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  1. Will

    Will7 timer siden

    She’s so condescending

  2. J Hash

    J Hash7 timer siden

    Vegans act like crack heads

  3. Downstroy99

    Downstroy997 timer siden

    He says they flew planes Into buildings bahaha with all do respect Mr Kennedy that was the government you kill for

  4. Internet Alex

    Internet Alex7 timer siden

    Fuck Ari

  5. Shit Show

    Shit Show7 timer siden

    Lol @ black people acting like the basest sexual desires are somehow revolutionary

  6. TipTheScales27

    TipTheScales277 timer siden

    Wow parenting must’ve been so much easier back then! Now you’re a monster, especially if you’re the mother, if you don’t look after your kid every minute of every day. You’re a terrible parent if your kids are running around without supervision

  7. Siberius the Sleeping Serpent

    Siberius the Sleeping Serpent7 timer siden

    I have a daughter who's 1year and 3 months and I love how girly and feminine she is and how her natural hormonal biology dictates that. Dada loves his girly girl.

  8. Connor Anderson

    Connor Anderson7 timer siden

    Neil: In the future we can redirect comets for water Joe: How far away is that? Neil: *psshh* we're in a shooting gallary of comets you idiot Joe: not what I asked Neil: oh....

  9. Photodisintegration

    Photodisintegration7 timer siden

    What if we live in a closed universe with the topology of a sphere and the big bang happened at, say, the zenith of the universe. Then we have the Hubble constant because everything is falling towards the nadir. Then, when their are only photons left due to the dissipation of the black holes, all the photons reach the nadir and the energy comes back together, culminates and collapses like a supernova with all the energy in the universe, and sparks another big bang...???

  10. Nezman Cole

    Nezman Cole7 timer siden

    I seen the NASA artist actual video where he did say it's all photoshopped, that is definitely real

  11. Dingle Berry

    Dingle Berry7 timer siden

    I know people like Eddie. They are smart but have difficulty expressing their thoughts in a calm and succinct manner.

  12. Justin Hunter

    Justin Hunter7 timer siden

    41 percent of first marriages end in divorce. Divorce rates are sky high for second and third marriages. Some people just shouldn’t get married. Leave it to the 59 percent.

  13. Jesus Saves

    Jesus Saves7 timer siden

    the human body sucks

  14. Giordano Franchetti

    Giordano Franchetti7 timer siden

    I don't get how people can think that Elon Musk invented either a car, a solar panel or even more absurdly a rocket. He is without doubt an incredible entrepreneur with charisma and unique management skills, but the genius is for sure the many unnamed with the idea and the development of it.

  15. Chris Milne

    Chris Milne7 timer siden

    A critic is a critic. These guys are trash that relate to trash. Quit promoting your ignorance.

  16. cahaps

    cahaps7 timer siden

    The Ufc is fake just like wwe back in the day

  17. Jay Hamilton

    Jay Hamilton7 timer siden

    Al is an inch taller than Conor

  18. Jimski UK

    Jimski UK7 timer siden

    Jokes aside this is one of the realest clips I've seen in a long time.

  19. A Ali

    A Ali7 timer siden

    Conor can never beat Tony Ferguson! and you can take that to the bank

  20. Greg

    Greg7 timer siden

    I totally agree. And as someone that is seemingly always in shape. It's fairly insulting when people assume it's easy for me. Like saying I have a "fast metabolism" or it's my genetic. Or I'm too thin. I mean really? I been focusing on my diet and weight control for literally over 20 years. I'm 40 now. I work out and take herbs and research over the years and adjust my diet and workouts as by body changes which it does. So it's horrid to fat shame. But it's okay to say I don't need to do anything or I can eat anything I want. It's a double standard. Just as I'm tired of people saying their is 2 many "white people" it's not okay to be racist or discriminate about ANY RACE including the generic white person. Or man. Woman do this also they talk about woman power or whatever. We need to just life people for themselves or NOT like them for themselves. Not go by what race or what gender they are; It's ridiculous. And not okay. Why minimize the work I do on myself just because you don't understand. And I agree soda is horrid and parents shouldn't even give it to their kids why introduce unhealthy drinks so their diet besides occasionally like a birthday like cake or something and parents should clearly state these are occasional snakes for celebrations. No one should be drinking soda or eating a cake every day or even weekly. No wonder we have no will power with teachings like that.

