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Hi I'm Ann Reardon welcome to How To Cook That
Have fun with me making creative dessert, cake and chocolate
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  1. Marian Chaney

    Marian Chaney13 timer siden

    I broke my big toe on the first day of isolation and I can't get to a doctor or urgent care. I'm constantly frustrated and in pain, but how calm and relaxing this video was actually made me start to cry

  2. Tsunami Gaming

    Tsunami Gaming13 timer siden

    You can however make a homemade brownie in a cup!

  3. Elisa Angel

    Elisa Angel13 timer siden

    Lockdown in Washington DC. Enjoying your video today. Stay safe and stay well.

  4. Tilly Budgen

    Tilly Budgen13 timer siden

    I love it how you guys give out REAL content not FAKE content the other day my grandma was doing a baking competion and after I watched this video I was going to tell her some hacks thanks to you I didn't thanks SOOOOO much love you content

  5. Dana van der Looy

    Dana van der Looy14 timer siden

    "The only remaining member, Brendon Urie" Thnks fr reminding me........

  6. Taunis Mausi

    Taunis Mausi14 timer siden

    you cant take lemon juice by poking the end!

  7. Raybbit

    Raybbit14 timer siden

    What if you don't like the air bubbles though. Can't you just eat it like they showed? Or why can't you add baking powder into the recipe? The mug?

  8. kittykat wolf

    kittykat wolf14 timer siden

    Now I know your an educated woman, so how you could be so thick is beyond me! Slice the top of the melon... the cutter works great. 🤪

  9. Joni Burman

    Joni Burman14 timer siden

    Australian minders rock. Definitely making theses for my grandchildren.. love love love your miniature kitchen and miniature. I watched the video where you built. I love miniature and they must work. The flint one camera would be the perfect addition to mimic your filming. Mmmm....did the part where you coated the inside of the egg with white chocolate end up on the cutting room floor😂. Have a great 2020 Easter.

  10. Aric Watson

    Aric Watson14 timer siden

    I hate the bits where he’s eating 😫

  11. Geraf Longnek

    Geraf Longnek14 timer siden

    dihydrogen monoxide is the real deal and everyone should be worried about companies adding it to your water!

  12. Dana Ventura

    Dana Ventura14 timer siden


  13. CanadianErin

    CanadianErin14 timer siden

    Getting red wine stains out of white (or any carpet) is easy -- blot up as much of the spill as possible, then dissolve some OxyClean laundry powder in warm water, pour on the stain, it is instantly gone. Then blot it all up, or suck it out with a wet vacuum, pour some plain water on & repeat blo9tting or vacuuming. I know this because I used to make red wine as a hobby ... and one night, late, I was frantically trying to finish filtering & bottling 2 batches I'd made. I was sterilizing & rinsing bottles while the filtering was going (a tube in the raw bucket of finished wine, sucks it out, forces it through the filters, then another tube comes out the back into another bucket for the fully filtered wine, at which time you can bottle it). Unbeknownst to me, the vibration of the filtering machine was causing the out-tube to jiggle... it wiggled its way up & out of the bucket, and similar to a fire hose that's been let go, sprayed then dumped red wine ALL OVER my white carpet! OxyClean was a brand-new product at that time, and I'd bought some a few weeks earlier, thankfully. Once I had cleaned the wine up, I finished bottling. A few months later, we were entertaining friends, and one of then knocked over her glass of red wine ... she was freaking out, "Omigod I'm so sorry I'm so sorry" ... then changed to, "omigod that's incredible, what IS that stuff??" As for your questions in your pinned comment... 1 -- I'm in Canada (Sherwood Park, Alberta, in the Western half of the country). 2 -- They're out of Lysol everything (spray, wipes,etc), bleach, rubbing alcohol, masks, latex &/or Nitrile gloves, hand sanitizers, toilet paper, kleenex, paper towels are iffy, "flushable" bum wipes (PLEASE PEOPLE -- do NOT flush them! They are causing sewer back-ups all over the world!), a lot of meats (most stores have limited all items to 2 combined, so 2 packs of fresh meat, 2 yogurt or sour cream, 2 jugs of milk, flour & sugar are gone as they put it o the shelves, along with baking powder, baking soda, rice, Mexican or Tex-Mex food supplies (salsa, taco seasoning, taco shells, etc). 3 -- We're under a "no non-essential outings" order, but it's with a "please", although they have passed laws that people must obey physical distancing, and gatherings can be no more than 15 people (but I think that's too many!). Most stores are closed except for grocery, liquor, marijuana, and pet supplies (non-essential stores, ie Indigo, clothing & shoe stores, Thrift Stores, like Value Village, stuff like that, all closed). Bars & restaurants closed except for take-out & delivery. Coffee shops & fast food with drive-through service are mostly open, but they're ONLY drive-through. Some Starbucks locations closed entirely. Now, a lot of grocery stores are having to hold people back in line-ups outside -- namely Costco, they've been limiting the # of people allowed in at one time, so people are lining up outside (and bear in mind, we're having a ridiculous cold snap here in Alberta, with morning temps in the -20C range, highs of -10C, then chilling again as soon as the sun starts to drop). Taxis & Uber services were just last week issued new rules -- only 1 passenger at a time, unless the passengers live together, nobody in the front seat, they must disinfect door handles, seat belts & buckles and payment systems between each trip. Physical distancing measure of 2m between people in shops. If anyone has ANY symptoms, they are not allowed to leave their own property at all whatsoever, punishable by fines & jail time if caught out. They've closed a lot of streets to traffic in high-density areas, so people have lots of room to pass each other without getting in the 2m zone. Schools have been fully closed since mid-March. Moviue theatres, recreation centres, and gyms have all been closed as well. Yet the curve is not flattening out. Most offices closed and have their employees working from home. Essential services like insurance and financial services/banks are still open, but skeleton staffed for the most part. Transit services have blocked off the front seats and have only back door entrance & exit (and the buses are all free now), and passengers must obey physical distancing rules. 4 -- Luckily I don't know anyone who has it. In my province most of the deaths are in 2 seniors assisted living facilities, but there have been some from community spread infections. It's so hard because we just don't know who has it or not. Thank you for another great video, Ann! Stay safe!

