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Jingle Bell Rock

Jingle Bell Rock

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All Decked Out

All Decked Out

Måned siden

Gettin’ Tricky With It
  1. Gonzo HQ

    Gonzo HQ11 timer siden


  2. Faiisal

    Faiisal11 timer siden

    That laugh Jane did at 4:03 reminded me of when she shoved J-lo's face in that cake in Monster in law 😆😂

  3. Kim Wooker

    Kim Wooker11 timer siden

    Man, all of them are so polite! >< They just said "wow, wow, wow" and not even "wth"

  4. Evelyn Lobos

    Evelyn Lobos11 timer siden

    so sad that your show will not be going on after this season...

  5. MP4A1

    MP4A111 timer siden

    Too easy

  6. Pooter Head

    Pooter Head11 timer siden

    Lol when he was thinking of the answer he did the cat meme face

  7. Marty_S

    Marty_S11 timer siden

    These women are amazing

  8. Bang Jac

    Bang Jac11 timer siden

    she is so funny! one of my favorite episodes, definitely.

  9. zarahmaria

    zarahmaria11 timer siden

    I could watch them answer these questions for hours 😂 i love them, they are the perfect duo

  10. Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment11 timer siden

    *Me watching Tony's death on Endgame* *Also me in tears* I wanna scream, and shout, and let it all out

  11. Z T

    Z T11 timer siden

    Aww Chris is soooo kind. (1:56) He made the keyboard player sit when she tried to stand. Gotta love him ❤️

  12. The Watcher On the Public Sidewalk

    The Watcher On the Public Sidewalk11 timer siden

    Plaza and Murray, I would argue is comedy platinum.

  13. Philippine Van den Berg

    Philippine Van den Berg11 timer siden

    In the movie The Good Place Kirsten Bell is REALLY not good with children and she never wants to have children ever!

  14. Wilhelmina Hewins

    Wilhelmina Hewins11 timer siden

    I watched the lastest season in 2 days! Can't wait for season 7,they are the best together

  15. AnisQiz

    AnisQiz11 timer siden

    I love these two. Grace and Frankie inspires me, shows wonderfully positive image of what's possible in your 80s.

  16. arrigamer

    arrigamer11 timer siden

    Lizzo is such a boss 😂

  17. JimmyJames

    JimmyJames11 timer siden

    Its the only HAIR I have😂😂😂

  18. Z T

    Z T11 timer siden

    Best band today ❤️ I love them so much, super talented and super humble human beings.


    BIDHAN BISWAS11 timer siden

    Ellen's confidence level 100000....

  20. Shannon Swan

    Shannon Swan11 timer siden

    Omg I love them more than words!!!!😩😩🥰😍

  21. Milz Music

    Milz Music11 timer siden

    Her laugh 😂 💕

  22. Ernie Logvinov

    Ernie Logvinov11 timer siden

    This man I want to watch on talk shows each week. Please

  23. Al kbir Awi

    Al kbir Awi11 timer siden

    All Egyptian come here

  24. Makeba Zinkulfi

    Makeba Zinkulfi11 timer siden

    Who agrees that she looks like Kathy from friends?

  25. JT Jt

    JT Jt11 timer siden

    Best guests she had.. ………. BEsT

  26. Peace Always

    Peace Always11 timer siden

    It makes me cry,to remember that she can't see this anymore😒,but hopefully from heaven!!!!!

  27. Lian McGuire

    Lian McGuire11 timer siden

    Jaysus Saoirse, 4 cars on the road? it's clear you did your driving test in/have only driven up around Carlow. Next time take a spin around Dublin (even better do it at rush hour) and then try and tell that 4 car story to Americans again! At the very least spare them the nightmare if they come intending to hire a car thinking they'll spin around the place no problem!

  28. Rania

    Rania11 timer siden

    Still loving this in 2020.

  29. Jerry Kitchens

    Jerry Kitchens11 timer siden

    More propaganda Hanoi jane? We ain't forgot your treachery. Always betraying the American people.

