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Game Theory: No More Games
The $1.7 Million Lie

The $1.7 Million Lie

10 måneder siden

They stole $1.7 million

They stole $1.7 million

10 måneder siden

  1. its_me_isnt_it

    its_me_isnt_it11 sekunder siden

    "LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THOSE WAVES!" "Christ! They're at least 32 spooks!!"

  2. Jaamj

    Jaamj16 sekunder siden

    1:36 Huh? Pirates! One piece?!? One piece theory?!?

  3. John Fallon

    John Fallon22 sekunder siden

    this games lore is so deap

  4. Brandon Fremer

    Brandon Fremer27 sekunder siden

    Mat you need to make a theory about creative

  5. Pala BeaveR

    Pala BeaveR28 sekunder siden

    Noah, get the boat!

  6. Skittles 536

    Skittles 53643 sekunder siden

    They raised 1,300,000 dollars Over 13,000,000 people were there That means every viewer donated 10 dollars Minus one that’s three quick maths!

  7. Cade fireguy Playz

    Cade fireguy Playz44 sekunder siden

    You are wrong gravity would basically be nothing u would fall slower if u went so fast but u fall like gravity is on earth

  8. Arav Gunness

    Arav Gunness50 sekunder siden

    how does he manage to make minecraft so intense?

  9. StevenS Animations

    StevenS Animations51 sekund siden

    Why does the conduct kills drowns......

  10. Noah Tekulve

    Noah Tekulve59 sekunder siden

    I liked it.

  11. Noah Spillman

    Noah SpillmanMinutt siden

    What’s next the pillger

  12. Flamin Flareon

    Flamin FlareonMinutt siden

    Some times I wonder how these are theory’s and not facts

  13. Lord Toademort

    Lord ToademortMinutt siden

    and entire yogscast in 1 week: 1.7 million a couple FNAF kings in less then half a day: 1.3 million hmmmmmmmmmmm

  14. Idae Chop

    Idae ChopMinutt siden

    5:03 Fishing Rods: Am I a joke to you? Yes it's rarer than nautilus shells

  15. SIR Jhonys

    SIR JhonysMinutt siden

    Is it just me who feels a little shiver every time he finishes these theory videos? It is as if he had dug with great sacrifice the whole truth and then thrown it all in our face, that explains the chill...

  16. Logan Ferguson

    Logan FergusonMinutt siden

    Can we get a theory on the villagers? Or maybe a theory on why all the wild animals are farm animals!

  17. JohnnyAppleSeed 49

    JohnnyAppleSeed 49Minutt siden

    This is proof of Noah’s flood

  18. Vidian Videos

    Vidian Videos2 minutter siden

    December 3rd was my birthday! I love what you guys did for St. Jude's and I'm proud it could be on a day so important to me. Keep it up MatPat.

  19. Riley Arnold

    Riley Arnold2 minutter siden

    I knew it! You can’t name a item “The Heart Of The Sea” and just have it be a crafting material.

  20. TheRamenKamen

    TheRamenKamen2 minutter siden

    Next major update. Hidden switch in the temple makes it rise like atlantis and you can revert back the drowned.

  21. ME Kitsu

    ME Kitsu2 minutter siden

    I liked that gold Nugget at 4:54

  22. Benjamin Bowersox

    Benjamin Bowersox2 minutter siden

    In addition to all of this, this Minecraft god could possibly be real we know this because we see a god like figure after killing the ender dragon, he became angry and mad at his followers and raised the tides and sank the ships of the fishermen looking for the heart of the sea witch explains why the drowned die when close to the conduit

  23. Homeschoolhaole

    Homeschoolhaole2 minutter siden

    Am I the only one who wishes global warming was actually happening, what if we could get a world like Minecraft.

  24. Noobmaster 69

    Noobmaster 692 minutter siden

    Turtles also survive on land


    KING TYLERJONES2 minutter siden

    The Sea-quel haha nice one

  26. I’m a Bird

    I’m a Bird2 minutter siden

    Why are guardians able to swim?

