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  1. Melike Yildiz

    Melike Yildiz16 sekunder siden

    Why could Kylie hid her pregnancy? 🤔🤔🤔

  2. Bec SocSci

    Bec SocSci40 sekunder siden

    Kim I know you won’t see this but if you do I’m so so so sorry I used to say mean things sometimes online, like only a few times (not a troll or like one of those lunatics) but just a few times I wrote negative things and since growing up within myself I think it was my own insecurities. So silly looking back. I actually think you’re cool, impressive and a very smart business lady.

  3. danelle grobler

    danelle grobler55 sekunder siden

    These fake asses make me want to barf

  4. Molly Dalton

    Molly DaltonMinutt siden

    He's very selfish. Doesn't take into consideration how his ex and children feel.

  5. yaala subaihi

    yaala subaihiMinutt siden

    Kourtney can choose what she wants to do. If she doesn't want to work on kuwtk she can happily leave.

  6. Susana Flete

    Susana Flete2 minutter siden

    Oh krrrrrr remember you said it 😂😂😂😂

  7. Khushi Mandal

    Khushi Mandal2 minutter siden

    Funny how the Kardashians are doing all this for extension and drama...and still we are watching it!!!

  8. Katie Jackson

    Katie Jackson2 minutter siden

    Two bullies. I wouldn’t want to work with Kim and Khloe either.

  9. Luwam Alem

    Luwam Alem2 minutter siden

    These two are the freaking WORST! I get it, if your going to be on the show, then put it in the "work" but, to speak to your MOTHER like that is DISGUSTING to say the least! And like Khloe said, Kris is also the manager soooo, they don't have the power to "fire" anyone from anything ! I used to like Khloe, but now, she irritates the hell out of me! KUWTK should have ended a LONG time ago! Lol!

  10. ryan marwein

    ryan marwein2 minutter siden

    I dont even get it why people watch these shows🤣

  11. Sanela

    Sanela3 minutter siden

    I feel so bad for Kourtney. She's my favorite and she is a nice person. She didn't deserve this! Kim really has an attitude. She can say it in a nice way. She always wants to fight

  12. PSYCHIC MEDIUM Hurisha Naidoo

    PSYCHIC MEDIUM Hurisha Naidoo3 minutter siden

    Hate this show

  13. Check It Out!

    Check It Out!4 minutter siden

    If Kourtney didn't want to be filmed she shouldn't have signed a multi million dollar contract smh

  14. Redstone Tech

    Redstone Tech6 minutter siden

    Kourtney does not care at all🤣🤣

  15. Manga Tavete

    Manga Tavete6 minutter siden

    LMFAO when you and your younger siblings gang up on the oldest

  16. icnm 22

    icnm 226 minutter siden

    It's just me who realized that they're kind of bullying with kourtney if she doesn't want to attend the show respect her decision

  17. Timothy Carpio

    Timothy Carpio7 minutter siden

    tbh kourtney gives life to this show because of her attitude and her savageness and kim is just like going around and around doing things that aren't entertaining i mean not everything that kim is doing not entertaining but some it doesn't and khloe is just everywhere with her loudmouth which make me love her and i think kim should just laylo a little and stop acting like she owns everything

  18. Tina Lagomalo

    Tina Lagomalo7 minutter siden

    aha kim just shut the fuck up and khloe get your life together. Kourtney has always been my fav

  19. Charles Abeku

    Charles Abeku8 minutter siden

    Rich people

  20. georgie blank

    georgie blank9 minutter siden

    I don’t think it’s about ganging up on kourtney. They all signed equal contract if Khloe and Kim are filing more then kourt that unfair because they are all being paid the same.

  21. emi lyn

    emi lyn10 minutter siden

    Talk to her personally instead

  22. tmcke

    tmcke10 minutter siden

    Don't sign the contract or agree to do the show then. Kourtney wants the money but doesn't wanna work for it. What people need to remember this is a job as well as their life. If you're down with the show that's cool but don't sign the big cheques then flake out. That's not how it works.

