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Hi beautiful! I'm Brad Mondo, a second generation hairstylist. Subscribe to my channel if you want to laugh, have fun and learn how you can make every day a good hair day!
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  1. The baby girl Amelia

    The baby girl Amelia7 timer siden

    I personally would love to see u do more videos about ur life! I love u and have been binge watching all ur videos lately. I’m learning so much about hair and I also love the videos with ur brother! Hope 2020 is the best year ever for y’all!

  2. Heather McFarland

    Heather McFarland7 timer siden

    Last time I used a frosting cap I guess I put too much pressure on my hair when I wrapped it in plastic and it pushed the bleach through all the holes. I had a lovely polkadot pattern all over my head.

  3. Christina Kozmas

    Christina Kozmas7 timer siden

    I wash my hair every other day, but I have pretty oily hair. What should I do?

  4. Nikita Dessai

    Nikita Dessai7 timer siden

    A part of his twins face looks like Charlie puth.. And u can't unsee it now

  5. Skallia Ray

    Skallia Ray7 timer siden

    someone needs to tell these teens that purple shampoo, while it MAY tone your hair a bit.. is not a real substitute for toner. LMAO. Purple shampoo is meant to minimize the brass to preserve the longevity of the color your have, not totally tone to the color you want.

  6. curliefro

    curliefro7 timer siden

    That hair and makeup 🔥 - 😍

  7. i’m allergic to cats

    i’m allergic to cats7 timer siden

    second girl looks like if Sharon from the x-factor straightened her hair

  8. Randi Way

    Randi Way7 timer siden

    Can we take a second to appreciate the over 500k views in under 24 hrs

  9. Beckys Linton

    Beckys Linton7 timer siden

    Please react to the video of the girl bleaching her hair then it falls out

  10. icantthinkofaname

    icantthinkofaname7 timer siden

    Brand Mondo: “Hi beautiful, how are you.” Me, bad morning breath, hair a tangled mess, drool on my cheek, hardly awake: “Yes.”

  11. Purple Rose Goldfish

    Purple Rose Goldfish7 timer siden

    Not sure the first girl has ever been to a stylist if she thinks the clippers were a good choice.

  12. Betti Ann

    Betti Ann7 timer siden

    The bald girl is one of MY hair dye disasters😭💀 Basically if u do relaxers,but want to dye the same day just WAIT THE 2-4 WEEKS A AFTER YOU RELAX😭💀TO DYE YOUR HAIR! especially if you have permanent dye. Same day relax&color= SEMI DYE! FUNNY thing is I KNEW THAT when I did it LOL But I was so impatient and I wanted my RED hair again😭 I lost my edges in the front and back😂😭 And ah whole Lotta breakage, my hair fell TF out Had to cut and shave my head LOL Then after like 4/5months of letting it grow bakk healthy I relaxed it again😭😂💀 But I take much better care of my hair now, I've learned what my natural hair likes and doesn't like. #natural #4Chair #hairjourney

  13. crazy vlogergirl

    crazy vlogergirl7 timer siden

    "Soap with out BHBA" ....Brad it said PHBA

  14. Miranda V

    Miranda V7 timer siden

    11:35 reminded me of when I made a new friend in third grade and then found out that her special talent was ripping huge, 1” chunks of hair out of her head. She would show people to try to get them to like her. 😖🙃

  15. Nemezis 323

    Nemezis 3237 timer siden

    Now I'm in the middle of my hairlife crysis. I wanna go blonde and go back to have bangs XD

  16. Scarlett

    Scarlett7 timer siden

    why are people laughing lol i have alopecia and i’m starting to lose all of my hair in my front part and i cry everyday lol how

  17. Lyndsie Makena Official

    Lyndsie Makena Official7 timer siden

    *_"sHe wAnTs iT bLuUrRrR"_*

  18. claudia V

    claudia V7 timer siden

    I like your chanel its very imfornative Make me want dye my hair But i affraid do it wrong and fail

  19. AnimeFanGirl90

    AnimeFanGirl907 timer siden

    They tell you in most box dyes now what volume developer is in the box. Depending on my hair I switch the developer that needed to achieve the results I want.

