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  1. Daniel Szczęśniak

    Daniel Szczęśniak8 timer siden

    Linda’s hot.

  2. Bordo bordo

    Bordo bordo8 timer siden

    *is this motherfucking poland reference!?*

  3. Soar

    Soar8 timer siden

    You should try playing Geoguessr with papa

  4. potetoLT

    potetoLT8 timer siden

    Ngl the melon looks like a devil fruit form one piece

  5. Vasile Alin

    Vasile Alin8 timer siden

    I think the OR looks the best

  6. MrKlakkos

    MrKlakkos8 timer siden

    good video meal looks good, more videos like this

  7. Man

    Man8 timer siden

    Vorkuta is actually one of the most known "prison cities" in Russia.

  8. mixio hili

    mixio hili8 timer siden

    4:21 There's a dead dog in the bottom of the screen and Anomaly keeps commenting on the sheds

  9. Zhirafy

    Zhirafy9 timer siden

    Title on Truck says "" Anomaly: Mart-Shop

  10. Frozen Zane

    Frozen Zane9 timer siden

    You should go to Greece it's a beautiful place and the people go there to enjoy the non technologically advanced places they have this old fashion style and it's more to enjoy sea and the beautiful story and buildings

  11. jacqass

    jacqass9 timer siden

    Hair reveal

  12. Bu isim çok yaratıcı bir İsimdir

    Bu isim çok yaratıcı bir İsimdir9 timer siden

    You already showed your Face in a stream

  13. GIS _Kevin17

    GIS _Kevin179 timer siden

    Jag gillar din engelska

  14. Samuel Loo

    Samuel Loo9 timer siden

    Yakult is Japanese...

  15. PvPCarl Snart Doc. Munk

    PvPCarl Snart Doc. Munk9 timer siden

    I live in Denmark and i am NOT in prison because of Uno i have played it like 100 times

  16. Rovzzi

    Rovzzi9 timer siden

    If anyone thinks tath papanomaly is acting your wrong its just him

  17. mobi

    mobi9 timer siden

    come to greece!

  18. Tegut ist ein guter Laden

    Tegut ist ein guter Laden9 timer siden

    Poland is 0 out of 10

  19. PolandGames90

    PolandGames909 timer siden


  20. kummari h

    kummari h9 timer siden

    Hyvää se on


    DU VET MELLE #DRAMA!!!!9 timer siden

    (original) very revolutionating Yes (översatt från google) väldigt revolutionerande, ja.

  22. nikkow venne

    nikkow venne9 timer siden

    Varför haru rånarluva på dig i varje avsnitt? Så kallt äre väl inte i lyan ❓

  23. Luis Craft

    Luis Craft9 timer siden

    When you realize anomaly is giving papa an emotional breakdown while training

  24. haku

    haku9 timer siden

    Helsingør is just dollar store helsinki

  25. Entity

    Entity10 timer siden

    Check - Latvia , Dobele . :D

  26. ZeK The autist kid

    ZeK The autist kid10 timer siden


  27. Курочка Птичка

    Курочка Птичка10 timer siden

    anomali wear's crors like a real freaking man

  28. ZeK The autist kid

    ZeK The autist kid10 timer siden

    Finnish sauna 99% of The time Source:Im Finnish

  29. 2KAY

    2KAY10 timer siden

    why cant anomaly drink them he's over legal drinking age?

  30. RYZEX

    RYZEX10 timer siden

    The sound of a dying eagle fallin 2:19

  31. Rordon ;-;

    Rordon ;-;10 timer siden

    Isnt Vorkuta a gulag in black ops?

  32. TheMafia Worker

    TheMafia Worker10 timer siden

    6:29 when you are on steroids and your head reverses

  33. CaSprini ;D

    CaSprini ;D10 timer siden

    Cant wait for Poland Trip yeet

  34. Emil Skans

    Emil Skans10 timer siden

    4000 comment XD

  35. Hitler Kaput !

    Hitler Kaput !10 timer siden

    Русский это не национальность, это состояние души...

  36. iPandamonium97

    iPandamonium9711 timer siden

    Alex looks like the sad thingy mask from courage the cowardly dog

  37. swerwin jesú

    swerwin jesú11 timer siden


  38. Mudzin Afrika

    Mudzin Afrika11 timer siden

    yas go to polan 3==D

  39. Chiese The New

    Chiese The New11 timer siden

    Next thing you know, anomaly gonna be looking at different melon floats and skin patterns

  40. i like beer

    i like beer11 timer siden

    I laugh to much at this video

  41. Battlecrafter

    Battlecrafter11 timer siden

    Ein Land, Ein Reich, Ein Kommentarberreich

  42. Anastasia Gavalas

    Anastasia Gavalas11 timer siden


  43. Error989

    Error98911 timer siden

    now buy him a high end mesa boogie amplifier with 4x12 speaker cabinet so that he can play it as it should be played, if people living on the other end of the city complain you're doing a good but for real, get him a good amp or take him out so that he can pick an amp and pedals since pedals deppend on what you wanna play, you cant buy stuff like that blindly

  44. Cosmic Gamer

    Cosmic Gamer11 timer siden

    7:56 is the joke his silence

  45. Skipper

    Skipper11 timer siden

    chernobyl v2.0

  46. Translate Center

    Translate Center11 timer siden

    Please visit Poland, the memes would be amazing, go to Lodz in like July I dare you lmao

  47. CyberRacer

    CyberRacer11 timer siden

    The grapes taste lile perfume cause it may actually be some sort of perfume thats why japanese people remove the skin of any grapes and eat it

  48. Wally Bolly

    Wally Bolly11 timer siden

    If you want to see a real shitty view of Poland you should go to Łódź

  49. Moutas

    Moutas11 timer siden

    Go to Greece Santorini

  50. epicfollower

    epicfollower12 timer siden

    You look like Scuffedpuppie

  51. Salik Jamal

    Salik Jamal12 timer siden

    His dad is the most coolest and cutest dad ever!!!!

