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  1. Nee Soon Kia

    Nee Soon Kia5 timer siden

    Where is the actual footage FFS

  2. sandy izaz

    sandy izaz5 timer siden

    Where's Bendtner tho?

  3. Nityam Swayam

    Nityam Swayam5 timer siden

    Sergi Roberto

  4. GotinPichaga123 XD

    GotinPichaga123 XD5 timer siden

    When Ramos was in his prime he was 2 times better than Virgil and also why did he not get top 3 when he won so many times champions league and was the best defender in the world for years

  5. Issam Khaldi

    Issam Khaldi5 timer siden

    Where is lingard wtf !!

  6. Mateus Paes

    Mateus Paes5 timer siden

    My mum was born In madeira

  7. Delany

    Delany5 timer siden

    He scored though

  8. hope thompson

    hope thompson6 timer siden

    The way he says eder adar

  9. Ali Elshaikh

    Ali Elshaikh6 timer siden

    Iemand Nederlands? Someone Dutch?


    YOOSUF ALSON MOHAMED6 timer siden

    Next: why do footballers run?


    REVIEW CENTRAL6 timer siden

    Don’t lie guys who’s the best overall, Virgil or Ramos

  12. z-e gamer

    z-e gamer6 timer siden

    man utd is the best!!!!

  13. Mayank Gupta

    Mayank Gupta6 timer siden

    Icardi did the worst and getting tattoos was most stupid thing

  14. What Matters is your Mentality

    What Matters is your Mentality6 timer siden

    Question arises! How come Messi type English if he didn't learnt?

  15. Mayank Gupta

    Mayank Gupta6 timer siden

    Still gets chill "Oh you just cannot be that good"

  16. Lucas Doncev

    Lucas Doncev6 timer siden

    What about James Rodriguez

  17. Careana Walter

    Careana Walter6 timer siden



    FIFA CHAMPS6 timer siden

    Lewandowski and gareth are my fav

  19. Mario Mitaritonno

    Mario Mitaritonno6 timer siden

    Juventus shit . Juve merda

  20. Hikmat Ullah

    Hikmat Ullah6 timer siden

    Dribble =LM PACE=CR FINISHING=CR PHYSICAL=CR PASSING=MESSI LM10 is game creator,though CR7 Is a finisher

  21. ankit jr.

    ankit jr.6 timer siden

    First time we cried because of : Mario Gotze.

  22. Boaz Gundelach

    Boaz Gundelach6 timer siden


  23. Priyansu Singh

    Priyansu Singh6 timer siden

    I am a simple man...i see cr7 doing the tik tok joker meme i click

  24. Antonin Dolohov

    Antonin Dolohov6 timer siden


  25. Infinite Tech

    Infinite Tech6 timer siden

    Anyone searching on the comments about erling haalands debut in bvb Dortmund?

  26. nikolay blagoev

    nikolay blagoev6 timer siden

    My favourite substitute is moise kean. Coming on and being subbed off only 15 minutes later just so that everton can waste time😂

  27. Boss Gaming - Brawl Stars

    Boss Gaming - Brawl Stars6 timer siden

    Bukayo saka?

  28. Antonio Salazar

    Antonio Salazar6 timer siden

    But Ronaldo had 3 years of advantage in football

  29. ari rian

    ari rian6 timer siden

    Roy keane make a red card become beautiful moment in football history..💪

  30. Karam Hamdi

    Karam Hamdi6 timer siden

    1. messi 2.ronaldo 3.pele 4.zidane 5.maradona 6.cruyff 7.maldini 8.ronaldinho 9.platini 10.di stefano 11.beckenbaur

  31. Jack Balusian

    Jack Balusian6 timer siden

    Wow he scored two penalties! 🤦‍♂️

  32. Psycho Sinister

    Psycho Sinister6 timer siden

    Imagine if Ronaldo and Mbappe played together, While Zidane is the couch That would closely happen, but not thanks to You Florentino🙄

  33. Jenifer Morgan

    Jenifer Morgan6 timer siden

    You're blessed bro not forgetting your humble beginnings. Sadly, many burn the bridges behind them forgetting where they started because they are ashamed of who they were. Now that they are able to rub shoulders the the elites of the world I don't need anything from "back home". Blessings come from giving, we couldn't make it on our own if someone didn't give a helping hand along the way... The world would be such a better place if the "haves" would out the "have nots"

  34. Thatvidude

    Thatvidude6 timer siden

    Because no one was good enough to wear it besides Ronaldo, Cantona, Best, and Beckham

  35. _ FIFAboi19

    _ FIFAboi197 timer siden

    What about haaland

  36. Pannkaka

    Pannkaka7 timer siden

    Others want him... we got him!

