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Arm Mounted Hydraulic JAWS
Building a Furze Tea Machine
Real Fold Out Metal Shield
Flick AXE Wrist Mounted

Flick AXE Wrist Mounted

9 måneder siden

Making a Staircase TREADMILL
I made a Catapult Toaster, CATCH
Mr Beans RC Armchair
Walking Stick Tazer
BMW Hot Tub

BMW Hot Tub

2 år siden



2 år siden

AK47 door bell system.
Baby Washing Machine
AT-ACT Cold Start
  1. Flesh Robe

    Flesh Robe2 minutter siden

    Yeah, but can you hook a plow up on it?

  2. Alex Michtomonpral

    Alex Michtomonpral2 minutter siden

    Dans star wars y’a pas de pneus normalement...

  3. Alex F

    Alex F9 minutter siden

    I'm disapointed. it doesn't explode...

  4. bobzob90

    bobzob909 minutter siden

    I'm I the only one wondering if he actually bought them jet engine's off eBay?

  5. August K

    August K11 minutter siden

    And the award for unnecessary use of fake hands goes to... Colin ofcourse, who else?

  6. Gusegus

    Gusegus11 minutter siden

    How did you do the windscreen?

  7. Craig Fransham

    Craig Fransham13 minutter siden

    Colin Furze: "Yep! Assassin's Creed is real!" So is Star Wars. 👍

  8. Nameless Musik

    Nameless Musik13 minutter siden

    When will you build your first house in the moon

  9. Kamandar İbrahimov

    Kamandar İbrahimov14 minutter siden

    Naturalni gijdıllaxdı bu

  10. tv_YOU-_-TUBE_tv

    tv_YOU-_-TUBE_tv14 minutter siden


  11. M Pä

    M Pä15 minutter siden

    Noooo shit you did it with jet turbines. I never was expecting that. You are really crazy :) Thumbs up

  12. Scrivscribe

    Scrivscribe16 minutter siden

    4:30 Colin has his own hand model!

  13. Auto Content Garage

    Auto Content Garage17 minutter siden

    would be legit if it was actually road legal it was quite clearly on a trailer though

  14. Krzysztof Kalinowski

    Krzysztof Kalinowski18 minutter siden

    The BBC news round is comeing to my class because my teacher called Luke stworker and we will be on star wars

  15. LoneWalker

    LoneWalker19 minutter siden

    4:29 Is that same fake hand from Briefcase Fireplace video?

  16. Paul Newton

    Paul Newton20 minutter siden

    Mirror is too good in direct light

  17. Samuel Thomas

    Samuel Thomas21 minutt siden

    Needs pulse jets....


    SPROPAUL GER24 minutter siden

    3 Pulse jet‘s :3

  19. Ted 12

    Ted 1225 minutter siden

    Can it fly

  20. Yogi Ramadin

    Yogi Ramadin25 minutter siden

    May the furze be with you!

  21. Roman Parker

    Roman Parker28 minutter siden

    Your neighbors must love you, Colin.

  22. 7dragonhunter

    7dragonhunter28 minutter siden

    I fart in your general direction.

  23. Afroskii447 -_-

    Afroskii447 -_-29 minutter siden

    Now all we need is the Vehicle to actually Hover

  24. Emanuele Monti

    Emanuele Monti29 minutter siden

    Great! You are crazy and a genius too.

  25. Gocka9

    Gocka931 minutt siden

    two words; Tesla Engine.

  26. Jamie

    Jamie33 minutter siden

    What do you do with tho gigantic toys afterwards

  27. CoolCreeper39

    CoolCreeper3934 minutter siden

    Just a reminder that black people have low IQ

  28. callum wyness

    callum wyness34 minutter siden

    Make me beans car Like if you want to see

  29. Mark Schroeder

    Mark Schroeder36 minutter siden

    Is there a way to keep it super stable so that it looks like it's hovering? Maybe gyroscopes or air suspension?