  30. unapologetic leo

    unapologetic leo11 timer siden

    All I heard was.. "bahdknsknskehdlnbrabksbkdmlakdknsldnfjk"🤣🤣

  31. Bezawit Kibru

    Bezawit Kibru11 timer siden

    Kris looks like Michael Jackson in this video

  32. QwQLazy_ Fellisha:0

    QwQLazy_ Fellisha:011 timer siden

    2020 anyone?

  33. Zenasuki

    Zenasuki11 timer siden

    What's the movie?

  34. Moni Nanda

    Moni Nanda11 timer siden

    north resembles kanye sooooooooo much

  35. marialima lima

    marialima lima11 timer siden

    2020.... I'm here seeing this interview to remember how I began to love him😍 the most adorable kid and the most amazing man! I did the right Choice, I'm so proud to be a belieber ❤ God bless you Justin♥️

  36. anne kennedy

    anne kennedy11 timer siden

    a true canadian so polite and sweet but great prank i

  37. rekotomo

    rekotomo11 timer siden

    i thought that big numbers of the audience still not born when BSB are in the business .. :D

  38. God Father

    God Father11 timer siden


  39. Dunya Salih

    Dunya Salih11 timer siden

    Who feel his pain after he says its only the hair i have 🙁

  40. RICKY

    RICKY11 timer siden

    My boy g eazy was puttin nuts in them guts 😏

  41. Maha Raj

    Maha Raj11 timer siden

    Love you Ellen...I'm from India❤️❤️❤️ Ya like the people's wish i wish you be a president

  42. Hilda Kasoma

    Hilda Kasoma11 timer siden

    wow am a kid of ten years and I want to train with both of them they are so cool

  43. just somebody simple

    just somebody simple11 timer siden

    I love that Jane Fonda is trying to be a proper host, asks questions, reads the break intro and Lilly is just going in the flow and being herself. The duo = goals

  44. h s

    h s11 timer siden

    :(( so cute

  45. Deepshikha Tiwari

    Deepshikha Tiwari11 timer siden

    Ellen is a DIRECTIONER😍😍😍😍😍😍

  46. lollobackis

    lollobackis11 timer siden

    They are hilarious 😂🤣

  47. JFluci99

    JFluci9911 timer siden

    That one audience member’s laugh tho. 🤣

  48. AboutLondonandUK

    AboutLondonandUK11 timer siden

    Not surprised Ellen hasn’t heard of “a heshan” fabric as it’s pronounced and spelled hessian.

  49. Revi Mangkulla

    Revi Mangkulla11 timer siden

    Bapak keren

  50. Fillin Chillin

    Fillin Chillin11 timer siden

    Ellen looks like a boy

  51. Moumita Debnath

    Moumita Debnath11 timer siden

    Ellen, mam it is so so so so ....(*infinity) kind and generous of you to do all that you do for people around the world to help them with your crew.

  52. Ambber Hill

    Ambber Hill11 timer siden

    Is Chris British?

  53. thatkidac

    thatkidac12 timer siden

    Look at Ellen's deck in min 2:00 the Ace of Hearts is already missing and ofc Twitch chooses Ace of Hearts later on :)

  54. Pan Pietruszka

    Pan Pietruszka12 timer siden

    I love them

  55. Mohammed Almarzooqi

    Mohammed Almarzooqi12 timer siden

    Oscars: I don’t think anyone would beat Robert Downey Junior Joaquin: Hold my smile

  56. Deborah Lakshna Roopavathy

    Deborah Lakshna Roopavathy12 timer siden

    Wat is an easter egg here

  57. Mohammed Almarzooqi

    Mohammed Almarzooqi12 timer siden

    1:50 😅

  58. We Stan SB19

    We Stan SB1912 timer siden

    Zac Efron trying to be cool sitting like a boss lol.

  59. Linda Jasons

    Linda Jasons12 timer siden

    OB1 Wow F***

  60. sophie donnan

    sophie donnan12 timer siden

    Strange day

  61. Ronelle Catindig

    Ronelle Catindig12 timer siden

    They are tooo cute

  62. Gard-Agario

    Gard-Agario12 timer siden


  63. Mary M.

    Mary M.12 timer siden

    Wouldn’t it be great if Hannah B. and Peter left together and they brought in a new Bachelor?

