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The Levitating Sneaker
Don't Ruin Your Smartphone
The Every Camera Smartphone
My New Cheese Grater
The "Coolest" iPhone 11 Cases
The Huawei Windows MacBook Pro
Phones Have Gone Too Far...
These Are NOT Apple AirPods...
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Hands On
This Is Not A BlackBerry...
The Other Type Of ThinkPad...
iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing

iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing

4 måneder siden

Unboxing a $25,000 Smartphone
AirPower Is Here... Sort Of
A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing...
  1. TheyCallMeChou

    TheyCallMeChou2 minutter siden

    Please send this to Philip defranco, and hope he talks about it

  2. Jason Tibbitts

    Jason Tibbitts3 minutter siden

    Don’t buy these I repeat I bought these pods and they charged my credit card 3 times here in Canada witch is 240$ and they never shipped me any never send an email and my credit card company cannot refund me bc the purchase already went through

  3. Braedyn Wisser

    Braedyn Wisser5 minutter siden

    Me watching with my collection of vans

  4. Elite Gamer

    Elite Gamer5 minutter siden

    You Paid $1500 for some air max 98s? Yeahhh you tripping lol I can get them for $200

  5. h.ru0 HASSAN

    h.ru0 HASSAN10 minutter siden

    I wish have a good Phone 😥

  6. Rey Castillo

    Rey Castillo14 minutter siden

    Where do i get a 2 tb drive and how do i know its the right one thanks

  7. PipenFalzy

    PipenFalzy15 minutter siden

    Can we not just do the review and forget about trying to be a comedian.

  8. Zandar

    Zandar16 minutter siden

    Chris chann has this

  9. TheMysticDave

    TheMysticDave17 minutter siden

    Apple will buy the rights and develop their own version. Only drawback is no proper trackpad.

  10. Amancha Shakya

    Amancha Shakya21 minutt siden

    I wonder how do you wash the cap

  11. Alanis Nikole

    Alanis Nikole22 minutter siden

    But can you use it with any Carrier? 🤔

  12. Seba92000

    Seba9200022 minutter siden

    thot of what?


    JAY AND JEN25 minutter siden

    Can you please give me one of your laptop.. I need one for skl i cant afford one

  14. Seba92000

    Seba9200027 minutter siden

    Imagine buying this phone and half year later you hear: ...THE ENTIRELY NEW REVOLUTIONARY IPHONE 11! :D -ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  15. SirWalri

    SirWalri28 minutter siden

    I want to buy this but there are no cases why don’t they make a case

  16. von dagani

    von dagani30 minutter siden

    this is so big giving us best porn hub experience 😂

  17. Pokiblue

    Pokiblue31 minutt siden

    2019 Lew : “ i dont like phone case so i made one “ 2020 Lew : “ i dont like laptops sooo i made one “ 😂 pulling the soulja boy

  18. Nickoy

    Nickoy36 minutter siden

    Who still watching this in 2019? 😊

  19. michael jeacock

    michael jeacock39 minutter siden

    I need a video sharing platform. when is lew going to invent youtube?

  20. Isaac Robinson

    Isaac Robinson40 minutter siden

    I spent $1500 on the iphone 11 pro max, $1000 for a dope lil laptop? Easily a deal

  21. Son Kmr

    Son Kmr41 minutt siden

    what hes saying is find real friends and be happy with whatever android phones you have .Stop wasting your money on new phones and I completely agree with him. One of the best videos you have made so far. Inspiring and an eye opener. reality of life is not what your phone camera megapixels define. REALITY is how you perceive life.

  22. Louis Sun

    Louis Sun44 minutter siden

    when unboxing Huawei matepad pro!

  23. Spillt Milk

    Spillt Milk50 minutter siden

    Is galexy fold in Philadelphia

  24. Gee Lee

    Gee Lee53 minutter siden

    Just have the OG developer send a DMCA to shopify and his site will be gone within a couple of days.

  25. Parsa Vafaei

    Parsa Vafaei54 minutter siden

    I am just imagining powerbeats pro with noise-canceling... omg

  26. Parsa Vafaei

    Parsa Vafaei55 minutter siden

    7 months late... but beats dropped an app for android that the w1/h1 chip works as it does with ios... just for people that are suffering... lol

  27. Armando Jurado escobar

    Armando Jurado escobar58 minutter siden

    Anyone: asks anything Willy du: mmh..

