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  1. keenarnia

    keenarniaDag siden

    I used to love watching him as a kid. Holy crap how the mighty have fallen lol

  2. Sweet Cthulhu

    Sweet CthulhuDag siden

    I'm so fucking tired of gordon Ramsay shows touting risotto. Every show goes into risotto and no one actually likes it.

  3. Nate Boring

    Nate BoringDag siden

    Aaron Hernandez

  4. Kenneth

    KennethDag siden

    1/20/2020. You got a new sub.

  5. there is nothing to see

    there is nothing to seeDag siden



    BORE RAGNAROKDag siden

    I didnt hear a word you said, i was distracted. RIP Twitch

  7. sir

    sirDag siden

    Looks like he broke his nose.

  8. Mustafa Badie

    Mustafa BadieDag siden

    WOOOOOOW how did he do that?!

  9. Christopher Windsor

    Christopher WindsorDag siden

    Is the effeminate lisp necessary for this kind of nonsense?

  10. Anthony

    AnthonyDag siden

    Oh I thought this was a reupload, but I forgot, Count Dankula also reacted to this!😂


    DARK WEB PRODag siden

    I can't believe I actually liked his show growing up haha wtf

  12. Penderson HD

    Penderson HDDag siden

    fucking idiots

  13. Stinky Dill

    Stinky DillDag siden

    😈Chris 😇Angel 👀🕵🤔😱 Mindfreaklet

  14. Superkayko

    SuperkaykoDag siden

    I fucking hate these rich bastards

  15. Anastasia Bananastasia

    Anastasia BananastasiaDag siden

    😣 oh no

  16. EyeAm Necyrb45

    EyeAm Necyrb45Dag siden

    That is good game

  17. Zaid Abouzaki

    Zaid AbouzakiDag siden


  18. Mrdrjesus Mrdrjesus

    Mrdrjesus MrdrjesusDag siden

    He meditates after every call before showing up to exterminate

  19. rimini chalaga

    rimini chalagaDag siden

    Jesus shits on some scum of the piss

  20. Jake Ryan

    Jake RyanDag siden

    "A fighter jet is so much smaller than an aircraft" -charlie

  21. Michael Turtle

    Michael TurtleDag siden

    Dude criss angel and a Chanel on Pluto tv highly recommend watching it’s the best 😂

  22. Mr. Dodo

    Mr. DodoDag siden

    "How do you have hours to watch? You have all the time to watch twitch and watch me!" Me : cause I have better stuff to do

  23. Justin Cleveland

    Justin ClevelandDag siden

    "She could see a mosquito pop a boner from a mile away"

  24. Penderson HD

    Penderson HDDag siden

    😂😂 I live for the videos and comment sections of Charlies videos

  25. Daniel Martins

    Daniel MartinsDag siden

    The magic of Editing and STOOGES!!

  26. Bacon bread

    Bacon breadDag siden

    2:29 How is she supposed to get up if you are on top of her

  27. Bldn.

    Bldn.Dag siden

    *m i c r o p e n i s*

  28. Child Molester 4131

    Child Molester 4131Dag siden

    3:07 that bitch a blood? Why tf does she have that bullshit on his neck? 3:55 that bitch too 5:43 yes

  29. mc fag

    mc fagDag siden

    What games is this

  30. Midnight Eclipse

    Midnight EclipseDag siden

    Turns out Chris angel is literally a demon.

  31. Adam Plentl

    Adam PlentlDag siden

    Those poor children.

  32. ChrisPhil Gaming

    ChrisPhil GamingDag siden

    why the frick does he has a sarcophagus

  33. Queen Hagoromo

    Queen HagoromoDag siden

    Omg this poor guy where did you even find this at I can't even laugh at this

  34. Vishan Singh

    Vishan SinghDag siden

    If people have so much time they are probably not working

  35. kyle ashby

    kyle ashbyDag siden

    currently going thru the dark edgy phase n i feel so targeted lol, binging mad mayhem black metal mkay

  36. Amanda

    AmandaDag siden

    I've gotta say, Charlie is leaving his videos end on a real cliffhanger, so l feel the need to check out his streams at

  37. Nic Anastasi

    Nic AnastasiDag siden

    Twitter and Facebook actually unironically make me wanna die

  38. MeNtA1CaSe

    MeNtA1CaSeDag siden

    "There's only 2 certainties in live : death , taxes and Chris Angel fucking you right in your mind". Besides the numbers not adding up the quote and how it was delivered was the real magic.

