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Overpopulation & Africa

Overpopulation & Africa

3 måneder siden

An Antidote to Dissatisfaction
What if We Nuke a City?

What if We Nuke a City?

5 måneder siden

The Egg - A Short Story

The Egg - A Short Story

7 måneder siden



År siden

Optimistic Nihilism
What Are You?

What Are You?

3 år siden

What Is Something?
What Is Light?

What Is Light?

4 år siden

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    can you do one on 5g so conspiracy nuts will stfu

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    You know what races don’t care about earth? Mexicans or spanic people. I’m Mexican so don’t call me racist

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    Las cosas están empeorando en España, donde vivo.

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    Well Kurzgesagt has definitly gone out of its way to trash Homeopathy. 1st error it isnt "like cureing like", its similar curing similar", or possibly "hair of the dog". Homeopathy doesnt directly cure, it nudges the patient's metabolism to help the patient cure themselves, as most bodies will self heal given the right food, air, exercise & lifestyle. When you cut youself your body will naturally try heal it & scab over, cancers often develop because the body doesnt recognise the cancer as dangerous... ie the body's internal signalling has malfunctioned. So where possible a corrected internally connected body recognises danger and deals with it, the problem is when the body (imune system) doesnt see the problem & welcome the cancer in & feeds it. But do carry on trashing Homeopathy & burning witches, and run off to your overworked doctor to get a prescription from Big pharma, thats the norm. Fingers crossed you will be right as rain with minmal side effects.

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    We really are very lucky for the experts that laid down the necessary procedures before this and for the ones that were trying to enforce them probably way earlier than the moments our dear governments woke up.

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    4:48 So where do I download and play this game?

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    So touching, I cried a little bit.

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    God, this is the most pathetic pedestrian attempt for man to exeede material extensencialism.

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    This video made me really hungry.

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    That's very reasuring to know we'll still have ways to generate heat and light once the universe will go dark.

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    5:49 Eugenics

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    Now we need communists and communism

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    Okay, but how do animals fit into this?

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    At 6:20, in other words they have to dumb it down so they can build a profit model. Yummy. "Human trials" is a real thing, but let's be honest, our world societies are dominated and incentivized to pursue profit over people by any means necessary. Delicious.

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    I highly recommend the game called Soma which is dealing with this topic.

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    "Shkadov" russian isn't it

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    Greenback gasses, not greenhouse gasses creating cash flow for fear mongering phonies

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    21K Americans disliked this video

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    This is the way information should be conveyed: objectively. Provide BOTH views of the subject WITH a scientific approach and WITHOUT any financial agenda (i.e. monetary gain/benefit). There is a huge organic “agenda” out there and people don’t QUESTION the process nor the results. People just accept the hearsay (the new norm). SMH

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    당신은 방금 '먹방'이란 단어를 보고 한국어 댓글을 찾기 위해 스크롤을 내리셨습니다.

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    I feel great loneliness like I'm the only one who exist and everyone are aliens and after I die I will live alone in a dark silent emptiness world forever with the painful feelings.

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    Are you sure we're born at a time we can see the whole universe? There could be other stuff that used to be around, which has disappeared. You don't refer to it, because you're too young to have ever seen it, so you think all the universe is just collections of stars. Conversely, the empty space (voids) might fill up with new matter, when they get big enough, so perhaps we were born too soon.

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    A very vast Topic..Sounds like a Paradise in the Bible..Live Forever in the state of Youthfulness..

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