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Feelin’ Dog Tired
Ellen Loves Her Peloton
  1. William Smith

    William Smith6 timer siden

    Isn't Aaron one of the top master builders from the Lego Masters?

  2. Sandra Tinajero

    Sandra Tinajero6 timer siden

    Loved the video it's so authentic. Ellen It's nice to see you so relax, you are definitely doing self care . Ellen can you call Pauly D from Jersey Shore.

  3. Susma Grg

    Susma Grg6 timer siden

    She is so funny and cute

  4. Brenda Morgan

    Brenda Morgan6 timer siden

    She said it's a secret because it call fake

  5. Cynthia Corcoran

    Cynthia Corcoran6 timer siden

    The clothes are by the public

  6. Cynthia Corcoran

    Cynthia Corcoran6 timer siden

    I'm alma mater.

  7. Sylvia

    Sylvia6 timer siden

    The way he walked out on stage 😂

  8. Eshghe Kharej

    Eshghe Kharej6 timer siden

    Who knows the song calls ??

  9. YaBoi Ashton

    YaBoi Ashton6 timer siden

    Everybody here talkin bout Daniel not being scared of an earthquake, and not about him saying the F word?

  10. Sylvia

    Sylvia6 timer siden

    Nobody: Harry: what’s is my cheese fact

  11. Jaida Koehler

    Jaida Koehler6 timer siden

    Are we not gonna talk about how so chill this pizza guy was? Like he wasn’t afraid at all to just be late back to work and he had no idea what was going on

  12. Arun K E

    Arun K E6 timer siden

    I'm Searching for , "No GUCCI belt In sight!" Comments!

  13. Samantha Martinez

    Samantha Martinez6 timer siden

    For a reason she kinda looks like the female version of Michael Jackson

  14. emercycrite

    emercycrite6 timer siden

    Mila is so gorgeous 😍

  15. emercycrite

    emercycrite6 timer siden

    00:27 How amazing does Mila Kunis look though 😍

  16. Creamapera

    Creamapera6 timer siden

    I'll bet she's had a few kids...

  17. Creamapera

    Creamapera6 timer siden

    Anyone notice President Trump is draining the swamp at the moment?

  18. XXDiZzyx21

    XXDiZzyx216 timer siden

    R.I.P Kobe we never are going to forget you because you are a LEGEND FOREVER😍

  19. EA Cubing

    EA Cubing6 timer siden

    *R.I.P Kobe*

  20. Koko Nuts

    Koko Nuts6 timer siden

    God I fkin love watching lesbian ❤️

  21. Nunya Beeswax

    Nunya Beeswax6 timer siden

    His face when they poured the cheese. I can’t! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. Param Drall

    Param Drall6 timer siden

    A ~ I've seen u sing ! E - where ? A ~ Here... There... Everywhere ! 😂💗

  23. Anastasia Jane

    Anastasia Jane6 timer siden

    Haha yes!!!!😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣😅😅😂😂😂

  24. مغني عبدالله السنباني

    مغني عبدالله السنباني6 timer siden



    DEMI GAMING6 timer siden

    What's the music used in here?

  26. Jeffrey Caballero

    Jeffrey Caballero7 timer siden

    an ICON!

  27. TyroneTheRapper

    TyroneTheRapper7 timer siden

    Every time I see the rock and Kevin together I hear “golden jet, Golden jet, Golden jet , Golden jet! “

  28. debbie G

    debbie G7 timer siden

    sadistic Ellen with scaring people. yuck. Did you see how satisfied Ellen was at scaring her?? psychopath

  29. Anna Merced

    Anna Merced7 timer siden

    ellen: how many states start with h noah:4 dustin:what have u done noah! only 1 hawaii

  30. Old Skool Proz

    Old Skool Proz7 timer siden

    Who doesn’t wash their legs?

  31. Retina OG

    Retina OG7 timer siden

    Tyson and him... oh god what a story

  32. john labastida

    john labastida7 timer siden

    Hey back from 2020 anyone else

  33. Victoria Perkovic

    Victoria Perkovic7 timer siden

    Oo noooo

  34. Rachel Cabezola

    Rachel Cabezola7 timer siden

    I’m a simp for this boy.

