Hi, I live in New York City and love NO-gos.
some FAQs
Q. what'd i shoot that with
OLD DRONE (cheaper but still great);
Q. where did i go to film school
A. never went to film school or college
Q. what's that crazy space where i'm working in a lot of the videos
A. that's my production studio in NYC, i built this space and have been here for almost 10 years. no don't live in this space, just work
Q. what do i edit with
A. final cut x. i don't love it. too crashy and clitchy but i hate learning new software
Q. someone asked how old i am
A. i'm 35. well for now i am. i was born in 1981 so if i don't update this before next year you can keep track on your own



3 måneder siden

up all night long

up all night long

4 måneder siden

Model X is all messed up

Model X is all messed up

4 måneder siden

a horrible situation

a horrible situation

4 måneder siden

Divorce Beach.

Divorce Beach.

5 måneder siden

i'm going back to NYC.

i'm going back to NYC.

5 måneder siden



6 måneder siden

My New New Studio

My New New Studio

7 måneder siden

this is the end.

this is the end.

8 måneder siden

come to 368.

come to 368.

10 måneder siden

i'M Leaving NYC forever..

i'M Leaving NYC forever..

11 måneder siden

Remembering John Singleton
NOT GETTING ANY.. a discussion
THE FIRST Galaxy Fold

THE FIRST Galaxy Fold

11 måneder siden

im a lifeguard now.
Bros Tho.

Bros Tho.

År siden

Burnt OUT YouTubers
a very tough flight
super sad.

super sad.

År siden

weird flex but ok.
we had a baby

we had a baby

År siden

this was a BAD idea


År siden

i got hurt

i got hurt

År siden

10 Million

10 Million

År siden

all of the things


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  5. C M

    C M14 timer siden

    Requiring people to have a facebook or twitter account to use a skateboard is dumb. Many people are not on either and never will be. Swing & a Miss.

  6. Cut The Beard To Watch a Movie

    Cut The Beard To Watch a Movie14 timer siden

    Come on guys, if you watch a movie like Contagion (2011), you can’t say that this pandemic was unexpected.

  7. Gareth Thompson

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    He hates my birthday wow

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    peter deserved more time to be spend, thats really insulting when u say u got to pick up ur child but u are yet making unboxing

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    I have colitis which is basically the same thing i think because they have foundations called chrones and colitis

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    0:08 the best man on youtube was born

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  16. Life of Bassman

    Life of Bassman15 timer siden

    I was on a Long distance school trip to Disney World with my school choir being a sophomore in high school of course I had to deal with this one kid he was kind of a bully and being an avation geek he made fun of me for being an aviation nerd. And I was asking the gate agent when this plane was delivered to JetBlue and they do to start making fun of me and as soon as he walked away they said. There is a weight distribution issue we need three people to move up the benefit is you get bumped up into the mint first class since this aircraft has been taken off long distance route and put on the New York to Orlando rout. And they said I could randomly select three people so of course I told friends Thatcher And then I went up to my crush who was my friend at the time she was also on the trip and said there's a problem with the tickets. she was a bit confused but when I told her that I somehow managed to get us both upgrades along with Thatcher to first class for free oh boy that was a good day. After i got on the plane in the economy passages are still bording I noticed that bully was insulting me and you noticed me in first class and I said there's benefits to being an aviation nerd so go f yourself and give them the Finger That was the last time that person ever insulted me about aviation or insulting me in general I also ran into a former Air Force Academy liaison officer in first class. Luckily the person came on board after the whole Bully thing. And they noticed me when I went to go look inside the cockpit and they said they put in a good word when I plan on applying to it. I hope you find entertainment in my little aviation story that happened to me and learn that what goes around comes around and don't bully someone just as interested in aviation

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    NTN plays SG15 timer siden

    Is your bike a fix gear

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    Umberto Guerra16 timer siden

    The wedding videographer looked on point

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    He always wears sunglasses cuz he is looking at the shot to make sure it looks good.

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    Umberto Guerra16 timer siden

    Man, they have chemistry...

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    Janet Dungan16 timer siden

    so I have a canon g7x mark camera, I tried to find this setting. even googled it and couldn't find this setting, I went thru entire menu. there is something called AFL where AF stands for autofocus. can someone help me?

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    I remember seeing this when it first came out. Damn I'm old.

  23. C M

    C M16 timer siden

    The value of this would be able to walk around a city without having to take a taxi or uber. Sounds like they need to make it better for the street. Not sure how since the feedback wasn't clear as to what the problem was with using it in that environment other than its not fun. Why is not fun. Also can you show how you can get over a curb with them? That seems like it would be a problem if the corner isn't dipped. Also can you try this on the boardwalk where things have not just not smooth surfaces but uneven surfaces such as those blanks of wood with nails.

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    Ha in Bulgaria it's similar

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    Joshua Zeegers16 timer siden

    I beg and challenge you to read the Holy Bible in these times. God is awesome and he is love. There is great reward for those who diligently study his word and believe in Jesus Christ.

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    привет русскоязычные люди! залайкайте этот комментарий будто я написал здесь что-то крутое пожалуйста!

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    Costa Concordia

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    One thing I realize that most of Americans don't even wear mask. Unlike us here in Asia and Europe. Totally shame.

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    Bro, We are CAUGHT ️ ️ in Istanbul Turkey, by The Closing of Borders by quarantine😭 ... We are a couple of videographers ... Well it's totally true. After documenting in Russia, we continued our journey to Turkey, to Follow Dubai, but we lost flights and our entire route, now we had to invest in renting here, this experience is crazy. We already did the covid test 19, We are healthy, Thank God, but we do not know that other things go through The pile of rumors that there are, and we must even process a residence stay, but The offices are not working with attention to the Public. .. is quite distressing. ➡️ If anyone else has this problem, or is also in Istanbul Turkey, let me know to give you the information we have. We admire you, blessings! And a big hug to everyone here!

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    All Good Things Must/Will Come To An End. To the crew of Ethihad, take care. Follow yur galley food prep. Be 1 course ahead. Be on the lookout for a new job. Do not wait nor luk 4 another airline job 4 the moment. U are in F&B, so luk for a ground based one just to tide u over. Gud luck guys, from n xcrew of 36yrs plus. Yup, I started in1979 on an a/craft called the F27. Go google it.

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