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  1. New England Adventures

    New England Adventures9 timer siden

    This pig belongs at Burger King confirming orders. "Number 139! SIR, I need to see your receipt before you grab that whopper! SIR, put down the large soda!"

  2. Axis Productions

    Axis Productions9 timer siden

    All pain aside, the cat actually looks quite cool. I'd be okay to keep a cat like this

  3. Spectacular Spaghetti

    Spectacular Spaghetti10 timer siden

    I was at trein station eting dorito wen polis com "dorito is no allow" "no"

  4. Isaac

    Isaac10 timer siden

    Old people are meant to be kind and loving 🥰 🤔

  5. Austin Wicker

    Austin Wicker10 timer siden

    Maybe with his mom that was her reasons but most people, take 30 years ago, they didn't have nearly 1/4 of the vaccines we do today, and there fine? They didn't all die from measels and chicken pocks and polio? Why don't we go back and learn from history, you are all wayyyyyyyy to focused on the future. When knowledge is gained from the past

  6. Eric Ryan De Leon

    Eric Ryan De Leon10 timer siden

    God! I thought only in my country have a lot of idiots!

  7. Eric Mueller

    Eric Mueller10 timer siden

    I'd absolutely vote for her.😍😍😍

  8. Missy Blue

    Missy Blue10 timer siden

    The devil is A LIE!!

  9. CLmssan

    CLmssan10 timer siden

    NowThis please use audio commentators.. this terribly unfollowable

  10. big joe

    big joe10 timer siden

    Now you brits will know about it

  11. Alle Aras

    Alle Aras10 timer siden

    I pity Americans

  12. Austin Wicker

    Austin Wicker10 timer siden

    There's always two sides?

  13. freedom1234573

    freedom123457310 timer siden

    Gods way of ridding the earth of the scourge that is conservativism.

  14. black hoodie

    black hoodie10 timer siden

    I want his face on a bill

  15. Adam Ardian

    Adam Ardian10 timer siden

    She's sure go to heaven 😇

  16. xordinary

    xordinary10 timer siden

    No matter what he had done. No matter what happened the seconds before. Police in the civilized world (not counting the US in that matter) NEVER use that excessive amount of violence than shown here. Americans have long forgotten the difference between cause and effect …

  17. Mosey

    Mosey10 timer siden

    Absolutely sick

  18. Rufo

    Rufo10 timer siden

    I know its bad but the people rather record then comply.. if the officer has to tell you 10 to get out and then you get beat dont play the victim.. dont blame the officer blame the ignorant ppl who should have been raised better and taught to respect and listen.

  19. Mohammad Zaid

    Mohammad Zaid10 timer siden

    Why are American cops like this. Brtish ines are the best Literally ure frnds.

  20. amazonia m

    amazonia m10 timer siden

    Indeed, tho in aus we r remarkably impartial. I oppose this man This borders propaganda, Jus sayin from afar.

  21. George Jones

    George Jones10 timer siden

    Not a fan of this music. These are serious events that killed people, not an episode of Stranger Things

  22. Guru nstrx

    Guru nstrx10 timer siden

    When we have too much food, water and shelter we are god. When we have just enough, we are human. When we rundown one of it, We are devil's.

  23. Gdess 2001

    Gdess 200110 timer siden

    But global warming is a liberal tool of manipulation right? How'd the liberals pull this one off?

  24. babe brown

    babe brown10 timer siden

    I just watched your fave 2019 videos Then came to this. It sucks every news clip has your bias in it. So incredibly disappointed with this channel

  25. Pyro Train

    Pyro Train10 timer siden

    the difference between the german and the nypd is that germans are cooperating with em

  26. Alessandro GRISONI

    Alessandro GRISONI10 timer siden

    Best Country in the world?🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  27. Lilithia Abendstern

    Lilithia Abendstern10 timer siden

    Melania Trump is a cheap eastern european gold digger, especially in Germany we know this type full well and they're running jokes "no german speak, want man rich", so please ps. has Trump ever met his inlaws or are they to poor for his taste?

  28. Missle Rick

    Missle Rick10 timer siden

    Lmao do you have your location on

  29. xordinary

    xordinary10 timer siden

    Un-f***ing-believable! I really "pray" that this is NOT a representative majority of the American people!

  30. Jordan

    Jordan10 timer siden

    I ate my first sandwich in high school. Since my friends all ate sandwiches the addiction just got worse from there. There was a while where I couldn’t get through a workday without eating at least one sandwich on my lunch break. I even know a guy who almost died when he overdosed on a PB and J.

  31. SynnJynn

    SynnJynn10 timer siden

    Sometime you just have to let go. You did this cat a disservice in letting it live. It was more for selfish reasons this man let it live. People always lets their "feelings" get in the way. It suffered alot just so he could feel like he did something good...

  32. H Berry Santi

    H Berry Santi10 timer siden

    Why trump keep on using Jesus.... Please no.....

  33. Anila Balla

    Anila Balla10 timer siden

    I wonder what will happen when she will get exposed..😂😂


    SK NADIMUL HAQUE10 timer siden

    They don’t deserve to be police officers.