  20. Kayleigh Westerling

    Kayleigh Westerling7 timer siden

    I used a frosting cap on my friend to do highlights 1. It took fucking hourssss just to crochet the hair through (also sometimes I would get huge chunks of hair and broke the holes the hair would come through so she had a few skunk stripes) 2. I didn’t get the seepage, I got the cap wasn’t on tight enough so her roots didn’t lighten properly. 100/10 would not recommend

  21. crazy vlogergirl

    crazy vlogergirl7 timer siden

    I always dye my hair blue I've finally done something other than blue but technically I still did blue cuz I did blue and pink for the trans flag and cotton candy. But I love unicorn hair dye its expensive but it's what I use all the time and its permanent not semi permanent so that girls gonna have a rude awakening when the dye isn't put in a month or two

  22. Jordan

    Jordan7 timer siden

    just spend like 100 dollars on getting your hair done and dyed then spend like 10 dollars on dye and messing up your hair and having really bad damage and end up spending probably more money and time

  23. Irina Luca Kádár

    Irina Luca Kádár7 timer siden

    Don’t worry tiktok has swallowed all of us

  24. jjj fff

    jjj fff7 timer siden

    Oh im excited im going blueeee soon

  25. J Lo

    J Lo7 timer siden

    Me (never having dyed my hair in all my 30 years of life) “gurl what r u doing?? Step back. I’ve seen 1000 videos. I’m basically an expert” Literally how I feel most of the time 🤣

  26. Hannah Ashlen

    Hannah Ashlen7 timer siden

    I’m obsessed with tick tock too😂😂 I have to put a limit on my app to get me off lol


    MELASAIK7 timer siden

    I will never understand how people manage to bleach their hair in a way that so much of it falls out?? Is the bleach in the US wilder than it is in Germany?? Like?? I bleached my hair two days in a row from black to platinum blonde (yeah not the best idea I know but it worked out fine and it's not super dead actually) and I didn't lose a single strand of hair during this......

  28. Purple Rose Goldfish

    Purple Rose Goldfish7 timer siden

    Locks of love is NOT a good place to donate. Most hair isn't "qualified " for donation and gets sold. Vet wherever you donate.

  29. DameFuegoAmor

    DameFuegoAmor7 timer siden

    Brad why you started with my life story

  30. Ala Carp petrache

    Ala Carp petrache7 timer siden

    I dare you to put as many bows on your hair as you can... please just please

  31. BooBooKittySheri

    BooBooKittySheri7 timer siden

    Hi. i'm on a binge watching you. Super great! Can you suggest something for for me? I am 54 and work in boring Gov office.

  32. wxstednxghts

    wxstednxghts7 timer siden

    18:26 ifyyyyy

  33. Harley And Rufus the best doggy

    Harley And Rufus the best doggy7 timer siden

    Can you still do this on really long hair?

  34. Melanie McCaskey

    Melanie McCaskey7 timer siden

    Brad, my daughter and niece were watching this video because "he's so handsome". 😂 They started doing playing with their hairs and pretending they were dying each other's hair. And now I'm being pampered by them...thank you!!

  35. Harley And Rufus the best doggy

    Harley And Rufus the best doggy7 timer siden

    14:42 granny moment! 🤣

  36. Noyahh

    Noyahh7 timer siden

    Omg love the hoodie YHAAAS

  37. Krys Field

    Krys Field7 timer siden

    6:54 so have I I have albinism and it affects how my hair takes dye. I used splat semi-permanent dark purple that was supposed to wash out in 30 washes. Did it in June of 2019. I had a friend who does hair bleach it (first time I have ever bleached it) It turned the dark purple cotton candy pink and severely damaged the hair. Will be so glad when my natural blonde grows out more so I can chop the damaged hair off.

  38. It's Kayla

    It's Kayla7 timer siden

    I’m going threw a crisis but I can’t dye my hair for many reasons so instead I’m just gonna do some deep conditioning and try to use hair pain wax

  39. Danielle Hannah

    Danielle Hannah7 timer siden

    Brad: "Why do I dig my grave deeper, and deeper, and deeper..." Me: same

  40. sara neziri

    sara neziri7 timer siden

    When I got my bangs, I looked 10 years younger. Mind you, I was 16

  41. Magali Acosta

    Magali Acosta7 timer siden

    hermoso trabajo amo tus videos saludos desde Argentina, cuando venis a conocer nuestro pais!

