Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro

  1. Chronos_16

    Chronos_1632 minutter siden

    The american version of European cars look not that good as his European twins espacially at the rear.

  2. Dkgames - 4890

    Dkgames - 489033 minutter siden

    There are roads without potholes like the best roads of the world, the Netherlands has the best roads in the world

  3. Paul Taylor

    Paul Taylor36 minutter siden

    It’s only the second zonda he’s ever seen 🤔

  4. Big Boof

    Big Boof39 minutter siden

    He doesn’t like the bentayga or the urus but likes this ugly piece of shit? Christ lol

  5. Ziouls

    Ziouls40 minutter siden

    I actually like it

  6. Norbert Anderka

    Norbert Anderka40 minutter siden

    Chevy Corvette now looks like "The american Ferrari" Beautyful

  7. BFA 18

    BFA 1841 minutt siden

    Maxima with CVT is better.

  8. Cookies Tv

    Cookies Tv43 minutter siden

    He had to edit out all the girls that approached him with their vagina out

  9. James Anderson

    James Anderson47 minutter siden

    I remember being in one of these as a kid although I think it was a Ford! Used to sit back there with no seatbelts on with several friends.

  10. braddeicide

    braddeicide48 minutter siden

    never heard of it

  11. jkirk1626

    jkirk162648 minutter siden

    A 4 door coup.

  12. Mohammed Ali

    Mohammed Ali49 minutter siden

    The Civic Type R have a top speed of 270kmh = 167+mph and it's proven the Type R did it in the Nurburgring track it didn't need a looooong street to do it , so please before talking shit know your facts first also don't pull words from your ass and making fun of car or anything in general without knowing what the car/thing is capable of also it's the fastest FWD car inside tracks (there are videos go check for your self) and for the 0 to 60 ofcourse it will be slow it's a FWD car what did you expect ??? this car true power will be noticed in roll racing it can beat all the hatchbacks in the same price range WRX STI , Glof R and Ford RS (also there are videos for it you can also go check like Carwow for example) so PLEASE ((Know your facts first)) and for the fake vents they are not functional but everything else including the roof and big wing and rear side bumper that have half circle to drow air up to the wing is actually functional and they mean it and did it for purpose not because they can't make a full round circle also the triple exhaust actually is their for a reason you can go and check for your self ;) so please again know your facts First before making a fun of car or anything in general

  13. Eric Samuel-Hunter

    Eric Samuel-Hunter50 minutter siden

    This is your best video! That car is truly one of a kind

  14. Jordan L

    Jordan L54 minutter siden

    Come on Prius Hellcat! Woooooooooooooooooooooo!

  15. Evan H.

    Evan H.54 minutter siden

    Crazy I was thinking of saving up about saving up to pay cash for one of these, but I’m DEFINITELY not gonna be able to keep up with that maintenance😂geez

  16. C.W Dervin

    C.W Dervin56 minutter siden

    its a muscle car buddy its not a luxury car for little girls. that's what that cars for. so stick to ur tinker belled cars and leave us the muscle cars alone.


    GOLDENEYEAL59 minutter siden

    Absolutely NOT the greatest car ever made. Not even close. Cant get the hype with this car even after knowing all there is to know about it.

  18. PetiTheMagician

    PetiTheMagician59 minutter siden

    Count how many times and how he says "engine cover".

  19. jort93z

    jort93zTime siden

    I'd give it a 10 in style honestly. The chiron looks way worse in my opinion.

  20. dePinto69

    dePinto69Time siden

    10 minutes into the video and Doug still sittin' in the rear facing seats

  21. kevintubeit

    kevintubeitTime siden

    If the RH door mirror is used as designed the driver would see the blind spot.

  22. Thokozani Gabela

    Thokozani GabelaTime siden

    You pretty much pay for the Mercedes logo🙌🏽😅

  23. kevintubeit

    kevintubeitTime siden

    Uhhh.. it's not out of production. Alive and well in (at least) the Middle East.