  35. Samantha Brocker

    Samantha Brocker7 timer siden

    This seems useful now...

  36. Francisco Bohorquez Rodriguez

    Francisco Bohorquez Rodriguez7 timer siden


  37. Aubreyannah Whitaker

    Aubreyannah Whitaker7 timer siden

    I like your voice

  38. Evynn Kilby

    Evynn Kilby7 timer siden

    hes not cute.

  39. Mai Chi Khang

    Mai Chi Khang7 timer siden

    yo das a whole outfit

  40. Kiwi Takis

    Kiwi Takis7 timer siden

    He’s too cute

  41. Haddon James

    Haddon James7 timer siden

    lol he's baked for sure

  42. Tezdimag

    Tezdimag7 timer siden

    Very nice video Good content Amazing video

  43. Imsen 47

    Imsen 477 timer siden

    That was so funny 🤣🤣

  44. AHammad Shakil

    AHammad Shakil7 timer siden

    i love thi game

  45. qhm 23252

    qhm 232527 timer siden

    I love Jessica, she did her damnedest best as Joan. She just didn't look anything like Joan, and Faye Dunaway would have been a better fit, at least appearance-wise.

  46. One Who Loves Venison

    One Who Loves Venison7 timer siden

    I first learned about the Swedish term for “The End” when looking for Swedish Moomin books.

  47. Tom Moran

    Tom Moran7 timer siden

    It is not funny!!

  48. Bharath V

    Bharath V7 timer siden

    hope Master Splinter doesn't find about this 2:18

  49. John Smith

    John Smith7 timer siden

    'Nothing better than babies and puppies'? Your time is coming. God always wins.

  50. JohnPodestasEmails AreScary

    JohnPodestasEmails AreScary7 timer siden

    Jay looks exactly like his pops !!

  51. Shiv ajit

    Shiv ajit7 timer siden

    I like Ellen's smile

  52. yy

    yy7 timer siden


  53. B_it is what it is B

    B_it is what it is B7 timer siden

    Love her

  54. sad meow

    sad meow7 timer siden

    everything that has Zach in it just makes my day

  55. Yellow Flash

    Yellow Flash7 timer siden

    Wasn't Taylor and Kanye's feud, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's fight enough to know that we may not be knowing the truth and just believe in what is shown to our eyes?

  56. ramen noodles

    ramen noodles7 timer siden


  57. The Bronze Age of DC Comics

    The Bronze Age of DC Comics7 timer siden

    BAG needs a vasectomy.

  58. Black mamba

    Black mamba7 timer siden

    Ellen: you are known for your brutally honesty--- Simon: >_>

  59. Brandi Russell

    Brandi Russell7 timer siden

    Rip Kobe and Gianna 🤍🖤💜💛

  60. ankit jain

    ankit jain7 timer siden

    Ingredients that makes a recipe perfect are just about right in this song. 😬

  61. rebecca renee

    rebecca renee7 timer siden

    ellen is being so insulting, sexist and plan rude. how are we now just acknowledging this behavior?

  62. Erica Nicole

    Erica Nicole7 timer siden

    She is a beautiful girl and she is so nice and she can even sing better than my sister some time I can Mach har voice I don’t know how but subscribe to her and her family hope her family is ok please like and subscribe because theses songs are hard😊😊😇😇🙂☺️

  63. The Boy Game Kid

    The Boy Game Kid7 timer siden

    Wow! Good

  64. Colin Lochamy

    Colin Lochamy7 timer siden

    In the movie he looks like Seth Mcfarlane

  65. Integral Health Partners of Monroe

    Integral Health Partners of Monroe7 timer siden

    Um where’s Ellen?

  66. Linda Marshall

    Linda Marshall7 timer siden

    I love you both so much!!!