  30. Ace Mon

    Ace Mon39 minutter siden


  31. starwars time!

    starwars time!40 minutter siden

    Make a a to scale death star next

  32. William Hannah

    William Hannah41 minutt siden

    I've got no wheels to hold me down to make me fret to make me frown I've got no wheels because I am free there are no wheels on me

  33. johannes hofmann

    johannes hofmann43 minutter siden

    In Germany we would say: "Dieses Fahrzeug ist nicht verkehrstauglich nach geltender Straßenverkehrsordnung." - and I think that's beautiful.

  34. dreaming of electric sheep

    dreaming of electric sheep48 minutter siden

    I wish i had colin as an uncle when i was a kid

  35. [LLJ] Joegrizzly

    [LLJ] Joegrizzly48 minutter siden

    Cool but how do you fly it.

  36. nidhin rajan

    nidhin rajan49 minutter siden

    5:45 resembles tomorrowland stage fire works

  37. neejoy sola

    neejoy sola50 minutter siden

    "The furze is strong with this one."

  38. friskmint d

    friskmint d52 minutter siden

    So basically a gokart made to look like a land speeder

  39. Riley Tubbing

    Riley Tubbing52 minutter siden

    I’m jealous

  40. Legend O Nor

    Legend O Nor53 minutter siden

    First the melon merchant magically puts a paper bag around the melon, then he manages to drop the coin... 5:55

  41. the SmashGamer

    the SmashGamer53 minutter siden

    This should be the new tesla

  42. MattsAwesomeStuff

    MattsAwesomeStuff53 minutter siden

    "Sponsored by Ebay", meanwhile Colin takes it shopping to a place that says "Thank you for shopping local" on the windows. And, a mirror? I thought in some behind-the-scenes they said they smeared vaseline on the camera lens to fudge the detail. A mirror makes more sense.

  43. CxChocox3

    CxChocox354 minutter siden

    americans. wait, he is british isnt he?

  44. Ollie Sproson

    Ollie Sproson55 minutter siden

    Too bad if you put your hand through the letterbox

  45. justbeingdrew

    justbeingdrew55 minutter siden

    How much you want for it?

  46. Jay H

    Jay H56 minutter siden

    Any furze blooper Christmas special kid

  47. SuPeRbOmBeRmAn

    SuPeRbOmBeRmAn59 minutter siden

    isn't that thing supposed to hovver? where the jets go?

  48. Макс Мороз

    Макс МорозTime siden


  49. Lord Of Crabs

    Lord Of CrabsTime siden

    He go up a ramp and he dosent need school any more because he's an astronaut

  50. United RC Bros

    United RC BrosTime siden

    Very well done but the only Disney star wars that was good was rogue one the rest suck

  51. Andrew G

    Andrew GTime siden

    when is part 2?

  52. Fab Bio

    Fab BioTime siden

    Useless. The purpose of drift trike is no grip on back wheels. So 20kW on PE pipes means you've got in fact half a horse power : he is going as fast as a bicycle, that's all... He's fast as we do (88km/h record in Luzenac, France), but we do this in mountain, no straight road, real PVC tubes, not PE that grips so much more, no motor only gravity and the real challenge : no brakes. Doing this with no pipes and max grip, I prefer karting. If 3 wheels would be safe, all cars would be like a trike.

  53. Jozinek

    JozinekTime siden

    Wait, how have you NOT got any engineering qualifications? That baffles me....

  54. Jozinek

    JozinekTime siden

    Flawed yet masterful :)

  55. Caulon C

    Caulon CTime siden

    Wheels is cheating. I don't take this serious.

  56. Burny 812

    Burny 812Time siden

    I want to see a real light saber... This is badass!!!

  57. SB 50cal

    SB 50calTime siden

    4:29 ... erm, what's with the rubber hand?

  58. Travis

    TravisTime siden

    can you go in a McDonalds drive thru in the landspeeder?