  14. Angela Williamson

    Angela Williamson14 timer siden

    Can you make a weeny teeny Oreo?

  15. Dana Ventura

    Dana Ventura15 timer siden


  16. Joanna Martin

    Joanna Martin15 timer siden

    Your meringues looked larger than those in the video, maybe if u microwaved it for longer and let it set for a bit, it would get crunchy.

  17. Shahbaz Vegeta

    Shahbaz Vegeta15 timer siden

    Y any1 dislike this vdo? 😑

  18. Giulia's Crafts

    Giulia's Crafts15 timer siden

    Wrapping bananas actually work, but if you leave some bananas unwrapped near the wrapped ones, not work. The cause is that the piece of banana that sticks to the plant releases hormones that ripen the fruit.

  19. Leo Loewi

    Leo Loewi15 timer siden

    In Germany/Austria we make between the sheets marzipan mixed creamy with Marc de champagne ....

  20. Keira Mullahy

    Keira Mullahy15 timer siden

    I just a great idea for baby announcements. Take water and add the acidic or the other it will turn pink or blue

  21. Clarissa Kay Hill

    Clarissa Kay Hill15 timer siden

    I’m really lucky to say that nobody in my neighbourhood grocery is panic shopping. I didn’t even have to wait in a queue at the checkout. I completely understand that’s not the case for most people.

  22. Bbzoe Roblox

    Bbzoe Roblox15 timer siden

    It’s the creators fault, but the platform won’t care about it even if it can hurt people? I guess it kinda depends.

  23. Amanda Curry

    Amanda Curry15 timer siden

    Not gonna lie, that colour-changing turmeric top is kind of cool haha a walking chemistry experiment

  24. K. H.

    K. H.15 timer siden

    You spoil us, Ann

  25. Chikoo Arin

    Chikoo Arin15 timer siden

    I love your videos even though I am allergic to chocolate

  26. Jasmine cookie cake

    Jasmine cookie cake15 timer siden

    What do chicken teachers call the hopes Eggspectation Lol

  27. Henrik Stidsen

    Henrik Stidsen15 timer siden

    Don't contact the company you see in the adverts, they don't pick what videos their advertising goes on, please don't play into that narrative. The advertising is picked based on *you*, not the video you are watching. Report the video to NO-gos instead.

  28. Ina Ottersen-Brokeland

    Ina Ottersen-Brokeland15 timer siden

    Jeg syntes videoen med kaker er kule og spennende

  29. Kitty Gallor

    Kitty Gallor15 timer siden


  30. YamiNoGame

    YamiNoGame15 timer siden

    Actually it would be really parents’ fault for not keeping tabs on their kids. Yes these sort of videos don’t offer anything and everything they do is faked. But it’s still the parents’ responsibility to make sure their kids are safe. Not NO-gos videos. Children shouldn’t be on the internet anyways. You can’t control who’s watching your videos. This wouldn’t have happened if the parents’ knew what the girls were doing

  31. Rhy Bendle

    Rhy Bendle16 timer siden

    Hi Ann I wanted to ask if you have heard of the two ingredent Pizza dough recipe that uses selfraiseing flour and Greek yogurt and if that works, I have seen on some cooking websites.

