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  1. UwU Engla

    UwU Engla5 minutter siden

    Lol i have half purple an half pink hair

  2. Nicole Craus

    Nicole Craus14 minutter siden

    Do ariana grande next

  3. TheFutboljunky

    TheFutboljunky16 minutter siden

    Noah freaking Gundersen

  4. Julie Andersson

    Julie Andersson17 minutter siden

    u should do one with maddie

  5. Amanda Brown

    Amanda Brown37 minutter siden

    I miss her old hair

  6. acryonym pasta

    acryonym pasta42 minutter siden

    Fake vanessa hudgens shes not a teen anymore lie more

  7. isimsiz biri

    isimsiz biriTime siden

    shes a cinnamon roll i love her sm 🥺

  8. CupOfWhiskey

    CupOfWhiskeyTime siden

    Yooooo wtf how are they all good at english?? And 3 of the 5 of them are really good!

  9. Kasia Kulej

    Kasia KulejTime siden

    She look's very Karen now 😂😂😕🤷‍♀️

  10. Artist 254grafitti

    Artist 254grafittiTime siden

    I only clicked coz Teni-Case. Love it

  11. Melvin Gonzalez

    Melvin GonzalezTime siden

    Happy thanksgiving America

  12. Elene Mkervalishvili

    Elene MkervalishviliTime siden

    mitchell's speech got me dead

  13. Julia Moreno Sanchez

    Julia Moreno SanchezTime siden


  14. Cardos

    CardosTime siden

    Billy dies

  15. Marie Galvez

    Marie GalvezTime siden

    Omggggg in this video Vanessa has the same voice as the merrel twins !!

  16. GhettoPenguinGaming

    GhettoPenguinGamingTime siden

    Guys please subscribe to me im a aspiring streamer who wishes for a better gaming community in india i stream pc games!!

  17. Σύγχρ0νη κ0υτσ0μπ0λΑ

    Σύγχρ0νη κ0υτσ0μπ0λΑTime siden

    Question: If aliens abducted Billie, they would say "Man, humans are really.... " Billie: Pale... 😂😂😂 That's so funny!

  18. Donna Bean

    Donna Bean2 timer siden

    Who thinks tyler is hot

  19. ZombieBUSTER27

    ZombieBUSTER272 timer siden

    👏 👏 meme reveiw 👏 👏

  20. Demi Krueger

    Demi Krueger2 timer siden

    4:45 yuta babie energy

  21. Mariam Shengelia

    Mariam Shengelia2 timer siden

    my little kendall

  22. Luna Hollenberg

    Luna Hollenberg2 timer siden

    8:53 you’re welcome 🥰🥰🥰

  23. manu lammers

    manu lammers3 timer siden

    This video is one of my official Aha! Moments. This is an Oprah reference. Feminism. Yes.

  24. Plenus

    Plenus3 timer siden

    First they stole the land, and then they stole the color, look at these girls...Indian? They're whiter than me.

  25. Lyn Vallery Caes Singh

    Lyn Vallery Caes Singh3 timer siden

    I’ve really love Justin in that time and I’ve love him till now at all but not forever

  26. Cece & Fi Fi

    Cece & Fi Fi4 timer siden

    Isabella is so amazing and inspirational!!!

  27. sana patel

    sana patel4 timer siden

    This made me love jaehyun even more the fact that he’s watched hsm like I STILL listen to all the songs wow I love him

  28. Queen Patch

    Queen Patch5 timer siden

    I need Ezra to drop a cover of that Cardi song like yesterday

  29. fancy peppa

    fancy peppa5 timer siden

    New zealnd REPESENT!

  30. Radhika Dutt

    Radhika Dutt6 timer siden

    She is so cute!!! I hope she is fine now... Isabella is so strong and I loved to see her smile and jump up and down when she found out she was going to see Meghan Trainer♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  31. Lala Barbie

    Lala Barbie6 timer siden

    llama faceu

  32. Cassey Veliaj

    Cassey Veliaj6 timer siden

    Kenzie didn’t say dance moms she just said old show

  33. Tegan M09

    Tegan M096 timer siden

    “Where did you guys meet?” *MY BROTHER*

  34. Gryfinnpuff Edits

    Gryfinnpuff Edits6 timer siden

    SHES 15 WTF!!

