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If you're looking for the answers to life's questions and Wikipedia was under scheduled maintenance, look no further, Casually Explained is here to help.

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Calculus in 20 Seconds
  1. Ahmed Said

    Ahmed Said6 timer siden

    Is he drunk or something in this video? He is slurring

  2. 122 mm BR-471B Stalinium projectile

    122 mm BR-471B Stalinium projectile7 timer siden

    0:45 laughing in Hungarian.

  3. Rose Bubbles

    Rose Bubbles7 timer siden

    ... I thought you meant red signal flags

  4. Laura Anne

    Laura Anne9 timer siden

    I’ve never wanted to see someone’s face so badly!

  5. mascar1lha

    mascar1lha10 timer siden

    Any noob-friendly guild recruiting?

  6. rawriorr bro

    rawriorr bro10 timer siden

    This one was wayyyy too good and accurate

  7. jaguar warrior

    jaguar warrior10 timer siden

    Im at the far bottom

  8. No name

    No name11 timer siden

    wow Assembly casually inserted lol

  9. The 9th Doctor

    The 9th Doctor12 timer siden

    10 seconds into the video, i realized that this is why i will remain single (at least until I stop playing video games for >25% of my time Including sleep)

  10. Giovanni Tang

    Giovanni Tang14 timer siden

    Nexus 5 squad!

  11. Maxim Chau

    Maxim Chau14 timer siden

    God that last joke was amazing

  12. indyjons321

    indyjons32115 timer siden

    Drunk Lego

  13. Turtlely Normal

    Turtlely Normal16 timer siden

    Haha, I run my sick gaming computer on hydro power.

  14. 1999 Toyota Corolla

    1999 Toyota Corolla16 timer siden

    I’m procrastinating a 6 page research paper that I haven’t started yet due in 12 hours. Wish me luck

  15. Beige

    Beige16 timer siden

    Forgot you're from vic, see you on the road!

  16. Maharshi K Desai

    Maharshi K Desai16 timer siden

    haha *jiggle*

  17. Sabrina1516

    Sabrina151616 timer siden

    Nothing like a reminder of our impending doom before bed

  18. After The Summer

    After The Summer17 timer siden

    hard intro. rap god. yo back

  19. Elyzzabeth

    Elyzzabeth18 timer siden

    God damnit 🤣 it is phenomenal how scathing this man's humor is.

  20. Jason Stuart

    Jason Stuart18 timer siden

    Don't wanna be the fun guy at parties or anything, but you didn't mention anything about meat production.... Which is up there with oil and gas as a carbon footprint..

  21. Sustain Poison

    Sustain Poison18 timer siden

    *Aha! Something I can use!*

  22. Cody Plays VR

    Cody Plays VR18 timer siden

    Didn't see anyone else mention the three penises and two sperm at the begining... Look closely.

  23. Caleb Hoffman

    Caleb Hoffman18 timer siden

    This is fuckin gold

  24. Joe Norman

    Joe Norman19 timer siden

    Ahhhhhh how frustrating is this language?!!!

  25. mem reflect

    mem reflect19 timer siden

    Cynical advice > real advice Thank you for existing on NO-gos. Your videos are

  26. Cindy Something

    Cindy Something19 timer siden

    Me: *watches this to procrastinate*

  27. Classy Glassy

    Classy Glassy19 timer siden

    This is actually very solid dating advice.

  28. ZeroColdx911

    ZeroColdx91120 timer siden

    I hope someone got the grapefruit joke

  29. Del

    Del20 timer siden

    If it gives any of y'all some hope, I've been pursuing a guy persistently for a few months now. I made the first move cuz he wouldn't, been pretty nice so far.

  30. suspicious fish

    suspicious fish21 time siden

    What about eating meat?

