer siden

    Watching this only makes me want an electric car even more. Way too much going on for just engine oil. Wow

  44. SteveAkaGoatpile

    SteveAkaGoatpile3 timer siden

    consider that the efficiency of ICE engines has reached its peak and Car engines can usually reach about 30% thermal efficiency at best, making the stated 14% closer to a more realistic 46% of the range and fuel consumed. Meanwhile, Battery technology has been neglected for decades (hurrah for oil lobbies). ICE has reached the end of its technological S curve, hitting diminishing returns hard, while Batteries are just ramping up right now. just like harddisks are being replaced by SSDs today.

  45. Michael Carr

    Michael Carr3 timer siden, isn't the difference between budget and mid wear only around 4% using the formula of change (V1-V2)/((V1+V2)/2))x100?

  46. Conley Flake

    Conley Flake3 timer siden

    My immediate thought is that the Atkinson cycle is inherently more efficient than Budack cycle because the Budack cycle is pulling against vacuum when the intake valve closes and the piston is still traveling down. But, as I am typing this, I guess maybe the Atkinson cycle might have an analogous issue when the piston has to force the intake air back into the intake before the valve closes.

  47. Da Don Majik Wand

    Da Don Majik Wand3 timer siden

    And for my next equation...I'm going to calculate the exact birthdate of the first T-Rex.

  48. Dmitry L

    Dmitry L3 timer siden

    Is it true that say a 3.0 turbo with 350hp will have more of the n/a advantages than a similar 3.0 turbo with 450 hip? Or both going to behave the same?

  49. akspsm

    akspsm3 timer siden

    Ever been to Montreal? ))))

  50. Herr Fister

    Herr Fister3 timer siden

    Wow 18 minutes of missing the point! This is a lifestyle vehicle which no one would use for towing. There is a veeeery long list of reasons why electric vehicles are impractical (for now at least) - towing doesn’t make the top 20!!!

  51. The White Shadow

    The White Shadow3 timer siden

    Seen Bruce Jenner do this and now he leaks tranny fluid..

  52. Rohit Gilhotra

    Rohit Gilhotra3 timer siden

    Great Video ... awesome explanation. Got it in one go 👌👌👌

  53. Jose Alexander

    Jose Alexander4 timer siden

    I had a 2016 Miata GT soft top that I sold last year 😥 I have a Mazda 3 2019 GT Premium and I love it as my daily driving, but I am eyeing a Miata 2019 RF GT just like the one in the video with brown interior. Although the soft top looks nice with the top down, driving on the highway lo g distances (over 100miles) makes a big difference. Also, with the added power to the 2019, compensate a little better the additional weight. I can afford a 2nd car and having the 3 AT, a Miata MT sounds better every day.

  54. 0MindSwept0

    0MindSwept04 timer siden

    I personally hate noisy cars, the quieter the better, so that aspect of turbocharging doesn't affect me negatively at all

  55. 0MindSwept0

    0MindSwept04 timer siden

    I feel the whole waiting for engine response thing everytime I need to get up and go, sure it's nice when it doesn't matter, but those times you need to get moving and have to really push it to get going are kind of annoying >:/

  56. Gary New

    Gary New4 timer siden

    Foot pounds!

  57. 0MindSwept0

    0MindSwept04 timer siden

    So one way or the other, don't run your car hard to prevent damage...has several other benefits as well, but yeah ;p

  58. Jeffrey Schafer

    Jeffrey Schafer4 timer siden

    I always warm my engines before driving. Engines with over 850,000 and 670,000 miles. Fluids need time to warm. When steel mechanical parts are cold they are more likely to break .

  59. 0MindSwept0

    0MindSwept04 timer siden

    "And it needs oxygen, of course the air around us will do" ya, because it's not exactly the purest source of oxygen 😂😂😂😂

  60. 0MindSwept0

    0MindSwept04 timer siden

    That's like a Prius, their engines turn off when you're at a stoplight; so what you're saying is we should make more cars like hybrids. Completely on board with that one! (Not being ironic here either)

  61. Parlato

    Parlato4 timer siden

    My car tells me it uses 0.1 gallon per hour when idling . More if the A/C is on

  62. Tom Dunstan

    Tom Dunstan4 timer siden

    Will the Michelin Pilot Alpine 235/40R18 work on my Tesla Model 3?