  35. Monette Van Der Sandt

    Monette Van Der Sandt7 timer siden

    Where can we take the surwey

  36. Bajablast Yt

    Bajablast Yt7 timer siden

    Anyone else wanted to see the trick

  37. Hennessy

    Hennessy7 timer siden

    Nobody: Just No Absolutely No One: Bambam: I'm love with the shape of you BamBam: Ur in love with the shape of me Got7 can't get any worse than this 😂

  38. Jade Luu

    Jade Luu7 timer siden

    They all have really strong personality buttt I think I'm gonna get along with Matt, Joshua and Olivia more than the rest because they seem more timid and approachable.

  39. Destiny Cunningham IG: dezr

    Destiny Cunningham IG: dezr7 timer siden

    I kid you not... This whole playlist other than Jesus, Jesus is mine.. This is amazing 💜 im 29 and honestly, I think hanging out with billie and finneas would be such a great time..

  40. Jeff Keil

    Jeff Keil8 timer siden

    Stop allowing liberals to teach kids to stop the attacks.

  41. alan funez

    alan funez8 timer siden

    What’s the name of the song that plays in between while she writes down each individual song?

  42. moutusi ghosh

    moutusi ghosh8 timer siden

    She was cute when she was 11

  43. Annisa Frianta

    Annisa Frianta8 timer siden

    3:44 why is Jonah looks so gorgeous?!!!!!!

  44. Kayla S

    Kayla S8 timer siden

    Omg cardiac arrest has been in my top 3 favorite songs all year it’s so good! It was my most played on Spotify this year too 😊❤️

  45. Annisa Frianta

    Annisa Frianta8 timer siden

    Why is everytime I see Jonas, I see Liam Payne too? 😆

  46. Michael King

    Michael King9 timer siden

    Do you guys really want us to hate women

  47. Bernard Fitzgerald

    Bernard Fitzgerald9 timer siden

    I don't even care what she's saying. I could stare at her face for 46 years straight without blinking. She belongs in the louvre museum

  48. Raishapradu Icha

    Raishapradu Icha9 timer siden

    Im crying

  49. Preena Ram Moorthy

    Preena Ram Moorthy9 timer siden

    *Original love song by WDW lyrics* GIRL YOU ARE SO SO HAPPY YOU MAKE ME THINK DIFFERENT-LY AND THEN I WENT SHOPPING FOR YOU BUT AND WE ARE THE BEST COUPLE EVER! Honestly i *loved* it!! i actually lost it when jack added the 'LY" to 'DIFFERENT' xD

  50. Bethany Harrison

    Bethany Harrison9 timer siden

    His playlist is amazing

  51. Cupcake Killer

    Cupcake Killer10 timer siden

    You know she's talented because she can write in cursive unlike most of us, that includes me,😂

  52. Annie l

    Annie l10 timer siden

    the one she likes and wasn't out yet is probably everything I wanted

  53. Hiiamyu

    Hiiamyu10 timer siden


  54. Elisa

    Elisa10 timer siden

    How can we take these surveys????

  55. Maya Friendship

    Maya Friendship10 timer siden

    OuCh ThAt HuRt, literally the only reason I’m watching this

  56. Bunga A A

    Bunga A A10 timer siden


  57. It’s Gacha Brez Seavey

    It’s Gacha Brez Seavey11 timer siden

    At 9:01 it was supposed to be Corbyns turn then Daniel took it 😂😂

  58. ckbear

    ckbear11 timer siden

    How did they not know it was miranda sings????

  59. Nekia Hicks

    Nekia Hicks11 timer siden

    Willow is the only girl I'll believe when she says "i started dating him because of his personality and mind"

  60. Joe Antonov

    Joe Antonov12 timer siden


  61. Kelsey Moberly

    Kelsey Moberly12 timer siden

    U may not be a drew and Jordan and the rest of the serpents but ur still a good actor

  62. 8mitsu

    8mitsu12 timer siden

    bighit : how many english speakers should we put in the group? recruit : no was not a answer

  63. 《Mikayla•Koch》

    《Mikayla•Koch》12 timer siden

    10:57 me too!!

  64. Artur Valencia

    Artur Valencia12 timer siden

    Alguna persona ke hable español? #BOLIVIA #VIVALARAZALATINA13

  65. Rachel Gascon

    Rachel Gascon13 timer siden

    Omg I love this playlist so much haha.