  39. TheGoatMoat

    TheGoatMoatDag siden

    Damn them!! until the react video started I thought it was The Egg by Kurzgesagt :'(

  40. .

    .Dag siden

    Quick story- The first and only time I played this game was at my buddies house on leave I started falling asleep playing it and told him I was tired and headed out. We did hang the next day but didn’t fuck around with fallout 76.

  41. Chadwick Borawski

    Chadwick BorawskiDag siden

    I freakin love how more n more commentators are verbally destroying this toolbag aka Jaystation for what he's doing!

  42. Brandon Blahnik

    Brandon BlahnikDag siden

    chris angel or anthony kiedis

  43. Hillary Cliton

    Hillary ClitonDag siden

    This is what they mean when ppl say “they sold their soul”

  44. Skinny *

    Skinny *Dag siden

    Does he sure twitch? (I'm new here)

  45. Totodile493

    Totodile493Dag siden

    Oh, God! I almost forgot you can put hot sauce on pop corn. Hell yeah!

  46. Aiden Roggero

    Aiden RoggeroDag siden

    So this is what weird al’s stuck in the drive through is

  47. Christian McKee

    Christian McKeeDag siden

  48. mentra1

    mentra1Dag siden

    You can see the car in the cage cam at 1:31 they just parked it slightly out of view lmao the greatest mindfreak of all

  49. 3fxz

    3fxzDag siden

    I watched that stream

  50. Robert Hunter

    Robert HunterDag siden

    You know what's sad/disgusting? Some people actually believe him. I went through his favorited comment on the Alexia death video (his own comment), and what sucks is people were actually like "I'm sorry for your lose *crying emoji*" "R.I.P Alexia, we will miss you!" God, fucking, DAMN IT.

  51. Idrus Sahab

    Idrus SahabDag siden

    "fuck this repair guy particular"

  52. Beka Hughes

    Beka HughesDag siden

    Nice ending jerk

  53. Jolly Killer

    Jolly KillerDag siden

    This is what happens when you get gey.

  54. Christopher Wager

    Christopher WagerDag siden

    I think the real mindfreak is the god editor and his edits

  55. cgball10_ps3

    cgball10_ps3Dag siden


  56. Norin Radd

    Norin RaddDag siden

    Chris Angel looks like he fell out of the Hot topic tree and hit every branch on the way down.

  57. Vertical Horizons

    Vertical HorizonsDag siden

    I'm convinced Criss Angel is Lord Farquad

  58. Dying Waffle

    Dying WaffleDag siden

    4:29 this girl sounds very annoyed with him lol

  59. The Regent of Greater Hungary

    The Regent of Greater HungaryDag siden

    It’s so rediculously fake lmao

  60. Einherjar218

    Einherjar218Dag siden

    Is that an ESP LTD Eclipse on the right? If so, nice shit

  61. FirstNameCorrectly LastNameCorrectly

    FirstNameCorrectly LastNameCorrectlyDag siden

    As a kid , I thought this show mock the magician.

  62. foca foxxi

    foca foxxiDag siden

    1:19 IIIIM SORRY???

  63. Otto Von Bismarck

    Otto Von BismarckDag siden

    "Going through your parents divorce is more fun than going through tiktok" You have no idea how true this is .....

  64. Thirst Homeless

    Thirst HomelessDag siden

    Am I a time traveler or wasn’t this already posted? Update: turns out I was really high the other day watching this live stream.

  65. Chinger Burger

    Chinger BurgerDag siden

    First one was probably fake just saying

  66. Night Of Wishes

    Night Of WishesDag siden

    _If you drink ocean water you're going to die from dehydration pretty quickly._

  67. WhiteRu55ian

    WhiteRu55ianDag siden

    Why are your trash bags filled with poop????

  68. The Regent of Greater Hungary

    The Regent of Greater HungaryDag siden

    Chris angel in the streets Chris devil in the sheets

  69. davernrush

    davernrushDag siden

    So cheese isn't vegan?