  31. Smuckers T

    Smuckers T22 timer siden

    The cost to upgrade skill level is getting out of hand in some servers, something the devs really need to address

  32. Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenywevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas

    Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenywevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas22 timer siden

    *The Joy of MS Painting*

  33. EnderSpell

    EnderSpell22 timer siden

    This Video is false there are Mountainbikers

  34. Mark D

    Mark D22 timer siden

    I know this was 4 years ago but, CHRIST, D is in [m]. We're civilized for fuck's sake.

  35. Frelted

    Frelted22 timer siden

    can confirm, live in england and i still cant pronounce "th"

  36. Whoamiacrazerson

    Whoamiacrazerson22 timer siden

    He didnt talk about the catgirls...

  37. Haas

    Haas23 timer siden

    Jesus Christ that ending holy shit dude

  38. Ibrahim Abubakar

    Ibrahim Abubakar23 timer siden

    your papa doesn't have internet rubbish

  39. micheal o brien

    micheal o brien23 timer siden

    This is why French is the language of love ❤

  40. Prazed Platoon

    Prazed PlatoonDag siden

    1:05 Holy shit lol

  41. HouseMusicLover001

    HouseMusicLover001Dag siden

    My Google Home is in the other room and it heard you lol

  42. Avakin Penny Freya

    Avakin Penny FreyaDag siden

    That's actually really depressing

  43. Dusty Shane

    Dusty ShaneDag siden


  44. TomtheMagician21

    TomtheMagician21Dag siden

    Lol I have Alexa

  45. Ryan Galway

    Ryan GalwayDag siden

    Redditors when they bully a 10 year old to the point of Chronic Depression for liking a game they don’t like: Wholesome 300 😎😂😂😎

  46. Josiah McCarthy

    Josiah McCarthyDag siden

    James... I tried to call you... Let me know.

  47. The Doorman

    The DoormanDag siden

    from sounding like a funny white boy to sounding like a black guy with a white family background....still a fan

  48. Prazed Platoon

    Prazed PlatoonDag siden

    2:00 when your dumbass friend thinks it’s been enough time away from it EX.

  49. Geometrydashxmemes [GD]

    Geometrydashxmemes [GD]Dag siden

    Who else came to see how karma works

  50. Nico Van der Merwe

    Nico Van der MerweDag siden

    So... Nobody's gonna talk about the possible damage caused by a misplaced nut? 😏

  51. DinoHat

    DinoHatDag siden

    4:08 is that true? 🤣

  52. qufskan

    qufskanDag siden

    Old interface...

  53. Harvey Williams

    Harvey WilliamsDag siden


  54. Nick

    NickDag siden

    if there ain't Natalie Dormer aka Margaery Tyrell in it. then it ain't casually explained

  55. Michael Yu

    Michael YuDag siden

    In most areas it's called keep the change

  56. Michael Yu

    Michael YuDag siden

    where I live a tip is like a bit of advice

  57. Zedi

    ZediDag siden

    2:10 brilliant

  58. ThaKidd

    ThaKiddDag siden

    Best son award . 2nd place ribbon..

  59. Clay P

    Clay PDag siden

    Your bogan accent is spot on and I love it

  60. EmisterXD

    EmisterXDDag siden

    This reminds me of a Sam O’Nella video

  61. El Mehdi Boussalhi

    El Mehdi BoussalhiDag siden

    I expect people will start writing "thanks for the gold" ironically

  62. Zeenu Exe

    Zeenu ExeDag siden

    I'm employed! 🙂

  63. B.A.C

    B.A.CDag siden

    i'm sensing this hits to close to home for ya haha

  64. Documenter haha

    Documenter hahaDag siden

    0:52 *The fat conductor laughed.* "You are wrong."

