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Hi beautiful! I'm Brad Mondo, a second generation hairstylist. Subscribe to my channel if you want to laugh, have fun and learn how you can make every day a good hair day!
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Dear Dyson, $500 For This?
  1. Lily Vera

    Lily Vera40 minutter siden

    Damn, that last girl is dyslexic

  2. Fugo's Fork

    Fugo's Fork41 minutt siden

    I used to have a mullet but hairdressers never want to cut one lmao

  3. Dani Gomes

    Dani Gomes41 minutt siden

    I already have one friend who just shaved his head and now one of my closest friends wants to do hers too💀

  4. Allise L Fava

    Allise L Fava41 minutt siden

    i have both green and blue its weird

  5. Megan Keily

    Megan Keily42 minutter siden

    Those girls are making her look ugly on purpose. They're of the age where they're not grown up enough to realise they're low key bullying her.

  6. Holly Monk

    Holly Monk43 minutter siden

    Pleaseee react to Ellie Dee’s hair videos

  7. han

    han43 minutter siden

    i love your videos so muchhh

  8. Blue_Heart 18

    Blue_Heart 1844 minutter siden

    Who thought coronavirus when he was coughing? #2020Gang

  9. mars Dog

    mars Dog44 minutter siden

    Da Red one girl looks like elven from stranger things

  10. rosiehughes1996

    rosiehughes199645 minutter siden

    Does he still do vids for giving subs advice on their hair situations/goals with pics? Would love to ask his advice on what I can do to fix it at home lol

  11. gasbag cretin

    gasbag cretin47 minutter siden

    I did this before it was a trend and now i wish i hadn’t dyed it back lmao

  12. Fugo's Fork

    Fugo's Fork48 minutter siden

    Tfw u wanna shave ur head but your parents won't let you

  13. Sophia Rose

    Sophia Rose48 minutter siden

    I’m about to use brown overtone for the first time on my blonde hair and I’m scared

  14. I_choked_on_an_avocado_pit

    I_choked_on_an_avocado_pit49 minutter siden

    Hi Brad! or other people reading this comment. I have really thick, wavy and bushy hair and I can't seem to find a decent haircut for it. The thing is I can't brush my hair very often because it instantly puffs and becomes static. I researched a lot online but I still can't find it. Do you have any advice?

  15. sorahamber

    sorahamber49 minutter siden

    The only logical next step is for brad to dye the front of his hair some color

  16. Shreya Sharma

    Shreya Sharma49 minutter siden

    Omg this is where that mannequin comes from? I've been thinking why does that mannequin have so many colours on? I'm talking about videos from 2020 and late 2019.

  17. Danni Foxford

    Danni Foxford50 minutter siden

    15:10 Can we talk about how shes driving?

  18. Kelly Hunter

    Kelly Hunter50 minutter siden

    I’m so glad this video is out during quarantine time

  19. s a v a g e s u s h i

    s a v a g e s u s h i51 minutt siden

    He looks high in this 😂

  20. Stephanie Motta

    Stephanie Motta51 minutt siden

    i am so confused by your shirt

  21. Brooklyn White

    Brooklyn White51 minutt siden

    the first girl got a 6 and the last girl got a 6, so how did the first girl win?

  22. Katie Kim

    Katie Kim52 minutter siden

    just an fyi, neutral toned people can definitely have different colored veins. some areas of my palms show my veins as blue and some areas where my skin differs in undertone, thickness , etc. it shows as green

  23. Rianne Wijmenga

    Rianne Wijmenga52 minutter siden

    He totally just ate the strawberry without rinsing it

  24. Michelle Sortillion

    Michelle Sortillion53 minutter siden

    Yes please make that bangs video

  25. Tabitha-Louise Burton

    Tabitha-Louise Burton53 minutter siden

    Was it jus me that freaked with Brad in the first video?😂😂

  26. Amenadiel Jagger

    Amenadiel Jagger55 minutter siden

    Asia's America Next... No, wait, Asia's Next Top Model! You're a riot, Brad! XD

  27. barbora bora

    barbora bora55 minutter siden

    i literally went and coloured my hair red whilst watching this 💀 way too impulsive

  28. K80j96 J

    K80j96 J56 minutter siden

    Do you have any advice for left handed people when trying to do this

  29. Maria Angelica Sanchez

    Maria Angelica Sanchez56 minutter siden

    "e-girls everywhere are watching Brad Mondo..."* EHEM ALL GIRLS everywhere are watching Brad Mondo!