  24. Don Vito Corleone

    Don Vito CorleoneTime siden

    my 1 series has the pull twice to open hood thing too

  25. Astral

    AstralTime siden

    world: is ending doug: THIS

  26. Jaziel Espinoza

    Jaziel EspinozaTime siden

    Wow Doug really has suburban white man humor

  27. Ralph Gabriel Pinpin

    Ralph Gabriel PinpinTime siden

    So the XE SV Peoject 8 is even rarer than a bugatti veyron

  28. Sasha Bernaz

    Sasha BernazTime siden

    Bentley *cotton metal GT*


    ZLAKO ZILLATime siden

    19:25 sounds like "DOOMSDAY"

  30. Toimitusjohtaja

    ToimitusjohtajaTime siden

    Suomi Finland Perkele!

  31. Jean Denis Essebi

    Jean Denis EssebiTime siden

    Looks like Lexus

  32. Greg Crabb

    Greg CrabbTime siden

    Isn't it a G8 with a bowtie? Both Holdens made in Australia.

  33. Grayden Bird

    Grayden Bird2 timer siden

    you just absolutely butchered the word Annapolis

  34. Luis Ramirez

    Luis Ramirez2 timer siden

    I'd much rather buy a Lexus. I know it's made by the same company, but at least it's more upscale. The Avalon looks like a sporty Lexus wannabe.

  35. Sasha Bernaz

    Sasha Bernaz2 timer siden

    Your car does not have air intakes Me: *laughs in McLaren F1*

  36. Haima 88

    Haima 882 timer siden

    wow, that garage is really dope

  37. Angela Shaffer

    Angela Shaffer2 timer siden

    I’ve been single for a while so it’s been forever since I’ve felt this way. Dayummm

  38. sbuwieguwie20

    sbuwieguwie202 timer siden

    Doug please review alfa Roméo montreal

  39. Brick Unleasher

    Brick Unleasher2 timer siden

    Maybe you should have gotten the helmet and training manual

  40. Ignacio Ochoa

    Ignacio Ochoa2 timer siden

    so, a million dollar car with a flickery gauge cluster screen on it... I mean obviously you are paying for the power and aerodynamics but come on... cant they just put a little bit more attention on the software??... if they dont then why do they include so much software on the car if its not really that polished. BTW I'm a software engineer that's why I care about all that. lol.

  41. papakarla

    papakarla2 timer siden

    more like ugliest car 2020

  42. Hoshmand Mustafa

    Hoshmand Mustafa2 timer siden

    You are stupid, your score giving is ridiculously insane, in each video with reviewing each car your description and raise is absolutely in contrast with the final score giving.

  43. Dallas Stevens

    Dallas Stevens2 timer siden

    Its going to be the less car sold ever of its kind

  44. QuantumS1ngularity

    QuantumS1ngularity2 timer siden

    Btw i cannot agree that Audi at that time was for people who couldn't afford BMW or Mercedes. They already had 2 gens of RS4s and the 2nd gen RS6 was coming along. Also the S6 and the S8 had some interesting engines like the 6.0L W12 and the cool 5.2L V10 from the Gallardo and they certainly weren't cheap. Even the A6 had 40V 4.2L V8 and Supercharged 3.0L V6. At that time they were bought by people who wanted not only a fast car but one that stays under the radar, the kind that only real petrolheads would know and also will work in the snow and the rain. All the Mercs and BMWs back then were RWD and were really fast when dry, but with a bit of rain or don't even mention snow, they couldn't even see where the quattro Audis have gone. At exactly that time over here in Europe surfaced the joke that the BMW's oil dipstick has 2 purposes - to check the oil and the second one to check if the snow reaches the MIN line, so you know not to even try to take your car out of the garage.

  45. Greg Crabb

    Greg Crabb2 timer siden

    Man I wanted one of these back then, but I was too young to afford the insurance. It would be cheap now since I'm pushing 50!

  46. steven jones

    steven jones2 timer siden

    Take a shot everytime he says TRD

  47. Dazlidorne Jenkins

    Dazlidorne Jenkins2 timer siden

    17:41 I can't imagine driving such an expensive and rare car out in traffic like that. I would seriously have a panic attack.