  63. bodil

    bodil4 timer siden

    G = generator

  64. Tim Stone

    Tim Stone4 timer siden

    Dude as a degrees engineer myself you have the lab and you have the real world.. Dirt, temperature changes, condensation, carbon infiltration and the like refute any claim of a 20K engine oil. Also some of the new engines still use a little oil. Look at the latest threads on Subaru engines and oil consumption.. Yes oils and additives are better especially synthetic. But with all that said.. Don’t believe everything some lab engineer tells you..

  65. John Azhderian

    John Azhderian4 timer siden

    You need to do the same trip in the winter when temperatures are below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

  66. Dpp 1235

    Dpp 12354 timer siden

    Engine, car whatever I'm not freezing my A$$ off ! People warm up cars to defrost windshields and KEEP them from fogging up whe your driving down the freaking road ! Ho many times have we seen a dumbass trying to look thru 1 small spot on their windshield while driving down the road ! Just WARM UP YOUR FREAKING CARS !!!!!!!

  67. yasin171

    yasin1714 timer siden

    This guy is so smart he missed the point. If you dont warm up your car, how are you gona see out the windshield when its all foggy and icy dumbass

  68. Segallion Gaming

    Segallion Gaming5 timer siden

    At the end of the video, you talk about improving battery efficiency as the "good news." But improved battery efficiency is literally the Holy Grail of electric vehicle technology. It would solve a LOT of problems with electric vehicles today, not just the ability to tow heavy loads. Not only that, but improved battery efficiency would solve many, many other problems with the so-called "renewable energy" grid.

  69. Raywalt de Cuba

    Raywalt de Cuba5 timer siden

    But will it boost?

  70. Jojosh The Barbarian

    Jojosh The Barbarian5 timer siden

    Best feature: 100k km timing chain interval

  71. 0MindSwept0

    0MindSwept05 timer siden

    Now, the real question; how big of a tiny house can a Taco pull 🤔

  72. obtuse 1

    obtuse 15 timer siden

    Porsche and Lamborghini are just as old. Same same same platforms.

  73. 0MindSwept0

    0MindSwept05 timer siden

    Doesn't the trailer sway thing have more to do with the trailer itself then the truck towing it? Doesn't seem like the vehicle would make much difference..

  74. Atheist On The Road

    Atheist On The Road5 timer siden

    Okay, so based on this video, electric cars are worse for the environment before the break even point, then they are better. That break even point is about 5 years, so if you get a new vehicle every 5 years (or more often), electric vehicles are, in fact, worse for the environment than gasoline. Only if you keep your vehicles longer than 5 years do EVs become more environmentally friendly. If you get a new one every 3 years (think 36 month lease), you're doing more harm than good.

  75. Brendan Vasser

    Brendan Vasser5 timer siden

    Huge fan of this guy, His actual birth year is 1989. Haha


    HANSKEN CLIPS5 timer siden

    So i wonder: is that why they havnt released the Tesla semitruck?

  77. dalton knox

    dalton knox5 timer siden

    The charge for Cybertruck is $7,000.

  78. Bert Graef

    Bert Graef5 timer siden

    Electric cars are for self flagellating environmental masochists.

  79. Adam Poloniak

    Adam Poloniak5 timer siden

    No running engine = no A/C working. Good luck in hot summer day ;)

  80. Jeremy w

    Jeremy w5 timer siden

    How the f were you born in 53?

  81. 150 Abonennten ohne Video Challenge!