  32. Koky lovers

    Koky lovers16 timer siden

    Can you make a frozen cake ❄️

  33. Carolina Paez

    Carolina Paez16 timer siden

    Wow so cool 😍😍😍

  34. Zoe Young

    Zoe Young16 timer siden

    I love all your videos your so creative and hard working 😃

  35. Shariza Ronowidjojo

    Shariza Ronowidjojo16 timer siden

    If i'm gonna make this it's only gonna make me stress

  36. Jaan Ruus

    Jaan Ruus16 timer siden

    me : mom i want Dwayne Johnson mom : we have Dwayne Johnson at home the Dwayne Johnson at home: 11:19

  37. T & R School Projects

    T & R School Projects16 timer siden

    Can u dip the ballon in the chocolate so that the chocolate would be from outside

  38. Raven Mcbain

    Raven Mcbain16 timer siden

    You can prank your friends or your enemies (which after the end of this might be the same thing)

  39. Disappointed Carl

    Disappointed Carl16 timer siden

    I wonder what popular channel will steal these ideas :^)))

  40. D.Tilly

    D.Tilly16 timer siden

    Purely stunning!

  41. Careless Conundrums

    Careless Conundrums17 timer siden

    do you know who cupcake jemma is?

  42. a random cannoli potato

    a random cannoli potato17 timer siden

    That's good and all but do they actually work?

  43. Bazziness

    Bazziness17 timer siden

    I'm sure blossom will copy this

  44. jawaahir&noodle almutawakil

    jawaahir&noodle almutawakil17 timer siden

    where can i find mini eggs

  45. Pearl Smith

    Pearl Smith17 timer siden

    I live in a very small town and we had plenty of toilet paper...until someone drove 200 miles from the nearest city and bought ALL of it. Any kind of hoarding is frustrating, but it goes both ways! WHY AND HOW AND WHYYYYY DID OUR MARKET ALLOW SOMEONE BUY ALL OF THE TP IN THE FIRST PLACE??? 😤

  46. Lady-Octopus

    Lady-Octopus17 timer siden

    The process of the sugar decorations were satisfying, and I forgot the dumpster fire of the World for 9 mins.

  47. lou

    lou17 timer siden

    It's the responsibility of youtube, the creator and parents. Three villains here. NO-gos who allows these corporations to puke out videos like this, the creator who just pukes out videos like these for clicks, views and many don't see the danger in what they are putting out. Lastly the parents who dosen't seem o care about what their children are watching and just let's them consume dumb videos where they think they will learn something but parents are not there to supervise or correct them.

  48. Amit Kumar

    Amit Kumar17 timer siden

    Milk shake

  49. Ulo Hun

    Ulo Hun17 timer siden

    I don’t think they did it to be political they probably just thought let’s also have a slice of the crazy conspiracy theorists pie.

  50. Melody Muniz

    Melody Muniz17 timer siden

    I thought that it was tasty

  51. асасин скрид

    асасин скрид17 timer siden


  52. Ulo Hun

    Ulo Hun18 timer siden

    I can see Dave used to be a journalist, he answered that like a reporter. 😄


    OMARGOD18 timer siden

    I love this tea channel.

  54. Emy Hoedemakers

    Emy Hoedemakers18 timer siden

    Thanks for making the video ❤

  55. Penguin Hunter

    Penguin Hunter18 timer siden

    I'm 3 years late but Pinapple's peel are used for high end restaurant to fill fired rice in there in Thailand... we get the nice pineapple smell from it when we eat too.

  56. J.K Fitz

    J.K Fitz18 timer siden

    I just stopped by to tell you how much I appreciate you videos Ann !!! I have been watching since I started my youtube and I love your knowledge, personality & patience in baking, myth busting & all the tiny baking videos. Please keep up !!! I love you & Daves authenticity !!!

  57. Queen Bee

    Queen Bee18 timer siden

    i have unsub those channels the first time i saw one of your debunking vids..

  58. Quirk Virus

    Quirk Virus18 timer siden

    I burned my finger making chicolate chip shortbread cookies, it was worth it - good that it was only a second degree burn and it was small 🍪

  59. lou

    lou18 timer siden

    I wanna vomit after hearing about all these "channels".

  60. quixotic sonnet

    quixotic sonnet18 timer siden

    This isn't exactly baking, but have you ever tried to make sugar wax?

  61. timer siden

    So what you’re telling me is Rachel putting meat in the trifle wasn’t THAT far off?