  42. Verena F

    Verena F7 timer siden

    Just hoping Brad never sees my hair dyeing videos or hair dyeing TikToks 😂

  43. Marss 07

    Marss 077 timer siden

    I'd love to see a video in which you do your own hair journey. Like the Ariana grande video, but of your own styles through your life

  44. shannon robles

    shannon robles7 timer siden

    Brad is like... I feel like I'm on crack. He sounds like he just got laid...I just love him!!!

  45. Rei XD

    Rei XD7 timer siden

    You allways make my day better 😊 You're awesome!

  46. Zoe Morris

    Zoe Morris7 timer siden

    I used to rip my hair when I get super anxious

  47. Sarah Karina

    Sarah Karina7 timer siden

    Brad: “What do you think? You think she looks good? ....................................... Yeah there’s nobody there”

  48. Kasia Zielińska

    Kasia Zielińska7 timer siden

    When you are really sad and you want to bleach your hair, but you watch Brad... And now you dont. 🤣

  49. Laura Lee

    Laura Lee7 timer siden

    That british accent was actually very good Brad 😂

  50. Busta Cathou

    Busta Cathou7 timer siden

    Boy you rock that hair color 🤘

  51. Ellie May

    Ellie May7 timer siden

    I am disturbed how easy she ripped her hair out

  52. cigdem filiz

    cigdem filiz7 timer siden

    Brad don’t think we haven’t seen you dancing on tik tok. WE LOVE ❤️❤️❤️

  53. rosie2112

    rosie21127 timer siden

    Brad: “heyy you look different” Me: -moved from the couch to my bed- Yea!

  54. Cat Haggerty

    Cat Haggerty8 timer siden

    This Eden girl looks insecure the way she hides her face from camera view when she doesn't have her face on. Hair extensions won't fix that babe, just sayin'.

  55. Anu Philip

    Anu Philip8 timer siden

    Man!! U look Sooo hot.....😮

  56. Violet Walker

    Violet Walker8 timer siden

    I think I watch you too much. I started to dramatically react with you when she washed it off with you 😂

  57. Kristina Dyer

    Kristina Dyer8 timer siden

    I love you! You're so fun to watch!

  58. Cole Ferrari

    Cole Ferrari8 timer siden

    Edu cated hunni

  59. Budour Rifai

    Budour Rifai8 timer siden

    I love my hair I will never shave it off in my life no effence but I do not like bald people just kidding I don’t c are of people that are bald I feel bad. For. The people who have to shave their head I do not care you do you but I never want to shave my head

  60. 못생긴지혜

    못생긴지혜8 timer siden

    Hello i just wanted to ask whats the difference between purple toner and purple shampoo? And what would be their effect if i used them in my blue hair

  61. Abigail Simamora

    Abigail Simamora8 timer siden

    i love you :(!!! this video's intro really made my day

  62. Simz

    Simz8 timer siden

    I don’t get the straight bangs, curly hair combo, never did never will

  63. Sammy Jo Stewart

    Sammy Jo Stewart8 timer siden


  64. Rican Mami

    Rican Mami8 timer siden

    The girl who said she’s losing a lot of hair and holds up like 7 strands- girl I lose a whole hair ball every time I wash my hair and I still have too much damn hair 💀

  65. Katrena Sole

    Katrena Sole8 timer siden

    This is my fave hair on you I like the vid too of course

  66. M P

    M P8 timer siden

    19:15 she kinda look like lil tay

  67. Lisa Yarost

    Lisa Yarost8 timer siden

    This really helped me see what is involved in a really good color job. As someone who knows nothing about hair, it’s really enlightening. Thank you!

  68. Silver Palms

    Silver Palms8 timer siden

    Every time I spray Oribe, my friends try to wave the mist at themselves because it smells so good!

  69. Toad Day Get Toad

    Toad Day Get Toad8 timer siden

    My mom is like a frost cap goddess. I’ve gotten more compliments on my cap hair than going to a salon. Deal with it.

  70. bridget n

    bridget n8 timer siden

    ceramic bristles NO ceramic brushes with bristles !!!

  71. Hania Wójcikiewicz

    Hania Wójcikiewicz8 timer siden

    I like how you’re supportive, i expected you would roast these people but you didn’t😁

  72. Samantha Darling

    Samantha Darling8 timer siden


  73. Susanna

    Susanna8 timer siden

    i prefer Henna cause of I dont like that chemicals. I have seen some hair colors go to your lymh nodes.

