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  1. Michael Fretwell

    Michael Fretwell2 timer siden

    All your stupid facetime parties is why the internet's so shitty... Damn people can't go a few weeks with their own company.

  2. Zosia Wieczorkowska

    Zosia Wieczorkowska2 timer siden

    Quarantine is weird - one moment I am learning new languages having a lot of free time and then suddenly I am watching guys shaving beards...

  3. Wiktoria and Pets

    Wiktoria and Pets2 timer siden

    It's more painful because they don't have 9 months of pain leading up.

  4. F. S.

    F. S.2 timer siden

    i wouldve just made a buddae jiggae with all those ingredients 🤭

  5. Natasha Zhou

    Natasha Zhou2 timer siden

    Anyone else inspired to learn to juggle?

  6. Scarlette Diever

    Scarlette Diever2 timer siden

    Beaty Gurus are astonished at how good his blush looks

  7. TemporaryFind

    TemporaryFind2 timer siden

    I’m really curious about Matt but I don’t want to force him on the internet, I’m content on him liking snakes and hoping one day Eugene will hold my snake

  8. braylin b

    braylin b2 timer siden


  9. Jocelyn Sbrogio

    Jocelyn Sbrogio2 timer siden

    Eugene dont EVER wake up sleeping baby especially two

  10. JD jellytot

    JD jellytot2 timer siden

    I died when Keith made fun of the dog for having a big mouth At 1:45

  11. Kantros

    Kantros2 timer siden

    Wasn't that obvious in the first place?

  12. IT’s UP 2U

    IT’s UP 2U2 timer siden

    Can hair transplant de done in case of sehborric dermatitis

  13. Vera S

    Vera S2 timer siden

    I want a teacher like Keith. So encouraging and good!

  14. Chahat Mayor

    Chahat Mayor2 timer siden

    I love Keith

  15. ComicSans

    ComicSans2 timer siden

    Zach: We have been having *facetime* parties **using zoom**

  16. Isabella Powell

    Isabella Powell2 timer siden

    its official, im cinderella, my shoe size 4 1/2

  17. Esha Bhattacharya

    Esha Bhattacharya2 timer siden

    I'm obsessed with Keith's puzzle.

  18. Amanda David

    Amanda David2 timer siden

    I NEED to know what names Eugene called his sister Whitney. I'm a petty ass bitch and I NEED to know the tea. UN-BLEEP IT. IT'S FOR SCIENCE.

  19. Dollarstore Kermit

    Dollarstore Kermit2 timer siden

    The happiest Eugene was today was when they said the’d open the bottle

  20. Hadyn Rye

    Hadyn Rye2 timer siden

    The way Eugene said "That was a kid huh?" OKAY when I tell you I've never cried so much. Eugene is literally the best person ever and he's so pure. AND THATS ON PERIOTTT. Change my mind. Bet you can't.

  21. Gabby B.

    Gabby B.2 timer siden

    Weirdest why I quit BuzzFeed video ever

  22. Lucy Moseley

    Lucy Moseley2 timer siden

    Self isolation is going that bad huh?

  23. Trueart514

    Trueart5142 timer siden

    I was waiting for that French Toast Crunch cereal to compete with cinnamon toast crunch

  24. Rhiannon Walker

    Rhiannon Walker2 timer siden

    "It's the world wide web. We gobble up dicks. Gobble Gobble." - Eugene 😂😂 This video was hilarious and made my freaking day! 🤣😍

  25. preciousinfinity

    preciousinfinity2 timer siden

    Did I just hear Matt lock Eugene out of the house?

  26. Cassie Grecka

    Cassie Grecka2 timer siden

    It’s not that Eugene is gay it’s the actual vid that’s cringe

  27. Dog Cook

    Dog Cook2 timer siden

    My name is Grace!!!

  28. Chloe Danz

    Chloe Danz2 timer siden

    wes was born nearly two years ago?!?!

  29. Immi B

    Immi B2 timer siden

    I need a juggling 101 from Keith ASAP

  30. Melz

    Melz2 timer siden

    Yeah we know.. as of 25 or so videos ago. Thanks for the confirmation tho.👍🤦🏼‍♂️ ( u renamed the video but still applies ) 👌

  31. elle sheaffer

    elle sheaffer2 timer siden

    Matt: I love all my puppies! *picks up pesto*

  32. Bismah jhgf

    Bismah jhgf2 timer siden

    nfkxkfkke the buzzfeed unsolved thumbnail I CANT 😂😂

  33. Abra Matthews

    Abra Matthews2 timer siden

    Looks like Eugene panic bought tp and paper towels. Tisk tisk.

  34. Stressed Peach

    Stressed Peach2 timer siden

    I can't eat arby's, it smells so bad all the time.

  35. Mathilde

    Mathilde2 timer siden

    Eugene: Are you gay? Matt: evEn mY bOyfriEnd ThiNkS i'M gAY...

