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The Truth About Latercase
The Levitating Sneaker

The Levitating Sneaker

2 måneder siden

Don't Ruin Your Smartphone
A Very Strange Phone Emerges...
The Every Camera Smartphone
How Bad is a $50 Smartphone?
Apple AirPods Pro Unboxing
My New Cheese Grater

My New Cheese Grater

3 måneder siden

The Apple iPad MacBook Pro
Unboxing Every Google Pixel 4
The "Coolest" iPhone 11 Cases
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This Is Not A BlackBerry...
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iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing

iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing

7 måneder siden

  1. King Charles

    King CharlesDag siden

    I feel like this is what this phone should have cost in the first place. All the carriers and companies gouge us. Look at the shit razer fold, its 1500 for specs that are like 3 years old.

  2. The Huntress Danni

    The Huntress DanniDag siden

    I'll tell you guys... I have this phone. It's everything he said. And mine? Mines come back from the dead!! Its now a zombie phone. It was fully bricked from water damage for about 3ish months. I cracked it open, cleaned a connection, tried it again... no go. Waited another month or so... plugged it in. The screen lit up. It's been running perfectly ever since. I think we're going on 4 to 5 weeks of zombie phone now!! And because I know you're all curious... no, it's yet to try and eat my brain. Lol

  3. Su Su Win

    Su Su WinDag siden

    Asmr? Lol

  4. oh yeah gag

    oh yeah gagDag siden

    i see the thumbnail and title and im thinking why am i gonna click on this, few minutes in the video and my mind is boggled on how this satisfy's me

  5. Anurag Jethliya

    Anurag JethliyaDag siden

    Can i get it in india and in india it will be working or not

  6. Chris Fuller

    Chris FullerDag siden

    Wait, why are there 4k+ dislikes on this video? Lew did unbox the thing...

  7. David From Wii party

    David From Wii partyDag siden

    This person hates apple. I can tell

  8. lean kim villaruz

    lean kim villaruzDag siden

    Can u give a Iphone 11 that yellow pls

  9. Cody Melvin

    Cody MelvinDag siden

    Good porn phone

  10. Alex Leonard

    Alex LeonardDag siden

    He can get every single one of these and I can't even get one

  11. Galactic Frosty

    Galactic FrostyDag siden

    Apple fans and android fans: Fighting Me with an IPad and Samsung phone: DEVICES ARE DEVICES

  12. Grant McGuire

    Grant McGuireDag siden

    Who would buy this lol

  13. Дмитрий Панфилов

    Дмитрий ПанфиловDag siden

    drop test?

  14. Elizabeth Shaw

    Elizabeth ShawDag siden

    I could replace my battery and then purchase the LG that I would like in a couple of months. I'm just looking for a way to go. 69

  15. Mike Honcho

    Mike HonchoDag siden

    You can tell that isn’t Red 8k footage lol

  16. Steven Williams

    Steven WilliamsDag siden

    I'd be testing every bottle it screwed onto.

  17. svnbit

    svnbitDag siden

    Es favorito de Edwardo? El click baito

  18. Elizabeth Shaw

    Elizabeth ShawDag siden

    I just purchased a Galaxy a 30s. Should I exchange that for the a 70?? I have never been real warm with Samsung phones I've always used LG but the LG's that I would like to have I could never afford right now.

  19. James Koncar

    James KoncarDag siden

    You buy a box, wait a hundred days, cash in. Then you buy 10 boxes, wait a hundred days, cash in. Then you buy a hundred boxes! You see where I'm going with this?

  20. Justin Chen

    Justin ChenDag siden

    Who’s watching it in 2020?

  21. Wayward Son

    Wayward SonDag siden

    Ok that's cool and all, but does anyone know the music he was playing throughout the video?

  22. Juan

    JuanDag siden

    Just fucking sit and do normal reviews like you used to do

  23. Lala Lajpat

    Lala LajpatDag siden

    Background music tho..

  24. good guy

    good guyDag siden

    all i got was a porn mag and escobar biography but no phone 😂😂😂

  25. Justin Hennessy

    Justin HennessyDag siden

    this is the shit i want on this channel

  26. Alex Torres

    Alex TorresDag siden

    700 jesus

  27. Hazbin Hotel archives 666

    Hazbin Hotel archives 666Dag siden

    People with the phone:I have the best phone *message pops up*:worst phone ever (NO-gos) The person:wait that my pho... ne😞😭😭😭😭

  28. Flavius Daniel MindSIEntertainment

    Flavius Daniel MindSIEntertainmentDag siden

    Its funny a little bit. You buy it for review and views and then you return it. You say its a piece of steve jobs memory but yet you wont give 7000$ on it... But who should? I dont know y I watched this video honestly, its interesting but pointless.