  27. taylor Walters

    taylor Walters2 minutter siden

    Matt: why is gaming treated differently than the rest of NO-gos Susan: none of the above

  28. The PNolandS

    The PNolandS3 minutter siden

    I think I might make a pre-drowned civilization now.

  29. Sallybots Stobyllas

    Sallybots Stobyllas3 minutter siden

    mat patt I need to talk to you about fnaf!!! I know this is random and the wrong lore but I noticed something... some of your lore is true but there is something you've forgotten. I'm not being rude in any way but go back to SISTER LOCATION!!! there are things that back up everything. "didn't you make her for me" "I want to play with her" THE GIRL YOU TALKED ABOUT!!! THIS PROVES WHO HER DAD IS!!! but what about the purple eyes? I can't find anything from old lore yet...the place it matches parts of creating the Frankenstein Freddy (I forgot the name sorry) it was where they were created. watch your episode "Follow the EYES!" i'll be looking more into this please contact me if anything.

  30. LucarieXD

    LucarieXD3 minutter siden

    Even a villager can swim without arms why can’t the ppl of drown can’t swim

  31. MantaRayden :D

    MantaRayden :D3 minutter siden

    Drowned: **steps on turtle egg** MatPat: *PIRATES*

  32. Leon HUANG

    Leon HUANG3 minutter siden

    Oh god this is so sad I'm not crying...

  33. Peter James Villegas

    Peter James Villegas3 minutter siden

    Is it canon to the story of Atlantis? I just want to know about it, it's something that bursts in to my mind after watching this...

  34. Derp D

    Derp D4 minutter siden

    More organelles: Lysosomes (I had do do a project on them) Ribosomes ( I remember them because they sound ridiculous) BTW this was 7th grade science

  35. TheRata1998

    TheRata19984 minutter siden

    I've found countless treasure maps on villages in land.

  36. TariC drake

    TariC drake4 minutter siden

    Matpat: our new vid is about the ocean No one: Absolutely no one: Markiplier: I HATE THE OCEAN

  37. itzBlaze

    itzBlaze4 minutter siden

    $1.3 Million in 10 hours? That's more than $36 per second!

  38. Ultimate Weapon

    Ultimate Weapon4 minutter siden

    Dang I actually somwhat feel bad for the drowned, but not too bad, also the nautilus shell collecting, would explain why we don't see the nautilus themselves, because they were driven to extinction while the ancient fishermen were trying to save their people.

  39. James Bowden

    James Bowden4 minutter siden

    Waiting for him to cover the dinosaur bones

  40. Cameron Hudson

    Cameron Hudson4 minutter siden

    i wish i could of donated, if I get Christmas money. I a random NO-gosr will donate to Cancer

  41. Euriel Rabano

    Euriel Rabano5 minutter siden

    Wait but doesnt the monument like not have stairs? Or do they...I dont remember

  42. ISmile

    ISmile5 minutter siden

    Scott: Who's calling me? *answers phone* Scott: Hello, Mojang is this you? Mojang: *He's onto me, help.* Scott: owo

  43. pvt meep

    pvt meep5 minutter siden

    youtube has met its end, #STARTTHEMIGRATION

  44. RobiePAX

    RobiePAX5 minutter siden

    I've never seen this Susan interviews. And I'm very disappointed in what I saw. A puppet. Nothing more. She doesn't care for the issues creators face. If you are going do give bullshit and dodging PR answers then why bother agreeing to this interview? She's a complete joke. Matt respect to you. You didn't go soft under the pressure. And asked questions she didn't want to be answering to.

  45. Omega Iguana

    Omega Iguana5 minutter siden

    What if the floods started because of The Wither's arrival, and the Endermen and the drowned were different civilizations of the same species. The drowned just couldn't find their way to the portal in time?

  46. Lorenzo Pereira

    Lorenzo Pereira5 minutter siden

    If they had boats why believe on a myth if you can possibly find other land or live of fishing?