  36. - LegatusMortis -

    - LegatusMortis -2 timer siden

    Remember kids, Olive Garden is watching you.

  37. Sim Stander

    Sim Stander2 timer siden

    I love these guys. They just having fun.

  38. Mathilde

    Mathilde2 timer siden

    Eugene: Are you gay? Matt: eVeN mY bOyFriEnD ThiNkS i'M gAy...

  39. Nikky Ruiz

    Nikky Ruiz2 timer siden

    The try guys should get animal crossing new horizon for the switch! It’s so fun and you guys can visit each other’s islands 👍🏽

  40. Ishita Bhawal

    Ishita Bhawal2 timer siden

    Ned and Kurt...geniuses

  41. Chrimsyn

    Chrimsyn2 timer siden

    why does ned look like one of the gay dads in modern family.

  42. Pamela Harper

    Pamela Harper2 timer siden

    Keith, you are such an enthusiastic and patient teacher! Way to go!

  43. Ella Watson

    Ella Watson3 timer siden

    We love you guys!

  44. Gaurrika B

    Gaurrika B3 timer siden

    Awwww Wes has gotten so old already and he has the prettiest eyes he has Neds bubbly personality ❤️🥰

  45. Rtfygv Kyvthbnh

    Rtfygv Kyvthbnh3 timer siden

    i live for these

  46. Angel ARANA

    Angel ARANA3 timer siden

    You Try guys have it easy being rich and not having to worry to work during these times not everyone has that kind of money

  47. zean _

    zean _3 timer siden

    isnt this the try guys running out of ideas lol

  48. Trinity Curran

    Trinity Curran3 timer siden

    Loved watching this baked af made my day

  49. PirateBug59

    PirateBug593 timer siden

    Less than a minute in and I had to check the channel twice. LOVE that they got Ryan to narrate and even included the (wheeze)!!

  50. nowa's art

    nowa's art3 timer siden

    tbh i feel like i used to not appreciate ned as much but recently i'm like fuck he's just a fkn dad nerd and that's my aspiration in life dude hell yeah ned

  51. Noora Queen

    Noora Queen3 timer siden

    eugene desserves a better man

  52. The Girl in the Flower Crown

    The Girl in the Flower Crown3 timer siden

    His name... *is PHILIP*

  53. Madilyn Barnes

    Madilyn Barnes3 timer siden

    I think the apples are sliced me: yeah you don't put a whole Apple without cutting it into a pie

  54. Alex Norbert

    Alex Norbert3 timer siden

    Is it weird that I have the dress version of eugene’s suit?

  55. rumen subev

    rumen subev3 timer siden

    I'm OK with any tipy of people and you shoud be too.

  56. Anna Finn

    Anna Finn3 timer siden

    16:20 When Wes was biting his tongue!! So adorable!! ♡♡

  57. Kuru Rei暗灵

    Kuru Rei暗灵3 timer siden

    I love hanna, she is so funny. Ive watched her and lele for such a long time

  58. The Girl in the Flower Crown

    The Girl in the Flower Crown3 timer siden

    Ned's voices for each of the Magic: The Gathering cards are what I never knew I needed in my life.

  59. Alles Acc

    Alles Acc3 timer siden

    Everyone what did we learn today? Always bet on gay

  60. joeylondonxo

    joeylondonxo3 timer siden

    They cut Ned off when he’s going ultra super nerd lmaooo

  61. Lindsey Clark

    Lindsey Clark3 timer siden

    If you are leaving your home (especially in California) please please PLEASE wear a mask. Even if you aren’t planning on interacting with anyone (you see Ariel do this at 1:10). I appreciate that the guys made sure to implement social distancing in their interactions, but even then they were making jokes about it, and when Ned brought stuff to Eugene and Zach you could see him get close to them so he could get the best shot. And with the size of your audience and the views you get, doing anything less than taking EVERY single possible precaution, is irresponsible. When the governor of your state is on tv wearing a mask, practically begging people to please wear a mask when leaving their home, not only is it irresponsible but it’s so dangerous. I hope you reconsider the precautions you are taking and especially when you’re posting your daily life for millions to see you need to be doing the absolute most to show people how serious this all is, and that they should be doing,

  62. Olivia

    Olivia3 timer siden

    im baking alot and doing art hey you guys should do a video with macdoesit or just eugene should anyway but i think it would be good i couldnt reply on your comment

  63. Blatty26

    Blatty263 timer siden

    Can you guys please make this a weekly series? I loved all of it

  64. Anne Jensen

    Anne Jensen3 timer siden

    Who is Matt?

  65. Blo0d' Rain

    Blo0d' Rain3 timer siden

    wait zach's pots are named phillip .j fry???? ( futurama )

  66. Anabel Ocon Martinez

    Anabel Ocon Martinez3 timer siden

    Am I the only one wondering where Emma was. I got worried when I didn't see her......