  37. king kaps

    king kaps7 timer siden

    zlatan is not scandinavian

  38. 5zh4

    5zh47 timer siden

    Van Dijk: Cristiano Ronaldo was a rival? Ronaldo: Who the fuck is this guy LOL (I'm a Messi fan, I get it that he was joking but, come on man. Ronaldo and Messi are sport legends.)

  39. hmmer

    hmmer7 timer siden

    Posted cheater like he is City owner

  40. Abi Audis

    Abi Audis7 timer siden


  41. mhmd.

    mhmd.7 timer siden

    who thinks van dijk is overrated?

  42. Abi Audis

    Abi Audis7 timer siden



    KAWULA MUDA BERENCANA7 timer siden

    He's gonna play until 50

  44. Bashir Ahmed

    Bashir Ahmed7 timer siden

    Erling haaland

  45. dark side of the moon

    dark side of the moon7 timer siden

    Gareth bale forever

  46. Sneaky Demon

    Sneaky Demon7 timer siden

    I think now he will be shifted from ANGELS XI to DEMON XI

  47. TheAngryMan

    TheAngryMan7 timer siden

    3:06 why is Ronaldo pointing at his wife's b**bs

  48. Anil Bhambhani

    Anil Bhambhani7 timer siden

    Cristiano's was not a betrayal. He was simply playing for his country and wanted his country to progress in the World Cup. Clubs is one side but playing for country is something different you always want your Nation to win.... Hence to treat that incident as a Betrayal is very wrong.....

  49. suleman ahmad

    suleman ahmad7 timer siden

    Who the hell is mooolaaah

  50. Kyle Vesontio

    Kyle Vesontio7 timer siden

    Messi = Giving money to Israel.

  51. Concorde

    Concorde7 timer siden

    Maradona at 4th is a big oof, he definitely deserves to be 1st or 2nd.

  52. Henry on crack

    Henry on crack7 timer siden

    Gorgino winaldum

  53. Noob playz Bubble

    Noob playz Bubble7 timer siden

    Stupid cr7 noob

  54. Sven Rademackers

    Sven Rademackers7 timer siden

    Of course dele is racist

  55. Victor Vasquez

    Victor Vasquez7 timer siden

    Phil Jones on for Vidic 😏😏😏

  56. Yusuf Thangay

    Yusuf Thangay7 timer siden


  57. mohamed sha

    mohamed sha7 timer siden

    Pls upload :Top ten dribblers of all time

  58. Th3muz Pt

    Th3muz Pt7 timer siden

    Hope he continues the same...Cr7 and Zlatan are still amazing players because they dont let fame affect them. Brilliant young player! Thanks for the video it allows us to know him better. Keep the quality

  59. Yusuf Elberry

    Yusuf Elberry7 timer siden

    بعبوص يعني😂😂

  60. Kozheen Qaradagi

    Kozheen Qaradagi7 timer siden

    Top 5 last minute goals in football history

  61. Sodai Suzuki

    Sodai Suzuki7 timer siden

    What the hell is happening to Icardi? (Positively) haha lol

  62. Asad Khan

    Asad Khan7 timer siden


  63. Rahul Saha

    Rahul Saha7 timer siden

    My man Ole is a genius He brought Ighalo from China to spread the Coronavirus and stop Liverpool from winning the EPL Absolute mad lad ♥️♥️♥️

  64. Neville Jr

    Neville Jr7 timer siden

    Talk about dedication. Awesome on and off the pitch. True Inspiration #SUUU

  65. risshi tharan

    risshi tharan8 timer siden

    Cristiano as a coach??oh yeah😅🤣

  66. Mr Savage

    Mr Savage8 timer siden

    Love from INDIA❤️❤️❤️

  67. KHAN SAB

    KHAN SAB8 timer siden

    My favourite sub is bale

  68. kunihira flavia

    kunihira flavia8 timer siden

    Some of you are here judging instead of being proud of him do know how hard it is to be somebody

  69. T9awesoness tony

    T9awesoness tony8 timer siden

    this video got faster to 5 than lewandonski


    GTA GAMING8 timer siden

    I love to see Phil Jones coming on and score (in his own goal)🤣🤣

  71. Diego Ruiz-Bautista

    Diego Ruiz-Bautista8 timer siden

    That’s a lie they lost the first leg Against Barca

  72. Suhani Boro

    Suhani Boro8 timer siden

    Wby eye

  73. Preeti Sinha

    Preeti Sinha8 timer siden

    Shut up Mara.Dont teach god

  74. king of the swing.

    king of the swing.8 timer siden

    Utter scumbag......🙄

  75. Bongiswa Dlamini

    Bongiswa Dlamini8 timer siden

    This Channel’s content is retarded sometimes 😂 raise your hand if you agree 🙄

  76. Arjel Kaca

    Arjel Kaca8 timer siden

    Imange him do goals like Messi and Ronaldo or win like them his liners will be more savage.