  65. booty connoisseur

    booty connoisseurDag siden

    trevor noah has entered the chat

  66. Dario Banze

    Dario BanzeDag siden

    I learn so much from this channel

  67. GaTsBy

    GaTsByDag siden

    *the guy isn't even trying to be funny he's just mean Af!*

  68. Grodioz

    GrodiozDag siden

    Funny thing I only realized it was sarcastic when they had sex

  69. GaTsBy

    GaTsByDag siden

    *this is Dark AF!*

  70. Abel L

    Abel LDag siden

    Englando is no hardo language

  71. Deni Pallas

    Deni PallasDag siden

    I can turn Mcdonalds into diabetes.

  72. south easthetic

    south eastheticDag siden

    From the Philippines, watching this from my aunt's white boyfriend's 3310. He can't afford a phone anymore bc he spent all his money just to fly here

  73. Drew's Daily

    Drew's DailyDag siden

    our boy

  74. Rushil Jalal

    Rushil JalalDag siden

    Him: "Back when we didn't have friends" Me: " As if i have them now"

  75. Spaceman24

    Spaceman24Dag siden

    “Rachel get the Bible” Holy shit literally lmao

  76. Freeday

    FreedayDag siden

    You are a genius thank man XD

  77. Srath200

    Srath200Dag siden

    "alright, no errors? that’s unusual." as someone majoring in a programming course, I felt that

  78. Jacqueline Morris

    Jacqueline MorrisDag siden

    is that an abyssal whip i see

  79. rylie weaver

    rylie weaverDag siden

    When your unskippable ad is longer than the video

  80. GrandNebSmada

    GrandNebSmadaDag siden

    I was listening at literally half of the first volume setting in bed and the ok Google still got picked up wtf

  81. indyjons321

    indyjons321Dag siden

    So glad I never use reddit

  82. Preston Wendt

    Preston WendtDag siden

    I need to know who the "attractive" example was. For reasons.

  83. Rushank Sarade

    Rushank SaradeDag siden


  84. Jazib Malik

    Jazib MalikDag siden

    Yo these videos are actually hilarious

  85. Andrei Mezjoukhin

    Andrei MezjoukhinDag siden

    Yes, and your cartoonist should've been fired! 😂😂😂

  86. Dylan Phd

    Dylan PhdDag siden

    Every 6th grade boy comes to watch this. You know it’s true. Don’t lie.

  87. Eddie Anderson

    Eddie AndersonDag siden

    What about the wild boar class

  88. Amanda Chang

    Amanda ChangDag siden

    Weirdly he specifically drew a Tesla Model S as the car even though its electric (although manufacturing costs are still a thing)

  89. Valentíno Ceniceros

    Valentíno CenicerosDag siden

    I watched from Argentina while I'm thinking about how in the hell we are going to pay all the money that USA borrowed us.

  90. Mob Energy Mob Squad

    Mob Energy Mob SquadDag siden

    2020 still here, wbu?

  91. Cactus_John

    Cactus_JohnDag siden

    When he put up “I love you” on the screen I just didn’t say it and then he was all like “thanks”

  92. Alex Kendrick

    Alex KendrickDag siden

    2:55 If only I'd been here four years ago when I was needed...

  93. Maxim Chau

    Maxim ChauDag siden


  94. Dwarcca Nation

    Dwarcca NationDag siden

    A milf hunter too? What a quality gent

  95. Sinisig

    SinisigDag siden

    *Here is some english student torture:* "I need a bat to bat down a bat"

  96. Debbie Mitten

    Debbie MittenDag siden

    I roared out loud about the SoundCloud rappers 😂😂😂

  97. BestBoi PyroYT

    BestBoi PyroYTDag siden

    6:43 *cotton eyed joe*

  98. Logan Strong

    Logan StrongDag siden

    How do Americans know 0.8 languages

  99. Domotron 35

    Domotron 35Dag siden

    “But then when you look over and see one of them tryna figure out which LEGO block tastes the best, you can’t help but be amused yourself and think *sigh*, poor thing must have been vaccinated”

  100. Encyclopedia Aesthetica

    Encyclopedia AestheticaDag siden

    Is there a "Philosophy Casually Explained"?