  21. Björn Óðinn Sigurðsson

    Björn Óðinn Sigurðsson7 timer siden

    Team Coco mentality 😎

  22. Chris Milne

    Chris Milne7 timer siden

    J.R is a hypocrite. Joe hates what?.... What he does on a regular basis.

  23. Elaniago

    Elaniago7 timer siden

    Trying to make money from this nonsense is despicable.

  24. Nissim Levy

    Nissim Levy7 timer siden

    Exactly, he tried to appease the republicans because he knew they would\never approve a single payer system

  25. Zach Brown

    Zach Brown7 timer siden

    Stephen A actually has a pretty nice jumper

  26. Liam’s channel

    Liam’s channel7 timer siden

    LOOOOOOOOL he kicked her in the face hahahhahaha

  27. Geo HVL

    Geo HVL7 timer siden

    It’s hype Himalayan sea salt is BS. Investigation will prove the hype. HSS is from India. The pink shit is Iron. It’s all in you head Kosher is the best.

  28. adam baller

    adam baller7 timer siden

    Knocking someone out who deserves it is the most satisfying thing someone can do.

  29. Jesse Ihnen

    Jesse Ihnen7 timer siden

    So, stupid question to any science enthusiasts... the amount of gravity that it would take to bend space for worm holes to be conceivable, wouldn’t that tow planets out of orbit and so forth?

  30. doctim111

    doctim1117 timer siden

    This guy's a Deep State shill, he should be paying Joe to spread the propaganda...

  31. GenCloud Superior Marketing

    GenCloud Superior Marketing7 timer siden

    How could you have a weed virgin on JRE?

  32. Charles McWhorter

    Charles McWhorter7 timer siden

    I appreciate Bernie for coming onto the podcast, and even appearing on Fox. But he’s so full of it and he knows full on socialism won’t work in the US. It hasn’t worked anywhere ever before.

  33. JustSomeRandom Ostrich

    JustSomeRandom Ostrich7 timer siden

    2:43 that was a good analogy

  34. Bentayga

    Bentayga7 timer siden

    1:47 As if Conor Vs Aldo didint happen

  35. wlcsp

    wlcsp7 timer siden

    Nick Diaz can take a punch well. Too well for his own good. Now he's paying the price. Brain damage.

  36. Jamie Butler

    Jamie Butler7 timer siden

    Tom cruise= rat boy

  37. ziggy Juarez

    ziggy Juarez7 timer siden

    Shawn jordan

  38. DarthDefiler

    DarthDefiler7 timer siden

    Stephen A Smith is the Ugly Gus Johnson

  39. Ray Coulter

    Ray Coulter7 timer siden

    cnn talking points wtf joe

  40. GlowFish

    GlowFish7 timer siden

    Is it possible to make Mexico great again? Yes. But it would require what im 100% against. War. Not America vs Mexico, but America AND Mexico vs the cartels. But who runs the cartels? Mexico.... Its a poop show.

  41. Supernova12034

    Supernova120347 timer siden

    10:15 diaz having a heart attack and orgasm at the same time.

  42. Fencepost55

    Fencepost557 timer siden

    Everyday when I come in the gym espn is on. And it’s this dude, every day, talkin shit. I’ll be gettin my preworkout ready and EVERYDAY, I hear some white dude sayin “yea ya know I think the if ya look the last few games, it’s inevitable and irrefutable that they gonna win, they goin to the super bowl, look at da stats, they can’t lose” then Stephan says “nah you know what I gotta tell ya I gotta disagree with everything ya saying right now” Complete nonsense!! Maybe it’s cuz I don’t watch any sports but UFC, maybe I’m just a fool, but if ya ask me, they’re just trying to get fools at home to pick a side and get emotional, there’s no real debating, someone is gonna speak up and take the opposing side, even if it’s kindergarten kids playing a pro team, some MF is gonna say “yea ya know what I gotta stop ya right dare, I think they do stand a chance” Smh lol fuck those espn “debate” dudes

  43. David Quid Pro Quo

    David Quid Pro Quo7 timer siden

    The ppl who should be shot are the music execs at the top who put clowns like Shitake 69 in the spotlight.

  44. supreme action

    supreme action7 timer siden

    I can watch this video all week long. Fires me up every time..

  45. Robert M

    Robert M7 timer siden

    Speaking of distant objects, why is the volume so low?