  28. Joshua Caballero

    Joshua CaballeroTime siden

    So shoes float now 🤨

  29. Job Nieuman

    Job NieumanTime siden

    Haylou GT1 pro, order it, test and be amazed (for the price)

  30. Jkfooty

    JkfootyTime siden

    Whats with laptop going smaller and mobile getting bigger ? Makeup your minds humans

  31. vtly5603

    vtly5603Time siden

    Who has the fold now 😊👍

  32. Go check out jeffrey21

    Go check out jeffrey21Time siden

    The head lights are not on he is lying

  33. Karla Esteban

    Karla EstebanTime siden

    what is he going to do with all of those

  34. Cliff M

    Cliff MTime siden

    How the fuck is this channel still running? Why the fucking FUCK is your sales site still up??? That Chinese company should have sued you homeless... I used to enjoy your vids, but now I have to constantly wonder what you'll steal next.

  35. Cliff M

    Cliff MTime siden

    How the fuck is this channel still running? Why the fucking FUCK is your sales site still up??? That Chinese company should have sued you homeless... I used to enjoy your vids, but now I have to constantly wonder what you'll steal next.

  36. Max The Yorkie King

    Max The Yorkie KingTime siden

    I ordered these 2 months ago and still haven’t heard anything so I ordered AirPod pros and Best Buy messed up my order by sending me a iPhone and.... they were my dad’s gift to me and their not suppose to be here but the 23rd so.... it’s all black pods fault

  37. Hector Aguilar

    Hector AguilarTime siden

    Skullcandy crusher wireless bass you can feel is better

  38. BR33CH HD

    BR33CH HDTime siden

    Not to sound likeapotheead but can i use it for moonrock?

  39. mohamed Sleimi

    mohamed SleimiTime siden

    a video about your top 5 midrange phones for 2019

  40. Tristan King

    Tristan KingTime siden

    I'm absolutely baffled by how these small companies would rather rip off other companies names instead of just making their own. "Okay guys we need a new name for our product. Try and think of something unique like other great tech companies do such as OnePlus, Xiaomi Mi Mix, Lenovo Yoga, etc. Get to work!"

  41. SuperninjaYTbro

    SuperninjaYTbroTime siden

    I want it :(

  42. Aman Singh

    Aman SinghTime siden

    Customer: There is a smudge on my screen.... Apple: rePlAcE tHe lOgic bOaRd

  43. Alek Playz YT

    Alek Playz YTTime siden

    *Does it work on T-mobile/MetroPCS?*

  44. 1k subs with no video

    1k subs with no videoTime siden

    What is going on with these double adverts?

  45. CrownGaming

    CrownGamingTime siden

    i thought he ssaid the n word

  46. EviLSiLenZ

    EviLSiLenZTime siden


  47. Darlen Colchado

    Darlen ColchadoTime siden

    He said nigga 2:03

  48. S/V Salty Abandon

    S/V Salty AbandonTime siden

    Do you know when the LG V60 ThinQ is being released? There are just some fake videos on NO-gos. Otherwise....there's no info on it. I have the LG V40 ThinQ.

  49. Justicar Warden

    Justicar WardenTime siden

    -Baby:Daddy how i came to life? -Dad:god sent you in a gift on xmas -inside dad imagination: 1:56

  50. OwtDaftUK

    OwtDaftUKTime siden

    Why would you want to display shoes?

  51. A

    ATime siden


  52. Voltriix_Arrow

    Voltriix_ArrowTime siden

    Chris chan did this before tho so it can't be the world's first

  53. Jacob Rossow

    Jacob RossowTime siden

    Perfect for kids.

  54. Robert Mcfarlane

    Robert McfarlaneTime siden

    Introducing the Appleseed MacPage

  55. Vivek Lingesan

    Vivek LingesanTime siden

    OMG, I got cheated by this review, not good as he said in review. Sound is very ordinary.

  56. Jan Piet

    Jan Piet2 timer siden

    Wow the background music gave me high level anxiety

  57. Alejandro Carmona

    Alejandro Carmona2 timer siden

    Not dj friendly?