  30. abbie nunan

    abbie nunan56 minutter siden


  31. Zahrah Ahmed

    Zahrah Ahmed56 minutter siden

    An E-girl is basically a hipster emo girl

  32. Hannah Russell

    Hannah Russell57 minutter siden

    This was the truth tea I needed 🍵

  33. Nora Beatty

    Nora Beatty57 minutter siden

    The red looks good doh

  34. Courtney

    Courtney57 minutter siden

    @maiphammy !!

  35. Shekinah Borja

    Shekinah Borja57 minutter siden

    I just watched this and I decided to cut my own hair😂💜

  36. Anime Dork

    Anime Dork58 minutter siden

    So if I put Moose in my hair will it protect me from the burn of the bleach?

  37. Sharon koffi

    Sharon koffi58 minutter siden

    She went back to black tho

  38. Michelle Capobianco

    Michelle Capobianco59 minutter siden

    brad i need ur assistance my hair is doing that damn flippy thing where its going in a million directions that I don't want it to go in. I have a v round face. HELP PLEASE KING. WHAT DO I DO TO LOOK GOOD.

  39. Nicole

    NicoleTime siden


  40. Katertot A.

    Katertot A.Time siden

    If u like those makeovers u should watch dallas cowboy cheerleader makeovers!!🥰

  41. James Clear

    James ClearTime siden

    Me : Ooh that's looks great! Brad: ughhh it's SO uneven! Me: uh- Ih yes it's DISGUSTING

  42. KissTauer

    KissTauerTime siden

    His reaction at 11:59 gives me bad feelings about natural red hair

  43. Emily P.

    Emily P.Time siden

    That last video was so chaotic lmao but they actually did really good!

  44. Ella

    EllaTime siden

    The last girl's so chaotic I love her so much

  45. C Lee

    C LeeTime siden

    My older sister had a boyfriend just like Brad! Only difference was that it was *ONLY* my sister who wouldn't/couldn't acknowledge that "Steve" was gay; even our Mother knew and often let him sleep over, *IN* my sister's bed, and even I knew shortly after I met him when I was just 10!😂 They had been together since they were 13-14 and then right before their senior year, he came out to her and everyone. My sister was heartbroken, even though she confided one night - as we shared a room - that she actually had known, she just didn't want to lose her best friend.😕 I asked her why she thought she was going to lose him, just because he liked guys, and she couldn't think of an answer. Things got better after that and she ended up going to Steve's prom, seeing as how his high school refused to allow same-sex couples/dates, which was and is 100% *WRONG* & *DISCRIMINATORY* as fuck, but my sister had secretly arranged for her boyfriend to bring Steve's boyfriend to the school and sneak him in so they could have at least one dance together, and it worked! Their whole group was hastily thrown out of and banned from the rest of the prom, but they didn't care - Steve was so grateful to have that memory and they had a great night. Fast-forward to today - now are both in their mid-30s - and they are *STILL* best friends! He was even her "Man-of-Honor" at her wedding almost 10 years ago and during his toast, he even made reference to how badly in love with him my sister had been years before and he apologized again for hurting her, but he sincerely thanked her for continuing to love him and stick by his side and told her Husband that she was always going to have another man in her life, and the whole speech was so funny, yet touching.

  46. K MV

    K MVTime siden

    You are GORGEOUS!