  23. Tsering Lhamo

    Tsering Lhamo10 minutter siden

    U call this a family ? Gotta go get a new family then

  24. Gacha Reine

    Gacha Reine10 minutter siden

    They be snapping when kourt left the show but when she's actually on the show they treat her like shit If my sisters were like that I'd punched them till they learn how not to be a rude bitch😘🙄

  25. Pranamya Pradeep

    Pranamya Pradeep11 minutter siden

    I do NOT like Kourtney Kardashian. It's more important to her that her kids are gluten free than well behaved.

  26. jjecngvki

    jjecngvki11 minutter siden

    i think for the next surgery , he's gonna amputate his legs so he could be the same height as jimin-

  27. Manav

    Manav12 minutter siden

    Not everyone can be comfortable being an open book always... Why can't they get it

  28. Hannah Fabe

    Hannah Fabe12 minutter siden

    Kim is just that boss

  29. Karen Griffith

    Karen Griffith13 minutter siden

    Kardashions hair be like *longggg* then to *shorttttt* like what the heck?? *its sCarY*

  30. JiminieXiuminZuho

    JiminieXiuminZuho13 minutter siden

    Oh fuck off Kim, you and Khloe are just school yard bullies who can’t handle the fact that Kourtney has her own way of thinking and doing things that are different from the rest of the family. Kourtney is an introvert and doesn’t need to waste her time with petty bullshit like Khloe and Kim do.

  31. Poonam Mishra

    Poonam Mishra13 minutter siden


  32. Micah Paguia

    Micah Paguia15 minutter siden

    hello i'm marc paguia and i love khloe kim and kylie

  33. Isabel Basanta Navarro

    Isabel Basanta Navarro16 minutter siden

    Who was on the other end of the line in the first clip?

  34. Marisa

    Marisa16 minutter siden

    i don’t think it’s right for kim and khloe to hang up on kourtney, you can tell she’s so over this show

  35. Abbey S

    Abbey S17 minutter siden

    Kourtney is the biggest mood

  36. mai.

    mai.17 minutter siden

    well then-

  37. Trash Bag

    Trash Bag17 minutter siden

    your own sister??? damn

  38. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

    Maleficent: Mistress of Evil18 minutter siden

    Khloé looks so brown in the thumbnail.

  39. l i o d e v i l

    l i o d e v i l18 minutter siden

    Sis wtf

  40. Never_feel

    Never_feel18 minutter siden

    That’s just messed up-

  41. Sandraj kukku

    Sandraj kukku24 minutter siden

    I think she doesn't like kids like me😂

  42. Patricia Penso

    Patricia Penso25 minutter siden

    Loving the different lip looks😷

  43. Roselyn Policina

    Roselyn Policina35 minutter siden

    When she gets old im very sure that, thats gonna droops like a sad boobs.

  44. Christian Romeo

    Christian Romeo38 minutter siden

    Imagine preaching love and friendship and respect to others and then treating a random girl like this. Lol, Kardashians are fake scum bags the lot of them!

  45. Bec SocSci

    Bec SocSci40 minutter siden

    Throwing the herbs 🌿 😆😆😆😆😆 that was hilarious and shady.

  46. Kristin Borgeson

    Kristin Borgeson41 minutt siden

    this is what you call givng america the tools to destory itself..... thats why they glamourize this gfamily.... its like offering lollipops to kids...

  47. Kristin Borgeson

    Kristin Borgeson42 minutter siden

    devil family made billions off of injewcting amercians aand the world with theing that will destory us..that put vilolenc e on us..then they sit at the top without paying the concequesnces becauee money can buy yuo oiut of anything... yet WE DONT SEE ALL THE WOMEN RAPED all the men losing their identity... this family is the fuckign devil.... stop letting the m fake church and talk about struggle... THEY ABUSED KANYE wioth their sick mindsets... purtird fuckign pigs..now they use chruch to extort money and trick the dumb amercians.... what the fuck is wrong with amercia they kep you fuckign people stupid or they taint your water supply...because yu amercians are some of the stupid easilst played assholes on the planet

  48. Summer Rhodes

    Summer Rhodes44 minutter siden

    He does not deserve you your so pretty and now you will have so many opportunities for men

  49. OkinInc

    OkinInc45 minutter siden

    No comment.