  59. Mr BigCookie

    Mr BigCookieTime siden

    *_Now THIS is podracing!_*

  60. Will Sanky

    Will SankyTime siden

    Safety first!

  61. athul mohanan

    athul mohananTime siden

    കൊള്ളാം നല്ല വണ്ടി.

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    Pete MyersTime siden

    I bet this virgin made his self a sex doll that looks like his older sister

  63. Mr BigCookie

    Mr BigCookieTime siden

    *_My Lord is that.. Legal?_*

  64. Paul Thompson

    Paul ThompsonTime siden

    only two words for next project POD RACER

  65. Celal Pul

    Celal PulTime siden


  66. LahntalTV

    LahntalTVTime siden

    How cool is this👍. The right alternative to a housewife tank. May the juice be with you.

  67. MasterEvan

    MasterEvanTime siden

    This has to be illegal. I love it

  68. Jozinek

    JozinekTime siden

    After watching only a few of your vids, I already consider your channel to be worthy of subscribing to. So there you go, you've earned my sub, you deserve it ;).

  69. Jay Paans

    Jay PaansTime siden

    The windscreen thing you meantion at 1:50 sounds like a helmet would be nice. Maybe a cool addition to make?

  70. Jason FiveSeven

    Jason FiveSevenTime siden

    Where do you keep this shit ?

  71. Erin Elizabeth

    Erin ElizabethTime siden

    Alright Colin i would like to personally challenge you to make the following take this concept but replace the two engines of this thing with electric motors and then build it into a slightly larger version of your landspeeder project. if you put fans in the three "jet tubes" you culd theoretically build an ACTUAL landspeeder that would basically be an electric hovercraft. :D if anyone can do this it's you. just planting that seed because you KNOW yer gonna have to try that now. aren't ya? just sayin how epic would it be to build an actual hovering landspeeder?

  72. Sploftey Loftey

    Sploftey LofteyTime siden

    May the Furze be with you!

  73. John Peters

    John PetersTime siden

    I don't think there is another person on youtube who makes me laugh out loud as much as this guy

  74. DaProf 19

    DaProf 19Time siden

    4:29 - Is that a Thunderbirds reference?

  75. Tommy P

    Tommy PTime siden

    Why is he still not working for Hollywood movie production companies?? He‘s the best!! Imagine what he could do with Hollywood budget instead of ebay budget!

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  88. futuramayeah

    futuramayeahTime siden

    how fast did the vehicle go with the jet engines added?

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    Riley NashTime siden

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    flymeetspaddleTime siden

    i think this thing is badass but why didnt you go 100% scale you were so close?

  91. merlin the magician

    merlin the magicianTime siden

    Be a better video without the fake stupidity, your not a natural but the end job was ok I won't be subcribing

  92. scot shanley

    scot shanleyTime siden

    Colin I gotta say brother when you fired up the jet engines for the first time and slowly looked at the camera with that GIANT SHIT EATING GRIN.......... 😂🤣😂🤣 I lost my shit and laughed out loud so loudly that I scared my dog.👍👍 😂🤣😂🤣 As always brother LOVE THE VIDEO'S and can't wait to see what you come up with next. Stay awesome Stay safe And god bless brother. P.S. Your right the speeder DEFINITELY needs to go faster !!! P.S.S. You have OUTSTANDING TASTE IN MUSIC broham and I can never get enough of the awesome tunage that you select for all your video's, and for that alone I award you an additional 👍👍 💪 Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster. 🦾 Or we can call colin furze and build him cheaper, stronger, faster. 😉😎

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    JozinekTime siden

    Now sell it so Han can give you a ride in the Millenium Falcon.

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    Josh KirkTime siden

    Can I buy it of EBay as seeing as its second handed

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    Der TypTime siden

    What about a thermite chain saw

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    Dani yu YuTime siden

    Why don't you make a tesla cybertruck

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    Oh my, don't get that tie in the fan!

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    I swear it got auctioned because of children in need