  70. naomi

    naomiDag siden

    this is a chaotically horrible fake crime setup. there's so much you can point out in this, aside from the obvious, that can tell you this is the fakest shit you've ever seen. imagine if he wrote books.

  71. Nm Abdulgalil

    Nm AbdulgalilDag siden

    charlie's smile reminds me of my brother, kinda feels like he's the brother i never had

  72. Dimension 47

    Dimension 47Dag siden

    wait hold the fucking phone... I ACTUALLY fell for this as a kid??? I was like "wow I remember this one, its so incredible." lol im fucking weakkkk

  73. Thomas

    ThomasDag siden

    lol you were on a rant about how stupid our new generation is then give the cockroach story lmfao dumbass

  74. Panda boy

    Panda boyDag siden

    So they banned Alex Jones, but they don't ban this dude

  75. Quinn O’Neill

    Quinn O’NeillDag siden

    This is fucking disgusting

  76. jester man

    jester manDag siden

    These comments here try way to hard

  77. Phantom Menace Yoda

    Phantom Menace YodaDag siden

    Anyone else think Charlie’s sounds like Waluigi at the end of this amazing video?

  78. Ben Stich

    Ben StichDag siden

    Jesus fuck Steve went in on this video

  79. Unknownz

    UnknownzDag siden

    2:41 when the sun in teletubbies grows up on meth

  80. 0TheReal

    0TheRealDag siden

    this game is almost as good as watching paint dry!


    UR_VIRGINITYDag siden

    I saw this movie for the first time when I was 7. My sister bought at a boot leg DVD stand at a farm in southern Ontario. It has forever ruined movies for me as no film has ever been has good as killer bean forever.

  82. hayden law

    hayden lawDag siden

    The amount of time he takes his death and 10 year old naive me thought his goose was finally cooked. Only now do I realize just now unstoppable this man truly is. A real life op anime character

  83. Ogrant yeets air

    Ogrant yeets airDag siden

    This was the funniest shit to watch

  84. The Texas Tickler

    The Texas TicklerDag siden

    I thought you already posted a video about this I'm soooooo confused

  85. TGDS

    TGDSDag siden

    I use to watch Criss Angel show as a kid they always blew my mind i thought they were real and i argued with everyone who said they were fake finding out it was all fake is like finding out Santa Claus isn't real

  86. Josh Gallo

    Josh GalloDag siden

    His synonymic terms for asshole are mind tickling

  87. Bumbleoni Ravioli

    Bumbleoni RavioliDag siden

    Thou Shalt Not Do Meth In A Walmart Bathroom

  88. Siege Onagre

    Siege OnagreDag siden

    thouse flame make wet my underwear

  89. Dank Memelord

    Dank MemelordDag siden

    I man really used 1/3 of a bottle of vodka for this

  90. tob naissur

    tob naissurDag siden

    the best illusion that Chris Angle pulled off was that he's straight

  91. Jacob Johnson

    Jacob JohnsonDag siden

    Ok but when are you going to show these fools up with your hot pepper eating skills?

  92. Josh Gallo

    Josh GalloDag siden


  93. Mrlolkiller7

    Mrlolkiller7Dag siden

    What kind of M A G I C SHIT IS HE PULLING?!?!?!

  94. Fireo

    FireoDag siden

    I hope someone just runs him over in the street. He doesn't deserve to live.

  95. Luca Kahn

    Luca KahnDag siden

    He looks like lord farquad on a lot of drugs

  96. Panda boy

    Panda boyDag siden

    Hello idol

  97. Jarot Nemec

    Jarot NemecDag siden

    penguinz0, You look like an ugly chick that is partially related to Keanu Reeves and was aborted unsuccessfully while constantly smelling his own farts. I just want to stick both of my middle fingers in his nostrils and gauge your eyes out at the same time so you can smell and see what's coming to you. Also, I want to fart down your throat after a night of eating hard boiled eggs and drinking shit beer.

  98. Spark Danielson

    Spark DanielsonDag siden

    I see in your tabs “Gacha life mini movies” hmmmmmm

  99. All Might Moon

    All Might MoonDag siden

    Plus Ultra...An All Might reference...I’m happy.

  100. Andres Arjon

    Andres ArjonDag siden

    Hiyaa 🥋 0:44