  52. barkley206

    barkley20612 timer siden

    10:48 ROAD IS ROAD

  53. C U N T N U G G E T

    C U N T N U G G E T12 timer siden

    1:21 fuck off

  54. Vasile Alin

    Vasile Alin12 timer siden

    Streetman is a PUSSY

  55. ello1011

    ello101112 timer siden

    In german "mumu" means something like PUSSY lmfao XD

  56. Luckygaming

    Luckygaming13 timer siden

    öppnade 3 fick 1 kniv :P

  57. J0SYLVI0

    J0SYLVI013 timer siden

    So this is how he got so fat

  58. aj abesome

    aj abesome13 timer siden

    Try doing Vacation on the Philippines go to the most fun or exciting parts in the Philippines

  59. Adolf Gitler

    Adolf Gitler13 timer siden

    Go visit Poland and make some video there, and you can gritting their for me

  60. lucaaa

    lucaaa13 timer siden


  61. matas valiukonis

    matas valiukonis13 timer siden

    Anomaly: reviews Lithuania Also Anomaly: Latvia more like Latvi ahhhh Me: wat?

  62. Arently

    Arently13 timer siden

    Mé nem gyussz ide hungaryba @anomaly

  63. kredziQ

    kredziQ13 timer siden

    Polska? V V

  64. Hesam Shirin Sokhan

    Hesam Shirin Sokhan13 timer siden

    13:35 WTF is he saying ? :))

  65. Lewis Yeow

    Lewis Yeow14 timer siden

    @4:23 Instant Mcskillet flashback, RIP. :(

  66. Extractable Gaming

    Extractable Gaming14 timer siden


  67. Theo Nielsen

    Theo Nielsen14 timer siden


  68. Tom Jenczmionka

    Tom Jenczmionka14 timer siden

    Papas German is really fucking good tho😂

  69. WA studios

    WA studios14 timer siden

    Its just for decoration

  70. Blu Scout

    Blu Scout14 timer siden

    Clickbait thumbnail🤣🤣

  71. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooi14 timer siden

    "Its .pl so he is either a hacker or he is from Poland" XDDDDDD

  72. Ģę Ø

    Ģę Ø14 timer siden

    Come to Serbia You are gonna be my guest😂💪

  73. Expresso Pesso

    Expresso Pesso14 timer siden

    isn't like 10:17 a COD map in the old games, or am i generalizing because Russia

  74. David Frick

    David Frick14 timer siden


  75. xdoptify lol

    xdoptify lol14 timer siden

    3:17 is my country and is lithuania not latvia stupid anomaly

  76. O

    O15 timer siden

    papa is a mad lad

  77. PROZACTv

    PROZACTv15 timer siden

    Yes you fucking gayyyyyyy come to greece ♥♥♥♥

  78. Tobias Josefsen

    Tobias Josefsen15 timer siden

    RISSKOV 8240 denmark, rich area. Funny town name sæd, tarm

  79. FoxyGames TV

    FoxyGames TV15 timer siden

    Anomaly, visit Czech Republic sometimes. It is nice country🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿

  80. DeathbyZombie

    DeathbyZombie15 timer siden

    the ghost bit papa

  81. JustKapi

    JustKapi15 timer siden

    Luton, 🇬🇧

  82. DeathbyZombie

    DeathbyZombie15 timer siden

    who else thought he sold it for 32 dollars

  83. Csalomi Chris

    Csalomi Chris16 timer siden

    Go to Poland Kurwa

  84. Steve Goldmann

    Steve Goldmann16 timer siden

    What about Hungary?

  85. kfc

    kfc16 timer siden

    yes pls go to Greece

  86. BlinBoi

    BlinBoi16 timer siden

    Over 400k people have seen my birds asshole now.

  87. Izak YouTube

    Izak YouTube16 timer siden

    Kto w to klikną tylko bo zobaczył napis POLAND

  88. Kanterson

    Kanterson16 timer siden

    You just fucking saw my fucking street and my house In a Kazan city I’m kinda famous now Da fak sake

  89. Strichkot- Typ.

    Strichkot- Typ.17 timer siden

    In germany we get these melons 🍈 for 7-10€😂, Anomaly got fcking scammed

  90. Mangohirsch454

    Mangohirsch45417 timer siden

    This Moment wen you are from germany

  91. rise _701

    rise _70117 timer siden


  92. Poul Qvortrup

    Poul Qvortrup17 timer siden

    Uggerhalne Denmark

  93. Brite Moony

    Brite Moony17 timer siden

    Haha that fucking intro

  94. otto wiberg

    otto wiberg18 timer siden

    Anal molly

  95. alisuo toko

    alisuo toko19 timer siden

    Hamel Anomaly:"IsN'T THaT ThE GUy WHo WroTE ShaKESPeare

  96. Lawrence Ricaplaza

    Lawrence Ricaplaza20 timer siden

    anyone noticed the finish catalog.

  97. play with kf3084

    play with kf308420 timer siden

    Go to Austrullia Free v bucks

  98. Quantum

    Quantum20 timer siden

    Title: Reviewing Countries Me: Ah fuck it!

  99. fabian Baggins

    fabian Baggins20 timer siden

    Quien iva a decir que el dylantero tiene copia xd

  100. FaLLeN

    FaLLeN21 time siden

    Your dad is a true viking , man . The accent part was funny btw )