  46. Dawn Cardiff

    Dawn Cardiff7 timer siden

    The typical form of male circumcision performed upon baby and infant boys is FAR MORE evasive and damaging than the typical form of FGM.

  47. the robert

    the robert7 timer siden

    Yet he endorses a progressive left candidate? I mean if it bothers you so much, why vote for a party that champions identity politics (and a communist too boot)?

  48. Jack Furlough

    Jack Furlough7 timer siden

    I always found Bill a bit smug, too arrogant for me. This however should go viral, he is 100% dead on here.

  49. Sirxup

    Sirxup7 timer siden

    I just want Mauro Ranallo to commentate everything.

  50. dbltrplx

    dbltrplx7 timer siden

    Rogan is s punk ass communist sanders supporter Fk you

  51. Jimski UK

    Jimski UK7 timer siden

    Joe "he's not that fat" rogan

  52. Aaron Jones

    Aaron Jones7 timer siden

    I've had a broken orbital bone. That being said. COWBOY TOOK A DIVE.

  53. Glitter japon

    Glitter japon7 timer siden

    Bruh the little thingy in the ford logo always caught my eye I was expecting them to say some crazy shit like the logo has always been red

  54. Crawdaddy

    Crawdaddy7 timer siden

    There is a lot of Anit-Semitism on the left you bias ass lol You work for the New York fucking Times, they print the fuck out of Anti-Semistism shit hahahahahahaha

  55. sugarz005

    sugarz0057 timer siden

    This guy is too sensitive. He looses credibility by making fun of steven a smith because of the video, instead of just criticizing steven a smith analysis.

  56. marlee glenn

    marlee glenn7 timer siden

    Everyone talks bad and has absolutely nothing nice to say about Bill Cosby. Terrible man!

  57. cody minecrack

    cody minecrack7 timer siden

    I thought this would go in depth to see if it has the holistic properties they claim too. Does it lol? I’m a “crystal loving asshole”. Crystal healing does work- fact.

  58. Mentor Tairi

    Mentor Tairi7 timer siden

    Calling cowboy a quitter? Really?? Cowboys last fight. His fn skin hanging off damn nearly and he was pissed they ended the fight. Stephen A is a clown

  59. osp80

    osp807 timer siden

    keep hard to kill out your mouth joey.

  60. BB dax

    BB dax7 timer siden

    What went wrong with Anthony Ruiz?? Maybe its the fact that he doesnt fucking exist?? He's name is ANDY!!

  61. Brad Albanese

    Brad Albanese7 timer siden

    What a pos Rogan is. Supporting the scrub socialist Bernie Sanders. God have mercy on the mentally disabled people

  62. Tut Lam

    Tut Lam7 timer siden

    Joe comes off as quite educated and knowledgeable about what he says which is surprising because he’ll often bring thought-provoking information either to start the conversation or synthesizes his opinions with factual information and respectfully integrates his cutting-edge research with his guests without being adversely intrusive. He mostly uses his own personal research on the guests or depends on Jamie’s reliable sources from free Google. He doesn’t have a adversarial relationship with his target audience. It’s nonexistent! He’s quick but is like that one student in exam conditions who irritates you because you can either: A) Hear his cancerous breathing or; B) Hear him fiddle with his water bottle or; C) Sees him clumsily dropping his pencil because of he can’t control his nervousness or; D) He’s clouded your thoughts because he thinks asking multiple questions by raising his hands intimidates others even though it’s pointless and it only interrupts the pacing of the exam and becomes disruptive towards other students or; E) Hear him hiccup, cough, yawn, *sniffle* or chew impulsively because of alcohol has been his escapism from stress and one of his survival mechanism since 15 years old; so you know he’s been using drugs or alcohol or both to substitute his short term retention in order to contextualize the comprehensive study material of the term. It’s partially his fault you scored C+ on the exam as you wasted so much of the time wondering if he’s actually thinking though what he’s writing or if he’s actually retarded. Because the scent of his sweaty shirt, cheap alcohol and cheap perfume is more than life in such a hallow room. You know he’s probably the only person dealing with auditory hallucination based on his low self esteem issues and his attachment to alcoholism. *Face it as a fan you can’t be too certain about that information above pertaining his hygiene and mental health unless you’re mobile device picked up the scent and brought a scientific record of these findings.* So you better respect him... he’s received an A this one time for the exam. His endorphins are the only agent remotely close to a person which can acknowledge this milestone. His abusive family lacks the predisposition to care enough about him. He has hours of runtime acting deliriously and impulsively subjected to alcohol abuse. You know he could actually play a numbers game with ponderous medical jargon on a whiteboard and impressively attain a medical degree. Although he could be diagnosed with early psychosis he still manages to successfully produce the best quality of content on NO-gos... regularly! The catch is he can only manage so much stress and could accelerate his mental health to paranoid schizophrenia just by doing one thing that he’s purposely avoided in a passive connotation: by becoming a devil’s advocate for the viewer and giving them merely the same recognition as their critically-acclaimed. This will leaving his academic trajectory at difficult odds with success and intensify his consumption of alcohol and fail to maintain the prerequisite for a competitive career. Unfortunately this will lead him to becoming a straight D student. Could he just be a shallow person who has never really unlocked the intellectual potential nested on his head? Or should I be asking, is he smart than what we give him credit for? What else can we gain from talking to himself depicting patterns in his idiosyncrasies and tonality of a schizophrenic? It’s impressive to see a man in such a statement of mine; he’s clearly not taking his antipsychotics consistently enough. I hope he get the right treatment! As a fan it’s fun to theorize this occurrence. But be warned it’s easy to fall into stalking perimeters. The less I know him the more interesting my next comment will be. I am not even subscribed.