  64. Nickyloveslove ENTERTAINMENT

    Nickyloveslove ENTERTAINMENT12 timer siden

    Dang Michael no kissing and telling ~

  65. Nickyloveslove ENTERTAINMENT

    Nickyloveslove ENTERTAINMENT12 timer siden

    Lollllll @ the comments~

  66. First Last

    First Last12 timer siden

    Those two are hilarious together

  67. Yusra Raja

    Yusra Raja12 timer siden

    Best burning question episode ever

  68. wends v

    wends v12 timer siden

    This duo is amazing. Love them!

  69. Kasper James

    Kasper James12 timer siden

    Brockhampton is lit !! 🔥

  70. World Traveller

    World Traveller12 timer siden

    Law of attraction in the beginning 😘

  71. ARMY

    ARMY12 timer siden

    He looks like Ed sheren

  72. David whitlam

    David whitlam12 timer siden

    love Coldplay, since Parachutes.Saw them at Wembley Stadium, wore a silly bracelet and, for a fleeting moment, felt I was 20 again and in a night club. I never tire of playing and singing Clocks :)

  73. Astrid Cavazos

    Astrid Cavazos12 timer siden

    I love you

  74. Holi Akauola

    Holi Akauola12 timer siden

    Literally rosies name wasn't added to the title (ugh you literally had one job, ONE JOB!!! AND YOU CANT EVEN SEE THAT ITS ABOUT ROSIE TOO!!!!!!!danm how blind are you whoever did the title!!!!!!!!!


    SS INFINITY12 timer siden

    The woman in red should get a medal for her oscar winning acting.

  76. thankyou nikkx

    thankyou nikkx12 timer siden

    Loveeeee heeeer soooo much!!! 😍😍😍

  77. Indo .Squad

    Indo .Squad12 timer siden

    So sweet. i love that.

  78. Joseph Gilbert

    Joseph Gilbert12 timer siden

    Lol jason has nothing to do with creating this beautiful young lady... Lenny n LISA

  79. Lauren Murdoch

    Lauren Murdoch12 timer siden

    I f***ing love them! 😂💕

  80. melisa finau

    melisa finau12 timer siden

    Billie da best

  81. Libby Millray

    Libby Millray12 timer siden

    "well, it the only hair I have"

  82. Brian Smith

    Brian Smith12 timer siden


  83. Augusta Yarteh

    Augusta Yarteh12 timer siden

    Sound interaction.

  84. Mr.k Pogi

    Mr.k Pogi12 timer siden

    Aubrey Plaza is so hot😈

  85. yfelwulf

    yfelwulf12 timer siden

    Ellen would like nothing more than her tongue between her legs.

  86. Umasankar Behera

    Umasankar Behera12 timer siden

    Bohima rapsody ?

  87. Al

    Al12 timer siden

    he cracks me up

  88. S

    S12 timer siden

    “in my ear” 💀

  89. Ayan Aryan

    Ayan Aryan12 timer siden

    Anyone else read the title as *looked* not *locked*

  90. I will kill you

    I will kill you12 timer siden

    I love you ronda 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭

  91. crazy

    crazy12 timer siden

    The story at the end is so cute!

  92. Shmacked Muffins

    Shmacked Muffins12 timer siden

    Her audience and producers enables her.

  93. Laday Blues

    Laday Blues12 timer siden

    Love her confidence

  94. Rebecca Barnes

    Rebecca Barnes12 timer siden

    He has a tik tok account 😂

  95. gracelyn mahoney

    gracelyn mahoney12 timer siden


  96. Jeanette Piek

    Jeanette Piek12 timer siden

    I think he's my soul mate. Not kidding.

  97. Lafayette. ham

    Lafayette. ham12 timer siden

    That's what I call a MAN. I love him sm

  98. Bridget Osborn

    Bridget Osborn12 timer siden

    Halsey dating Evan Peters is your next American Horror Story but the best American horror story since season one.

  99. Crackalacking_Z

    Crackalacking_Z12 timer siden

    I love them both so much.

  100. Ayca Desmond

    Ayca Desmond12 timer siden

    I ve been following her for 2.5 yrs Ellen you re kinda late on Europe like any American.