  50. Kristin Borgeson

    Kristin Borgeson46 minutter siden

    kris jenners face disgusts me...this whole family aura is disgusting...if y9u read auras you know these fuckign merky devils anre sdisgusting

  51. Sherin John

    Sherin John47 minutter siden

    Am here just to see a Kardashian get beaten up, to be fair the opponents were patient with them

  52. Kristin Borgeson

    Kristin Borgeson47 minutter siden

    disgusting.... bruce jenner is a fuckign pig.... just because he cut off his dick dont make him a women...what a fulthy disgusting family

  53. Eternal Love

    Eternal Love47 minutter siden

    So this is the episode that Harry's watched? Hahahaha

  54. Summer Rhodes

    Summer Rhodes56 minutter siden

    I love Chloe she is the only nice one feel for that girl

  55. Cleo Eugene

    Cleo Eugene58 minutter siden

    Omg Kendall is a fucking drain bleghhh

  56. Chezka V.

    Chezka V.58 minutter siden

    Khloe: Mom thank you I graduated and got cartier This show wouldn't be the same without Khloe hahahah

  57. J Flower

    J Flower59 minutter siden

    Chloe is so nice and understanding. She’s like the best sister ❤️

  58. Michaela Little

    Michaela LittleTime siden

    Omg her crying when she failed her driving test!!!!

  59. SheazZ

    SheazZTime siden

    He got so fat

  60. Bella Thompson

    Bella ThompsonTime siden

    Kris is honestly the most attractive of the jenners and kardashions

  61. Tommy Lloyd

    Tommy LloydTime siden

    “BeFoRE He TRaNsfOrM” lmao Kylie

  62. Nourhane Merazga

    Nourhane MerazgaTime siden

    I don’t know why Khloe and Kim are hilarious

  63. Fly Pelican Fly

    Fly Pelican FlyTime siden

    Ughhhh sick Fucks becoming role models

  64. Julie Salad

    Julie SaladTime siden

    Not just another day,another to excile

  65. Rocco Holt

    Rocco HoltTime siden

    If I did something and my parents took it away that’s it I would do it agin if it was light I get a quick bop I never did it again if it’s bigger I do t know if you hit or not because I’ve been hit for something big and not hit for something big if you show your kid your disappointed and talk too the kid why do they do it why why are you feeling this away I don’t know someone please share your opinion on this

  66. zerafia gracia

    zerafia graciaTime siden

    is it weird that i have the same attitude like kendall bcs we have the same birthday? lol😂

  67. Lil Kay

    Lil KayTime siden

    Khloes actually prettier back then

  68. Maddox Seuden Jean

    Maddox Seuden JeanTime siden

    Kriss need to be sit down there and swallow her pride and ego just because of the fame that she crave. Who could imagine she was gonna be there talking about his ex husband now caytlin all dressed up. Lol

  69. Otac Pavle Macola

    Otac Pavle MacolaTime siden

    Ajde bre nakaze teraj te se

  70. gael duffy

    gael duffyTime siden

    Lol 😆

  71. S K Tigress

    S K TigressTime siden

    They lucky their bum implants didnt drop 🤣

  72. Kyralolz

    Kyralolz2 timer siden

    parent spanking their own child is okay, but someone whooping other persons kid is not. you dont discipline kids that are not yours by hitting them.

  73. wildrose39

    wildrose392 timer siden

    PK, creepiest husband ever, her and Fakerito are well matched

  74. Fantasy Gaming

    Fantasy Gaming2 timer siden

    KENDALL IS A CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!?!

  75. Vikram Sharma

    Vikram Sharma2 timer siden

    Sweet talks but I dont know what goes behind the scenes...catch you soon

  76. Billy Young

    Billy Young2 timer siden

    In confidence?....while camera rolling

  77. Mella moore

    Mella moore2 timer siden

    9:35 I hear ya Kris. I have this same problem

  78. Alldayrainbows

    Alldayrainbows2 timer siden

    Did you hear what she said at the end? 😳 " I just want to look like tits on a stick " 4:26 😳 ookkaay..someone has self esteem issues. .. has she got a brain in the other big ball attached to her neck?