  74. texting puppy

    texting puppy8 timer siden

    Ok I love this hair on you more than anything??? How do you achieve this

  75. Courteney Havenga

    Courteney Havenga8 timer siden

    Brad i would love i you could do my hair. Are you able to come to South Africa? Would love a makeover

  76. Ieva I.

    Ieva I.8 timer siden

    #bradvice : don't bleach or dye hair by Yourself

  77. Annkey Silivia

    Annkey Silivia8 timer siden

    My mom always uses food coloring to color my she just puts food coloring in a bowl and puts it on my hair but its really tangly all the time (because of the food coloring)

  78. Violet Walker

    Violet Walker8 timer siden

    Brad they buy a size of gloves bigger than they normally wear and it gives room. My lovely hairdresser explained it to me because I was shocked she could do hair with claws because I can’t even type with them 😂

  79. Melinda Matos

    Melinda Matos8 timer siden

    I could not use this product, and just so it wasn't just my state of health at the time, I tried it twice probably a year in between, it caused my scalp massive itch, It was so bad I had to run out of work and get some aloe vera and rub it into my scalp. I did return it the second time to get my money back. I never complained to the company, but did get one of those settlement case notices.

  80. Sing The tae

    Sing The tae8 timer siden

    Im not a hairdresser but girl i cut my own bangs, i dye my own hair i cut my own hair

  81. Sauske

    Sauske8 timer siden

    i want your clothes

  82. Marissa Kelly

    Marissa Kelly8 timer siden

    The only time I’ve seen hair come out like that was when I got chemo and my hair literally was falling out. Why would anyone voluntarily do that

  83. Katlin Garduño

    Katlin Garduño8 timer siden

    Idk what the first girl was expecting by going to a middle aged, heterosexual male.

  84. Sabina Džamastagic

    Sabina Džamastagic8 timer siden

    The more you know from word art 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  85. Zuckerspinne

    Zuckerspinne8 timer siden

    was this a video from the 90s? In this time i have ironing the long hair from my friends. But it was Germany, long time ago, we have nothing...!!11

  86. Issy Terrell

    Issy Terrell8 timer siden

    Is it just me or he looks like adam lambert ? ❤😂

  87. Llama Lover 69

    Llama Lover 698 timer siden

    Last girl was lil tay change my mind

  88. Blue Green

    Blue Green8 timer siden

    Question... I have blonde (balayage) applied on my natural brown hair colour for a natural look, but when I go for maintenance on the blonde, my roots go ginger. So I end up with a ginger band where the blonde maintenance was applied. Hairdresser tells me it's because my natural hair tone is warm.

  89. Joanna Banana

    Joanna Banana8 timer siden

    Omg we made the same face at 3:50 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  90. Orania Hiccup

    Orania Hiccup8 timer siden

    The final look is lush! I love it! Much love Brad💜

  91. Arts & Crafts

    Arts & Crafts8 timer siden

    9:40 is fake, she shaved her head also, you can literally see that she used clippers by the texture of that baldness

  92. Joanna Banana

    Joanna Banana8 timer siden

    The most stressful 21 minutes of my life 😭😭

  93. sheeppusher

    sheeppusher8 timer siden

    16:58 We call that a coup de soleil or coupe soleil. Which means sunburn lol. Soleil is sun obviously. Though coupe on it's own just means cut and is an old word for haircut. At least nobody calls it a coupe anymore here.

  94. Alice Is not my real name

    Alice Is not my real name8 timer siden


  95. Brooke Anne Gracie

    Brooke Anne Gracie8 timer siden

    If I can’t find a Demi I do vol 6 with a permanent... no damage on my super bleached hair.

  96. InvisibleRen

    InvisibleRen8 timer siden

    Anytime you read about shrinkage and dreadlocks you know it was written by white people. I just got locs and as a natural kinky haired person, it shows more of my true length. Loc care for kinky-haired people vs straight-haired people is extremely different. You gotta double check the resource you're reading.

  97. Christen

    Christen8 timer siden

    I was lowkey about to throw up when she snatched those strands 🤦🏾‍♀️

  98. Kim T

    Kim T8 timer siden

    The sound of that girl ripping her own hair out is making me seriously cringe. The sound is reverberating in my head.

  99. Tamsin M

    Tamsin M8 timer siden

    The Gaga wig 😛😍

  100. jojo x93x

    jojo x93x8 timer siden

    Don’t people think the same with olaplex? Thinking “if all else fails I’ll just stick some olaplex in and my hair will be fine!” 😂