  63. Fact Check

    Fact Check7 timer siden

    I wish you didn't bring this Antisemitic

  64. Leighton Messner

    Leighton Messner7 timer siden

    I have zero credentials supporting my thoughts so take this with a grain of salt: As a casual fan of MMA I personally think the blowback towards Smith and the whole interaction is positive for the UFC. The thoughts and opinions from him resonate with the casual audience. Being a casual fan myself, it is incredibly informative to hear people like Joe Rogan (mma expert who I am a HUGE fan of) explain why Smith is wrong. It helps fans like me learn more about and better appreciate the sport. As long as it is not overpowering, sprinkling in commentary from someone like Smith could be a very positive thing. This is where I disagree with the absoluteness of Joe's opinion that Smith should stay out of MMA. There are many fans like myself that I think could benefit from hearing this type of banter sometimes. The MMA community can at times feel very unwelcoming to new fans who want to learn more. This has absolutely improved even in the couple of years I have paid attention. The bottom line is that by increasing the number of fans overall will mean will mean a few things: first, more dollars flowing into the sport which will ultimately lead to more fighters, more fights, and more talent. If casual fans feel less like outsiders we will learn to respect the craft much quicker. These are my thoughts, as a casual fan with zero martial arts experience, who became a fan of the sport largely due to excitement surrounding Conor. I'm guessing there are many more people who are in my position. Respect to all parties involved. I encourage feedback to this positive or negative. Always open to new ways of thinking.

  65. Frank Etwas

    Frank Etwas7 timer siden

    Trump broke her brain...

  66. Ariane caskey

    Ariane caskey7 timer siden

    Joe is 100 percent right about this one topic!

  67. Mr Hanky

    Mr Hanky7 timer siden

    He lost is what happened. Happens to all great fighters. Just goes to show how hard the JRE types are quick to nutswing on this castizo dude just because he is nationally a Mexican and that was their first champion here. Lol

  68. Bryochemical Intuition

    Bryochemical Intuition7 timer siden

    Delusion is more dangerous than any drug.

  69. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose Gonzalez7 timer siden

    It is more dangerous in the U.S. than other places

  70. Bill Hill

    Bill Hill7 timer siden

    Women want a dad bod because a cheese grater doesnt feel good to cuddle with. But it will be a cold day in hell before I let myself get a dad bod.

  71. Christopher Martlin

    Christopher Martlin7 timer siden

    The truth is in the result

  72. Tam Robertson

    Tam Robertson7 timer siden

    RIP kobe 🙏

  73. Paul Johnson

    Paul Johnson7 timer siden

    You yanks are lazy and use too many excuses about Medicare, Australian government brought in Medicare and are currently over several years bringing in the national disability insurance scheme and it's even bigger changes than Medicare. It's doable

  74. Michelangelo Missoni

    Michelangelo Missoni7 timer siden

    One day there will be a department so hidden, even the most confidential of circles will never know of its existence. - Unknown

  75. PlutoPlayz

    PlutoPlayz7 timer siden

    Joe “This bitch isn’t growing” Rogan

  76. Grizzly Adams

    Grizzly Adams7 timer siden

    Both cults are sick

  77. A Smith

    A Smith7 timer siden


  78. Tam Robertson

    Tam Robertson7 timer siden

    R.I.P to the goat kobe Bryant my hearts breaking 😥

  79. Just in

    Just in7 timer siden

    Tony Ferguson, the type of guy that gives Chuck Norris advice on facial hair.