  79. gillysmusic

    gillysmusic2 timer siden


  80. Ava Zaheri

    Ava Zaheri2 timer siden

    African girls are natural, they have beautiful features, good bodies ect. This girl right here is on some crack and she needs to get a surgery on her brain. It’s disgusting that she see’s Africa, girls like this. Someone come and take her please

  81. Alex

    Alex2 timer siden

    Marlo is just a common prostitute with credit cards. Nobody cares about her words or her dirty ways.

  82. 💫

    💫2 timer siden

    what year is this?


    NOISE NEIGHBOURS2 timer siden

    This is a great example of when you have much money you fill your life up with pointless stuff. No more worry about how to pay bills and survive


    ICKY STICKY MIKKI PICKY2 timer siden

    This is just stupid. People are so dumb. Kim looks very pretty on the picture, that's it.

  85. Sara Nigiraneza

    Sara Nigiraneza2 timer siden

    African is not a fashion sis

  86. Claire Ann Tigaronita

    Claire Ann Tigaronita2 timer siden

    That moment when they were taking a selfie then suddenly Caitlyn kissed Kris on the cheeks 😳 oh my gosh the cringe 😂😂😂

  87. Mira Monoban

    Mira Monoban2 timer siden

    my fave karjenner is kris but i think kourtney is so relatable

  88. Zayn Danial

    Zayn Danial2 timer siden

    She's beautiful...... was beautiful that is.....*sigh*

  89. The Asian Way - An inside look at money making in Asia

    The Asian Way - An inside look at money making in Asia2 timer siden

    This proves that Bruce really was a girl. Any real man would’ve completely enjoyed this situation.

  90. Nataly Almiron

    Nataly Almiron3 timer siden

    yo empeze a usar maquillaje a los 11 justo cuando terminaba en la primaria, mis papas nunca me dijeron nada porque es re normal Bruce no se porque no le dejaba usar maquillaje tampoco para tanto

  91. Amile Doofan

    Amile Doofan3 timer siden

    Little sisters Understand and use respectful words talking with ur order sister. I don't stay around ppl Who talk down on me cos am not like them.

  92. Yukey

    Yukey3 timer siden

    Bruce Jenner has mental problems. The left eye twitch is rather telling.

  93. Zuhaina Abdi

    Zuhaina Abdi3 timer siden

    Who's wit Kourt y'all

  94. ta sa

    ta sa3 timer siden

    Why does her forehead and cheeks always look brown? I don't see the point of makeup honestly it just looks painted and caked on. Natural looking I understand to a degree. Plus all the animal testing and mica mining by child labourers makes me question everything. I've thrown away and have stopped using it altogether. Not only does it save cost but also time, energy. Ever since I've stopped using it I have begun to see the pointless superficiality of it all. Contour face, cleavage where does it stop? Contour butt cracks, lady bits, intestines, lives kidney, heart, brain? Is there an end to it at all? Plus being bombarded with the way most women on tv, movies, series present themselves (never bare faced and with body hair) steadily does brainwash young kids (especially girls) to think if you have something on face, done to the hair, smooth skin like a Barbie then only does a female look "presentable". So much artificiality and rejection of how mother nature made us really. It's pathetic

  95. alicia paget

    alicia paget3 timer siden

    Why does he only blink with one eye??

  96. Vartika Rai

    Vartika Rai3 timer siden

    Kim an khloe are so irritating an probably free to do such stupid stuff

  97. henny goblin

    henny goblin3 timer siden

    He wanted those girl hormones too!

  98. MissJoJo

    MissJoJo3 timer siden

    Don’t botch it tho haha

  99. noura

    noura3 timer siden

    Why are they doing this to Cortney

  100. noura nona

    noura nona3 timer siden

    1:59 terry face 😹