  67. Coral Bay

    Coral Bay7 timer siden

    To all the men watching this in show or on NO-gos

  68. Naomi B

    Naomi B7 timer siden


  69. Lorena Cerrini

    Lorena Cerrini7 timer siden

    Your dogs are adorable

  70. Mariane Taguiam

    Mariane Taguiam7 timer siden

    It is so cute to see them being competitive esp Mayim hahahaha

  71. Maya Ikegami

    Maya Ikegami7 timer siden

    I would pay to see that first rehearsal 😂

  72. Sam Jeffries

    Sam Jeffries7 timer siden

    I love Nikki Reed she is amazing

  73. Brandon Ross

    Brandon Ross7 timer siden

    "whats deep state? Never heard of this" me and beyonce n Illuminati hmmm now them 2 are separate things so which one is it Ellen?

  74. Coral Bay

    Coral Bay7 timer siden

    I remember I didn’t even know who Kobe was until I heard this I was actually at a restaurant and the news was on and it was on all of the TVs and then I realized that he isn’t just dead he lives with all of us in our hearts



    does anybody knows what was the model of the wacht he is using?

  76. Richard Pitts

    Richard Pitts7 timer siden

    Love is in the house for you ladies God bless you

  77. The Green Queen

    The Green Queen7 timer siden

    Decor is divine !!

  78. Val Soda

    Val Soda7 timer siden

    Love Kalen what a Sweet heart 💔

  79. angel angel

    angel angel7 timer siden

    “i like can’t breathe” kj: very nice of you

  80. RELIJ30N

    RELIJ30N7 timer siden

    4:14 ik she appears several times during this performance but i LOVE THE GIRL SECOND ON THE LEFT!!! she really feeling the moment and ugh,,, YES!!!

  81. averlyse

    averlyse7 timer siden

    200th dislike!

  82. marisa aoki

    marisa aoki7 timer siden

    he doesn’t have enough money?

  83. Shobhit Bhadani

    Shobhit Bhadani7 timer siden

    She's super sweet sweet 😍😍


    ROHIT KUMAR7 timer siden

    I think She Lives on Ellen's Set.

  85. s

    s8 timer siden

    they came all the way from korea, donated 50k to her favorite organization and she only asked them their names and if they were single...

  86. saad khan

    saad khan8 timer siden

    kylie is youngest billionair on earth

  87. Lady DaVinci

    Lady DaVinci8 timer siden

    I'm surprised they didn't put Ryan from the Office on the list.

  88. saad khan

    saad khan8 timer siden

    she is the pretiest girl in kardashian family

  89. Susanne Simpson

    Susanne Simpson8 timer siden

    Heard ellen was not at all kind. Sges been really rude to her stage hands.

  90. Chuy Poot

    Chuy Poot8 timer siden

    Rip koby

  91. Heidi G. F.

    Heidi G. F.8 timer siden

    Love Kirstie!

  92. Ella Duke

    Ella Duke8 timer siden

    he is so adorable 🥺

  93. Lydia M

    Lydia M8 timer siden

    Lol everybody be triggered in the comments. As a fellow feminist, I find this game humorous. It’s just a game. If anyone felt uncomfortable they would have said something, especially the guys who auditioned to be the part.

  94. el habahi 80

    el habahi 808 timer siden

    All women will eventually snap - MGTOW I hope Bill Hader doesnt get married ( in general) to women that snaps in the first year

  95. Ella Rose

    Ella Rose8 timer siden

    His voice is so soothing 😩🥺🤍

  96. Roy Wang

    Roy Wang8 timer siden

    At 0:37 , anyone else notice Steve Carell has a half smile and half poker face?

  97. Emma Davis

    Emma Davis8 timer siden

    Sounds like that woman is talking to her pet poodle called co co.

  98. Roslawati Sabirin

    Roslawati Sabirin8 timer siden

    1:14 jooheon's ready to fight him😂

  99. Elaine Li

    Elaine Li8 timer siden

    2:36 Chinese New Year be like

  100. h the guy

    h the guy8 timer siden

    Imagine if c breezy said that