  67. S

    S3 timer siden

    That girl in Eugene's team is kinda annoying to me....

  68. Eve Lachance

    Eve Lachance3 timer siden

    My favorites are : Try Guys , Victoria Charlton , REACT , Smosh and Lysandre Nadeau

  69. Alex Norbert

    Alex Norbert3 timer siden

    I wish they were my friends irl

  70. min krushie

    min krushie3 timer siden

    Honestly Wes planting is the most adorable thing ever

  71. Kelly Mook

    Kelly Mook3 timer siden

    I honstly dont think its anyones falt case the editer should of cheked it and he dident know that was gonna happin case he thought that he had a sensore on it the hole time and the editor dident notise so its realy no ones falt to be fare like ha ha

  72. Sonia Wan

    Sonia Wan3 timer siden

    Question! Whats wth the squirrels in every episode tho XD

  73. ceremon1als

    ceremon1als3 timer siden

    Eugene, Zach, and Keith getting shookt over Ned flailing a knife is a wholeass mood. Like, "k bye bitch."

  74. Gacha Mochi

    Gacha Mochi3 timer siden

    “OMGGG*wheezing*” Zach2020-

  75. Eli Cramner

    Eli Cramner3 timer siden

    why would anyone dislike this?

  76. Perplex

    Perplex3 timer siden

    I honestly think these quarantine videos are so interesting

  77. Paccei

    Paccei3 timer siden

    Ned, your orzo sushi rice may have worked out if you hadn’t added that much vinegar and sugar mix. For the amount of orzo you made in the video, you would really only need maybe 1 1/2 table spoons or so and then mix. Also, if you ever try to make sushi rice again (with orzo or otherwise), chill your vinegar and sugar mix before adding to your hot sushi rice. Love the Try Guys!! 💕🍚

  78. Overdosed Cat

    Overdosed Cat3 timer siden

    Normal people : watches the video While me : Is this yaoi? :D

  79. Hennessy Rodriguez

    Hennessy Rodriguez3 timer siden

    12:31 why was that lowkey hot🤩

  80. Niatalie

    Niatalie3 timer siden

    that french horn thooooooo

  81. Viv

    Viv3 timer siden

    10:39 why did i just understand ah thats nice i like the feeling pulling out 😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️oh lord

  82. aayushma bhattarai

    aayushma bhattarai3 timer siden

    Ned is a perfect father ❤

  83. Nicole Kissinger

    Nicole Kissinger3 timer siden

    Wes sitting with his legs in a W is really bad for hip development. I would correct him (say "no w's!" In a positive tone) so he doesn't have issues when he's older !

  84. hfs212000

    hfs2120003 timer siden

    Wesley 💞💞

  85. Maja Kiepas

    Maja Kiepas3 timer siden

    Ned please don't let Wesley sit in this position (15:57) in order to prevent some leg problems in the future. It is very important to not let kids get use to sitting in it.

  86. Kelsey Marra

    Kelsey Marra3 timer siden

    But how is Zach firing his ceramics? I'd be so sad when I finally get a good bowl or pot and not be able to fire it.

  87. Armoured Lily

    Armoured Lily3 timer siden

    Odd vibes from Eugene’s guy ... sociopathic kinda vibes

  88. Persephone Pomegranate

    Persephone Pomegranate3 timer siden

    Every update, a try guy goes crazy

  89. Alyssa Newton

    Alyssa Newton3 timer siden

    Love how euegene doesn’t like kids but he is so good with them 🤔❤️😂😂

  90. Broadway Forever

    Broadway Forever3 timer siden

    I was just watching some old vids like the corset one and the lnitting and Wes has grown so much❤❤ Maggie's thicc

  91. Lucy A

    Lucy A3 timer siden

    The way that Ned said basil is really irritating I’m surprised people haven’t come for him 😂😂

  92. Reading Swimmer

    Reading Swimmer3 timer siden

    14:08 never in my life have I seen something so adorable🥰🥰🥰

  93. Pedro Moreno

    Pedro Moreno3 timer siden

    The only thing I hate keith does is eat with his mouth open

  94. Pauline Vandevelde

    Pauline Vandevelde3 timer siden

    Where is Emma? I see pesto and kimbop but not Emma

  95. Alex Fumero

    Alex Fumero3 timer siden

    one of my professors sent out juggling as an assignment we had to do and i hated it until keith started teaching it

  96. Dorothy Seaboldt

    Dorothy Seaboldt3 timer siden

    I just watched the Keith Eats all the Cheeses video and realized where Ruby Mist and Snowdonia came from

  97. Min Min

    Min Min3 timer siden

    so is this based on a true story?

  98. katjaden1ste

    katjaden1ste3 timer siden

    Zach: "What can I say, I love pot" hmmmmmmm

  99. peachmlk

    peachmlk3 timer siden


  100. Gabby Rovito

    Gabby Rovito3 timer siden

    I love Zach and Maggie🥺