  29. Saïd Saïd

    Saïd SaïdDag siden

    What about the best value phone umidigi when you'll ever review it ????

  30. JE WEL

    JE WELDag siden

    one please🥺

  31. Jack Kelly

    Jack KellyDag siden

    Very cool to cool to be true well done man really well done😎

  32. Noah Preston

    Noah PrestonDag siden

    What’s the point of the heaters

  33. 司马狗贼

    司马狗贼Dag siden

    The best optimization of 855 plus

  34. Samy Sevraj

    Samy SevrajDag siden

    This channel becomes a talk show, please stick to your genuine unboxing technique, like doing what your NAME says you're suppose to do

  35. {ZG} Zack Gates

    {ZG} Zack GatesDag siden

    I know because i am a samsung fan and the company bought the pre order version of the samsung fold and customised the body with a skin

  36. Quinn S. Boquist

    Quinn S. BoquistDag siden

    took em 7 minutes to get to the real content

  37. {ZG} Zack Gates

    {ZG} Zack GatesDag siden

    Thats a hidden samsung fold

  38. Raayz

    RaayzDag siden


  39. Kev Adamchak

    Kev AdamchakDag siden

    Because of the price of the PE FOLD 2 it just shows Americans are over paying for this tech and i bet u the PE FOLD 2 WILL STILL MAKE MONEY haha 😁😁😁😁

  40. Lock

    LockDag siden

    Go sub tonme

  41. MadHouse

    MadHouseDag siden

    Fuck this shitty ass clones and fuck Pablo Escobar, stupid drug shit lords who have ruined Latin America, just for the stupid junkies wanting drugs in USA and Europe, fuck them all .i.

  42. P S

    P SDag siden

    His expression are like girls too much drama 😂😂

  43. Anthony

    AnthonyDag siden

    Whats better aiwa or diamondboxx???

  44. Skozs

    SkozsDag siden

    Tfue holds the thrown

  45. rv Devoe

    rv DevoeDag siden

    Fat fuck go review burgers you are not cut up for this ass wipe

  46. Landen Poplawski

    Landen PoplawskiDag siden

    Teacher: it’s a fact you can’t walk on water Me: puts them on False!!!!

  47. UltimateDailga12

    UltimateDailga12Dag siden

    The back isn't brushed metal, it's a sticker you can forcibly pull off 😂

  48. Thomascz Thomash

    Thomascz ThomashDag siden

    The laptop is actually designed and manufactured by the CIA and sends all your data to them

  49. GM_muscle06

    GM_muscle06Dag siden

    You guys should test this on glass bottles

  50. Om Kothari

    Om KothariDag siden


  51. Alexandru Miron

    Alexandru MironDag siden

    Its only for USA?

  52. Chippy

    ChippyDag siden

    Soo... infinite money?

  53. Top3Picks

    Top3PicksDag siden

    It is Same as the Galaxy fold with Escobar logo it looks great.

  54. spongeBobGotTheSudsBecause HeDankAsHell

    spongeBobGotTheSudsBecause HeDankAsHellDag siden

    Where the s12-s19

  55. The Noob Network

    The Noob NetworkDag siden

    Who would honestly carry this shit along with a bottle haha

  56. Stannkykush2.0

    Stannkykush2.0Dag siden

    Sounds to me that its a money laundering company, so they spent maybe a quarter of what they make on drugs to buy phone parts and build a company. then they turn around and made the money back because of sales .

  57. Justin Pennito

    Justin PennitoDag siden

    Any other place I can order this at and just use my debit/credit card instead of Bitcoin or bank transfer?

  58. F. Chris

    F. ChrisDag siden

    Give us a few minutes in the next video, with that thing on top of a 2 liter bottle.

  59. bogart pogi

    bogart pogiDag siden

    hahahhaa masterbate charger lols!

  60. J.Scott Moose

    J.Scott MooseDag siden

    You guys are funny! Yall got me watching all of the shows, so I don't miss anything. Keep up the great work. I'm your most loyal fan in the southwestern portion of the country. BTW we are a top ten market here. This isn't Alba Texas, it's Dallas. The last time I was in Alba, the waitress at the Dairy Queen nicknamed me the Alba Flash. 😎🤣😜

  61. Jeri Brown

    Jeri BrownDag siden

    Lol another one 😂

  62. RavaBud

    RavaBudDag siden

    When you buy a used S8 with a small crack on the screen for 86 quid on ebay.

  63. OnionCatAnimations Cailyn

    OnionCatAnimations CailynDag siden

    :0 He kicked his dog

  64. Ben Murphy

    Ben MurphyDag siden

    Those are $1,000 EACH and the casually send him 5 of them...