  77. Home 1

    Home 18 timer siden

    What the hell happened to Renato Sanchez

  78. Danny Hustle

    Danny Hustle8 timer siden

    What the fck with this women asshole

  79. Legend 27

    Legend 278 timer siden

    We want to see why brazil isn’t producing great players like they used to

  80. Miguel Irago Lopez

    Miguel Irago Lopez8 timer siden

    I speak 7

  81. The Abstract

    The Abstract8 timer siden

    Bro, just show us the kick don't make a story from everything

  82. Sigge Forslund

    Sigge Forslund8 timer siden

    It wasnt Albin Ekdal in that picture

  83. In kognito

    In kognito8 timer siden

    I want to see a child from Bayern that sent him a letter in the past . I think the answer was the same but only with one diffrent , wait for the next year if Bayern buy all my good players you can see how fast the captist system destroy dreams.

  84. Big Bucks

    Big Bucks8 timer siden

    How many dribbles did Neymar get in Brazil

  85. Abil Putra

    Abil Putra8 timer siden

    Sure he's Penaldo

  86. Eggspipe

    Eggspipe8 timer siden

    We really couldn’t give a fuck, wev won it anyway so get over it.

  87. Ozi Ashi

    Ozi Ashi8 timer siden

    And who is more skillful?

  88. Adam Titterington

    Adam Titterington8 timer siden

    I thought he was called Robbie Keane

  89. Robert LewanGOALski

    Robert LewanGOALski8 timer siden


  90. Susan Mathew

    Susan Mathew8 timer siden

    Nope, it is a grace that qatar was given the world cup


    PLAY SCORE8 timer siden

    Kangaroo : am i joke to you

  92. Luigi Pensa

    Luigi Pensa8 timer siden

    Pls make what the hell happened to Swansea city

  93. Kiran Bagalkoti

    Kiran Bagalkoti8 timer siden

    Dribbles don't win you matches your performance and goals does and yesterday against Napoli you saw that and against roma,juve and Liverpool,Oh my goal I understand it's hard for you to appreciate the legend Ronaldo like ESPN pundits but don't keep making videos of degrading and saying who is the better footballer because of dribbles no one talked of that when he was at United,and he said he stopped dribbling because it doesn't win you games and show your contribution or help team in any ways,Goals does and thats the reason messi won ballondor last year for goals not dribbles🤐

  94. Ahmed Raza

    Ahmed Raza8 timer siden

    Listen everyone... Anyone can be a Machine or legend at anything after so much hardwork he puts through..... But never make a mistake of Provoking the Gods of that respective field.

  95. N Leitch

    N Leitch8 timer siden

    How Pochettino saved Español twice, once as a manager and once as a player

  96. Luigi Pensa

    Luigi Pensa8 timer siden

    Next vid what the hell happened to SWANSEA CITY

  97. N Leitch

    N Leitch8 timer siden

    I bet you EVERYONE who disliked this video is a PSG fan lol

  98. Kleine kiwi Fortnite -FIFA

    Kleine kiwi Fortnite -FIFA8 timer siden

    As a United fan I got to say that Liverpool is the best team in the world at the moment and that Jurgen Klopp is one of the best coaches football has ever had

  99. peter Riley

    peter Riley9 timer siden

    Exactly it’s a fuckin witch hunt 😂 Pathetic to be honest lovely people lovely city unbelievable football team with the night fan base world wide that has been tapped into and brought together by very clever owners 👌 Good times ahead haha bye bye airbrushed Man City I’d be embarrassed if I was you lot

  100. Javohir Marufov

    Javohir Marufov9 timer siden

    1 Cristiano ronaldo siiiiiuuuuuu 2 Maradona 3 messi 4 pele 5 Johan cruyff 6 alfredo di Stefano 7 zidane 8 Michel Palatine 9 Ronaldo Brazil 10 ronaldinho