  47. Ashley Deardon

    Ashley Deardon5 minutter siden

    I’m waaaaay too excited to watch this one but do I care? Nope

  48. Olivia Quezada

    Olivia Quezada5 minutter siden

    Game Theory Theory: Is MatPat in Big Cranberries Pocket!? I giggled when I heard that cranberry joke. Then I saw that Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice was your top donor everything became clear.

  49. Chosen One

    Chosen One6 minutter siden

    Did may pat just demonetized cancer

  50. Mrtoast plays

    Mrtoast plays6 minutter siden

    Piglins: Did you say gold? WERE RAIDING THE OCEAN

  51. I’m paranoid

    I’m paranoid6 minutter siden

    So the treasure room Belongs in a museum

  52. Red Blxde

    Red Blxde6 minutter siden

    I’m so happy that matpat made the ocean more interesting for me to explore in Minecraft.

  53. smol duck

    smol duck6 minutter siden

    is a herobrine theory on the horizon???????¿

  54. Sadiq Zoha

    Sadiq Zoha6 minutter siden

    I am Islamic

  55. Logan Rowe

    Logan Rowe6 minutter siden

    upstate new York is NOT JUST APPLE TREES N BEARS oh wait I just realized there's an apple orchard a half mile away and there were bear sightings in Hudson like 3 months ago

  56. Jaxson Veatch

    Jaxson Veatch6 minutter siden

    Wait no memes in the end

  57. Isaiah Amos

    Isaiah Amos6 minutter siden

    Well Matt Pat it couldn’t of gone to bad because you haven’t been assassinated yet yet........

  58. Hobbes0305

    Hobbes03056 minutter siden

    Do a theory on why Steve is in the world in the first place

  59. CelestyArts

    CelestyArts6 minutter siden

    Honestly, Minecraft seems to entirely be a sort of post-apo world with how its updates go, with nature slowly coming back to its full force and the world slowly recovering.

  60. Lucas Santos

    Lucas Santos6 minutter siden

    Dude, your minecraft lore theories are so perfect you could say that Mojang is even giving you this information

  61. First M

    First M7 minutter siden

    So thank you, thank you all so much NOW LETS TALK ABOUT PIRATES!!

  62. Romit Ghosh

    Romit Ghosh7 minutter siden

    Why do people drown like just swim up smh

  63. The PNolandS

    The PNolandS7 minutter siden

    My ancestors decided to build a temple in a swamp. Everyone said they must be daft to build a temple in a swamp, but they built it all the same! It sank into the swamp.

  64. Cell0

    Cell07 minutter siden

    I've always wanted to ask... if there's a nautilus shell in minecraft... *wheres the nautilus?*

  65. le7tfeet

    le7tfeet7 minutter siden

    cranberrys arent an underwater crop, just harvested that way

  66. Julio Ya Boi

    Julio Ya Boi7 minutter siden

    “Those who are alive and those are who alive” hmmm sounds like fnaf

  67. Josh LB

    Josh LB7 minutter siden


  68. darkwonderzz

    darkwonderzz7 minutter siden

    Cranberries do not grow underwater

  69. Derek Jose

    Derek Jose7 minutter siden

    So what ur saying is that Minecraft pulled a Atlantis... Nice

  70. TallMight Animates

    TallMight Animates7 minutter siden

    Did anyone notice the hashtag actually says under werater city instead of underwater city?

  71. xX Hope369 Xx

    xX Hope369 Xx8 minutter siden

    Dude, why was that so depressing to me-

  72. LollyBitz

    LollyBitz8 minutter siden

    Oof I wanted to buy you dress coat but it's out of stock 😭 when is the next time it would be in stock?

  73. Spitfyre

    Spitfyre8 minutter siden

    When you started talking about the sponges, my first thought was this: If they were storing sponges, wouldn't they actually *_store_* them? As in, put them in chests to use when needed? Also, if you notice, not only are the sponges not in chests, but they're kind of sporadic in placement, and they're on the ceiling. Not only that, but their wet, meaning they've sucked up water already. No, I don't think those rooms are for storage. Those rooms are remnants of the people trying to save their flooding temples in a desperate attempt at survival. But if we believe that the drowned used to be the ones who built them, we can see it didn't work.