  35. Green Lizard

    Green Lizard10 timer siden

    Godammit what is it with blacks. Show him the frickin licence a be on your way. Is it really so fkn hard ?

  36. Jordan

    Jordan10 timer siden

    Promote that cop. My mother ate a sandwich when she was pregnant with me and now I have to eat food 3 times a day.

  37. fiona Fionaf

    fiona Fionaf10 timer siden

    If the US government had to pay for the medical care of 300 million people, the cost of every aspect of that care would be effectively renegotiated and drop dramatically in the first year. Americans are already paying for healthcare through insurance payments. If you swapped the insurance and co-payments for taxes there would be money, plus change, for health care for all. In Ireland drug costs have dropped by 60%in the last 8 years or so, almost purely from governmental input.

  38. isaac van der meer

    isaac van der meer10 timer siden

    yang should run as a republican

  39. Ryan Orcena

    Ryan Orcena10 timer siden

    Fox has destroyed a lot of things. From comic book movies to news integrity. Thanks to marvel, they are still alive.

  40. Depcom

    Depcom10 timer siden


  41. Okay 47

    Okay 4710 timer siden

    Polaticts are always talk

  42. Sébastien

    Sébastien10 timer siden

    The worst of humanity. Doesn't matters if they are radical Islamists or Christians. All they can do is destroying our planet and civilization.

  43. r sk

    r sk11 timer siden

    Bloody teachers pet !!!

  44. Nicholas Alvarez

    Nicholas Alvarez11 timer siden

    The homeless chick was definitely a junkie.

  45. HDG

    HDG11 timer siden

    Stupid Racist

  46. Crux161

    Crux16111 timer siden

    Police rarely get publicly punished for incidents like these, even if the people they’re abusing die in custody. This is a truly shameful “execution of justice”

  47. Leon Henry

    Leon Henry11 timer siden

    Power trip gone wrong. He should know better at his age.

  48. Zarah A

    Zarah A11 timer siden

    This is what Orwell was warning us about. These people are terrifying because their ignorance is so strong and unshakeable

  49. Alara Koknar

    Alara Koknar11 timer siden

    The Bush clip was very enlightened

  50. Alix H

    Alix H11 timer siden

    Félicitations à ces chiens 🌟✨🐕... Et courage à vous 🙏🙏🙏💙🐨🌳🌱🦇🦎🌿🌳🐿️🐦🕊️

  51. Secret Gaming

    Secret Gaming11 timer siden

    If you hear a man saying "ehsisbdgsjbehdnsheudnegdkbehd give me your credit card number or money" then say "wanna job?"

  52. Chris Baker

    Chris Baker11 timer siden

    Could've done without the Warren clip that you through in which was by far, the least interesting thing during that's not news...and it only goes to show the narrative you're trying to help push via orders of the have officially lost my support of this channel and i'll see to it that others recognize this too , good luck via independent media after 2021, you're on the list of channels to be questioned via integrity! Next time, pick a candidate that was actually the talk of the week/year(Andrew Yang) and if you truly thought it was Warren then you'd show the clip in which she buried her Campaign(he said/she said bickering via 7th debate)! Adios Lame-Egos

  53. Mario Ruiz

    Mario Ruiz11 timer siden

    They just never matured after all those years.

  54. Rami Sabbah

    Rami Sabbah11 timer siden

    Is that GWB Jr?

  55. depresso expresso

    depresso expresso11 timer siden

    how are people actually supporting these criminals. Guess property rights mean nothing...

  56. Imm4nu3l K4nt

    Imm4nu3l K4nt11 timer siden

    Time to vote for Bernie!

  57. Thomas Earl

    Thomas Earl11 timer siden

    The bad guy who doesn't quite realize he's not the good guy he thinks he is, he's the evil bruce wayne we don't want but deserve...

  58. TIU Elite Operative

    TIU Elite Operative11 timer siden

    Dount already did a breakdown of this

  59. Butch Black

    Butch Black11 timer siden

    U wonder why so cops were being targeted so much last year

  60. Josey Wales

    Josey Wales11 timer siden

    Help yourselves, stop being mentally lazy ..... If your home is mortgage free ....... Establish a trust if it worth more than $125K ((single)), $250K ((married)) ..... The government is not here to provide for you from cradle to grave ..... It's a dog eat dog work, get use to it ...... One of my neighbors died from pancreatic cancer about a year ago ..... When got sick, he asked for my advice. I said get the house in a trust ....... Protect your assets, drop the health insurance ....... Turn into a turnip ....... He took my advice and saved everything for his widow and kids ..... Bernie doesn't care about you folks. Don't be naive.

  61. Ishkal Show

    Ishkal Show11 timer siden


  62. AlbaKingzKanack

    AlbaKingzKanack11 timer siden

    Americans: bUt tHaT iS cOMuNiSm

  63. Robert Garrison

    Robert Garrison11 timer siden

    Trump cop

  64. manno groneg

    manno groneg11 timer siden

    Easy come up. Don't say nothing get everything on video and get you a lawyer.