  80. SouthDetroit Entertainment

    SouthDetroit Entertainment7 timer siden

    😂 And practice dick punches🤣 #Priceless

  81. Scott Chism

    Scott Chism7 timer siden

    I wonder why the United States doesn't go into Mexico and help with this inhumane problem. Seems like we go into every other country when their citizens are being abused.. why are we not helping our neighbor out. That makes no sense to me. Unless maybe it benefits us for their country to be the way they are. That's the only thing I can think of.. I really don't understand.. the country of Mexico is being ruled by the cartels. Maybe they are really not running the country and somebody else is behind the cartels.. that's a beautiful country I wish we would help those people or I wish somebody would. The Mexican people are a beautiful culture and loving people

  82. matthew taylor

    matthew taylor7 timer siden

    my family is overweight except me cuz I work hard. But every time I go over there they are constantly telling me how skinny I am, and that I should eat, and doesn't my wife feed me, and all this bullshit while they sit there, not even fat but obese. It really really pisses me off.

  83. Cameron Cropper

    Cameron Cropper7 timer siden

    Bro why don’t these people go after chain restaurants??? Especially fast food places like McDonald’s Burger King Wendy’s etc etc... it just doesn’t make sense bro going after these small independent restaurants who clearly have better morals or intentions then these massive fast food corporations go after them or at least start with them...

  84. DAOG44

    DAOG447 timer siden

    Stephen A should just keep his mouth shut on fighting period.

  85. Reid Simonson

    Reid Simonson7 timer siden

    You would find that the vast vast majority of people would be fine with a comedy special from CK. Only vocal minority is the one is being outraged, normal people it doesn’t bother that much.

  86. Brian Evans

    Brian Evans7 timer siden

    'overzealous employees' lmao

  87. Last of the Boomers

    Last of the Boomers7 timer siden

    I seem to remember some talking shit from Rogan about CM Punk and maybe Rousey too...

  88. Jake Roark

    Jake Roark7 timer siden

    This dude seems like the kind of fake person Jesse the fake racist victim is I bet they are at lest cousin's.

  89. K On Point

    K On Point7 timer siden


  90. Cabal Paxiarch

    Cabal Paxiarch7 timer siden

    Yes but one thing at a time. So he didn't end up saying whether Musk's idea about nuking the polar ends of Mars would succeed in warming up the damn joint. He just said about the ozone thing.

  91. brucekentallen

    brucekentallen7 timer siden

    I member when it used to be just family values, not republican family values. You americans played right into their divisionist plan. Good sheep, fight amongst each other, yes.

  92. Dave Stewart

    Dave Stewart7 timer siden

    Idk about anyone else...but for me Stephen A needs to just let that hair go already ....fuckin hairline is on the top of his damn head and has been receding for years get a fuckin clue man fr

  93. Thomas Wilson IV

    Thomas Wilson IV7 timer siden

    Dude from the CIA is okay with the monarchy... Go figure

  94. FreddyFitX

    FreddyFitX7 timer siden

    The content is always on point 💪🏾💯 Check out my IG @freddyfirx

  95. Frank Etwas

    Frank Etwas7 timer siden

    Headline should read "joe interviews lady whose ideas fall apart without an echo chamber"...

  96. Albin Idrizi

    Albin Idrizi7 timer siden

    did i really just hear this dumbcunt say that conor won a round against khabib? if not mistaken, THE 2ND FUCKING ROUND???

  97. Brooklyn Morton

    Brooklyn Morton7 timer siden


  98. Supernova12034

    Supernova120347 timer siden

    My mom beat me with baseball bats more than any mafioso could.

  99. Alex Rodriguez

    Alex Rodriguez7 timer siden

    Joe just jealous that this nigga can STAY OFF THE WEEDUH!

  100. YorticusTV

    YorticusTV7 timer siden

    I’ve never understood how someone who looks like crap can try and teach me how to exercise or tell me what to eat. Lead by example and if the shape you’re in right now is your example, I’ll stick to what I’m doing.