  66. Ruru Lorey

    Ruru Lorey13 timer siden

    Fancy you u u u ... you there know what I mean :)

  67. Why don’t we Obsessed person

    Why don’t we Obsessed person13 timer siden

    I love how corbyn just sings along while Daniels double cheeked self is in his face and says “ ᴳᴵᴿᴬᶠᶠᴱ”

  68. Bintang Ramadhia

    Bintang Ramadhia13 timer siden

    billie eilish talking to a picture of a horse is just somethin' else

  69. David Budd

    David Budd13 timer siden

    What a bat Mackenzie

  70. Sophia Marie

    Sophia Marie13 timer siden


  71. Almighty God

    Almighty God13 timer siden

    I was just hoping Billy would either slap or punch Harrington

  72. Alex Highmore

    Alex Highmore14 timer siden


  73. Raymond Leeves

    Raymond Leeves14 timer siden

    i dont like her music but i love her personality

  74. Erica Peterson

    Erica Peterson14 timer siden

    1:05 3:35 5:51 8:22 10:07 ella and hailee cute moments

  75. Domenica Eastburn

    Domenica Eastburn14 timer siden

    Am I the only one that hoped she would say 'It's an avocado! Thanks...' ?

  76. Echoicpanda3242

    Echoicpanda324214 timer siden

    Her laugh at 19:06 is so cute 🥺

  77. Kim miley

    Kim miley15 timer siden

    Los amo ? La respuesta es Sí

  78. Emo! At The Chemical Romance

    Emo! At The Chemical Romance15 timer siden

    everything i wanted is the "unreleased song" and its literally the most relatable song ever

  79. K.V dreams

    K.V dreams15 timer siden

    She got a kiss when she was 3!!! I can't even get a kiss at 15!!!!

  80. De Qi

    De Qi15 timer siden

    It shouldve been David getting a late night talk show not Lily

  81. Caylee Morisey

    Caylee Morisey16 timer siden

    Get better sweet girl

  82. Peachy Koko

    Peachy Koko16 timer siden

    Wait, omg young Hillary Clinton does look a lot like Kenzie...

  83. Robyn

    Robyn16 timer siden

    the amount of paper wasted tho

  84. Lonnie

    Lonnie16 timer siden

    for the tombstone I was thinking........HOUSTON TEXAS BABBBBYYY

  85. chispink

    chispink16 timer siden

    i don't like shopping periodt.

  86. Rylie Breaux-Collins

    Rylie Breaux-Collins16 timer siden

    okay but why is invisalign with her favorite sounds?

  87. CatZ Queen

    CatZ Queen16 timer siden

    And here we have Billie eilish enjoying herself throwing things of the table

  88. Canadian Limelight

    Canadian Limelight16 timer siden

    Am I alone who noticed that Jack did his nails? 6:54

  89. HarleeNicole Rehrig

    HarleeNicole Rehrig16 timer siden

    I would swich lives with xxxtencion

  90. Trevor Whatevr

    Trevor Whatevr17 timer siden

    Tellllllll me why when you asked about the sound question I thought oh the bass and then she goes and says bass

  91. Christina

    Christina17 timer siden

    I enjoyed Vanessa’s Singing and holiday look.

  92. Karol González

    Karol González17 timer siden

    Chris hahaha jajaja

  93. Layla caplice

    Layla caplice17 timer siden

    Ok but like I love how that girl basically screamed at KJ to wish her a happy birthday and neither of them did 😂

  94. Btrandwwelover

    Btrandwwelover17 timer siden

    Jae at the start telling everyone there is dare and then picking truth himself !! top 10 betrayals


    CHLOE CASUL17 timer siden

    josh is my celeb crush now no lie

  96. Jillibean 100

    Jillibean 10017 timer siden

    I had a dream, I got everything I wanted!

  97. Luana Sanchez

    Luana Sanchez18 timer siden

    Love her natural makeup

  98. Alma Tovar

    Alma Tovar18 timer siden

    "Adam Lambert's the winner in my opinion... every year." YEEEESSSSSS

  99. لمياء فاتن

    لمياء فاتن18 timer siden

    مـــين🥰 يـــرحـــب🥰 بــــي🥰 يـــضـــغـــك لايـــك🥰ويـراســــلنـــي خـاص واشـترك بقـــناتــــي الواتس**00212.674.056.812*💋💋💋

  100. Agustina Lima

    Agustina Lima18 timer siden

    “8 or 9...or 10...or 11?”