  65. Cyrribrae

    Cyrribrae11 timer siden

    Such a fantastic interview! And even more so since this was filmed all the way back in November when many news sites weren't taking Yang seriously at all. Thanks Elise :)

  66. Monica Llanes

    Monica Llanes11 timer siden

    New favorite Yang video! Great job boss ❤

  67. Afa Kaufusi Jr.

    Afa Kaufusi Jr.11 timer siden

    This is why nobody watches Fox News🤣

  68. Deidre Coday

    Deidre Coday11 timer siden

    I don't find any of these Bozos funny. They seem like a bunch of idiots.

  69. May 007

    May 00711 timer siden

    Disgusting man.

  70. QuIgYx

    QuIgYx11 timer siden

    Actually, police have the right to demand a driver’s license if the person is driving. Why was he fired?

  71. Chinchillas' Mom

    Chinchillas' Mom11 timer siden

    Everytime I see this kind of video I always get that feeling of "I'm so glad I wasn't born in that country."

  72. Jonny   Bravo

    Jonny Bravo11 timer siden

    And this is just the one cop that got caught ,how many others haven't ? No such thing as a good cop.

  73. Alroy Pereira

    Alroy Pereira11 timer siden

    Most view video in the world is Spanish ( despacito)

  74. The Bestest Aussie out der

    The Bestest Aussie out der12 timer siden

    My dad was asked to head down to a wildlife care station near the fires due to him being a reptile specialised vet. But they've decided that all the vets at Healesville Sanctuary will be going and local vets will stay and work at the sanctuary instead and honestly that's just beautiful if you ask me

  75. Inspector Ryan

    Inspector Ryan12 timer siden

    That trump is God thing is getting scary.

  76. C. S.

    C. S.12 timer siden

    How brazen of that District school spokesperson, no shame, only a emboldened pretentious entitled condescending retort even has the galls to make her in the wrong. Fire these inepts! They don’t deserve to be there. Big failures they are!

  77. Daniel Tucker

    Daniel Tucker12 timer siden


  78. Deidre Coday

    Deidre Coday12 timer siden

    Not very many people here. Oh yea, they're all watching President Trump's rally!

  79. Al Cd

    Al Cd12 timer siden

    The truth hurts, doesn't it Hollywood?

  80. Isa Shariff

    Isa Shariff12 timer siden

    the crazy part is america doesnt have an officail language....

  81. q4short

    q4short12 timer siden

    I believe he is our best choice. Yang is the model leader I not only envision but will follow

  82. FraGTicaL

    FraGTicaL12 timer siden

    Funny enough its mostly women who believe vaccines cause autism. You are born with autism. Its not something you can be given. Its in you from the start or its not at all. please women, If you believe such nonsense. Do us all a favor and just stay off the internet and dont have kids. Sincerely, the world

  83. Yolanda Kota

    Yolanda Kota12 timer siden

    I just want to know wat trumps doing for human beings, or they are just splashing the money and being rasist.

  84. Chriatopher Barnes

    Chriatopher Barnes12 timer siden

    White people..

  85. Alfehhh

    Alfehhh12 timer siden

    she even has the Karen hairdo!

  86. Snoozecoop™

    Snoozecoop™12 timer siden

    Dude got that Brock Lesnar bully type vibe lol.

  87. MrKrabs.Bikini

    MrKrabs.Bikini12 timer siden

    Yo my man watching Barbie tho what a mad lad

  88. shema aloys juma

    shema aloys juma12 timer siden

    We're talking about the guy who participated in WWE events so no much of a surprise

  89. Christonite One

    Christonite One12 timer siden

    So, end of the world?

  90. Yolanda Kota

    Yolanda Kota12 timer siden

    Michell never post nude for money

  91. Yolanda Kota

    Yolanda Kota12 timer siden

    Who cares who dress nicely or terrible, Michell won woman of the year twice, even shes mot first lady , im South African bt im so in love with Michell , shes de lady who talks with her heart not a paper which is written by someone,

  92. E

    E12 timer siden

    dispatch we got 10-89 he is holding something from outerspace

  93. Ihasan

    Ihasan12 timer siden

    (ik im late to the video) ATLEAST THE 2 POLICE HAVES A A BRAINN

  94. Jian Pasco

    Jian Pasco12 timer siden

    Man if therye grandson is watching this i just want to say....... grandmas are stupid😑

  95. k lee

    k lee12 timer siden

    Great interview

  96. Yolanda Kota

    Yolanda Kota12 timer siden

    Elegant and smalll, phweeu

  97. TheTraveler

    TheTraveler12 timer siden

    Tears from heaven

  98. Paddy Mooney

    Paddy Mooney12 timer siden

    Why is this man still free he admitted on live television to ordering an assassination of a foreign diplomat why isn't he been extradited to face charges

  99. Sarah o

    Sarah o12 timer siden

    Does he have a thyroid problem or an opioid addiction? There's a reason his eyes bug out like that.

  100. Natalie Caya

    Natalie Caya12 timer siden

    No one literally no one: Cops: you are under arrest for eating a sandwich Everyone:🤦 smh