  58. LDG Beats

    LDG Beats2 timer siden

    Why would anyone use this over a 13' MacBook Pro that's still extremely portable and much nicer to use on a plane

  59. Kemal Alba

    Kemal Alba2 timer siden

    Damn, i can see apple come up with a device like this MacOs - iPadOS crossover with ARM chip

  60. diego carmona

    diego carmona2 timer siden

    2:02 what?

  61. Alex’s Reviews

    Alex’s Reviews2 timer siden

    Woah, are you Bill Gates?

  62. Shiloh Dynasty

    Shiloh Dynasty2 timer siden

    Song from the beginning? Just wondering

  63. Vasu Pathak

    Vasu Pathak2 timer siden


  64. Ryan Tharp

    Ryan Tharp2 timer siden

    2:04 sounds like you said “Nigga it Almost hit my throat”

  65. Beer Goggler

    Beer Goggler2 timer siden

    Does anyone still watch these shitty shill reviews? I'd avoid any product going through this spivs hands.

  66. Killuaキルア

    Killuaキルア2 timer siden

    I don’t like those phone cases and I also don’t like my career so I’ll take one

  67. NeoFighterX

    NeoFighterX2 timer siden

    it's not for ya'll everday simians - it's £450 - now breathe out

  68. KopyKat81

    KopyKat812 timer siden

    Thank you for putting this video back up.

  69. Juan Padilla

    Juan Padilla2 timer siden

    Lol 250 dollars for some magnets 😂

  70. Chase Joshua

    Chase Joshua2 timer siden

    Should’ve did it toe up.

  71. Podz

    Podz2 timer siden

    Nobody: Samsung: The all-new ZX-32415DF4.4246167737 Version 33!

  72. teja reddy

    teja reddy2 timer siden

    why every tech channel have one chinese sidekick

  73. Khoi Ngo

    Khoi Ngo2 timer siden

    did he say the n word? at 2:03 ?


    RAOUL DUKE2 timer siden

    Call Lew (416) 579-2868

  75. Sekhar K

    Sekhar K2 timer siden

    Its a simple logic, for the price of one iphone you get 3 or 4 Huaweis. People who can't afford 800 - 1000 dollars on the phone, end up getting huawei, oppo, etc. So counting just number of shipments shouldn't be a benchmark. Thanks

  76. StaRemix Saad

    StaRemix Saad2 timer siden

    Love this!

  77. Syd Weller

    Syd Weller2 timer siden

    Now these are the Unbox Therapy videos that I like... None of that iPhone 11 crap. Just pure sneakers and magnets...

  78. Chang Ye

    Chang Ye2 timer siden

    Who buys a laptop that's heavy AF for gaming XD

  79. Billy Kelly

    Billy Kelly2 timer siden

    That’s what’s happens when u get greedy, hope this puts him out of business. Sick of this guy criticizing everything. Who does this douche bag think he is.

  80. nahibe castro

    nahibe castro2 timer siden

    so the only differnce that i found is the Wireless Charging Case

  81. uccoffee blog

    uccoffee blog2 timer siden

    it is best mid range android tablet when installed primeOS :)

  82. Elija Sowa

    Elija Sowa2 timer siden

    wish I had one for school.... it looks and will be the dream lappy for school

  83. witbyy

    witbyy2 timer siden

    nice, id want this right beside my bed while i sleep

  84. Erick Hernandez

    Erick Hernandez2 timer siden

    I can see invisible string.

  85. Mohammad Saleh

    Mohammad Saleh2 timer siden


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    Seanix2 timer siden

    Are nobody gonna talk about the Unbox Therapy/Lew copying PIKATA design?

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    Liam Lake2 timer siden

    They need to bring back the headphone jack

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    TulRid2 timer siden

    Galaxy Buds are still better

  89. TapShotzYT

    TapShotzYT2 timer siden

    2:00 the first time I saw it I thought he said Ni*ga

  90. Kargo

    Kargo2 timer siden

    2:03 ok say what you want but put it on slomo

  91. Nathan Burrill

    Nathan Burrill2 timer siden

    This is almost as good as my xiomi a2 lite

  92. Eugene Kuzmenko

    Eugene Kuzmenko2 timer siden

    the only good reason to own a macbook is mac os, without it it's just another pc, no matter what the physical appearance of it is

  93. Mr Black

    Mr Black3 timer siden

    That’s a waste of electricity

  94. Deep River

    Deep River3 timer siden

    $1500 sneakers really are you nuts