  62. nesbitt615

    nesbitt61518 timer siden

    I know alot of professional kitchens I've worked in, use a sheet pan full of rocksalt in the bottom rack to diffuse the heat in the oven for even cooking

  63. Freedomcustom

    Freedomcustom18 timer siden

    5:52 absolute bullshit, if for one second u believe that would work then humanity is dumber then i expected. 14:47 wow that's alot of idiots

  64. undercover don’t judge

    undercover don’t judge19 timer siden

    Honestly that Sweeten condensed milk sounds nice. I mean... It’s crispy?

  65. Laura Nolastnamegiven

    Laura Nolastnamegiven19 timer siden

    the late Steve Irwin used to say, 'flat out, like a lizard drinking'

  66. Jenny Owen

    Jenny Owen19 timer siden

    Also. Commenting for the algorithm.

  67. Jenny Owen

    Jenny Owen19 timer siden

    This has me *shook*

  68. Dulcie Fleming

    Dulcie Fleming19 timer siden

    I've been watching you for years. You are amazing!!!!

  69. burningplumbranches

    burningplumbranches19 timer siden

    i made GF blueberry muffins yesterday

  70. Nik Stewart

    Nik Stewart19 timer siden

    Real Fake Fake Real

  71. Shen Doodles

    Shen Doodles19 timer siden

    YOU COPIED 5-MINUTE CRAFTS! Jk, I wouldn’t touch that channel with a ten thousand foot pole. I don’t think they’ve even done this yet.

  72. Miss Peachy

    Miss Peachy19 timer siden

    Who needs cake when you have sugar decorations, heck I'm gonna make these just to eat plain.

  73. Areej Kamran

    Areej Kamran19 timer siden

    An Reardon you are so talented I love your recipies. I could not even make 1 of your pretty cakes

  74. Met3lAngel

    Met3lAngel19 timer siden

    I imagine the original cake was dense and being soaked in honey instead of it drizzled on top. Could be similar to a gulab jaman.

  75. Scarfmonster

    Scarfmonster19 timer siden

    My first though with celery is: won't this make the bread go mouldy faster? You are basically introducing more moistness into the packaging.

  76. Audrey Yale

    Audrey Yale19 timer siden

    "Okay, I'll turn on the machine..." The Macine: rEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  77. Jacka24

    Jacka2419 timer siden

    Feel so sorry for Dave

  78. Noah Norel

    Noah Norel19 timer siden

    Me, 21:52pm : watches this video Also Me, 21:54pm : searches "How to hack a youtube account"

  79. Anna Stetskaya

    Anna Stetskaya19 timer siden

    Why do all these channels with gringy and useless content are from Russia? Troom troom, 5min crafts, 123gogo. It hurts my patriotic feelings

  80. stephanie anderson

    stephanie anderson19 timer siden

    Can you use food coloring to melted sugar

  81. nothingelsetodoZ

    nothingelsetodoZ19 timer siden

    This is soothing, thank you vey much Ann.

  82. Elizabeth Wells

    Elizabeth Wells19 timer siden

    The kids are so cute. The reactions are priceless.

  83. Feyza ATEŞ

    Feyza ATEŞ20 timer siden

    omg this was sooo fun to watch !!!

  84. Stella Starlight

    Stella Starlight20 timer siden

    Truth is, I hate cooking and baking. At least I thought I did. I always make the most healthy and simple dinners possible so I don't have to spend anymore time than what's absolutely necessary. Somehow your channel popped up in my YT feed and I am hooked. I love your knowledge, creativity, sense of humor, talent, intuition and even your voice. How did this happen?💛

  85. Tarrah Luckett

    Tarrah Luckett20 timer siden

    YEY, bring on 2020... you'll never forget the massive time that year. Uuummm, I'll remember it alright, shit year and time ahead as not knowing when it will be safe. Ppl are funny saying back to normal by July, hahahaha Doesn't work that way.

  86. NiGHTSaturn

    NiGHTSaturn20 timer siden

    ANN HATES VEGEMITE. MIND BLOWN. (Of course not every aussie likes vegemite, it would be wrong to say every Australian loves it. But i’m happy that she’s so unapologetic about it 😂)

  87. BeautyCool

    BeautyCool20 timer siden

    Forgive me Ann. But watching you stick that condense milk in the microwave for God knows how many times, cracked me up laughing!

  88. charl KRIEK

    charl KRIEK20 timer siden


  89. uri Sheinman

    uri Sheinman20 timer siden

    4:08 i must say, the milard reaction did happen.... id still never eat that

  90. Keoni Sato

    Keoni Sato20 timer siden

    Thank you Dave for some asmr lol

  91. Ed Balls

    Ed Balls20 timer siden

    i must say that the closeness of the microphone to that dude is absolutely disgusting. good video otherwise

  92. Sofia Herculano

    Sofia Herculano20 timer siden

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