  65. Luis Felipe Salazar Bedoya

    Luis Felipe Salazar BedoyaDag siden

    Man, that Roberto mf (aka Osito) is just doing basic money laundering and you are like "how is this so cheap" ? I mean, you are from Canada, the perfect land, but don't throw us that naive bulshit, YOU know that the Escobar family are full of criminals and have caused nothing but pain in our country (Colombia), YOU know that phone is a $2000 Galaxy Fold so obviously YOU know that the answer for that stupid question you made is just one word: CRIME!. Period.

  66. James Liu

    James LiuDag siden

    Smells like broke in here!

  67. كايرو KAYRO

    كايرو KAYRODag siden

    العراقي يحب يضوج نفسة ويباوع هيج فيديوهات :(

  68. Eddie Bello

    Eddie BelloDag siden

    Fuck Pablo Escobar, fuck that shit. It's retarded how people praise his stupid "legacy".

  69. Filman Lamina

    Filman LaminaDag siden

    Pablo Escobar Fold 2 @ 2 grand... Cocaine, optional. 😂

  70. Rocky

    RockyDag siden

    Bro no cap I need to get myself one of those

  71. Josh Wendle

    Josh WendleDag siden

    “I like that they offered 1,000$ for me to NOT open these.... So I made my own.”

  72. Gaming 6000

    Gaming 6000Dag siden

    Its patched

  73. Erik Castellano

    Erik CastellanoDag siden

    DO NOT DO IT! I ordered the PE fold 1 and it never ever arrived and never got my refund. My fiance tried to surprise me and ordered the PE fold 2 which she was told was IN STOCK, once again never arrived and she was told no refunds.

  74. MILO C

    MILO CDag siden

    ichapo comin soon

  75. Monkey D. Luffy

    Monkey D. LuffyDag siden

    5:35 he just described what type of guy he is 😂😂😂

  76. TIKo tv SariSaring Bidyu

    TIKo tv SariSaring BidyuDag siden

    Give me sir

  77. Heny

    HenyDag siden

    A while ago I unsubscribed from this channel, and today this video popped up. I randomly started watching this video, skipping to 4:21, waiting for something good. What of a fucking jerk. Goodbye.

  78. Alz

    AlzDag siden

    You should cut the top off of 10 two liters, but keep one bottom on, then tape them together for a huge chamber.

  79. TreeGuy Shaman

    TreeGuy ShamanDag siden

    What Kind Of Lenovo Laptop Was That?

  80. Junior \

    Junior \Dag siden

    You should’ve tired another much bigger bottle🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  81. Julio Manfrini

    Julio ManfriniDag siden

    "How they can sell $2k cellphone for $500?" Have you ever heard about money laundry?

  82. GHOZI AL G

    GHOZI AL GDag siden

    What the difference?

  83. Learning & experiment with Ashtam

    Learning & experiment with AshtamDag siden

    Think this phone got Snapdragon 855+

  84. adnan shaukat

    adnan shaukatDag siden

    0.3mbps here 😬

  85. PianoLlama PL

    PianoLlama PLDag siden

    It’s out of stock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Blazedcrossbow58

    Blazedcrossbow58Dag siden

    Gonna kick Otis at 0:03 and not say srry. Smh

  87. Cesar Tavarez Corp.

    Cesar Tavarez Corp.Dag siden

    Note 10 + leak

  88. David Alonso

    David AlonsoDag siden

    What is wrong with you people, tha man was a monster, killed thousands of people and here you are worshipping this?, what if I go out whith a nazzi flag on a phone or with Adolf Hitler on my screen? Or dressed like the KKK in Louisiana, is horrible, this is so offensive, call something related to a psychopath a " legend" move on people!

  89. Falerving

    FalervingDag siden

    Spessielt anbefalt, var ikke så langt i fra:)

  90. malegeangran

    malegeangranDag siden


  91. Karan Joshi

    Karan JoshiDag siden

    What a dumb creation

  92. LlamaSpeed

    LlamaSpeedDag siden

    this channel is SOOO lazy now

  93. Michael Anthony

    Michael AnthonyDag siden

    First thousand customers get a brick of coke Funny

  94. Désha - Soleil Barrow

    Désha - Soleil BarrowDag siden

    0:06 that is just so sad. that is the saddest thing i have heard

  95. G Rodriguez

    G RodriguezDag siden

    “It feels like Apple is listening” Lenovo: hold my ports.

  96. ChaosAT

    ChaosATDag siden

    They are the kind of new Sony in its field first in screen fingerprint and now Dat a walkie talkie I can remember that there one Nokia 5520 not so sure what was claiming to be waterproof and it should contain a walkie talkie but never could actually use it and the time I tried that waterproofness it malfunctioned

  97. Désha - Soleil Barrow

    Désha - Soleil BarrowDag siden

    ok but can we appreciate how excited he is to show off his "sprite tunes" and nobody is caring...like at all