    150 Abonennten ohne Video Challenge!5 timer siden

    I seaked for those flat earthers to bash :(

  82. 0MindSwept0

    0MindSwept05 timer siden

    Electric Taco when Toyota? (And please don't keep making it look like a table, they're only getting worse T_T)

  83. 0MindSwept0

    0MindSwept06 timer siden

    I feel like you could have looked at the camera somewhere, it almost seemed like you were afraid to look at it most of the time...definitely appreciate the analyzation though

  84. Carl Georg Tsigakis

    Carl Georg Tsigakis6 timer siden

    I can attest to the math here. I've been using my Model X to tow a car on a trailer, and the range was about 100 miles with a 90kwh battery. :) Is does the job great, but you end up driving 1,5 hours and charging 1 hour... Just to make it to the next supercharger.. Speed was never over 55mph. Choose another car/truck as a tow vehicle. :)

  85. ChiTuSai

    ChiTuSai6 timer siden

    In Italy we drive a car at redline for 80% of its ownership, both boring compact turds and sporty cars... We like to press that damn pedal 😅

  86. Deutsche _

    Deutsche _6 timer siden

    Wrong head text, it should be: Mercedes Benz commercial by a fanatic fan.. still waiting to listen why the inline 6 cylinder is better than a V6 configurating..?

  87. Athenation2010

    Athenation20106 timer siden


  88. Likpa Tu

    Likpa Tu6 timer siden

    Hello sir am riding Honda xr150l and it has no power if I install bigger carburetor,is it increased horsepower? Please reply

  89. Youtuber

    Youtuber6 timer siden

    Though Ford as huge amount of torque and bhp .. why would it exert less amount of force ? ... Weight alone can increase the force of any vehicle ?

  90. Aydan Kamilova

    Aydan Kamilova6 timer siden

    Salam 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  91. Steven Stetler voting for TRUMP 2020

    Steven Stetler voting for TRUMP 20207 timer siden

    You can keep it and enjoy it , i can use the extra gas and diesel

  92. Jim Johnson

    Jim Johnson7 timer siden

    If there is a little glowing piece of carbon, won't you get pre-ignition??

  93. nitedaze1000

    nitedaze10007 timer siden

    Everything is a trade off. Looking at efficiency in a vacuum is useless to an average consumer. With out taking overall costs into account (including all of those "credits" pushed onto the tax payer) and other unseen consequences it's not a true trade off comparison. For example, look at all of those long lines in CA for charging stations. How much time and energy is wasted? Better for the environment? Who's environment? How is this electricity going to be produced for 320 million people with electric cars when they don't want Nuclear or any other viable means of producing it? Hell, CA can't even keep their electric grid going now. What are you going to do when the blackouts roll your way.

  94. Marv Kwia

    Marv Kwia7 timer siden

    Why are you not paying a road tax all others have to.


    NED SIDDI7 timer siden

    You forgot to mention that the repair cost for these are phenomenal. Also you will end up with a smaller car when u need a big one if u go for electric. That’s not very economical. Not everyone wants to spend loads on small sized cars. These cars when bigger also require a larger battery which adds to the weight of the car, so more energy would be spend needing to pull the extra weight. Also batteries have a limited number recharge cycles.

  96. Dan Burrell

    Dan Burrell7 timer siden

    In NZ towing a camper with a petrol SUV is a big commitment. Diesel all the way. Much better torque and relative economy vs something like a F150. Our fuel is $2.12 a litre at the moment. Diesel is about $1.40

  97. gil regev

    gil regev7 timer siden

    what is your opinion about VW TSI engine (Turbo & Super charged engine) ?

  98. Brian Morrison

    Brian Morrison7 timer siden

    So why cant they make a diesel pickup. 3 cylinder, opposed, 600 ft lb and 340 hp, 6 speed manual, should get 25 highway mpg. Stainless steel frame, aluminum body. 50 year old planes fly every day but they cant make a truck that dosent rust away in 7 years?

  99. MrButtHurt

    MrButtHurt7 timer siden

    What’s the difference between a catback and a stock exhaust? In terms of flow?

  100. International Merchant Of Hate

    International Merchant Of Hate7 timer siden

    Engine is anti-honda, soiichiro does NOT APPROVE!