  48. caca yang

    caca yang2 timer siden

    This guy needs to tune up his rating system is a total mess. Expectation is too high or he don't know how to count

  49. internet troll

    internet troll2 timer siden

    Shit quality boring car from a shit boring country


    DJ DIVERSE2 timer siden

    I about spit my drink out when he said the “exhaust” plays a sound, i was expecting an artificial exhaust note/engine sound...andddd then it sounded like Star Wars. LOL!

  51. Jason Lycett

    Jason Lycett2 timer siden

    the styling is crap. A real shame I'm sure its a nice car to drive, but looks are everything

  52. Russian SPY

    Russian SPY2 timer siden

    Stop blaming the Soviet Union

  53. wen arto

    wen arto2 timer siden

    Doug score here is total BOGUS

  54. Vladimir A. Shestakov

    Vladimir A. Shestakov2 timer siden


  55. Switch R

    Switch R2 timer siden

    Many luxury cars have that type of 360 camera around the car, my Mercedes have the exact same

  56. Legend - Playz

    Legend - Playz2 timer siden

    And there I am thinking this was around $40k 😂

  57. Wade Guidry

    Wade Guidry2 timer siden

    I like!

  58. Jeff Gibson

    Jeff Gibson2 timer siden

    Subaru XT6 for pete sake

  59. A dozen of potatos and a fat cat smelling them

    A dozen of potatos and a fat cat smelling them2 timer siden

    Its still expensive tho and looks kinda ugly :/

  60. herranton1979

    herranton19792 timer siden

    Re: Doug didn't know what to compare it to. I'd say (in the used market) compare it to any 1998-2004 Mercedes Benz convertible. (Or the H2. The more you think about it, the more it makes sense.)

  61. Hector Alvarado

    Hector Alvarado2 timer siden

    Does the "McLaren" part has to do anything to do with Mercedes??

  62. Tech Mania

    Tech Mania2 timer siden


  63. Dazlidorne Jenkins

    Dazlidorne Jenkins2 timer siden

    You are living the life, Doug. 99% of the planet will never get to drive that car in their entire lives.

  64. Ahmed Iftikhar Khan

    Ahmed Iftikhar Khan2 timer siden

    Lol you haven't seen how narrow the tires are on a Suzuki Wagon R then

  65. nifty50

    nifty502 timer siden

    Doug: "And another quirky thing about this car is the radio. See, if you turn it on, the only thing that will play is the song "Night Fever" by Dave Rogers and Megan NRG Man... ...and I'm not sure why that is."

  66. Cm Gorgonia

    Cm Gorgonia2 timer siden

    You're louder than the vehicle itself, people around me give me weird looks while watching this

  67. Abhirup Bera

    Abhirup Bera2 timer siden

    Best example of immature design by Toyota

  68. adrian guixiang

    adrian guixiang2 timer siden

    no surprise there even in my country half a world away toyota made "trd" version of all small and big shit cars THEY ALL HAVE SAME HORSEPOWER

  69. Ram Deasis

    Ram Deasis2 timer siden

    That license plate cover didnt work well😂

  70. Sasha Bernaz

    Sasha Bernaz2 timer siden

    Doug has not changed in 5 years

  71. YuNew

    YuNew2 timer siden

    16:47 why stick out your tongue ?!

  72. Al Green

    Al Green2 timer siden

    Truly hilarious and genius review. Loved it.

  73. Vidar SRT 797

    Vidar SRT 7973 timer siden

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Mazda RX7 fd3s was 4 seater?

  74. Jabber 1974

    Jabber 19743 timer siden

    The DB9 and in considerably fewer numbers the DBS could also be had with a manual.