  74. Tirian Gaming

    Tirian Gaming8 minutter siden

    None of these minecraft lore videos are a theory, they all make sense!!

  75. i fricked a crocodile

    i fricked a crocodile8 minutter siden

    do you think baldpat frick crocodiles

  76. Extremogato

    Extremogato8 minutter siden

    (haven't seen the whole video yet) but, what about the heart of the sea, what is it made of and why do they spawn in treassure chests only? And what could be the explanation to the conduit circuit... i mean, nautilus shells and a hearth of the sea???

  77. SKELI_NT Patton-Jensen

    SKELI_NT Patton-Jensen8 minutter siden

    Here is a theory, the desert temple is on the ground, while the ocean monument has pillars holding it above the seabed like they were trying to delay it from sinking.

  78. Eric Attard

    Eric Attard8 minutter siden

    Thank u, Now let’s talk about pirates

  79. Matt’s crazy gaming 2

    Matt’s crazy gaming 29 minutter siden

    Am I the only one that got chills at the end

  80. invaders zim

    invaders zim9 minutter siden

    Remember when he based this game on a real life murder

  81. Zorrarts

    Zorrarts9 minutter siden

    I am skipping this night sleep and this helps me to stay awake yasss. Yayyyyyy!!!!

  82. Ted Tsesmelis

    Ted Tsesmelis9 minutter siden

    Whacht out for cffrffgttvfgftfglicfffch ffdxxtrffddtraghp

  83. Thederpyrock99

    Thederpyrock9910 minutter siden

    Central vacual

  84. hammerhead

    hammerhead10 minutter siden

    Mat for film Theorists to one on stranger things

  85. CreeperLord playz

    CreeperLord playz10 minutter siden

    Yes more MineCraft!

  86. GamingWithTactful

    GamingWithTactful10 minutter siden

    RIP NO-gos I am crying 😭

  87. Cobalt Commander

    Cobalt Commander10 minutter siden

    So to also give more of the "why" to the guardians, some of the civilization's inhabitants, realizing the inevitability of the maelstrom constructed to guardians in order to protect their sacred monuments even after it and they are swallowed by the ocean. I feel like word to the functionality of the Conduit is also worth noting, how it only works if theres a structure of prismarine surrounding it (at least last time i checked, i havent read patch notes in awhile)

  88. Mariah Allen

    Mariah Allen10 minutter siden

    Scott Cawthon was a top donor from the charity livestream! :)

  89. Jebus

    Jebus11 minutter siden

    " *sea*-quel " i wanna die.

  90. Uncle's Clone

    Uncle's Clone11 minutter siden

    Dramatic like always

  91. LunarNightWolf

    LunarNightWolf11 minutter siden

    Congratulations on 12k subs

  92. Braden

    Braden11 minutter siden

    bruh why didn't they just hold the space bar

  93. Gamerman 0998

    Gamerman 099811 minutter siden

    Dang, why I am so fasicanted by the possible Lore of a video game!? Dang you MattPatt!!!!

  94. Calvin Chase

    Calvin Chase11 minutter siden

    That day will be remembered as the day before my grandpa frideing died

  95. car seat

    car seat11 minutter siden

    I hate ur Minecraft thing

  96. pony-rella-bella-sara

    pony-rella-bella-sara11 minutter siden


  97. Adventure Time

    Adventure Time11 minutter siden

    15:13 when you look at the top donaters names and you admire them saying what houlsome people changing the world for the better until you notice someone usernsme is "MOM&DAD" and another "NC CAN'T BEAT ME" 😂

  98. Taco • 4 Years Ago • Edited

    Taco • 4 Years Ago • Edited11 minutter siden


  99. Sketches With Me

    Sketches With Me11 minutter siden

    Omg ive been waiting for this!!!!

  100. Asuna Chan

    Asuna Chan12 minutter siden

    Godbls u, guys! 🙏♥️🇵🇭