  47. Momisha Sharmin

    Momisha SharminTime siden

    Hell it was like a roller coaster ride

  48. sarajane

    sarajaneTime siden


  49. John Collier

    John CollierTime siden

    Why the hell did this gay man show up in my recommend

  50. Makayla Locker

    Makayla LockerTime siden

    1:16 a rapper/poet??😂

  51. Lisa Hasserd

    Lisa HasserdTime siden

    Cap highlights big in the late 80s too.I just remember trying the cap and it was so painful!but I will try it again!thank brad

  52. chrissy vv

    chrissy vvTime siden

    Pleas react to people dying their hair pink

  53. charity bradley

    charity bradleyTime siden

    I only have fabric scissors and kitchen scissors 😂 any suggestion on what would be better

  54. chrissy vv

    chrissy vvTime siden

    Pleas react to people dying their hair pink

  55. Kristine Lazar

    Kristine LazarTime siden

    Where was Cardi B? 🤔😜

  56. Samantha

    SamanthaTime siden

    I did this and it turned out so good but now i'm at the awful stage of 'I should cut in bangs'

  57. Princess Virrey

    Princess VirreyTime siden

    Thanks for the foil tip!!!! Super helpful! 🖤

  58. SnowCrypt1

    SnowCrypt1Time siden

    Do I have to tone my hair at the same time I bleach it or can it wait a couple days?

  59. Becksterly Here

    Becksterly HereTime siden

    Mai went back to black lol

  60. xlotsacutenessx

    xlotsacutenessxTime siden

    Brad.. you HAVE to watch this.. girl saw off her hair?? 😳

  61. Kawtar Sadak

    Kawtar SadakTime siden

    Is it okay to use oil before straightening the hair Isn't it going to make more damage?

  62. Muhammed Juwel

    Muhammed JuwelTime siden

    i litarely would NEVER die my hair coloful i would die my hair JET BLACK Since I have such longggggggggggg hair

  63. ven ven

    ven venTime siden

    watching this makes me wanna do it tooo lmao

  64. Emily Snyman

    Emily SnymanTime siden

    Just a fun fact: eggs are really good for your hair!😂 (natural protein)

  65. hi there

    hi thereTime siden

    am i watching this rn so when i attempt to dye my hair i won’t fuck it up? u bet.

  66. kya jane

    kya janeTime siden

    currently wondering if i could pull off a fringe even though i have curly hair lol...prolly a bad idea tho

  67. Jitu Eggu

    Jitu EgguTime siden

    I wonder if this will work with curly hair?

  68. Jitu Eggu

    Jitu EgguTime siden

    I really want to do this, but I’m holding myself back

  69. yukiandkanamekuran

    yukiandkanamekuranTime siden

    Hey brad pls help me my hair won't curl at all. How long should I let my hair curl for?

  70. chloe rose

    chloe roseTime siden

    i just bought hair dye to do exactly what they’re doing

  71. Morgan` Filkins

    Morgan` FilkinsTime siden

    You should attempt halo prism technique by fabhairbyjosh

  72. Bella

    BellaTime siden

    Yesss ! The one I’ve been waiting for!

  73. Jashanna buckle

    Jashanna buckleTime siden

    All i saw was Brad and Maiphammy AND CLICKED IN A HEART BEAT

  74. qt jungkookie

    qt jungkookieTime siden

    I’m doing this to my hair! I ordered the bleach ready to go. Its the last time I can do anything crazy to my hair before med school starts again.

  75. Hiba Syed

    Hiba SyedTime siden

    Brad Mondo is like the American doppelganger of Edward Avila

  76. Arina Sokol

    Arina SokolTime siden

    can my hair be washed the night before i bleach it? and wdym for a couple days not to wash it, like after?

  77. Eva Oliveira

    Eva OliveiraTime siden

    In Sam and cat her hair was curly

  78. Kourtney Jeffers

    Kourtney JeffersTime siden

    The reason we never use enough dye or bleach is because we’re afraid of running out.