  75. bhadra bharat

    bhadra bharat3 timer siden

    Hey Doug, this cars cost is dedicated to its engine and not tech and engine, and hey all toyota aren't like the 4runner.The floor mats are made for extreme offroading so don't expect much

  76. harold feldberg

    harold feldberg3 timer siden

    Lol 😂 Leonardo DiCaprio owns one...and Doug is sarcastically making fun of it... I hope Leo gets a chance to watch this review 🤣

  77. All About Racing

    All About Racing3 timer siden

    That insane exhaust note is best in cities

  78. Barry B

    Barry B3 timer siden

    Not going to read thru 20k comments but I hope some else brought up these issues. 1) Do you really have no idea why Pontiac put those new fangled black lines on the tail lights? A little knowledge about Pontiacs will reveal that the lines on the Fiero tail lights that you can seem to explain or understand... are similar to those found on Pontiacs premier selling muscle car of the 1970s. The Firebird and Trans Am. 2) The lug nurs. I had to laugh at a guy reviewing cars who knows so little about cars. The cover is not to' hide the ugly lug nut with a lug nut'. Have you ever changed a tire in your life? How about one with rusted lug studs? It's a #[email protected] to break free a rusted lug nut! Notice on the Fiero, the design of the stud and nut leaves a recessed area in the center of the nut. Naturally, if left exposed to the elements, water would collect in this cavity, and quickly turn to rust and make removing the wheel nearly impossible for the average motorist. Sorry, there may be more to comment on but I just could not watch the whole video. Keep at it if you enjoy making the videos. The more you deal with cars, the more you will learn.

  79. Champagne davy

    Champagne davy3 timer siden

    You would think value would increase because of its rarity

  80. Champagne davy

    Champagne davy3 timer siden

    How has the coronavirus not shut this place down already

  81. Sakib Arman

    Sakib Arman3 timer siden

    please give a review of TOYOTA CARINA GT

  82. Van Wylder

    Van Wylder3 timer siden

    6:00 Doug Seinfeld

  83. b8702131

    b87021313 timer siden

    Hope Tesla puts some enough smarts to recognize broken traffic lights or a traffic light with some dead LEDs. Maybe put out out an audio message on how inefficient our government is, like any driver.

  84. Will’s Garage

    Will’s Garage3 timer siden

    They look so similar it’s crazy

  85. Erik

    Erik3 timer siden

    No car in the world is worth 10 million. Only classic Ferrari but not a Swedish car

  86. that one cringey gorl

    that one cringey gorl3 timer siden

    You can get. One of these for like 5 bucks


    VZY FLAME3 timer siden

    Doug: one thing YOUR car doesn’t have 😌 Me: 🥴🥴🥴

  88. Will’s Garage

    Will’s Garage3 timer siden

    Doug could be Jay Leno’s Son😭😂

  89. that one cringey gorl

    that one cringey gorl3 timer siden

    No thanks

  90. Mark Knight

    Mark Knight3 timer siden

    "Porsche is known for reliability" *Scotty Kilmer would like to know your location*

  91. James Nicolai

    James Nicolai3 timer siden

    Beautiful car 😍

  92. Nipuna Pamuditha

    Nipuna Pamuditha3 timer siden

    i thought its only for gta 😑

  93. Reaper

    Reaper3 timer siden

    Am i the only person who lowkey wants one now

  94. Jedi's Lego Movies

    Jedi's Lego Movies3 timer siden

    Interior is very ugly

  95. Tj Semeniuk

    Tj Semeniuk3 timer siden

    My buddies got the 535i version of this car. Those seats are untouchable trust me.

  96. Hari '

    Hari '3 timer siden

    What about repairs and such? ain't they ultra expensive? Like for example the brakes etc?

  97. the boybrutus

    the boybrutus3 timer siden

    This may as well be an ad for a Honda Odyssey/ Toyota Sienna

  98. rhy t

    rhy t3 timer siden

    Trying hard to compete with Tesla!

  99. SirGame

    SirGame3 timer siden

    He sounds like Jerry Seinfeld

  100. Ivan Kontra

    Ivan Kontra3 timer siden

    Best car in Asphalt urban GT. Played it on DS in grade school centuries ago. Probably the car I've driven in a video game the most along with an SRL McLaren in carbon. Good games back then.