  79. Badboy4evr

    Badboy4evrTime siden

    Brad...I LOVE your eyes...and your personality..... Yum.

  80. Надя Архипова

    Надя АрхиповаTime siden

    Brad: - You look stunning! Me, eneven bleached blonde with 5-mounths-old unbleached roots, who recently ruined her blonde hair by pink: - Thanks.

  81. Danielle Rei

    Danielle ReiTime siden

    Hopefully he does a tutorial on cutting shorter hair or even a pixie. Been thinking about cutting my own hair since I fried it from bleaching and dyeing. 💔

  82. K A

    K ATime siden

    this reminds me of when i shaved my head when i was 15 for literally no reason i had no reason I was bored and left home alone and someone asked me if I had cancer

  83. Olyvia

    OlyviaTime siden

    E-girls are way different from scene girls..

  84. Cleasha Campbell

    Cleasha CampbellTime siden

    By the way New York City is not the best city in the world

  85. Micaela Rodriguez

    Micaela RodriguezTime siden

    Dude, the picture of you with the beard and the long hair, it took me so far aback, when I saw it, I thought it was a different person's picture you looked so different

  86. SongbirdRen

    SongbirdRenTime siden

    I’ve had bangs pretty much my entire life and one time I didn’t and I had an identity crisis. 😂 I’m a bang girl 100% and I’ve gotten to the point where I can cut them myself. 😂😂😂 Which is definitely good for quarantine.

  87. Michal Szeptycki

    Michal SzeptyckiTime siden

    Fuck it i need any help i can get at this point. They put a shit ton of chlorine in the water because of the virus and didnt notify anyone i wanted to wash my hair today when i was showering and i noticed it was straight up falling out and when i dried it it was super destroyed at first i thought it was hair dye but 1. I got my hair dyed litteraly months ago and it was fine before skin was extremly dry and itchy when i got out My hair is so dry but i cant go out and get conditioner or anything because im a minor and camt leave nor do i have money what the fuck do i do

  88. Julia Teles

    Julia TelesTime siden

    I have a video of me changing my hair that I never uploaded, but this video made me want to upload it so Brad can judge me

  89. Alexandra Kaniaris

    Alexandra KaniarisTime siden

    We love infomercial reacts!!!

  90. Lindsay Payongayong

    Lindsay PayongayongTime siden

    brad lights up the world

  91. Katie Peaceskies

    Katie PeaceskiesTime siden

    I love Sourpatch Brad ❤

  92. El James

    El JamesTime siden

    This is how I bleeched my hair when I was 15 for the first time. Didn't have a clue what I was doing 😭

  93. Jadyn Holden

    Jadyn HoldenTime siden

    my fav you tuber does a video right before my birthday my whole family watches your video lol we love you and i am dyeing my hair today i am scared lol

  94. 8sjwhducj kdnfu

    8sjwhducj kdnfuTime siden

    What in the actual fuck kinda gay ass shit did I just click on

  95. Alisha Aziz

    Alisha AzizTime siden

    My dream was to always have purple-blue hair but I'm neutral warm so probably not going to work

  96. Hannah Yancy

    Hannah YancyTime siden

    For real though, purple shampoo can damage the f out of your hair. I used it back in high school and it made my hair dry like straw and feel like a sponge. Never used it again.

  97. Justyna JK

    Justyna JKTime siden

    Hallo, I'm from Germany and I would love to buy Your products. How can I do it?


    ELAINE EDWARDSTime siden

    I think there was 8 questions. I got 7 right. Im cool toned and love having pink hair but have been wanting rainbow hair but need some help with it

  99. Kristine Lazar

    Kristine LazarTime siden

    Do more UwU

  100. Krista Wiegand

    Krista WiegandTime siden

    There will always be a variation of punk/scene/emo/e-girl for every generation. It's all basically the same but it's great.